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The Arcade Fire - Neon Bible

Guest Ringmaster

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They played some "secret" gig at a high school that I live two minutes away from. I had friends who went to the show and said it was amazing. I was just pissed that no one told me, because I definitely could have went.

Downloading the album as we speak. I was in love with Intervention when it first came out, so I've got high HIGH HIGH expectations for the CD, especially after what I've read here.

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Okay, so I have listened to the first three tracks, and I am already amazed. It sounds like a step up from Funeral, which I didn't even think to be possible from these guys. But yeah, I believe the expectations. If you were even marginally into the last album, I suggest you give this one a shot because it already sounds like it will be a keeper.

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Personally, I'm just blown away at how much more beautiful the melodies are on here in comparison to "Funeral". "No Cars Go" (Which I prefer to the original), "Black Waves/Bad Vibrations", "Antichrist Television Blues" and "The Well & The Lighthouse" are my favourite songs.

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Guest Rabid Wolveringo

I took yet another road lenghtener while listening to the CD today, it was great >_>.

And yeah, No Cars Go is a lot better here. They've reworked an already awesome song into an even awesomer one.

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