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Machine Head - The Blackening


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I know this is an old topic, but this CD deserves to be heard about. I know about Flynn mainly from Roadrunner United and The Blackening blows away absolutely everything he did on that CD. Between the hard hitting, crunch driven Beautiful Morning to the slow building A Farewell to Arms, this band is everything I like about metal. Flynn won't shy away from actually :gasp: singing but still showcases the screaming vocals that set metal apart in the beginning.

A fun, but driving CD that isn't hard to get into and showcases some very talented musicians in a genre filled with utter shit nowadays.

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Yeah, I got hold of this a while back. Machine Head are one of those bands I "Know" yet couldn't tell you a thing about. I've probably heard a song here and there, but that's about it. As for the album it's not really my 'kind of thing', I guess (In that I wouldn't find myself listening to it a lot). They are very talented, but It's just very rare that I really get into 'metal'. I;m much more of a sugar coated melody kind of guy. :shifty: Still a solid listen, but I doubt I'd be going back to it in a while, unless I have some massive pent-up frustrations, which wanking wont resolve.

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