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Sexiest actors/actresses


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So, I've just finished watching the 100 sexiest people of all time programme on Channel 4 which had moviestars, musicians, models, randoms, pointless people et al in it and got a little depressed so decided....


and posting pictures of sexy lasses.......

So here are the rules.

I want you to post your five sexiest ACTRESSES of ALL time and your five sexiest ACTORS of all time. If you can't realise someone of your own gender is sexy then you're clearly a repressed homo.

However, please remember that this is from when movies began (100 years ago) until present day and also that I said SEXY and not ATTRACTIVE. So for example, I find Milla Jovovich extremely attractive but she won't make my "sexy" list.

From the programme today I realised yet again that for me, a lot of the attractive lasses out there just seem two dimensional and dull whereas the cheeky, sexy women weren't always so "perfect".

So then, five of each. Top choice gets 5 points, second gets 4, fifth gets 1 etc etc.

It's gonna be fifty of both if I get enough and so post for both genres please people.

My votes are coming.

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I don't want to pick five for each, so I will pick one for each.

My choice for the sexiest actor is Mark Wahlberg. I think I have a man crush on him, because I go to see movies just because they have him in them. He is my pick for sexiest actor.

Ewan McGregor gets my second pick here.

Sexiest actress goes to Jessica Alba. I am not very fond of her acting skills and she has been in some awful movies, but I think she is red hot. As Hamster pointed out, Liz Hurley is pretty smokin' as well. and that earns here my second choice among females.


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1. Brigitte Bardot

Beautifully European. She was stunning but bubbled with playful fun. Looks + clearly visible personality = winner.


2. Racquel Welch

One Million Years B.C. is a cruddy movie but Welch goes beyond gorgeous. She was also excellent (and sexy!) as "Lust" in Bedazzled (showing she can have a laugh). Welch, I salute you.


Jayne Mansfield



4. Liz Hurley

"Hello, I'm Liz Hurley. I'm an English actress and I'm the partner of Hugh Grant. I wore "that" dress and take myself seriously".....Nope, not sexy....

"Hello, I'm Liz Hurley. It's a few years later, my acting career was vague at best but I had some fun in the Austin Powers movie and the Bedazzled remake." Ok, she's suddenly sexy. There's SOMETHING to her that goes beyond her gorgeous looks.


5. Audrey Tautou

Ugh. She's clearly clearly clearly not, but for some reason she is. Perhaps that's cos I fell in love with her in Amelie in more than just a "cute, quirky" kinda way. She was "sexy, cute and quirky" all at once and is an excellent excellent actress. Probably her Gallic charm or something or the way in Amelie she liked to sit and think about how many people were having orgasms at any one time.



I tend to go old-school on the guys. These are mainly the guys I wish I could have been in movies.

1. Marlon Brando

Man, after watching Streetcar I realised he was a phenominal actor. After watching an early recorded screentest with him, I hearly turned gay for him. Let's be honest, even when he was older and fatter in Apocalypse Now he completely stole the movie just by mumbling a few lines.


2. Paul Newman

I'm a sucker for movies when men were men and the 'post-golden-era' of movies was kicking off. These guys came and stole screentime from the over-acting style of earlier times with minimal and heart-felt acting and made things cool. Newman was similar to Brando in his raw sex-appeal (again Iv'e seen an early screen test and he was GOOD) and even glinted his way through later pieces like The Sting and even Colour Of Money.


3. Ewan McGregor

This is probably more due to my mancrush on him as well as the fact that I'd love to be him. I'd accept the mole thing on his forehead, I'd even accept being bloody Scottish. In fact the only thing I'd change would be refusing to make Miss Potter. Ewan, yer cool, my wife thinks you're a good looking cheeky chappy, and I agree. Kudos.


4. Sean Bean

Sean bloody Bean you northern mansex.


5. Sean Connery

Connery's teh sex. Always has been, always will be.



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1: Johnny Depp

2: George Clooney

3: James Stewart, he looked pretty attractive in the 30's and 40's




1: Jessica Alba

2: Grace Kelly

3: Kirsten Dunst

4: Elizabeth Hurley

5: Uma Thurman

I may fill in the rest/edit later.

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The men first...

1. I watched Garden State again, and I was reminded that I do have a man-crush on Zach Braff. Maybe because he seems like a sensitive fag.

2. Mark Wahlberg's awesome.

3. Aaron Eckhart has always struck me as a sexy man...even in The Core.

4. George Clooney

5. Johnny Depp

As for sexiest actress...

1. Scarlett Johansson is an easy #1.

2. Monica Bellucci. I swear I'll be in the opening line for Shoot 'Em Up, just like I was in the opening line for Brothers Grimm (regardless of the fact that BG pretty much sucked).

3. Eva Green. She's terribly un-photogenic, but there's just something breathtaking about her to me. Maybe it's her boobs.

4. Jessica Biel

5. umm...Nora Zehetner reminds me of those indie chicks I lusted after last year, so her. >_>

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I"m just going to do the females....

1. Liz Hurly As soon as I read this thread title, I thought of her. Don't ask me why, since I can't of anything she's done outside of Austin Powers, but I immedatley thought of her. She's very attractive, and charasmatic.

2. Mandy Moore Admittingly, I am probably over rating her a tad, but I find her extremely attractive, and interesting in an industry that doesn't seem to have that many interesting people.

3. Nicole Kidman I guess its the Aussie accent, but I have always found her to be extremely sexy.

4. Reese Witherspoon I think one of the most under rated actreses of her day, and while she is attractive, isn't going to make any top ten list.

5. Jenifer Love Hewitt If talent had anything to do with it, she wouldn't make the top 1 million, but she is sexy.

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1. James Dean


2. Ryan Phillipe


3. Taye Diggs


4. George Clooney


5. Justin Timberlake (three movies counts, haha)



1. Audrey Tautou


2. Katherine Moennig


3. Courtney Love


4. Scarlett Johansson


5. Michelle Rodriguez


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1. Sora Aoi

Yes, I know she's a porn actress, but god damn I could be arrested for what I'd do to her.


2. Ellen Page

I just don't know what to say, she's magical.


3. Tania Raymonde

If I were in Hawaii...


4. Angelina Jolie

She has declined in sexyness recently, but she's still got it.


5. Hayden Panettiere

Need I say those six words? Save the cheerleader, save the world.



1. Henry Ian Cusick

If anyone, anywhere looks like him, and is Scottish. :wub:


2. Zach Braff



3. Josh Holloway

Hmmm...three of the people on this list are from LOST. Oh well.


4. Johnny Depp

Yeah, he's quite sexy I guess.


5. Dominic Monaghan

I think he is actually quite good looking...for a hobbit junkie.


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1. James Dean

2. River Phoenix

3. Colin Farrell

4. Johnny Depp

5. Heath Ledger


1. Marilyn Monroe

2. Elisha Cuthbert

3. Winona Ryder

4. Jessica Alba

5. Charlize Theron

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Girls :

1. Jessica Alba - She just screams SEX at me.

2. Michelle Rodriguez - She is hot a very close second.

3. Keira Knightly - Would be higher with a bit more on her, but still really sexy.

4. Grace Kelly.

5. Liz F'n Hurley - Others have said what i think about her.

Men :

1. Colin Farrell - No other man is this hot.

2. John C. McGinley - Any Man would kill to have those curls.

3. Jude Law

4. Brad Pitt

5. Mark Wahlberg

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I don't watch a lot of films, so my list might seem a bit incomplete, but here it is anyway (should at least give some different answers to pad out the bottom end of the list :P):


1. Johnny Depp

2. Ryan Reynolds

3. Viggo Mortensen

4. Brad Pitt

5. Leonardo DiCaprio


1. Alyson Hannigan. Everyone sucks for not even mentioning her yet.

2. Eliza Dushku

3. Kate Winslet

4. Angelina Jolie

5. Liv Tyler

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1. Angelina Jolie - Sweet Jesus, she's fits the criteria of this specific list perfectly, being a legit genuine beauty, but at the same time she's got this incredible lust factor that doesn't really fit in here... but to me that only works for her and makes her thrice as sexy as anybody else. Right now, she seems a tad skinny and worn out, but a few years ago, before she moved the United Nations daycare center into her living room... Man. Not saying she isn't still sexy right now.

2. Scarlett Johansson - Voluptuous beauty at it's finest, IMO.

3. Keira Knightley - A little skinny for my tastes personally, but she is so stunningly beautiful that it doesn't matter at all.

4. Jennifer Aniston - She's still very sexy now, IMO (as I know a lot of people here disagree), but 10-12 years ago she was at the pinnacle of sexified. She was the epitome of being being drop dead sexy infused with that girl next door appeal back then.

5. Nicole Kidman - Personally, I don't think she's over the top hot, but in terms of natural sexiness, she's incredible. She ages extremely well too.

Okay, for the guys... without sounding like a... repressed homo... I can't think of many guys that I'd consider sexy. Maybe because I've never taken the time to think about which males have the most sex appeal. It's a foreign area to me. Though I will admit that I think Heath Ledger is quite the strapping man. That's about all I can think of. Mainly because I just watched 10 Things I Hate About You.

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Sophia Bush

One of the hottest "newer" actresses of today.


Kim Cattrall

MILF, I've always found her sexy for an older woman


Tia Carrere

The sole reason for my love of the asian persuasion.


Lanny Barbie

Hottest pornstar in the biz, no doubt.


Christina Ricci

Ugly duckling? I absolutely thought she was hideous when she was younger, but these days she's matured into a beautiful woman.

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