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KC22's WWF 2004

Guest KC22

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I will begin my diary soon. I wanted to first give everyone an overview of the federation and a summary of what's happened so far before I begin posting my shows.





Main Eventers

Chris Benoit

Triple H

Upper Midcard

Chris Jericho


Shawn Michaels



Matt Hardy


Billy Gunn



Shelton Benjamin


Tommy Dreamer

Steven Richards


Al Snow


Chuck Palumbo

Garrison Cade

Lance Storm

Randy Orton


Sean O'Haire *Managed by Bobby Heenan

Sylvan Grenier

Rob Conway


Test *Managed by Trish Startus

Val Venis *Managed by Trish Stratus

Lower Midcard/Openers

John Hedenreich


Travis Bane

Non-Wrestlers/Non-Full Time Wrestlers

Steve Austin

The Rock

Eric Bischoff

Johnny Nitro

Women and Managers


Stacy Keibler




Dawn Marie

Molly Holly

Trish Stratus

Bobby Heenan

Ric Flair

Tag Teams

The Justice League- Hurricane and Rosey

La Resistance- Sylvan Grenier and Rob Conway

Sex and Violence- Val Venis and Test

Disciples of Syn- Travis Bane and Seven


WORLD- Chris Benoit

IC- Randy Orton

TAG- Vacant

WOMEN'S- Victoria

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Main Event

Eddie Guerrero

Upper Midcard

John Cena

Rob Van Dam

Undertaker *Managed by Paul Bearer

Big Show

Booker T *Managed by Teddy Long


Billy Kidman

Hardcore Holly

Rey Mysterio


Scotty 2 Hotty

Spike Dudley

Ultimo Dragon


Bubba Ray Dudley

D-Von Dudley

Charlie Haas

Chavo Guerrero

Danny Basham

Doug Basham

Jamie Noble

Johnny Stamboli

Mark Jindrak


Rene Dupree

Rico *Managed by Miss Jackie

Lower Midcard


Orlando Jordan

Paul London

Shannon Moore



Matt Morgan

Non-Wrestlers/ Non-Full Time Wrestlers

Bill Demott

Kurt Angle

Paul Heyman

Women and Managers

Torrie Wilson

Miss Jackie


Paul Bearer

Teddy Long

Tag Teams

Rikishi and Scotty 2 Hotty

Dudley Boyz- Bubba and D-Von

Basham Brothers- Danny and Doug

FBI- Nunzio and Johnny Stamboli

Kyo Dai- Sakoda and Akio


WWE- Eddie Guerrero

US- John Cena

WWE TAG- Rikishi and Scotty


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* From the very first episode of RAW, Evolution made it know that they wanted to be at the top of the WWF and would do whatever it took to reach the top and for Triple H to gain the World Title. That didn't sit well with some superstars, especially World Champion Chris Benoit and Chris Jericho. A tag match between HHH and Randy Orton against Benoit and Jericho lead to an all-out brawl and a subsequent match made by RAW GM Eric Bischoff for the next week's RAW of Benoit vs HHH for the World Title. On that week's RAW, Jerihco also took on Randy Orton for the IC title. In a tight match, Orton pulled out the victory thanks to help from Batista. However, during an attempted post-match beatdown, it was HBK, Shawn Michaels who made the save and let his disdain for Evolution be knows, especially for youngster Randy Orton. Jericho also vowed retaliation for Evolution's actions, and interfered in the HHH/Benoit match by smacking HHH with a chair, costing Benoit the match but not the title. At the end of the night, despite a confused look on Benoit's face, he and Jericho stood tall against Evolution.

* Shelton Benjamin, a promising up-and-comer in WWF was looking to make a name for himself on the first edition of RAW, and make a name for himself he did! Before his match that night, the big red monster Kane ran into Benjamin in the back and told the "bug" to watch where he was going before he was "squashed." Determined ot to be intimidated on his first night, Benjamin ran down to the ring following Kane's match and delivered a picture-perfect super kick to the chin of the sadistic one! After the attack, Shelton walked back to the locker room as Kane sat up and grimaced in the direction of Benjamin. Shelton has definately taken the underdog role in this feud and swear to not be pushed around by the Big Red Machine!

* At the start of RAW in June, the World Tag Team titles were left vacant. The show ran without a tag title until Stone Cold Steve Austin, always a GM of the people, reinstated the tag titles and announced a tag team tournament to take place in the coming weeks for the vacant belts. The RAW roster already has some hungry teams chomping at the bit for a shot, and rumor has it that teams from around the country may be looking to enter this tourney, and maybe even some blasts from the past.

* Matt Hardy has been on a public campaign as of late to regain the services of Lita. After having a fall-out last year, the two haven't worked together or been an item in quite some time, but that hasn't stopped Matt from confronting Lita every chance he gets. In fact, his frustrations at Lita's rejection of him has become so apparent that on this past Sunday's Heat, Eric Bischoff announced that, per request of Matt, Lita must face Hardy in a match on the next RAW!

* Speaking of rejection, Christian is feeling the sting after his brother, Edge, refused to team up with him again for the tag team title tournament.

* And speaking of tag teams, one of the newest additions to the tag ranks is Sex and Violence, the team of Val Venis and Test. On the debut editon of Heat, it was Val who turned on his then-partner Lance Storm in hopes of going in a new direction. The next night on RAW, during Val's match, it was Test who helped him score a victory and deliver a beat-down to his opponent, signaling their new alliance. But the surprises weren't over. During S&V's first tag match together, Trish Stratus caused a distraction and allowed Test and Val to pick up their first win and reveal that Stratus had taken them on as her new clients!

* The formaton of S&V also had an effect on Val's former partner, Lance Storm. Feeling slighted in every way, Storm has taken on a new attitude that he feels will get him to the top. In the latest edition of Heat, Storm showed his true "extreme" colors when he interfered in a women's match between Victoria and Molly Holly. Storm charged the ring mid-match and took both women out with super kicks! Storm said that he was tired of "entertainment" like women wrestling and bikini contests taking time away from "pure wrestlers" like himself. He was determined to "bring back the tradition" of wrestling, and would do it by any means neccessary to get the rest of the WWF to take notice.

* Bobby Heenan burst back onto the WWF stage with his new protege Sean O'Haire. O'haire has been tearing up his competition so far and it looks like Heenan may have found a client that has the potential to finally take him where he has never been before...the manager of the World Champion!

Check out these superstars and more on the next edition of WWF RAW!!

Current Feuds

Chris Benoit vs HHH

Shelton Benjamin vs Kane

Shawn Michaels vs Randy Orton

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Smackdown Overview

* The first broadcast of SD! brought a big surprise for both WWF fans and WWF champion Eddie Guerrero. After being attacked earlier in the night in the back by a mystery assailant, Eddie defended his title in the main event of the evening. After his successful defense, however, he was attacked, again, by Booker T! It was revealed that it was Booker who had attacked Eddie earlier on and that, under the leadership of new management, Booker was on a mission for the title. Who was this new "Management" Booker spoke of? We would soon find out at SD!'s first PPV, Vengence, when Booker introduced Theordore Long as his new manager and as the man who had gotten his ear and turned him against his fans. In the main event that night, Eddie defeated Booker, despite interference from Long, but Booker will not let this feud die just yet.

* Also on the first SD! broadcast, US champion John Cena ws introduced to Frenchman Rene Dupree via a sneak attack after his match. Dupree, who disdains all that is American, sees no better way to "stick it" to American fans than to have a Frenchman wear the title that is named for their own country. Despite a losing effort at Venegence against Cena, Dupree countinues his effort to gain the gold.

* Even as large as the Big Show is, he may have recently bitten off more than even he can chew. After dismantling smaller competition on an episode of SD!, Show challenged anyone in the back to try and stop his rampage through the WWF ranks. What Show got in return was a GONG from beyond and an appearance from the Undertaker! Taker in turn challenged Show to take on someone his own size, and this feud is just heating up.

* The Dudley Boyz are also among those on the roster who have recently taken on a new attitude. Their turn started on en episode of SD! when they came very close to capturing the WWF tag titles from Rikishi and Scotty, but interference from brother Spike backfired on the Boyz and left them titleless. Then, in 6-man tag match at Vengence featuring all three brothers, it ws little Spike who was counted out for the 1-2-3. On the following night on SD!, Bubba and D-Von had had enough and viciously attacked the well-meaning Spike and gave him a 3-D on the floor! The Dudleys claimed they were tired of "carrying" Spike and were no longer going to count him as a problem they had to deal with. With their new attitude, you can bet the Dudleyz will be gunning for those tag titles that they were so close to winning just a few weeks ago.

* Another feud that is just heating up is one between "Mr. Thursday Night" Rob Van Dam and Charlie Haas. After a close, but losing effort against van Dam at Vengence, Haas attacked Rob after the bell and demanded a re-match at the next SD!. Haas, using a handful of trunks, pulled off the upset that night, but it has not sat well with Van Dam.

* The Cruiserweight division has been as hot as ever lately, with champion Chavo Guerrero barely eeking out victories over the likes of Billy Kidman and Ultimo Dragon. But it looks like Rey Mysterio, aftering scoring a pinfall over Chavo in a tag match, may be looking to add the gold to his waist.

* SD! features a slew of young up-and-comers on the roster, and none have been more impressive as of late as "The Reflection of Perfection" Mark Jindrak. Look for he and others to make a splash soon.

Watch for these and other great Superstars on Smackdown!

Current Feuds

Eddie Geurrero vs Booker T

John Cena vs Rene Dupree

Charlie Haas vs Rob Van Dam

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RAW Report

July 19, 2004

Your announcers are Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler

Your match reporter is KC22

JR: Hello everyone and welcome to Monday Night Raw! We've got a great card lined up for you tonight on a night that surely will be jacked! Already tonight we know that, per Eric Bischoff, Lita must face Matt Hardy one on one, at Hardy's request might I add King.

Lawler: I think Matt just wants to talk things over JR. Plus, Shelton Benjamin, in an attempt to prove that he isn't scared to play with the big boys, has requested a match against anyone on RAW's roster who is atleast 100 pounds heavier than he is! What is he thinking JR? He'll be crushed like the bug that Kane says he is.

JR: The kid has alot of heart, I know that much.

3...2..1..BOOM! Chris Jericho's entrance inteerupts JR and Y2J himself walks to the ring with a determined look on his face.

Jericho: You know, for the past couple of weeks I've seen a cancer begin to take over Raw. It takes up airtime every week and sickens us to our stomachs, and that cancer I'm talking about is that big-nosed son of a bitch Triple H! Triple H, you run your mouth about how Evolution is taking over Raw, but it ain't gonna happen on my watch junior! Last week I told you that I would pay you and your Evolution buddies back for costing me my match for the Intercontinental title last week, and I did just that with a steel chair across your back! But Trips, I didn't get enough last week. So I want you to bring your Pinnochio-looking ass out to this ring and we can finish what we started last week, babay!

IT"S ALL ABOUT THE GAME.....! Triple H's music cues up and The Cerebral Assasin makes his way to the ring, mouthing at Jericho. HHH then speeds up his pace and charges the ring! He and Jericho lay into eachother with punches until security comes to the ring and is able to pry the two apart. (91)


JR: We're back on Raw, after a very volitile situation with Triple H and Jericho erupted just moments ago.

King: Those two were really going at it. I wish they had let them go.

Sean O'Haire's music hits as he makes his way out with his manager, Bobby Heenan.

JR: Here comes one of the most dominant young competitors I've seen on Raw, Sean O'Haire.

Sean O'Haire defeats Chuck Palumbo, after scoring with the Prophecy and following it up with a Seanton Bomb. (56)

We go now into the back where Raw GM Eric Bischoff sits in his office with an announcement.

Bischoff: One thing I demand on my show is order. And having two of my top stars brawl in the ring is not my definition of order. If Chris Jericho and Triple H want a piece of eachother so bad, they can have it....inside the ring in a sanctioned match. Tonight, in the main event, it will be Jericho vs Triple H one on one! (78)


JR: Welcome back, and I can't believe....what a blockbuster for tonight. Triple H vs Jericho one on one!

King: What a match that will be JR, but who cares about later tonight right now, here comes Christian!

Christian makes his way to the ring to take on his brother, Edge.

Edge beats Christain by DQ, when Test and Val Venis run in from the crowd to save Christian from the Spear and unleash a 3-on-1 attack on Edge. Christian gets the most shots in as he has Val and Test hold Edge up and smacks him right across the face as he talks smack to him. (83)

JR: What is going on? This isn't right King. Look what they're doing to Edge! Is this some kind of set-up by Christian?

King: It looks like an alliance has been formed for sure, JR!

We head now to the back where Mark Lloyd is standing by with HBK, Shawn Michaels.

Mark: Thanks guys. Shawn, last week you helped keep Chris Jericho from a 2-on-1 beating from Randy Orton and Batista, and it looks like you, too, have a problem now with Evolution.

HBK: The fact of the matter is that I will always have a problem with Evolution as long as Triple H is in it, but that doesn't matter right now. What does matter is a snot-nosed kid who is running around thinking he's the next great thing in the WWF, and thats you, Randy Orton. You walk around with you IC title on your waist, a protein shake in your hand, and you think that makes you the best? You think that makes you a "Legend Killer?" Well let me tell you something, you havent done a damn thing! When you compete in the first Iron Man match, let me know! When you headline a WrestleMania, let me know! Hell, when you win the World Title, let me know! The fact is, you are still just a pup in this yard. In fact, you remind me alot of myself in many ways. But the difference between us is that I EARNED my stripes. I earned the right to headline WrestleManias and win championships. The fact is, Randy, I dont like you! And if it takes an old HBK ass whoopin to bring you back down to earth, then that's just what I'll have to do! (89)


We come back to Raw with the Mattitude screen loading and soon out comes Matt Hardy.

JR: Well, here comes a gutless coward if I've ever seen one, Matt Hardy, who has requested a match with a WOMAN, Lita, tonight.

King: I think he just wants to talk things over JR. He wants Lita as his manager.

JR: This match shouldnt even be taking place, and you know it!

Matt Hardy vs Lita came to a no contest, when before the match even started, and as Matt stalked Lita, Jeff Hardy made a surprise debut to save Lita from Matt. Jeff stormed the ring and took out Matt with a clothesline to the outside and checked on Lita as a furious Matt looked on and then stormed to the locker room. (75)

JR: Well thank goodness for Jeff Hardy for doing the right thing!

King: I can't believe that. Jeff Hardy is back!

We fade into an office and see a big leather chair from the back. The chair spins around at its Stone Cold Steve Austin!

Austin: Like I announced last week on Raw, there will be a tag tournament for the vacant tag team titles in the next few weeks. It's time I see what these teams have really got! So tonight, I've set up a match, with the winners getting a spot in the tournament. It's gonna be the Hurricane and Rosey against those two jacked up freaks Travis Bane and Seven! And the match is next! (90)


The Justice League drew the Disciples of Syn, when Scott Hall and Kevin Nash debuted, running in from the crowd and taking out both teams! The Outsiders gave an Outsider Edge to Hurricane and Jacknifed Seven. (60)

JR: What are those two doing here?! Are they even under a WWF contract?

King: Dont tell me we've got another nWo on our hands.

JR: I dont think that's the case, but I would like to know what in the hell those two pieces of trash are doing here and what is their business?

We go now out to the back of the arena where HBK Shawn Michaels is leaving the arena. From out of nowhere comes Batista and Randy Orton! The two Evolution members deliver a beating to Michaels and leave him lying on the concrete as Orton goes face to face with HBK and asks "Who's the punk now?" (78)

JR: What a cheap attack by Orton and Batista!

King: You gotta admit though, after what he said tonight, Shawn may have had it coming.

The music of Shelton Benjamin then hits as he makes his may to the ring.

King: Here we go JR! Who is Benjamin gonna face tonight? He said he wanted a match with a guy 100 pounds larger than him. Has he gone crazy?

JR: The kids has alot fo guts and I imagine this match is a message to Kane that Shelton will not be intimidated.

The crowd awaits Shelton's opponent when A-Train's music hits and the mammoth comes out with a sly grin on his face.

Shelton Benjamin defeated A-Train, with a swift super kick to the face after Shelton escaped an attempted Baldo Bomb.

King: I cant believe he did it JR!

As Shelton is celebrating the big monster Kane comes down the ramp and attacks Shelton fro behind. Kane measures him up and delivers a devastating chokeslam to Benjamin and leaves him lying on the mat. (72)

King: How's that for sending a message JR! Dont mess with the Big Red Machine!

JR: Well folks, we're ready now for our main event.

Triple H beat Chris Jericho, when a Chris Benoit run-in backfired on Jericho. Towards the end of the match, the ref was bumped and Triple H pulled a pair of brass knucks out of his trunks. Before he could use them, however, Chris Benoit stormed the ring and cut Triple H off. Benoit put the knucks on his own hand and went to blast HHH, but Trips ducked the right hand and Benoit smashed Jericho in the face with the weapon. Triple H then disposed of Benoit to the outside and covered Jericho as the groggy ref couned the 3. (80)

King: Benoit just cost Jericho the match, kind of like what Jericho did to Benoit last week!

JR: Benoit was just trying to help, it was by pure accident that he hit Jericho. Damn that Triple H! He brought the knucks into the match in the first place!

The show fades with Triple H smiling as he walks up the ramp and Jericho staring puzzled at Benoit while Benoit tries to explain what happened.

Overall Rating= 77%


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WWF News and Notes

* RAW scored a rating of 5.27 this week. There were 8,017 people in attendance and the WWF made $320,680 from ticket sales.

* The Disciples of Syn, Travis Bane and Seven, impressed WWF officials this past Monday on Raw when they were able to get some heat going with the fans before the Outsiders interrupted their match with the Justice League. Bane and Seven were brought up from OVW a few weeks ago to add some depth to the Raw tag team ranks, and officials are looking for big things from them in the future.

* Management has been alerted that Batista may be becoming hard to deal with backstage. Officials chose to ignore this recent situation, but will be keeping an eye on Batista's future behavior.

* Tommy Dreamer was recently called up to the main Raw roster from OVW. No word on what management has in mind for him yet, and since he has yet to appear on-screen, Dreamer may be moved over to Smackdown before he debuts.

* Scott Steiner, Mark Henry, and William Regal remain the top stars left down in OVW for the moment because the writing team hasn't come up with anything for them yet.

* WWF may be looking to sign some young teams to continue to fill out their tag ranks on both brands. Management is said to be looking for "face" teams more than heels.

Current Feud Status on RAW

Chris Benoit vs Triple H (94)

Shawn Michaels vs Randy Orton (86)

Kane vs Shelton Benjamin (70)

Don't forget to check out Smackdown!

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Guest It's 999

Shouldn't the title of this diary be "WWE 2004" not "WWF 2004"? Try and get it changed by a mod pal.

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Smackdown Preview

This week on Smackdown, the WWF Title will be on the line! In a match signed last week by GM Kurt Angle, WWF champ Eddie Guerrero will defend the strap in a Vengence rematch against Booker T.

Plus, we will hear from Rob Van Dam in an interview.

Check out all this, plus continuing developments in the Big Show/Undertaker situaton and the exciting Cruiserweight action, seen only on Smackdown!

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July 22, 2004

Your announcers are Michael Cole and Tazz

Your match reporter is KC22

Cole: Welcome everyone to Smackdown! I’m Michael Cole, along with my colleague Tazz, and tonight you will see the WWF Title up for grabs as champion Eddie Guerrero defends against Booker T!

Tazz: That should be a slugfest Cole. I can’t wait!

CAN YOU DIG IT…..SUCKA? The music of Booker T hits the sound system as the challenger for the WWF Title makes his way to the ring.

Cole: And it looks like we’re going to hear from the number one contender right now.

Promo by Booker T

Booker: You might notice that I’m out here without my manager Teddy Long. Rest assured that he will still be in my corner during my WWF Title match tonight, but right now is something I gotta do by myself, as a man. Ya see, Eddie Guerrero, earlier this month at Vengence, you got lucky sucka. You know that I was the better man that night, and that I’m the better man now! Ya see dawg, I’m man enough to come out here and tell it to you straight….I am better than you, period! I’m the better athlete, I’m the better wrestler, I’m the 5-time WCW champion, and I damn sure will looker better than you with that WWF title around my waist. So Eddie, tonight your luck runs out, and Booker T will become the new….the new….the new….the new…..the NEW WWF champion! Now can you dig that…..sucka! (93)

Cole: Strong words from what looks like a determined Booker T here tonight.

Tazz: Book is focused, you know that. And I think, with the guidance of Teddy Long, I might agree with Booker. Eddie’s luck might just run out tonight.

The music of Sable then hits as the diva struts to the ring.

Cole: What’s Sable doing out here?

Tazz: Do you really need a reason for Sable to come out here? What a treat!

Sable Introduces a New Client

Sable: One thing that Smackdown has been missing the past couple of weeks….is me! I’m a former WWF Women’s champion, but it seems that GM Kurt Angle has decided not to use my skills in the ring to his advantage on his show. But my fans shouldn’t fear, because in addition to having skills in the ring, I’ve got skills outside them as well. I’ve not only been a champion myself, but have been a manager of champions as well. So I have decided to use my managerial skills to help someone else climb the ladder of success on Smackdown! The only question was, who is man enough to take me on as their manager and take both of us on a ride to the top? Well folks, I believe I’ve found that man. A man that is easy on the eyes and even better in the ring. Ladies and gentlemen, I introduce to you, the Reflection of Perfection, and my new client, Mark Jindrak! (68)

With that, Mark Jindrak makes his way to the ring. As Sable holds the ropes open for his entrance, Jindrak prepares for his match.

Mark Jindrak vs Funaki

Jindrak dominates the early-goings with some powerful fists and clotheslines, and hits Funaki with a suplex and a spine buster. Funaki mounts a small comeback, using his quickness to connect on a few dropkicks and a bulldog. But in the end, Jindrak catches Funaki after a missed cross body block from the top and delivers a devastating falling neck breaker to get the three count. (69)

Winner: Mark Jindrak

Cole: Mark Jindrak, looking very impressive in his Smackdown debut, along with new manager Sable!

Tazz: I see good things in Jindrak’s future with Sable by his side. Nice pick for a new client. What a business woman Sable is!

We now go to the interview area in the back where Josh Matthews has Eddie Guerrero standing by.

Interview with Eddie

Josh: I’m here with WWF champion Eddie Guerrero. Eddie, you heard what Booker T had to say earlier tonight. What is your reaction?

Eddie: O le lai vato! Booker T seems to think that the WWF championship reign of Eddie Guerrero is based on luck? Oh no vato! I worked my ass off for years and years to get to where I am today. I battled demons inside the ring and out homes. But if Booker thinks that I got this belt on luck, then tonight he has a chance to see, man to man, just exactly why I am the WWF champion when I beat his ass all over Smackdown vato! Vengence was no fluke, homes, and tonight I will prove it as the reign of Latino Heat goes on vato! So now, homes,I don’t need to say any more words, I’ll let my actions in the ring do the talking. O le lai! (91)

Cole: Eddie Guerrero is fired up, Tazz.

Tazz: Tonight will be off the chain for sure!

The Cruiserweight champion,Chavo Guerrero, now makes his way to the ring and grabs a microphone.

Chavo Makes a Call Out

Chavo: Last week here on Smackdown I was beaten by Rey Mysterio, but it was in a tag match. It was a total fluke. I’m the Cruiserweight champion, so that means I am still the best, not Rey! He didn’t beat me one on one, and he couldn’t if he tried. And just to prove my point, and to shut up everyone in the back, I’m calling out Rey Mysterio right now for a match one on one……but non-title of course, because he hasn’t earned a title shot yet. (70)

The music of Rey Mysterio then hits and he walks down to the ring, answering Chavo’s challenge and setting up our next match.

Chavo Guerrero vs Rey Mysterio

Rey held the upper hand in the early going of the match, taking Chavo down with arm drags and a head scissors. Chavo fought back, slowing down the match with upper cuts and a brainbuster. Rey went for the 619, but was ducked by Chavo and Rey fell victim to a piledriver from Chavo. Chavo then signaled for a Gori Special, but as he went to spin Rey around, Mysterio slipped out of Chavo’s grasp and quickly hit a standing hurricanrana as Chavo turned around and got the 3! Chavo couldn’t believe it and threw a tantrum in the ring, slapping the mat and screaming at Rey. (83)

Winner: Rey Mysterio

Cole: Mysterio just beat out Cruiserweight champion for the second time in two weeks! I think he’s definitely earned a title shot now.

Tazz: Two wins in a row is impressive for Rey, good thing this was a non-title match tonight!

WORD LIFE!! John Cena makes his way to the ring, throwback jersey on and ready for action.

Dupree Attacks Cena

As Cena takes the mic and begins his usual rapport with the audience, Rene Dupree comes out of the crowd with a steel chair in hand. Just as soon as Cena can say “The champ is here” Dupree smacks him in the back with the chair. Cena staggers up from the shot only to get blasted in the head with the weapon, and Cena is busted open. Dupree smirks at the fallen Cena and drapes a French flag over Cena’s body while posing with the US title, before throwing it down and spitting on the mat. (80)

Cole: Rene Dupree is a low life!

Tazz: This feud for the US title is really heating up Cole. Cena is out!

We now fade back to the interview area where Josh Matthews stands by with Rob Van Dam.

Interview with RVD

Josh: I’m standing here with Rob Van Dam. Rob, you asked for this time to speak on what happened last week with Charlie Haas. Go ahead.

RVD: Last week Charlie Haas decided that he was going to use me, RVD, as a stepping stone for his career. And yea, he might have pulled out a cheap victory by pulling my tights, but no biggie. Just know, Charlie, that this isn’t over. If you want to take this to the next level, that’s cool with my dude. You wanna use me as your ride to the top? Well hold on tight, bro, because no one gets higher than RVD! (78)

In the arena, Rikishi and Scotty 2 Hotty, the WWF tag team champions, make their way to the ring to defend their gold.

Tag Team Title Match

Rikishi and Scotty © vs The Basham Brothers

Danny starts out with Scotty and takes control over the smaller Scotty. Danny hits some power moves before tagging in Doug and executing the Ball and Gag. Rikishi is there to break up the pin, however. After reversing and irish whip and giving Doug a super kick, Scotty tags in the big man Rikishi. Kish takes out Doug with a scoop slam, and gives the incoming Danny and kick to the face. Danny lands in the corner and Rikishi gives him the Stink Face! Doug, the legal man, ties up Rikishi and attempts a slam but can’t pick him up. Rikishi delivers a Rikishi Drier and tag sin Scotty who hits the WORM and covers Doug for the victory. During their celebration, however, the Dudley Boys run out and attack both men from behind. Bubba takes Rikishi to the outside and he and D-Von give Scotty a 3D before running back up the runway as Rikishi checks on his partner. (71)

Winners: Rikishi and Scotty

Cole: The Dudleys just took Scotty out! What has gotten into them?

Tazz: Well, last week they took out their own brother, Spike, so who knows what they’ll do to anyone else. If I was Rikishi and Scotty, I’d get ready for a fight to hold on to those tag titles.

WELL….IT”S THE BIG SHOW! The Big Show makes his way out to the ring and steps over the top rope as he enters and asks for a mic.

Undertaker answers Big Show

Show: Last week I made an open challenge to anyone in the back to try and stop me from running through the WWF ranks like a hot knife through butter. And what I got was the Undertaker. But Taker, you forget that we used to be running buddies. We were even partners. You don’t scare me, Undertaker. It will take more than smoke and organ music to shake me. So Dead Man, why don’t you show your face and I’ll take your advice and pick on someone my own size!

DONG! The lights dim and smoke fills the entryway in preparation of the Undertaker! The Dead Man appears and walks slowly to the ring. After he enters, a brief stare down ensues before Show takes a run at Taker. Taker ducks the initial blow and hammers at Show with lefts and rights. Show fends him off and soon gets Taker in a goozle and delivers his patented choke slam! As Big Show plays to the crowd, the Undertaker sits up! Show has a surprised look on his face and exits the ring before Taker reaches his feet. Taker gives him a cold stare as Show retreats. (79)

Cole: Did the choke slam not even faze the Undertaker?

Tazz: That’s a scary thought for Show. He may have bitten off more than he can chew, and Show’s a big guy, so what does that say about the Dead Man?

Booker T’s music hits the arena and we are ready for our main event.

WWF Title Match

Eddie Guerrero © vs Booker T w/ Teddy LongEddie opens the match with a flurry of offense, sending Booker to the floor with a clothesline, causing Book to confer with Teddy Long about a new strategy. Booker takes control soon and tries to keep Eddie on the mat. Booker hits a knee to the face and powerslam for a near fall. Eddie comes back after Booker’s missle dropkick doesn’t find it mark and hits the Three Amigos for a near fall of his own. Towards the end of the match, Eddie scales to the top for a Frog Splash but Booker moves out of the way. Booker goes for the Axe Kick on a groggy Eddie, but Eddie dodges the blast. Eddie whips Booker into the ropes, but Book catches himself. Eddie charges, but Booker backdrops Eddie from the ring, over the top rope, and to the floor. As Eddie falls to the floor, he smacks his head on the ring apron, seemingly knocking him out cold. The ref starts a count and reaches 10! Eddie has been counted out! (86)

Cole: Booker T has beaten the champion, but only by count out. Eddie might be hurt.

The show fades to an end with Teddy Long in the ring raising the hand of Booker T to the crowd as the ref checks on Eddie on the outside.

Overall Rating= 77%

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WWF News and Notes

* Smackdown received a 6.04 rating last night. There were 8,027 people on attendance and WWF made $321,080 in ticket sales.

* Officials backstage were very pleased with Booker T's interview last night on SD!. Booker has settled in to his "heel" role and officials felt he really helped himself get over with the fans as a legit title contender with his promo and his subsequent count-out voctory over Eddie Guerrero.

* Officials were also very happy with the Rene/Cena segment. Dupree got huge heat for his attack on Cena and management plans to continue this feud, possibly up until SummerSlam.

* Management is looking for a way to get JBL some more TV time.

* Rumor has is that Smackdown officials tried to get into contract talks with former employee Spanky, but he had committments in Japan that took first priority.

* Another rumor going around is that WWF may be thinking about hiring Goldust.

* Management asked match reporter KC22 to try a different style and format for the Smackdown show as opposed to the format we saw for Raw. KC22 did so, and management seems to have liked the new format better. Look for KC's Raw report to take on a similar look this week.

Current Feud Status on Smackdown

Eddie vs Booker T 91

Undertaker vs Big Show 95

Rene Dupree vs John Cena 81

RVD vs Charlie Haas 78

Dont forget to check out Velocity and Heat!

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July 24, 2004

Paul London defeated Akio with the London Calling (75)

Johnny Stamboli beat Orlando Jordan after outside interference from FBI partner Nunzio (62)

Angle Speaks with Big Show

A camera catches Smackdown GM Kurt Angle pull the Big Show off to the side in the back area. Kurt tells Show he needs to speak with him, but before furthering the conversation he sees the camera and pushes it away, demanding privacy. (81)

Ultimo Dragon defeats Shannon Moore with an Asai DDT (72)

Interview with JBL

John Bradshaw Layfield appears on the Titan Tron and speaks to the crowd.

JBL: Hello fans, this is ol' JBL here. I know alot of you folks are used to seeing a different side of "Bradshaw", but like I told you a few weeks ago on Smackdown, this is the real me. A confident, smart, independent, good-looking business man who knows how to get what he wants. And what I want is to be at the top of the WWF. And that's just what I'll do. Just like I made an impact on Wall Street, I'm going to make an impact on Smackdown. Soon, the initials of JBL will ring out in arenas all over the country. The WWF is a cash cow in itself, and you can bet that with JBL on top, it will break the bank. Guranteed! (63)

Bradshaw tips his hat and walks off screen

Rob Van Dam beat Nunzio in the amain event with the 5-Star Frog Splash after fighting off attempted interference by Stamboli (71)

Overall Rating= 52%

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July 25, 2004

A-Train beat Chuck Pulumbo with the Derailer (58)

Billy Gunn meets with Stone Cold

We see Billy Gunn walking backstage until he comes to the door of assistant Raw GM Steve Austin! He knocks on the door and goes in. Austin is sitting at his desk, halfway through a 6-pack of beer.

Austin: Can't you see I'm busy here.

Gunn: I know you probably weren't expecting to do any executive work tonight, but I need a favor.

Austin: What?

Gunn: I said I need a favor.

Austin: What would that be?

Gunn: The tournament for the tag team titles....I want in.

Austin: Well, that's fine and good but the tag team tournament in for TAG TEAMS! You dont have a partner, you're a singles wrestler.

Gunn: I'll have a partner. Hell, I'm a 9-time tag team champion. Who wouldn't want to team with me? Anyway, just give me a qualifying match on Raw on Monday and I'll have a partner there.

Austin: Alright, I'll tell you what. I'll give you a qualifying match. But you can't find a partner by Monday, not only will you lose your match, but I'll be forced to find you in violation of Stone Cold law, which is to not false advertise a match that doesn't happen, and I'll suspend you ass! Now get out of here! (79)

Gunn leaves Austin's office with a smirk on his face.

Victoria won a bikini contest against Molly Holly after Holly came out in a one-piece and was booed out of the competition. (80)

Storm Confronts Victoria

After the bikini contest Lance Storm rushes to the ring and takes a mic. Storm reinterates his statements from last week about "restoring tradition" to the WWF and says that bikini contest like this "were a prime example of wrestling losing its roots." Storm then said that if he had to teach Victoria a lesson about tradition to get people to wise up, then that's what he had to do. As Victoria backed up into a corner with Storm stalking here, Stevie Richards ran down to the ring and gave Storm some rights to the head followed by a clothesline out of the ring! Richards checked on Victoria as Storm backtracked up the ramp, ranting at Richards and Victoria. (67)

Tajiri beat Maven after misting him in the face and delivering the Kick of Death to Maven's head. (72)

Interview with Matt Hardy

Matt: This past Monday on Raw I had an opportuntiy. An opportunity I wanted to try and talk things out with Lita. I wasn't actually going to fight her. Version One doesn't wrestle women. I just wanted to get her out into a public place and discuss things like an adult. But it seems that my little brother Jeff has decided to stick his nose in my business, return to the WWF, embarrass me on Raw, and then think he can take Lita away from me? It's not going to happen. Not this time Jeff. It's not high school anymore. You thought you were always the more popular one, the cooler one, the one the chicks dug more. Well not now! Version One is on fire, and I will not let you mess this up for me Jeff. So if I have to take on my own flesh and blood to get what I want, then by God I will! Jeff, you get ready for a Mattitude adjustment! (81)

Batista beat John Heidenreich in the main event with a Batista Bomb (63)

Overall Rating= 67%

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Raw Preview

This week on Raw, the bitter feud between Chris Benoit and Triple H wages on. In the main event, HHH will team up with Evolution muscle Batista to take on Chris Benoit and Chris Jericho! Benoit and Jericho have had some mis-communication in the last few weeks in their battles with Triple H, respectively, but they will need to pull it together to get the job done this week.

Also, we know that Billy Gunn, after a request made to assistant Raw GM Steve Austin on Heat, will get a qualifying match for the tag team title tournament. Who will be Gunn's partner? Will he find one in time for Raw? If he doesn't, Stone Cold has promised to suspend him!

Plus, will there be repercussions for Randy Orton after attacking Shawn Michaels in a parking lot last week?

And, what is the situation concerning the Outsider, Hall and Nash, and their appearacne last week?

Check all this out and more this week on RAW!

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WWF News and Notes

* Velocity scored a 4.31 rating this week, with 8,022 people in attendance and made $320,880 in tickets.

* Heat scored a 4.75 rating, with 8,010 people in attendance and made $320,400 in tickets.

* A quick note on Velocity- Management was very pleased to learn that the Paul London vs Akio match on Velocity scored a 100% match quality! Both men were congratulated, and offcials would like to come up with something to get both these men more TV time, although no new storyline for either has been confirmed.

* The newest stable on Raw, consisting of Christian, Test, Val, and Trish will be known as X-Rated.

* Look for Stevie Richards to get a little more exposure after his recent face turn on Heat. He may be paired up with Victoria.

* Management is still looking to hire a few new workers, beefing up both the singles and tag ranks on both brands. They also are hoping for creative to come up with new ideas for the crew in OVW, so that they can be called up to the active rosters.

Don't forget to check out Raw!

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Breaking News!!

WWF's Heat has been dropped from Spike TV's schedule! Apparently Spike had warned the WWF about pushing the envelope on a Sunday program,and after viewing this past week's show decided to drop the program. Upon learning of this news, WWF management quickly negotiated with Spike to get Velocity into a primetime slot. According to sources, Velocity will now be a joint show, featuring matches and segments from both Raw and Smackdown brands that are recorded during the week. In addition, WWF has hired Joey Styles to be the color commentator for the new-look Velocity!

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user posted image

July 26, 2004

JR: Hello everyone, and welcome to another live edition of Raw! And folks, what a main event we have tonight. Evolution members Tripe H and Batista will take on the World Champion Chris Benoit and Chris Jericho!

King: There’s a lot of combustible elements in that match JR, including the problems Benoit and Jericho have had lately.

JR: They have had a few mis-communications as of late. Plus, Billy Gunn will get a chance to qualify for the tag title tournament, but who will be his partner?

King: I don’t know, but if he doesn’t have one, Stone Cold has promised to suspend Billy!

King and JR are then cut off by the theme of Evolution, and all four members make their way to the ring: Triple H, Randy Orton, Batista, and Ric Flair.

Promo by Evolution

Orton: Before we get down to the business at hand, let me deliver a message to you, Shawn Michaels. Last week you got a taste of what happens when you mess with Randy Orton and Evolution. How did that concrete taste, HBK? I hope it tasted good, because you’ll get plenty of it if you continue to put your knows in my business. I am the Intercontinental Champion, and I am the Legend Killer. And Michaels, if I have to, I’ll kill your legend off for good this time!

Triple H: Whoa, slow down Randy. Relax. Take a breather. Because tonight is a night to celebrate.You know, I’m not gonna lie. Tonight I feel great. I feel great because tonight is going to be an Evolution night. Last week, I beat Chris Jericho in the middle of the ring, and tonight me and the big man Batista are going to take out both Jericho and Chris Benoit for good. And why do I know this? Because on top of the simple fact that we are Evolution and that’s what we do, Benoit and Jericho can’t even get on the same page long enough to be a cohesive unit. First Jericho interferes in Benoit’s match with myself, getting Benoit disqualified, and then last week Benoit nails Jericho in the mouth with brass knucks! It seems to me that some people have a communication problem. But tonight, no amount of communication, no amount of teamwork will help Benoit and Jericho. Tonight, they will find out just what Evolution is all about. And rest assured that after tonight…..Benoit…..the only thing I will have left to do is to take what is left of you and take back what is mine- the World Heavyweight Championship! (90)

JR: Triple H is ready for tonight, no doubt about it.

King: And you can tell he can just taste that World title. Benoit and Jericho are in trouble tonight.

BOOM! An explosion hits the arena as the big monster Kane makes his way to the ring.

Kane vs Maven

Kane dominates most the match, clearly focused and driven. Maven gets a few shots in before Kane catches Maven after an attempted cross body block and slams him hard to the mat. Kane then measures Maven up and delivers the chokeslam! It’s all academic after that. (66)

Winner: Kane

JR: Kane is clearly focused here tonight.

King: In a bad mood is more like it. And I don’t think he’s done, JR. Look!

Kane goes to pick up Maven after the bell has sounded to deliver another chokeslam until the music of Shelton Benjamin hits.

A Challenge for Kane

Shelton: Hey Kane! Hey boy, I’m right here. Last week I proved that could take on anyone on Raw, and not only take them on but beat them! But you know, I want to prove to myself just how far I can go. I told you I wasn’t afraid of you Kane, so let’s see what you can do without having to attack me from behind like last week. So Kane, next week right here on Raw, I want YOU! One on one, me versus Kane. How does that sound?

Kane gets a smirk on his face and begins to laugh his evil laugh as he shakes his head in acceptance. (78)

King: Is Shelton crazy? I know he wants to prove he isn’t intimidated by Kane, but this is too much.

JR: Shelton has a lot of heart and guts, I’ll give him that. But this might not be the best career move he’s ever made.

We now go to the locker room where we see Jericho warming up. Chris Benoit then walks up behind Jericho.

Locker Room with Jericho and Benoit

Benoit: Hey Jericho.

Jericho: Hey Chris.

Benoit: Look, last week was a mistake on my part. I saw Triple H bring in those brass knucks to the match and I tried to help, but I made a mistake. We’ve both made some mistakes recently. I’m sorry I cost you the match, but that was last week. Tonight, I need to know if my tag team partner will be there to back me up tonight or not?

Jericho: You know Chris, I wont lie, I was pretty pissed off last week after you socked me in the mouth with brass knuckles and cost me a big match with Triple H. And I also won’t lie when I tell you that everyone, including myself, is gunning for a shot at your World title, friends or not. That’s the dream of every wrestler on Raw. But I accept your apology for last week, and as far as tonight goes, me and you are going to take Evolution down to Chinatown!

Jericho and Benoit shake hands to end the segment. (90)

We go back to the arena to hear Evolution’s music for the second time tonight as IC champ Randy Orton comes to the ring.

Intercontinental Title Match

Randy Orton © vs The Hurricane

Orton started the match off on the mat, trying to ground the Hurricane. Hurricane came back with a clothesline and scored a near fall with a Shining Wizard. Orton then countered a body slam into a neckbreaker. Orton went for the RKO early, but Hurricane shoved himself out of it and even hit the Eye of the Hurricane for a close two count as Orton got his feet on the ropes. Hurricane then went for an Irish whip, but Orton countered the move and hit Hurricane with the RKO! He then covered him for the three.

Winner: Randy Orton

As Orton celebrated, Shawn Michaels stormed to the ring, although a bit busted up from last week! He came up behind Orton and nailed him with Sweet Chin Music, flattening Orton on the mat. HBK talked smack over Orton before leaving up the ramp. (74)

JR: Shawn Michaels just sent a hell of a message to Randy Orton!

King: Didn’t he learn anything last week? HBK has some payback coming, JR, I promise you that.

We then hear the music of Billy Gunn as he makes his way out onto the ramp.

King: Who is going to be Gunn’s partner JR, or could he not find one and in that case he’ll be suspended!

Billy Gunn Reveals His Partner

Billy: When I told Steve Austin that I wanted in the tournament for the tag titles, I knew that I had to have the right partner. And after thinking about it, there was only one guy who I knew I could come into this thing with a have a show at winning the straps. So ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, I introduce my partner….

…….Oh, you didn’t know!! You’re ass betta call somebody!! (84)

King: It’s the Road Dogg JR!

JR: The New Age Outlaws are back in business I think King!

New Age Outlaws vs La Resistance

This match was back and forth, with both teams getting an upper hand in the match. Gunn started with Conway, but the arena popped large when Road Dogg was tagged in for the first time. He and Grenier then battled in the ring, and RD hit the Pump Handle Slam only for it to be broken up by Conway. Gunn and Conway then brawled to the floor, leaving RD and Grenier. That was until The Outsiders, Hall and Nash, came through the crowd into the ring! Nash took out both Road Dogg and Grenier, and then he and Hall took care of Gunn and Conway with a Powerbomb and Outsider Edge. Hall then grabbed a mic. (64)

Hall: He yo! The Outsiders, Hall and Nash, are back man. And we are taking no prisoners chico! That means not Eric Bischoff, not Vince McMahon, not even Stone Cold Steve Austin can stop us!

Nash: Hey Austin, it seems to me that you have a problem on your hands! See me and my buddy Scott want in on your little tournament for the tag team titles. But the tag titles will be just the beginning. And Austin, if you don’t put us in the tournament, you can expect this (alluding to the sneak attack) to happen every week until you do.

Glass shatters as Steve Austin saunters out to the top of the ramp.

Austin: Listen up you two sons of bitches! As much as I would like to come down there right now and whip both your asses, I don’t see that happenin for two reasons. One, I don’t want to soil my hands with you pieces of trash and lose my job in the process, and second, and the bigger reason, is that you two are not under WWF Raw contracts. So not only are you not getting in the tag team tournament, but what I’m gonna do is ask nicely that when security gets to the ring, you leave the building peacefully, or I can come down there and personally throw your asses out myself!

Security hits the ring, surrounding Hall and Nash. The Outsiders seems to be agreeing to leave peacefully but under their own power.

Austin: And I never want to see you two sons of bitches on this program again, and that’s the bottom line cause Stone Cold said so!

JR: Stone Cold has just thrown Hall and Nash out on their asses King!

King: Well, I don’t like them any more than you do, JR, but if I was Stone Cold I’d be weary of those two.

Austin and Bischoff Have a Confrontation

As Steve Austin walks back towards the locker room, Eric Bischoff meets him in the hall.

Eric: What in the hell is going on Steve? I agree to leave you in charge of the tag title tournament and what do I get? Hall and Nash running out every week, taking people out! I will not lose control of my show because of your actions!

Austin: I took care of the situation Bischoff! Hall and Nash are out of here, they’re not under contract, and they’re out of the building. And if you knew what was good for you, you’d step out of my way because you’re starting to piss me off!

The two have a brief stare down before Bischoff sidesteps and lets Austin by, leaving Eric to think to himself.

Eric: You took care of it, huh Steve? Well I think it’s about time someone took care of you. (86)

We then switch gears as he head to the interview area where Mark Lloyd has X-Rated-Christian, Val Venis, Test, and Trish-standing by.

Interview with X-Rated

Mark: I’m here with Christian and his stable mates Val and Test along with Trish. Christian, last week you and Sex and Violence attacked Edge at the end of your match with him. What is the cause of all this and the formation of X-Rated?

Christian: It’s quite simple peon. Christian’s star is burning bright on Raw and I knew that there would be people trying to bring me down. So I needed someone to watch my back. I offered Edge, my brother, that dubious distinction, but he refused. So I went and found someone else for the job, and boy am I glad that I did. Sex and Violence, Test and Val, did a quality job last week if I do say so myself. And with the lovely Trish with us, all four of us will now ride straight to the top. And Edge, you could have been right here with us. We were going to build a Canadian colossus! You could have been the People’s Champion’s right hand man. But you refused. So now you will feel the brunt of what could have been. You will rue the day, Edge, that you turned your back on your countrymen, turned your back on your brother, and turned your back on X-Rated! (77)

The music of Jeff Hardy hits the arena as we come back for the in-ring return of Jeff Hardy.

Jeff Hardy w/Lita vs Tajiri

Jeff starts off hot with a hip toss to Tajiri and a lariat, followed by a dropkick that send Tajiri to the outside. Tajiri then gets the upper hand with stiff kicks and a supex. Tajiri places Jeff in the Tarantula and goes for the Kick of Death, but Hardy is able to duck. Tajiri goes for another kick, but hits the ref instead. As Tajiri and Jeff brawl in the ring, Matt Hardy runs down the aisle. Lita tries to stop Matt, but he shoves her out of the way and enters the ring to give Jeff a Twist of Fate! Matt then awakens the ref as Tajiri makes the cover and gets the three count thanks to Matt! Lita checks on Jeff in the ring while Matt walks back up the ramp, content with his actions. (69)

Winner: Tajiri

JR: Matt Hardy crashes Jeff’s return to the ring and costs him the match. Matt is one jealous human-being.

King: I think it’s Jeff who should be jealous. Look at Matt. He’s got it all. Looks, charisma, and it’s obvious Lita wants him. Did you see the way she tried to throw herself in his arms?

JR: Oh stop!

The countdown begins as Jericho prepares to make his way to the ring for the main event.

Chris Benoit and Chris Jericho vs Triple H and BatistaJericho starts the match with the monster Batista. Batista overpowers Jericho early with slams and hard right hands. Jericho is planted with a spine buster for a two count. Batista tags in HHH and goes to work on Jericho. Jericho fights back with chops to the chest and hits Triple H with an enzuguri. Jericho then reaches foe the hot tag to Benoit. Benoit comes in and takes out HHH, then bats Batista to the outside from the apron with a right hand. Triple H misses a clothesline and Benoit hits him with the triple-German. Benoit signals for the end as Batista enters the ring, only to be cut off by Jericho. As Benoit goes to the top rope for a headbutt, Batista lifts Jericho up for a slam. Jericho slips out the back and pushes Batista into the ropes, inadvertently crotching Benoit on the turnbuckle. Triple H then clotheslines Jericho out of the ring and grabs the stunned Benoit and hits him with the Pedigree for the victory! (71)

Winners: Evolution

JR: Evolution wins the match!

King: Triple H said it was gonna be an Evolution night, and look! Triple H wins and Benoit and Jericho still cant seem to get it together.

The show fades as Triple H and Batista walk up the ramp while Benoit and Jericho get into a slight argument in the ring.

Overall Rating= 76%

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WWF News and Notes

* Raw scored a 5.74 rating this week. It drew 8,035 people and made $321,400 in ticket sales.

* WWF has just signed AJ Styles to a written 2-year contract. Styles, a great, young superstar has been sent to OVW until creative comes up with something for him.

* NITROGATE!! WWF released Johnny Nitro, who was at the time a non-wrestler, hoping to re-sign him to a larger contract and as an active wrestler on the Raw brand. Instead, Nitro decided to take his guranteed money and has told management he doesn't want to be an active wrestler. This release hurts the WWF in more ways than one- in protest of the initial release, Al Snow has quit the promotion. It is unfortunate, as rumor has it that creative had plans to push both Nitro and Snow in the coming months. WWF intends to continue to try and re-sign both talents.

* WWF has also signed Devon Storm to a written contract. It is rumored that Storm will come in under his WCW gimmick, Crowbar, when he debuts. He is currently in OVW.

Current Feud Status on Raw

Benoit vs HHH 94

HBK vs Orton 86

Kane vs Shelton 70

Dont't forget to check out Smackdown this week!

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Smackdown Preview

Last week on Smackdown, Booker T got a controversial count-out victory over WWF Champion Eddie Guerrero. Though the title didn't change hands, tempers are running high. And this week both Eddie and Booker get a chance to get their hands on eachother again in tag team action, when Eddie teams up with US champ John Cena to take on Cena's nemesis Rene Dupree and Booker T!

Also, Rey Mysterio has been on a course for the Cruiserwieght championship, and after a non-title win over champion Chavo Guerrero, will Rey finally get a title shot?

Plus, we have heard rumors that Smackdown GM Kurt Angle will have a special surprise for one of Smackdown's top stars. Who and what could that be?

Check out all this and more this week on Smackdown!

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