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Battle Royale Questions

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Ok, since I've heard so much great stuff about Battle Royale I figured I'd go out and buy the book. So I went to my local Chapters, who didn't have the book in stock, but were happy to order it for me.

That was 4 days and 17 dollars ago.

I get the book today, but it's #6? wtf??

So... is it the same battle royale as everyone else has read?

Is the one everyone else read in comic book format?

Why did I get #6?

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Guest Pirate Chasin' Booty

You fucking guys, I'm gone for all of 3 weeks and you're stealing my lines, don't think I'll forget this.

There are probably more sequels in text format than in film format, probably because it doesn't take much resources to write a crap book whilst making a crap film will cost you loads thus causing you to lose money.

The original won't be in comic book format, that'd take more pages than the bible, you probably just bought a comic, check amazon or some shit.

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You must have the Manga version, instead of the novel. Dunno if you can do anything about it now, but take it back, see if you can return it. Unless you like missing 5 chapters of the story.


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