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The Shield - A Video Game?


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I was on TVTome looking at various show information, and checked for any news on the Shield.

Just as everyone thought, the Season 3 DVD has been approved for production and release. Current release date has been set to be around Christmas, but that could change.

Meanwhile, at the recent E3 event, a demo version of The Shield video game was shown to spectators, and a ton of info was given out. The game will play like an episode of the show in a 3rd person view, giving you the option to do what you wish to get the results you need. Do you do things the legal way, or do you use your heat and a little force to get your way? From what was shown, you'll get to play as any of the 8 stars and Ronnie, following the case that's given to you. We also know that it will be released for both Xbox and PS2 (that's what you get Game Cube fans), with the earliest release date set at February 2005. Click More Info to see pictures from the trial version showing Shane and Vic, brought to you by ign.com.

The game looks alright, but I can't really telling by the pictures. I will have to wait and see. But I like that you can play as Vic, Shane, Lem, Ronnie (all of the members of the Strike Team minus Tavon), Claudette, Dutch, Danny, Julien, and Aceveda. That's a lot of characters and a lot of different types of ways that something can be solved.

Here are several photos of the game. http://media.ps2.ign.com/media/664/664144/imgs_1.html

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