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Nintendo Gamecube

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I've been pondering for quiete some time what to spend the money I've saved up on. I was walking home from school when I spotted a Nintendo Gamecube for sale in one of the game shops, pre-owned for £70, with one controller and a memory card. Is there anybody here that owns a Gamecub, and if so, is it worth the money? The only thing that's holding me back from buying it is the fact that there might not be the new GTA: San Andreas and any of the SmackDown! series coming out on the console.

What do you think?

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Yea..just look at some of the E3 list. The Gamecube is definitely taking a step up. I personally don't have one but it's worth it for sure..and I'm also trying to get one. Although..if you have no console at all...then I suppose it's something to think about...because there are some better games for the other two..but GC is definitely worth the money now it seems.

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Nintendo always is a tricky thing, if there are enough games you know you want go for it, if not, wait till enough games are around for your needs.

Nintendo is a total bitch wen it comes to giving out licenses, you never know if they kill of a full gnere, kill of a full developer ansd such, they just don´t get that peole don´t care about the crap games they don´t buy, people only care about the games they want to have.

Check whats out there, if you have enough games YOU care about go for it, if not, don´t trust nintendo giving out licences for games that you would like to see produced untill it realy happent. :/ (i remember me buing a n64 becaus i loved all the cool rpgs for SNES, to bad i dident know nintendo worked hard to piss of almost every RPG developer :/ )

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I own a cube and love it, tho ive only got a few games the resi evil remake is classic and i really want to play the new ones.

Eternal darkness is also a great game i picked it up for about £20 bargain, and i can't wait for the new WWE game that will be classic.

Metroid Prime is meant to be good, the Zelda game is awesome if you can look past the graphics that some people dont seem to like, personally i have no problem with them and the new Zelda looks amazing.

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I have all three big consoles and the GameCube is probably my favourite in terms of gameplay. They always seem to license long games.

Best features:

It has exclusive games which rawk like all of the Nintendo games (Mario, Zelda, Kirby, Donkey Kong, Pokemon etc etc etc) getting their very own games on the GC), and we all know Nintendo are gaming artists. They have also had some special excusives like Resident Evil 0, Star Wars Rogue Leader games (which are pretty awesome, even for non-geeks) and some others.

The graphics are excellent, better than the PS2. I'm not sure if it's up to scratch on the XBox though, although the GC is about a quarter of the size of the XBox (seriously).

It's easily portable. I can actually fit it into the back pocket of my jeans, but I could probably fit a whole person in there. (¬_¬)


They have the smallest selection of games of the big three, meaning there's not as much choice and some games which come out on the PS2 and XBox won't be on the GC (like the SD and RAW games, which own). The WrestleMania games always seemed out of date after a month or so.

Not many of your friends will have a GC, because it's not very ''cool''. They're morelikely to have a PS2, meaning you can't swap games or invite them round without buying another controller (which is a bit crap considering the best GC games have awesome multiplayers).

My favourite games for it are Mario Kart: Double Dash, Super Smash Bros Melee, Sonic Adventure 2, Tony Hawk's Underground and Luigi's Mansion. Call me a sucker, but I really like the Mario and Sonic characters and to be honest it's hard to find a good GC game without a Nintendo character in it. Even Soul Caliber's new version has Link from the Zelda games as a GC exclusive. And with Pokemon Colosseum coming out today, I'll probably get that. A 3D Pokemon RPG? Hella yeah.

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Well, you've got:

-Harvest Moon (A Wonderful Life)

-Animal Crossing

-Zelda (Collectors Edition, Windwaker, the new game)

-Mario (Mario Kart: Double Dash, Mario Sunshine)

-SSB: Melee

-Day of Reckoning (Upcoming WWE Game, looks good...)

-Sonic (Adventure DX, Adventure 2: Battle, Sonic Heroes)

-Gameboy Player ($50, half the price of a real GBASP...)

-Tony Hawk (Underground)

-Pokemon (Colloseum)

-Viewtiful Joe (I've never played it, but I've heard nothing but good about it...)

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