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Strange TV Problem


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Okay, figure this out for me cause I'm getting really frustrated with it.

About a month or two ago, I noticed my standard-definition television in my bedroom was acting strange. Everything for some reason was aligned to the right; for example, if I had it on MSNBC, the bug in the lower right hand corner would just read "MSNB" with the "C" cut off. No other damage to the picture, everything looked normal and on the left, everything was there as normal - wasn't like there was a black bar there, it just looked like everything was adjusted to the right. My main TV hooked up to the cable box is widescreen and looked normal and my third TV (also standard def) in my other room looked normal as well.

So I assumed it was the TV. I got a new TV from a friend (also standard-def) and it's doing the exact same thing. Keep in mind, the original TV I noticed the problem with has not moved its position in over four years and it just became a problem in the last couple months. There are no strange magnets nearby or anything like that, so I have no idea what could be causing this. Has anyone heard of anything remotely similar to this?

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Try a new cable and/or make sure the extension on the end of your cord isn't damaged on the current.

What cable/cord? It can't be the power cord to the television as I'm having the same issue with two TVs. Can't be the cable hook up because it does it when I play video games or watch DVDs.

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