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The Legend Of Beltazor

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Guest Splodge_666

I have a lot of spare time on my hands at the moment, So i've started to write a small story that is set in Ancient Greece.


The Legend Of Beltazor


Beltazor was sitting upon the hillside, in the glorious region of Thebes, which until recently was under threat from Sparta, one of Greece's greater powers. With an army of over 100 thousand soldiers,in the western hemisphere no-one thought it possible that one man could stand up and crush them to the ground. This great feat was achieved by Beltazor's brother; Parmenion. Parmenion was a strategos, he lived to plan wars, it was he who managed to over-throw the Cadmea 10 years ago in the heart of Thebes, which held 1000 Spartan soldiers. Parmenion had taken 100 towns folk with him and had destroyed the Spartan's forces, not by violence, and this is why Beltazor was extremely proud of his brother. For Parmenion had nailed shut the gates of the Cadmea, clambered over the wall, rescued Abalyn from under the noses of the Spartan's, and somehow convinced them that if they did not leave Thebes He would order a force of 3000 soldiers to tear apart the Cadmea and slaughter every last Spartan in sight. Any that did manage to get away would be slain, his family would be slain including their sons. The exciting fact was that there was no army of 3000 in sight of Thebes. In fact there was no army at all in Thebes!

He was thinking of the times he had spent with Parmenion in the old days in Macedonia before the family had moved west to Sparta. Such great times were had in those day. Beltazor was particularly fond of the moment he and Parmenion had chased the farmers goats all the way through the town with over 200 on-lookers who said it would be impossible to catch the goats. What the people did not know was that he, and Parmenion had been paid by the farmer to con people into betting against them that they would not catch the goats. The farmer had trained the goats to stop to a particular call. Beltazor whispered out the call and the goats halted in front a stream. He and Parmenion rounded the goats up and took the winnings from the betting towns folk back to the farmer. Such great days were there in Macedonia that Beltazor wished he was still there, among the rolling hillside and the lushous girls that lived in the city. Beltazor was also thinking about the upcoming campaign for which he had promised his brother that he would lead an army against the newest threat from the Sathuli's. The Sathuli's were a vicious tribe of hunts men who did not care about strategy. All they cared about was killing in the most vicious and brutal ways possible. Slowly he made his way down the hillside and headed towards his house. As he strolled through the rose garden he heard a terrifying scream, he ran full pelt towards the main chamber of the house. There he was met by six armed Sathuli's who had taken his beloved servant hostage and held a short sword to her throat. Without a word of warning the Sathuli holding the sword ran the blade across the throat of Kalina. A Sathuli stepped forward and stated to Beltazor if he was to continue his campaign tomorrow hundreds of innocent lives of the Theban women would be slain to the Goddess Of War, Ares. The armed Sathuli's made their way from the chamber. Beltazor reached for his broad sword and sliced it through the air in a devastating arc that clove down through the nearest Sathuli splintering the shoulder blade, slicing through sinew and bone, the head toppling to the left and the body slumping to the right, blood showering the Sathuli's faces at this moment, 15 guards of Beltazor's army stepped out from the shadows. Beltazor issued a warning to Sathuli's that if they did not take heed and warn their leader that this would happen to every Sathuli that came close to Thebes, or they too would feel the fate of their comrade. Slowly the Sathuli's made for exit to the house, there they ran as fast as they could before shouting out obscene gestures towards the house of Beltazor.

Chapter One

The hour was upon them. It was time for Beltazor to lead an army of 6000 to the Sathuli plains. This is where the legend of Beltazor was to start. Beltazor stood up on the battlements and issued an order to the army below, 'I am Beltazor and today we head out to the Sathuli plains. Many of us will not return home once the battle begins, but the thing to remember is that no matter what happens, we are Thebans, we are not quitters! And anyone here today who thinks that they cannot fight an army of 10,000 with only 6,000 are severely wrong! My brother Parmenion once forced an army of 1000 Spartan's out of our town with only 100 towns folk! Anything is possible. Especially if you are to make the enemy fall into your hands. By this I mean to trick them. An army is only as strong as its spirit. If the spirit is broken many men will falter and run in the opposite direction. My goal is to strike fear into the hearts of the Sathuli's. My goal is that we shall walk into Sathuli, and walk back out victorious! We shall never surrender what ever the cost may be!' This speech seemed to raise the moral of the many troops who had never fought in a battle before. Many had heard the tales of Parmenion, but many did not believe it to be true. Today was different. Beltazor was the brother of Parmenion. And had Parmenion not managed to do what was said in the legends, then Beltazor would have been already dead.As the day wore one, the Theban troops set out towards the Sathuli plains.

Beltazor was accompanied by his dear friend Aristotle. Aristotle spoke to Beltazor 'My dear friend, I fear we are being followed. Is there something I can do?' Beltazor thought for a few minutes and spoke in return 'Ah Aristotle, I knew we were being followed. And I knew we would be followed. And that is why before we set off I had a group of riders ride 4 hours behind us. By the time we reach the camp by the river, my best riders would have slain the followers' Aristotle was proud of Beltazor, he was like a brother to him. He spoke out 'Isn't there anything you don't think of Beltazor?' Beltazor chuckled and carried on riding toward the river Mendalez. As the sun started to set the troops grew weary of the surroundings. Soon it became dark and Beltazor rode up to the front of the mass army and spoke out. 'Friends, and brothers! We have reached the camp for tonight. Here we will set up camp, and i urge everyone to watch their backs.' At that moment the riders that Beltazor had set 4 hours behind the rest arrived. 'A message for you sir' said the leader. 'We have dispatched of the small group that had followed you from Thebes' You see my friends? That is why i ask you all to be cautious. Had i not had a small force riding 4 hours behind us, Chances are we would have been slain in the night. The camp site grew cold as the northern winds blew through. Many of the soldiers had never camped out side of Thebes before. To them this was an alien environment. An environment of that to be scared of. As dawn approached, a warrior by the name Excalitar ran into Beltazor's tent. 'My lord, there is a group of Sathuli's approaching our camp. They look set for war' How many are there my son? 'at least 900 sir' This is going to be a test for all you first time soldiers, Head back to the others and tell them to prepare for battle. As Excalitar rushed to tell the men, something caught the corner of Beltazor's eye. Three Sathuli's crept into the tent, and advanced toward Beltazor, The first had lunged toward him with a belly thrust, Beltazor parried this with a riposte, then clove his broad sword through the chest of the attacker, the blade plunging through the flesh, cracking the rib cage and slicing a large cut into his lungs. Blood bubbled in his throat and he fell down drowning in his own blood. The second attacker, leapt toward Beltazor and slashed his blade toward Beltazor's head, Beltazor ducked, and parried the blade and hammered his fist into the man's face. Knocking him from his feet. The third attacked caught Beltazor un-aware and managed to slice a shallow wound to his hip. Beltazor spun around with his sword in an arc so viscous, that it clove down through the mans skull with a sickening crack, blood and brain splattered the floor, and Beltazor's face. The second attacker rose to his feet, only to be met by a viscous thrust from the broad sword to the groin. As he fell to the floor, the stench of his bowels opening as he died was overwhelming. Beltazor strapped on his armour, which was of Solid Brass, polished so much it gleamed like gold. Upon his head, he placed his helm. On either side was two eagles wings, cast from sliver, and a white plume adorned the crest.

900 Sathuli's gave out their war cry and advanced toward the mass army of Thebes. As they Sathuli's ran toward them, the Theban's had a surprise waiting for them, as they got near, they stepped back 30 paces, to allow for the archers to take aim and fire, 2,000 arrows flew toward the Sathuli's, and arrow from the bow of Michanek struck a Sathuli right in the forehead, lashing into his brain and knocking him to the ground, at that moment, another 2000 arrows flew through the air striking down more Sathuli's. The spirit of the Sathuli's began to break. But they still managed to cleave a small path into the Thebans, where they were met by more arrows, one Sathuli spun around with his axe so violently he struck a poor Theban soldier right on the forehead. Cracking his skull, then he withdrew the axe and clove it through his neck, crunching through flesh, bone and sinew. He turned around and was met by the broad sword of Beltazor, crashing into his rib cage and ripping through his heart, and crushing his lungs. Dropping him to the floor like a piece of raw meat. Beltazor, shouted out the Theban war cry. 6000 Thebans, advanced on the Sathuli's, within a matter of an hour, 900 Sathuli's were dead. The field by the river was full of corpses. Blood stained the grass, and the stench of 900 bowels that had open was unbearable. Beltazor rode up to the front of the camp and addressed the army. 'My friends, brothers and comrades. Today was but a test against us. 900 Sathuli's came to camp, not one of them live to tell the tale. We came here with 6000 men. Plus the riding squad of 500, We have only lost 17 to the Sathuli's 900. When we reach the Sathuli plains, we shall strike down hundreds more Sathuli's. Thousands more. And at the end of the battle, we Thebans, will be the only ones left to tell the tale!' A great roar went up as the 6000 strong army cheered and saluted Beltazor.


The king of Sathuli was sitting in the main chamber of his palace, a young servant came up to him and told him that Torgin had arrived. The King ordered the servant to fetch Torgin to him. The young servant arrived 2 minutes later, and following behind him was the Kings right hand man; Torgin. 'My lord I have just had word from Ecalise that the Theban army are advancing towards us. They were last spotted by one of the scouts at the river Mendalez where they totally annihilated 900 of our men, it is estimated they have at least 6000 men' WHAT? stormed the King. Who in the name of Athena ordered such a small force to attack a 6000 strong army? We have just lost 900 of our best men. I Demand to know who ordered this! I shall cut his head from his shoulders my self! Torgin look some what concerned, for it was he had given the order to attack the Thebans. The King could gather from Torgin's reaction that it was he who ordered the attack. The King said with utmost certainty in his voice 'Torgin, i expected a lot better from you, it is this reason why i decide to let you live..' Torgin thanked the King, and made to exit. A large double head axe then clove through his mid section, spilling his guts to the floor, he dropped to the floor struggling to hold his stomach in. The King raised the axe once more, then with such punishing force clove the axe head, between the eyes of Torgin. He hit with such tremendous force that the skull split in two, showering blood everywhere. The King raised the axe once more, this time he twisted it to the side, and slashed down right through the neck of Torgin, sending his head flying across the room. The King looked down to where the morbidly decapitated Torgin lay, and laughed with a very sinister and evil tone in his voice. The king turned to his servant then spoke out 'I've been looking for a reason to to kill that foul excuse for a god damned whore-son for ages! Now don't ever make any mistakes whilst serving me, you hear?' The servant bowed and fled the room in panic, for what he had just witnessed was unbelievable. If the Sathuli's were to find out he was a Theban spy he would be dead by sunrise.


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