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Fifth Generation Wrestling Simulator


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So I got bored and started surfing PWSE.net, and I read some info on this sim called 5GWS. It actually seems alright...

The Aptly named 5th Generation Wrestling Simulator promises in one of it's loading graphics take wrestling sims to the next level. I was given the opportunity to test an early beta version of the sim, so.....without further ado here are my initial finding and reports. I want to start from the beginning (well duh) this game certainly has flare, possibly the funkiest graphics (I use funky because I aren't sure if I am keen on the graphics) in any wrestling simulator I have seen, and MUSIC! A nice built in "theme" song for the sim and the addition to add your own MP3's. Jamie Goehring (strife to you PWSE forum regulars) have put consideration into the design of the game, offering theme alternatives as well as display resolution issues. So what about the sim? Keep in mind I loaded the Test Company (the new game isn't totally finished) "the main office" screen is packed full of options, neatly arranged around your screen for easy access and finding. This is your hub for the sim where you make all your decisions and navigate through the various features. SO the features, I mentioned there are a LOT and I will now briefly describe some of the features in the sim.

Company Details - It's being redesigned according to the pop up, but currently tells you the size, location and level of you company from Merchandise quality, pyro spending and production level it gives an overview to how your company is performing as a whole.

Active Roster - The roster page is stuffed full of stats, your wrestlers have statistics for risk level, selling ability, weapon ability amongst others, here you can check out there disposition and assign managers to them. You also have a cluster of other options including the ability to repackage the wrestler and suspend them.

Book Card - Whilst still at the first screen "overview" stage I wanted to comment on the visuals on it. Its like nothing I have seen to date, exceptional layout with booking statistics and card statistics separated nicely along with all the booking options, e.g. book a commercial, match, angle, etc. The initial shell looks good and Jamie will hopefully put effort into a good booking engine.

Event Calendar - Speaks for itself but again is clear as to what you've booked in at what dates of the year, also keeps tabs on tours, birthdays, contract expirations and rivals.

International Tour - Another nice piece of design engineering, with a lot of good research lists the venues and prices of where you can take your fed on tour abroad. Book a tour and generate support outside the US.

As I said those are some of the options, I want to save some for secret and some for the full review at the time of release ;)

Overall the sim looks visually amazing with good groundwork already in place. There are still some runtime issues, bugs and general nastys which need to be addressed but it's an early beta and the author looks to have what it takes to fix those in due course. This sim SHOULD, if programmed at the level its been programmed so far, this should finally give us another BIG sim joining the likes of EW, PW as one we will play again and again. I would bet on this being a contender rather than another pretender, but only time will tell......


After a few months, we are now able to reveal some more information about the Fifth Generation Wrestling Simulator. The game concept and design is put together by Jamie Goerhring and Clint Linneman, otherwise known as Strife and Chainlink Productions. I am not aware of the official release date, but by playing the beta preview, it seems to be nearing completion. Here are some of the features that you should expect to see upon it's release.


One of the best features of this game is the ability to change the template that the game uses. With more than ten different templates to choose from, everyone is sure to find a look that they will like. Unlike many other games of its type, there is no need to modify images or anything, because the game already has each template programmed within. Within the display options menu, not only can you change a few colors and images that are used throughout the game, but you also have your pick of many other different things.

From the menu, you are given the choice to choose button types, window styles and more. The user is also shown what each control, such as a list box, will look like with the current template chosen.

As if that wasn't enough, you also have the choice of creating your own template; choosing header color, text box color, and much more.


Within the game settings menu, you are given the opportunity to choose how many months that both financial information and card results are stored.


The wrestling promotion editor brings many features that have been missing from other games. In 5GWS, the user is given the opportunity to not only modify production values, but also manage pyrotechnic spending and video package quality.

The user is able to modify training camp and development territory details from this menu as well, and also has the ability to set the promotion’s headquarters; choosing city, state and country.


This is the most complex of the editors and at times can be very confusing.

Each wrestler within the game is comprised of various statistics. Here is a list of just a few:







There are a few things about the editor that makes it stand out from those in other games. In 5GWS, the user is able to configure morale, health, current and desired wage, contract length, and injury. The beauty of the injury statistic is that the user is able to start a game with a wrestler already injured for a set amount of time. This allows for more detail and reality when playing as “real” promotions.

Separate from the basic options for each wrestler are the advanced statistics. These include booking skills, training skills, attributes and move selection.

Booking skills enable the user to choose which aspect of the business the wrestler prefers, entertainment or sports. Training skills allow the option of even going into detail as to which aspects of wrestling the wrestler’s specialty and which he would be best suited to train. The attributes that go along with each superstar go beyond what some other games offer. Just to name a few: corporate popularity, backstage respect and learning curve. Move selection not only allows the choice of a trademark weapon, but also allows the creation of five different finishing maneuvers.


A few of the options that are intriguing are the ability to set the show to be live or taped, whether its focus is on sports or entertainment and length of the show.


The game even allows for the licensing of various songs for use as event or wrestler theme songs.


This is where matches are made. The moves database allows for the editing of moves and move templates that are used by wrestlers within the game. What is put here is what will be seen when the action is going on within the squared circle. This option beats having to read the same recycled material for almost every single match that you produce.


There are a few features that I would like to acknowledge throughout the game and the rest I will leave for you to find out yourself.

Game Clock:

Almost every action in the game takes time. Just like in real-life, you must also take into account the current time when taking care of the day-to-day business of the promotion. The time it takes to perform an action ranges from 30 minutes to 4 hours.


A calendar gives you the opportunity to see what the future holds. From this screen, you are able to view upcoming shows that are scheduled as well as tours and contract expirations.


Throughout the game, you will be given offers by other promotions, requesting trades for wrestlers that you have under contract.

That is all I have to say about 5GWS. What I have covered is just the tip of the iceberg as this game has too many features and options to mention. From what I have seen, this game looks to be great when completed and in the process of completion could see many more features added.

Whenever 5GWS is released, look for it to be a great free-ware alternative to TEW.

Seems like a decent sim to me... has anyone else been keeping up with the sim community? Are there any other decent sims out there, or in production?

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But how many sims get announced, even make betas, and then just fall off the face of the earth? Adam Ryland is the only person who has consistently delievered good simulators.

Take H2H as an example, everyone around the sim said that it would blow EWR out of the water. They got bored making it, and released a hardly playable beta and source code.

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i am quite close to the creator and talk to him a bit. It is going at a good process and i can say it isnt like TEW (biased view coming up) Its alot better

i havant played the Beta yet but from what hes told me it is good

How can you judge if you haven't played it? I could say I've made a sim that is better than TEW - that wouldn't make it so. I'll reserve judgement till a sim is actually released.

There seems to be a lot of hatred towards Adam Ryland - particually on those CFW forums - why?

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It's pretty much because Ryland sold out and stopped making free games in the form of EWR. And now with TEW, people feel ripped off because they spent 35 bucks for an unfinished game. It has taken 28 patches to fix the holes and its still not completely done.

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It's pretty much because Ryland sold out and stopped making free games in the form of EWR.

Yeah I don't get that. People should be grateful that he made free games, and now he is trying to make a living out of something he enjoys.

Take an example: My band started out giving free demos to friends and promoters - now we sell E.P's. Did we sell out? No, people just want to make money for things they put work into.

As for the 'unfinished' aspect - take something like CM03/04, bugridden, but the patches correct the game. At least Adam has taken the time to correct these mistakes and in the tech forum at .400 listens to people's problems and sorts them. Grow up.

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