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NHL 2004 Dynasty Mode


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Hey all... I started playing NHL 2004s Dynasty Mode, but for the life of me I can't figure out how to play it right. I can't figure out the right way to balance everything so my team does well, isn't exausted, yet still has decent stats.

So... does anyone have any tips on how to play the Dynasty Mode?

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Run a combination of Short and Medium practises. Run medium to up the stats, and then a short to gain back the endurance after back-to-back games.

Oh, and have 3 goaltenders handy. I find that it works easier to put in your third goalie when the other two are shite.

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I can't believe there's no way to see injuries, it sucks. Well, you can check the ticker, but that doesn't always help.

Click on Team Reports, then check out your team.

EDIT: I seem to have a decent dynasty going with Tampa right now... hopefully it lasts, I'm in the playoffs.

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There's no way to tell how long the person's out for, or what injury they have (unless you catch it on the ticker the VERY NEXT DAY)

wohoo, first post.

how long before i get changed back to pre-school?

we shall see...

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NHL 2004's Dynasty Mode is fucking terrible.

It was pretty much the only reason I bought the game, and I was incredibly let down.

I still play it a lot, though.

The joy of having Wade Belak with 30 goal seasons, and Ric Jackman leading the team in points [as a defenceman!] is just too good to pass up.

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