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Hot Fuzz.


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So, I saw it and...meh. Maybe it was the fact I was up early today and didn't get much sleep thus causing me to nod off a few times during the film but...it didn't grab me. Amusing, entertaining but it didn't wow me. I will have to give it another watch some time when I am more alert.

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I envy you Brits for getting this before the U.S. :( I can't fucking wait to see this movie, looks amazing.

Well it IS a British movie.

You get everything else before us anyway, movies AND games. I had to get a US import of MGS: Portable Ops on PSP cos I couldn't wait until APRIL. So give us this one with a smile on your face and love in your heart at least :D

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That was fucking awesome. Saw it with my action-hating girlfriend and we both loved it. Want to act like a big cop? Fuck off up the model village!

So many quotable lines, I'm not sure it'll be renowned as the classic SOTD is, but it was still top-notch. And I'm sure my friends and I will be quoting it months down the line. And then months more after we get it on DVD.

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Just two blokes. And a fuck load of cutlery.

Sublime film throughout and there was enough Shaun of the Dead references to keep me happy. Still,

the action at the end should have felt out of place but it felt so fitting, especially when he kicked the old woman in the face

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Awesome awesome awesome! Absolutely hilarious, and a damn good film to that. Good storyline. Edgar Wright has seriously become one hell of a confident director.

Loads of movie references, from the very subtle to the outright rip-offs, and all of them hilarious. I can't believe I was the only person out of my friends who noticed the old couple who owned the pub are the couple who own the Winchester in Shaun of the Dead. Great stuff, already making plans to see it again.

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