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The (WWE) Office: A New Twist

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The Ken Shamrock/Chavo bit had me cracking up. It's a shame that everyone only seems to be reading for the comedy, because there's actually some decent booking going on behind it. However, if you took out the comedy you wouldn't have as many devoted readers, so it's a good idea in that respect. It'd be just another WWE diary.

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I first read this diary yesterday, and man, I laughed so hard at the first post, that I read all of it.

You really need to get more Dusty/Cody segments in I think, and I loved the perverbyal (I think thats how you spell it) ballsack line from Dusty a few pages back...

The storylines are pretty good to, I like how you write this diary. It's short and sweet, so people don't get bored of reading long, massive paragraphs.

Oh yeah, more AA plese...




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jeez if you think there is a Smackdown curse i think the diary dome has one as well... everytime a diary gets pinned it ends... hopefully this isnt the case with The Office

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Where do you get the impression that this one is ending?
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Guest ADDavis

Episode 13


August: 3rd Week

Bruce Pritchard:
I got the chance to see a lot of the guys that are in WWE today develop through OVW and such, and the ones that came up together are a tight-knit group. They really look out for each other, which is rare in today’s business.
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my cunning plan worked lol or just coincidence

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my cunning plan worked lol or just coincidence

I'm sure it was just coincidence. You gonna give a writer some feedback sometime or just prattle on with worthless posts about your cunning plans? Think carefully, there may be warnings riding on it. PyroHunter, blaze, keep it in mind as well.

Now, for some feedback from mydamnself...


--Yeah, we get it, Bob Holly don't like nobody. :shifty:

--HBK as a Satanist sounds like something that would turn up in Muggy's WWE on LSD diaries, or something by PunkRockPete. That said, I hope one or both of them reads this and approaches you about borrowing the idea. Complete with Manson playing Michaels to the ring at Mania. :w00t:

--Okay, whenever I see someone use the phrase "handicapped match" I picture all the workers in wheelchairs. And yeah, if ya wanna use that one, feel free, just give proper credit.

--I'll be honest, I'm quite interested to see what happens in next week's Shamrock/Siaki match. I enjoy the hell out of both guys, and this one needs to stretch out to SummerSlam.

--So, yeah, you have Benoit and Orton competing in a Submission Match? Interesting...why do I see something like this pre-match?

Benoit: No, Randy, I am NOT tapping out to a side headlock.

Orton: Come on, Chris! The crowd's never gonna expect it! We need that "anything can happen in WWE" vibe back!


Orton: Besides, I don't have time to learn any other submission holds.

--When Mister E. Partner does debut, why do I get the feeling that he'll be 6'7" and 370 pounds? Because it seems like guys that size are the only ones who get used as mystery partners. That said, I'd love to hear the Coach after he got a win over a #1 Contender.


--Okay, everyone else can have the Dusty/Flair segment, I dug the Waltman "negotiation."

--Super Crazy's a much better choice for TV champ than TAFKA Val Venis, but the win did seem a bit flukish with the roll-up. Rematch, yes?

--Wow. Khali as a face? It'd work well with a more charismatic partner than Lashley, as Khali would make a wonderful Chewbacca to someone else's Han Solo.


--Striker/Yang would be a quite enjoyable match to see. Jimmy needs another shot sometime soon on a bigger stage.

--Bwahahaha, Steel winning with a Bearhug? I love it. Of course, he's condemned to never go anywhere now, since Batista or Sapp will merely laugh at him when he tries to bearhug one of them.

--I love a solid tag division, and with Cryme Tyme, The Haters Club, and Deuce and Domino, you've got a nice one working on SD. Not much depth, though, if you had to dig out Moore and Kidman. Somehow, I'm not expecting Cryme Tyme to keep the gold at SummerSlam, just because it's time to see if Happy Days can get a good shot as faces.

--And please, some Finlay-stiffing-the-shit-out-of-Carlito action, por favor? (Y) Nice way to integrate the worker complaints, BTW.

Good to see you're still keeping moving during your month of pinning. Some of the diaries lately have had a problem with that. Another solid week, ADD.

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Guest ADDavis

Episode 14

My Big Week!

August: 4th Week

Andrew Davis: I’m pretty excited today, as Stephanie has me following Brian Gerwitz in order to learn from him and such. I figure that I can hope to take him on as a mentor and learn from—


Brian Gerwitz: What are you doing??

Andrew Davis: I’m doing the interview—

Brian Gerwitz: You’re supposed to be WRITING.

Andrew Davis: Sorry! Sorryyyyyyy!!!

(He pulls his laptop back up and begins typing furiously.)

Andrew Davis: …”And then, just as “The Silverback” and the “Alpha Male” began sniffing each other to see who was the King of the Jungle, Ron Simmons entered the room and…” (To Gerwitz)… why do you want this in narrative form anyway?

Brian Gerwitz:
Look, I’ll put it this way. I’m a great writer. No, actually, let me rephrase. Replace “great” with “greatest”. I’m not humble about it. I’ll write anything and it will be QUALITY. You could take any of my scripts to a big hot-shot movie producer, and you know what? They’ll probably steal stuff and put it in their movies!


Now, this is the exact reason why I’m not ever going to send my scripts to a Hollywood producer. I mean, the risk involved? Tooooooo crazy there. Hell, I’m so cautious, I wouldn’t even post this kind of writing on a fan-fic forum, cause I just know some little geek will use it for one of their fantasy wrestling leagues or something like that…
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