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Courtney Love hospitalised over 'feminine issue'

The Dork Knight

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Courtney Love hospitalised in NY

Sat 10 July, 2004 02:45

By Steve Gorman

LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - Hours after being declared a fugitive for missing a court hearing in California, rocker Courtney Love has been hospitalised in New York, her 40th birthday, for an unspecified gynaecological problem, her lawyer says.

Defence attorney Michael Rosenstein said Love had admitted to Bellevue Hospital in Manhattan in the early evening on Friday, but said she was conscious and her condition did not appear to be life-threatening.

He said the reason for her hospitalisation was "not drug-related."

"I think that she's OK," he told Reuters when reached by telephone. "It's a feminine issue. I don't know expressly what the details are. But it's a medical condition relating to gynaecological issues."

He added: "I've been hearing people calling me all afternoon telling that me she's been rushed to the hospital on a drug overdose, and that's not the case. I categorically deny that."

Love's condition was "something she's been dealing with apparently for the past couple of days," he said.

Hours earlier, a Los Angeles Superior Court commissioner issued a bench warrant for Love's arrest after she failed to appear for an arraignment on a felony assault charge.

Her lawyer told Commissioner Dennis Mulcahy then that Love was in New York and confused about whether her presence had been required in the California case.

"I don't understand the confusion, Mr. Rosenstein," replied the commissioner. "You are here. Why isn't she?"

Rosenstein later called the judge's action "harsh" and said Love's confusion stemmed from the fact that she has three separate cases pending in California. "I don't think that she deserves special treatment, but I do think that a reasonable person in circumstances such as hers can be confused with respect to these things," he told Reuters.

Rosenstein said he expects Love to be well enough to fly back to California "by the beginning of next week" to post bond at $150,000 (83,365 pounds). Her previous $55,000 bail was forfeited, and she is subject to arrest once she returns, he said.

The charge of assault with a deadly weapon arose from an altercation with another woman at the Los Angeles home of Love's ex-boyfriend and onetime manager, Jim Barber, in April.

In May, Love pleaded guilty in an unrelated case to being under the influence of cocaine when she was arrested outside Barber's home last October by police who said she was breaking windows in the middle of the night. She faces a July 16 sentencing in that case.

The former singer for the band Hole and Oscar nominee for her film role in "The People Vs. Larry Flynt" faces separate drug possession charges in Beverly Hills and a reckless endangerment charge in New York City.

Love has a history of showing up late for court hearings, or missing them altogether. A California judge issued an arrest warrant for her in February after she skipped proceedings in two criminal cases, but that warrant was withdrawn when she made it to a later hearing.


- The Dork Knight

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we should put her in a box and dump it in the ocean for a couple months, that way there will be no Courtney Love news....except when she gets back everyone will find out she somehow made drugs in the box and was high as fuck the entire time, and had 30 kids along teh way...

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It would seem as if it was a miscarriage. I hope those that were mocking her feel really great about themselves.

I'd feel fine if it's a miscarriage. I really wouldn't want that woman to be responsible for another life. She'd probably gank the baby up with drugs pre-birth anyway.

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Guest bukkake bandit

You guys are entirely too harsh. Courtney has had a lot of problems yes, but wishing she would "just drop dead already" is ridiculous. The gun comment is even dumber, but I guess everyone is allowed an opinion and all that.

She causes nothing but trouble. Every other month there's a story about her in possession of narcotics or driving intoxicated. She can take Bobby Brown with her.

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