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Where are my balls?


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Hell, I'll agree with that...

...plus the video will melt your fucking retinas with all the hotness onscreen. Jessica, Christina Applegate, Eva Longoria, AND...um...I wanna say Christina Milian was the fourth girl, but don't quote me.

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PART 2!!!!

Man, how fucking catchy is "Girlfriend" by Avril Lavigne? Not quite at "Complicated" level of awesome (Which is the only Avril song I like)...but it's cheesy as fuck and channels the spirit of "Hey Micky You're So Fine"...it's a winning combination. Plus she's scrubbed up rather nicely on the video. ^_^

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Nothing wrong with Aqua. But I feel so dirty for liking this. It's horrifically immature. :(

Avril Lavigne - It does sound awfully like "Hey Micky You're So Fine"......kinda

Is it just me or is she turning into Paris Hilton? It's who I thought it was when I saw the video.

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