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Cactus Drags

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Me in blue, AD in red.

Grossman for MVP....Colts MVP says:

this is a longshot, but i have this melody in my head, it's like duh-dum, der-dum, two notes, low high high low, then these electronic-type drums come in

Grossman for MVP....Colts MVP says:

it's quite chilled and indy, but i cannot for the life of me think of the artist or title

Grossman for MVP....Colts MVP says:

it may or may not have been used on tv, advert or show, or film

Grossman for MVP....Colts MVP says:

it's driving me mad cause i really like the song

Grossman for MVP....Colts MVP says:

cant remember anything about lyrics or how the singing goes

I ain't saying she a gold digger but she ain't messin' with no broke broke. says:

that's a tremendously long shot, and I think it missed


Further notes: I *think* it dates between 2002 and 2004, but I can't be certain. It may have been used on TV or in a film. It's too upbeat to be Death Cab, not electronic enough for the Postal Service, and I thought it might be but I'm now fairly sure it's not the Shins.

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"Hardcore Days & Softcore Nights" by Aqueduct

Absolutely random guess. It's got the Low-High-Higher-Low thing....actually having listened to it again, it doesn't fit right...shit :shifty: And it's been used on a film and TV a couple of times.

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I just did Ironman again, slower to see if I could force it to guess it.

It gave my Prepare for War by Dragonforce. I want some of whatever this site is smoking ¬_¬

Iron Man: http://www.songtapper.com/data/6871400.mid

Prepare For War: http://www.songtapper.com/data/6871463.mid

It then said Prepare for War was Trail of Broken Hearts (well it got the band right ¬_¬).

TOBH: http://www.songtapper.com/data/6871498.mid

Does the fact that none of them sound remotely similar not matter to this site? :P

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I'm hijacking this thread.

I'm looking for a creepy song I heard on our indy station a few years back. It kinda had a techno-industrial beat to it, no lyrics, but it sampled portions of what I guess was some old horror movie, the only part I remember is: "They baptize a baby girl in the blood of her dead mother." Told you it was creepy.

As for your song Dragsy, I'm pretty good at stuff like this, but I need more to go off of. Do you remember if it's a girl or guy singing? If it's a girl, that will probably narrow it down quite a bit. The other big thing is, do you remember hearing it on the radio? That would help a lot too if you knew that. And if you remember if it was used in a show, ad, or movie, if you can remember any of that, that would pretty much make it easy to figure out.

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I think that song is Kanye West - Goldigga/er, because he actually says 'she aint messing with no broke nigger' to rhyme with digger but the radio edits simply repeat broke instead.

I deserve a fucking cookie.

EDIT: So, I didn't read the whole thing...>_<

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