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LMA manager 2007 on pc

the gurn

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i brought a new pc and to my shock championship manager 01/02 doesnt work on it no more which sucks so i look to the future with LMA manager 2007 on pc but a question thats burning into my mind and something ive wondered for a long time is on LMA manager 2007 can you edit the teams so you have up to date squads or is it impossible? i tried to do edit football manager 2006 but it is just plain slow and i hate that i would love the edit system on football management games like championship manager 01/02 it were quick and easy to keep up to date so if LMA manager 2007 cant be edited like that which game could be? just wondering on peoples views on this any help would be awesome

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The Football Manager series is exactly the same as the old Championship Manager series (meaning, anything before CM05, I think) so the editor is probably similar. I've never used it because my computer craps out every time I try to, but I think you can edit the teams on there, though from what I've heard the editor for FM07 was initially released with only a few options so maybe the case is still the same.

No idea about LMA though.

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