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Best gaming moments.


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I possibly just had one of mine. I'm playing Star Wars Battlefront, and going for a Galactic Conquest. So, we decide to attac Tatooine first. Things go terrible for us, safe to say, and eventually it's something like 50 of them, 10 of us. As well as a shed of Tusen fuckers about. So, I get one solider to sit with me in a two-doorway building. Eventually, there's 45 vs 2, add in the Tuskies. Somehow, the one guy & I fought them all off, and won the planet over. We had Storm Trooper's busting through one door, and Raiders through the other.

That guy deserves a medel.

I deserve fifty medels.

So, what moments, in any games, do you consider yr favourite, or best?

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First time I came out top in the standings in a team battle in Delta Force Land Warrior online. You get muchos kudos from your other teammates in all the subsequent battles you play that evening.

The first evening I was playing Buzz music quiz against a friend of mine who's a real muso. Fortunately I tend to listen to clips of my music rather than whole tracks and so have a knowledge of intros (especially 80s and 90s new wave, eurodance and indie). Into the last round we were neck and neck (the other two were well behind) and I won on the last question with "Country House" by Blur which I got on the first note.

Happy days.

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Lemme see here... probably the time that I was on Counterstrike and ended up being the leader and captain of a team in a 5 on 5 shootout on one of the desert levels. The kill mark was high.. like really high I think, and I attributed for over half of my teams kills and it worked down to the point where it was even for each of us, one more kill and when it came down to it, twas just me and the captain of the other team so there began the aimless wandering around looking for each other. I had out the Magnum styled gun and he had out... god knows what, but he cut around the corner and my reactions were quick enough to click the second his head popped around. BOOM, headshot and that was all she wrote. That whole game, played out, took like... three hours and it was a TRIUMPTH to say the least.

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The first time I played NHL 07 on XBOX Live. I was the Leafs facing the Flames. The kid playing as the Flames was chirping me from the moment the team select screen came up, saying that he was ranked in the top 10 and stuff like that. He then told me Sundin sucked.

I won the opening face off with Sundin, took the puck into the attacking zone and rifled a shot in with Sundin. End of the game, Sundin had 2 goals and I had totally annihilated the kid. I felt good.

My other favourite moment was when I played Call Of Duty online with a group of guys that I knew. We would play against forces double or triple the size of ours and just destroy the other team.

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I was playing Madden 2004(I think) against my cousin. I was the Falcons, he was the Colts. 6 seconds left and I'm down by 7. I just got the kickoff and I got it to about the 30. So a throw a haily mary to Dez White. He catches, TD. So I get the ball in OT first. Incomplete pass, followed byu a sack by a loss of like 7 or 8 yards. So I decide to go for the hail mary again. I throw to White again, caught, TD, I win.

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My brother reminds me of this all of the time.

I had just gotten Madden 04, and was playing a game as the Falcons. I was doing really well, then I did something I had never done. I blocked a field goal try. So I yell to my brother, and he is kind of impressed. Then the power goes out, game is gone and my blocked kick was for nothing.

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Playing NCAA Football 2004 as Tulane in Dynasty mode. I think I was 2-2 or something like than when I came to the monster that was Texas. I knew I was going to get my ass beat but went into the game hoping to not make any mistakes. Did not make one mistake and slaghtered Texas 38-0. Of course the next week I lost to a team that was just awful.

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Kinda hard to recall across all the games and years...

Beating 2 of my friends in a Perfect Dark deathmatch 10 to 0 to 1 last weekend.

The first time I did a Van Daminator in WWF No Mercy was completely accidental. All I was thinking was that if I threw a chair, my friend would catch it, leaving him open for a strong strike attack, which happened to be a jumping back-roundhouse. It took a second for us to realize the awesomeness of what had happened.

5*-ing Jordan in Guitar Hero 2.

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I can think of 2, each involving a SmackDown game.

1: It was Here Come The Pain. I was Triple H, versus Brock Lesnar. Game was on highest difficulty. It was a Last Man Standing match. HCTP's version of the match was incredible. The match went on for over 60 minutes, it was extremely intense. I finally came up with the victory though.

2: It was SVR05 or SVR06, I think 05 though. We were playing a 4-way Ladder match (I believe). I was CM Punk, my friend playing was someone else. The 2 CPU were AJ Styles and CM Punk. The timer at the corner of the screen went as follows: "99:58, "99:59", "99:99". It was one of the finer moments of my life.

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Back before they patched Gears of War, you couldn't hear people with mics who joined a game in progress...so when I joined a game and my mic wouldn't work, my team spent the next four or five matches interrogating me (and the other guy who had no mic) in our spawn area.

"Okay, Doc Funky. Are you on the East Coast? Shoot me for yes, melee me for no. *thud* Okay, you're not."

There are two awesome things that came from this:

1] We never lost a round, despite the fact that the other team got just about all the weapons while we played charades for the first two/three minutes of each round.

2] "Okay, AEROPOO. How old are you? One chainsaw rev for 10 years, one shot for one year. Okay?"

"*rev, rev...*"

And out of nowhere, AEROPOO just explodes.

One of the guys on the other team had grabbed a grenade and tossed it into our area while we were dicking around. We were laughing for like fifteen minutes.

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