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In August of 2004, a young, unknown wrestlers dream came true. Andrew Monica had been able to secure several sponsors and a bank loan in order to create his brain child, Main Event Wrestling. A regional sized promotion (45%) based out of Toronto has lofty goals for the future.


MEW News

Sunday August 1, 2004 - MEW has announced that it has filled all the staff positions. Also, MEW has announced the signings of several wrestlers. Black Dragon, Chance Beckett, Derek Wylde, Mosco De La Merced and The Zebra Kid have been added to the main roster.

Wednesday August 4, 2004 - MEW has announced that its first show, Heat Wave, will take place on Friday August 27, 2004. MEW has also announced that Low-Ki, The Amazing Red will be at the show.

Friday August 6, 2004 - MEW has reached an agreement with the popular tag team from CZW, The H8 Club. Nate Hatred and Nick Gage will both appear at Heat Wave.

Friday August 13, 2004 - MEW has signed contracts with three of Japan's finest wrestlers. Hi69, Genki Horiguchi and Lygulia are now part of MEW's main roster.

Saturday August 14, 2004 - MEW has signed contracts with indy wrestlers Aero, Burchill and Hade Vanson.

Monday August 16, 2004 - Indy wrestlers Chad Collyer and Matt Stryker have signed contracts with MEW.

Tuesday August 17, 2004 - MEW have made deals with Tom Carter and Billy Reil.

Friday August 20, 2004 - MEW has signed former WWE superstars Paul London and Jimmy Yang.

Saturday August 21, 2004 - Due to a conflict Low-Ki is no longer able to wrestle at Heat Wave. MEW apologizes to all the fans looking foward to seeing Low-ki wrestle.

Tuesday August 24, 2004 - Jason Cross has signed a deal with MEW. As it stands right now, it seems that the all the slots on the MEW roster has been filled.

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Friday August 27, 2004

Heat Wave

A pretty small crowd of 771 people pack the floor seats and first few rows of the new Ricoh Coliseum, in Toronto. A painted wooden ramp leads from a curtained off area down to a crummy looking ring.

Larry Rivera - I'd like to thank everyone for coming to the first ever MEW show, Heat Wave (the crowd errupts)! Tonight you will see some of the finest wrestlers the world has to offer! But enough of me...let's get this show going (crowd errupts again)!

Segment 1 - Match - Andrew Monica vs. Hi69...The Finish: Andrew Monica has taken control of this match. He DDT's Hi69 into the middle of the ring. Andrew then takes his time, playing to the crowd, before going top rope. Hi69 is able to get up and dishes out an amazing Shining Wizard to Andrew's skull while he was in the high rent district! Andrew goes flying to the outside...and goes through the announcers table! The crowd is dumbfounded! The ref counts to 10 and Hi69 is the winner via countout! Staff members have to help Andrew up the ramp. (53, 18, 89)

Segment 2 - Angle - The Amazing Red is backstage talking to some stage hands. He's drinking a coffee when Jimmy Yang walks by and knocks the coffee out of Red's hands causing him to spill it on himself. Yang keeps walking and Red yells for him to stop. Yang flips Red off and keeps walking. Red, in a rage, attacks Yang but is quickly pulled off by the stage hands. They trade insults and Yang challenges Red to a ladder match! (42)

Segment 3 - Match - Black Dragon vs. Derek Wylde...The Finish: Black Dragon suplexes Wylde. Dragon pulls Wylde close to the turnbuckle and climbs it. He calls for the Shooting Star Press. He leaps but Wylde rolls out from underneath. But Dragon is able to land on his feet! As Wylde tries to get up Dragon kicks Wylde right in the face! Wylde is down! Dragon pins him for the pinfall victory. (48, 15, 81)

Segment 4 - Cage Match (Escape Only) - Hade Vansen/Tom Carter vs. Genki Horiguchi/Lyguila...The Finish: At this point both Had Vanson and Horiguchi have escaped and are brawling on the outside. The next person that escapes will get the win for their team. Lyguila irish whips Carter

into the ropes and on the return they each clothesline each other! Slowly they both crawl to a different turnbuckle on the same side of the ring. They both climb to the top. Carter sits in the corner and is about to swing his legs over and climb down when Lyguila comes across the top of the cage and tosses Carter to the mat below! Lyguila climbs down and wins for his team. After the match both Lyguila and Horiguchi beat the crap out of Vansen. (50, 25, 76)

Segment 5 - Match - Mosco De La Merced vs. Paul London...The Finish: The ref is taken out by a wild punch from Merced. Merced then takes advantage by dishing out a low blow to London. While London is down Merced goes to the outside and gets a chair. He comes in and is about to hit the staggering London when Paul digs deep and hits a mule kick on Merced. The chair flies out of the ring, and Merced falls on his back. Paul staggers for a couple of seconds before falling on Merced. The ref then counts the pin fall! (58, 37, 79)

Segment 6 - Interview - Chad Collyer and Matt Stryker come down to the ring and take a mic. They start bashing on their opponents, The H8 Club.

They say they are too good for them and they think it's a waste of their time. They both then start to walk up the ramp when The H8 Club's music

hits and they charge Collyer and Stryker! (58)

Segment 7 - Match - Chad Collyer/Matt Stryker vs. The H8 Club (Nick Gage/Nate Hatred)...The Opener: The two teams had a wild brawl on the ramp for a bit before the H8 Club took the advantage. They then used steel steps, crowd barriers and any other blunt objects to beat down Collyer and Stryker before they tossed them into the ring and the match actually begain. ...The Finish: All four men take to the ring and have another wild brawl. The H8 Club toss Stryker out of the ring. The H8 Club then hit a Stiff Double Back Suplex on Collyer! The legal man Hatred pins Collyer as Gage

suicide dives out of the ring onto the recently standing Stryker. (72, 54, 90)

Segment 8 - Ladder Match (Must Get Briefcase Hanging Over The Ring) - Jimmy Yang vs. The Amazing Red...The Finish: Red is in control. He has Jimmy Yang out, lying on a table on the enterance ramp. Red has climbed onto the support holding up the enterway arch. Red calls for the Dai Time and flies...but Yang rolls off the table! Red goes through the table and right through the enterance ramp! (the crowd chants "Holy Shit!") Yang is able to get the briefcase which is hanging over the ring. (71, 51, 92)

Biggest Pops

3. Andrew Monica going through announcers table

2. Tom Carter tossed off cage

1. Amazing Red going through enterance ramp

Biggest Heat

3. Lyguila and Horiguchi beating down Hade Vansen

2. Jimmy Yang beating The Amazing Red

1. Matt Stryker and Chad Collyer talking trash about the H8 Club

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Saturday, September 18, 2004

Fall Brawl

The crowd of 835 are on fire as the lights come up in the Hersey Centre in Mississagua, Ontario. The ring has been replaced with a higher quality one, but the ramp is still made of cheap wood. It is also obviously where The Amazing Red went through it last show, as it was shabbily repaired.

Segment 1 - Angle - Jimmy Yang comes out to the ring. He starts boasting that he defeated one of the "best" cruiserweights in the world. It says that makes him the best cruiserweight in this company. He puts out an open challenge to any cruiserweight in the back that think they can beat him. There is nothing for a bit until a quick paced ska song starts to play. Yang is confused but gradually figures out who it is. All of a sudden Spanky runs in from the crowd and delivers a Sliced Bread #2! Spanky grabs a mic and tells Yang to get ready 'cause Spanky's in the house (crowd goes nuts)! (67)

Segment 2 - Tag Team Tables Match (Only One Person Needs To Go Through) - Major Danger (Andrew Monica/Burchill) vs. The H8 Club (Nate Hatred/Nick Gage)...The Middle: The H8 Club is in control when Chad Collyer and Matt Stryker stroll down to ringside and start to talk trash to the H8 Club. H8 Club is distracted so Monica slides to ringside and grabs two chairs. He gives one to Burchill and they both deliver chair shots to the backs of the H8 Club! ...The Finish: Major Danger is in control when Collyer and Stryker grab chairs and slide into the ring, shoving the ref aside. Monica and Burchill grab and hold Nate and Nick. Collyer and Stryker wind up for chair shots, but the H8 Club ducks! Monica and Burchill go down! The H8 Club each deliver a spear and take Collyer and Stryker out! The H8 Club grab Burchill and dish out a Stiff Double Back Suplex through a table for the win! Collyer and Stryker are pissed as they walk away! (67, 42, 92)

Segment 3 - Match - Jason Cross vs. Mosco De La Merced...The Finish: Cross is in a bad place. He's down on the ground and Mosco is top rope calling for a splash. He flies, into a giant dropkick from Cross! Cross quickly rolls up Mosco for the victory! (62, 38, 86)

Segment 4 - Match - Billy Reil vs. Hi69...The Finish: Billy is control of Hi69. Billy takes his time, playing to the crowd. He turns his back on Hi69, then turns back and Hi69 dishes out a huge Shining Wizard! Hi69 puts Billy into a cradle pin...but Billy rolls through and grabs Hi69's trunks and gets the cheap win! (55, 32, 78)

Segment 5 - Triple Threat Match - Aero vs. The Zebra Kid vs. Tom Carter...The Finish: Tom Carter is out on the outside. Aero and Zebra are exchanging moves until Zebra gets the upper hand and suplexes Aero. Zebra climbs the turnbuckle and hits a crossbody as Carter climbs onto the ring apron. Zebra rolls off of Aero and before he can compose himself Carter is in the high rent district and pegs Aero with a huge frog splash! Carter picks up the win, and Zebra can't believe it! Carter plays to the crowd and eventually they all shake hands, Zebra Kid was a little reluctant however. (50, 22, 78)

Segment 6 - Match - Black Dragon vs. Chance Beckett...The Finish: Beckett is in control. He irish whips Dragon into the ropes and goes for a hip toss, but Dragon is able to twist in mid air and catch Beckett into a reverse DDT! Dragon pins Beckett for the win! (59, 28, 98)

Segment 7 - Tag Match - Paul London/Derek Wylde vs. Genki Horiguchi and Lyguila...The Finish: Wydle and Lyguila and fighting by London/Wydle's corner. Wylde knife-edge chops Lyguila and Lyguila goes down, obviously playing possum. Wylde leaves and goes into the ring and double teams Horiguchi. Horiguchi gets knocked down and Wlyde climbs the turnbuckle. London is playing to the crowd at the opposite side of Horiguchi. Lyguila jumps up and shoves Wylde off the top rope! He goes crashing to the ground! Lyguila then delivers a huge dropkick to the cheast of London! He pulls Horiguchi on top of London and counts the 1, 2, 3 along with the ref to add insult to injury. (59, 34, 87)

Segment 8 - Match - Jimmy Yang vs. Spanky...The Finish: Spanky is in charge. He calls for the Sliced Bread #2 and sets it up, but Jimmy Yang is able to push Spanky into a turnbuckle. Yang charges and starts to beat the crap out of Spanky. The ref tries to pull Yang off of Spanky but Yang spins around and clocks the ref. He goes down and calls for the bell! Yang is DQ'd! While Yang is yelling at the hurt ref Spanky sets up and delievers a Left Turn At Alberquerque! He plays to the crowd for a while on the ramp as Yang yells threats to Spanky from the ring. After Spanky leaves Yang turns his anger to the crowd, which are yelling cat calls and other obsenities at Yang. (75, 59, 92)

Biggest Pops

3. Tom Carter winning Triple Threat Match

2. The H8 Club attacking Collyer and Stryker

1. Spanky attacking Yang

Biggest Heat

3. Lyguila playing possum

2. Collyer and Stryker coming out to the ring

1. Yang yelling at crowd

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MEW News

Tuesday, September 21, 2004 - MEW has announced that it has signed a deal with indy star Jardi Frantz.

Thursday, September 23, 2004 - MEW has annouced because of the sucess they have recived over the past two months that they will be going on a "Great Canadian Tour"! There will be fourteen stops across Canada, starting Friday October 1 and continuing each Friday until the final show of the tour on Friday December 31. On the tour there will be a tournament to declare the first ever Main Event Champion! He will be crowned at last event in Vancouver, B.C. The tour dates and locations are listed below.

October 1 - Dalhousie Memorial Arena in Halifax, Nova Scotia

October 8 - Harbour station in Saint John, New Brunswick

October 15 - Stade Municipal in Quebec City, Quebec

October 22 - Concordia Stadium in Montreal, Quebec

October 29 - Civic Centre Arena in Ottawa, Ontario

November 5 - Copps Coliseum in Hamilton, Ontario

November 12 - Windsor Arena in Windsor, Ontario

November 19 - Duckworth Centre in Winnipeg, Manitoba

November 26 - Regina Agridome in Regina, Saskatchewan

December 3 - Jack Simpson Gymnasium in Calgary, Alberta

December 10 - Universiade Pavilion in Edmonton, Alberta

December 17 - Takhini Arena in Whitehorse, Yukon

December 24 - Sport Mart Place in Kamloops, British Columbia

December 31 - PNE Agrodome in Vancouver, Bristish Columbia

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MEW News

Sunday, September 26, 2004 - Today MEW parts ways with two of its wrestlers, Mosco De La Merced and Tom Carter. MEW wishes them the very best in the future.

Monday, September 27, 2004 - Today MEW welcomes the exciting young tag team, Youthiazia made up of Josh Prohibition and M-Dogg 20. Look for them to debut sometime this month.

Tuesday, September 28, 2004 - MEW took a huge blow today as Spanky decided to leave MEW and try his luck somewhere else. MEW wishes him all the best.

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Friday, October 1, 2004

Great Canadian Tour Stop #1 - Halifax

364 fans pack into the Dalhousie Memorial Aerna in Halifax, NS. The ramp and the ring are the same as the previous event. In the ring is a large bingo-esq basket, with a number of slips of paper inside, on a table. There is also a blanket covering something on the other half of the table.

Larry Rivera - Welcome everyone to the first stop in the Great Canadian Tour (fans go nuts)! As you may have heard there will be a tournament to decide the first ever Main Event Champion (he pulls the blanket off the table and picks up twenty pounds of gold)! Tonight I will be drawing the names for the matches (he begins to pull names and starts to read them).

Match #1 - ???? vs. Zebra Kid

Match #2 - Andrew Monica vs. Hade Vansen

Match #3 - Nick Gage vs. Burchill

Match #4 - Paul London vs. Chad Collyer

Match #5 - Matt Stryker vs. Nate Hatred

Match #6 - Jimmy Yang vs. Hi69

Match #7 - Aero vs. Billy Reil

Match #8 - Jason Cross vs. Genki Horiguchi

Match #9 - Josh Prohibition vs. Jardi Frantz

Match #10 - Lyguila vs. M-Dogg 20

Match #11 - Black Dragon vs. Derek Wylde

Match #12 - Chance Beckett vs. ?????

Larry Rivera - Now, I know I pulled two blank cards from this bin, but I'm told there will be wrestlers to fill those slots, though I don't know who they are. Tonight you will witness the first two matches in the tournament! In fact the first one is set for right now!

Segment 1 - Tournament Match #1 - ???? vs. The Zebra Kid...The Opener: The Zebra Kid comes down to the ring. He looks uber determined to win this match. The lights then go out. A sound of a chainsaw can be heard from the PA. The come on and Leatherface is standing in front of Zebra Kid! Zebra tries to run but Leatherface takes him out with a kick to the back!...The Finish: This match has been all Leatherface. Zebra is lying on the mat bleeding from a nasty gash on his forehead. Leatherface picks him up and piledrives Zebra! Leatherface then places one hand on Zebra's chest for the three count. Leatherface leaves to massive boos from the crowd. (48, 27, 70)

Segment 2 - Angle - Hade Vansen is backstage stretching for his tournament match against Andrew Monica. Chance Beckett walks in. He tells Vansen that he'll be ringside with him because Burchill will be out there for Monica. Vansen thanks him and Beckett leaves. (36)

Segment 3 - Angle - Beckett exits Vansen's changeroom and walks down a hallway when Monica and Burchill attack him! They double team him until they drag him outside and toss him into a dumpster! They congradulate each other as they head towards the ring. As they walk away Vansen is seen down the hallway looking concerned. (55)

Segment 4 - Tournament Match #2 - Hade Vansen vs. Andrew Monica (w/Burchill)...The Finish: Vansen's in control. He irish whips Monica into a turnbuckle and Monica flips over to the outside! The ref starts counting to ten when Burchill dives in from the other side and smashes Vansen with a chair shot to the head. Monica is able to get back in and pin Vansen for the win. Monica and Burchill celebrate in the ring afterwards. (54, 21, 87)

Segment 5 - Tag Match - Aero/Hi69 vs. Collyer and Stryker...The Finish: Collyer is down and out on the mat. Stryker is on the outside near Collyer. Aero is top rope and flies for a splash, but Stryker is able to pull Collyer out of the way! Aero hits the mat hard! Collyer pins Aero as Stryker tackles Hi69! Collyer and Stryker get the win! They then toss Aero and Hi69 to the outside. (63, 38, 88)

Segment 6 - Angle - Collyer and Stryker grab a mic and call out the H8 Club (crowd goes nuts)! Nothing for a while until Nate Hatred appears at the top of the ramp. Gage appears from underneath the ring and dives into the ring behind them and they don't know it. Collyer wants to know where Gage is. Hatred replies with behind you! They spin and Gage hits a double clothesline! Hatred gets to the ring and they smack Collyer and Stryker around for a while before refs and other staff members are able to break them up. (52)

Segment 7 - Match - Paul London vs. Jimmy Yang...The Finish: London is in control. London dropkicks Yang and he goes down hard and starts to clutch his knee, and starts to scream. London backs off and lets the ref check him out. London turns around to play to the crowd for a second when Yang springs up and Dragon Suplexes London and gets the cheap win! He was playing possum! (75, 51, 100)

Biggest Pops

3. Aero/Hi69 almost picking up the win over Collyer and Stryker

2. Paul London in general

1. Nick Gage appearing from under the ring

Biggest Heat

3. Monica and Burchill attacking Beckett

2. Leatherface appearing

1. Jimmy Yang pretending to be injured

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Friday, October 8, 2004

Great Canadian Tour Stop #2- Saint John

The lights come up on 377 fans in Harbour Station, Saint John New Bruswick.

Segment 1 - Interview - (a very pretty lady walks to the ring in a short buisness skirt and jacket. She has a "all work, no play" look on her face. She also carries a clipboard. She grabs a mic) She introduces herself as Ms. Vanessa. She has been hired by the MEW management board to oversee that the Main Event Championship Tournament goes smoothly. She says that the tournament will continue tonight with matches three and four. Nick Gage vs. Burchill and Paul London vs. Chad Collyer. She also has two issues to address out here today. First off, she says she was unimpressed with the Andrew Monica vs. Hade Vansen match because of the interference from Burchill. That is why she is offically banning Andrew Monica from ringside tonight (crowd cheers)! If he comes to the ring at any point during the match, not only will Burchill be DQ'd, but Andrew will also be eliminated form the tournament (crowd is very pleased)! She then leaves. Secondly, she heard Jimmy Yang has a piss poor attitude backstage to his fellow wrestlers. She's been told by the MEW board to tell Jimmy Yang that he'll face someone tonight that will teach him a lesson or two. Hopefully, Yang's opponent will not be too "Super" for him to handle. She then wraps up her speech and leaves. (66)

Segment 2 - Tag Team Match - Lyguila and Horiguchi vs. Youthinazia (Josh Prohibition and M-Dogg 20)...The Finish: M-Dogg 20 can barely stand. Lyguila goes to dropkick M-Dogg but he ducks and tags in Josh Prohibition! Josh beats Lyguila up against the ropes on Lyguila's side of the ring. He goes to suplex Lyguila. He gets him straight up when Horiguchi jumps off the apron and trips Josh! Lyguila lands on top of him and Horiguchi holds down Josh's legs and the ref doesn't see it! M-Dogg is to out of it to help and Lyguila and Horiguchi pick up the win! (67, 44, 91)

Segment 3 - Angle - Ms. Vanessa is walking down the corridor when Andrew Monica steps out of a door and stops Vanessa. Monica starts yelling at her to reverse her decision and let him be at ringside (Ms. Vanessa is not intimidated). Ms. Vanessa replies that her decision stands and that if Andrew doesn't get out of her face she'll fire him her and now (Ms. Vanessa leaves). Andrew is really pissed and kicks the door he came out of and knocks it off its hinges. (65)

Segment 4 - Tournament Match #3 - Nick Gage vs. Burchill...The Finish: Gage is on the mat, bleeding from a gash on his head. Burchill is about to finish the match when Chance Beckett appears at the top of the ramp with a mic. He starts taunting Burchill and Beckett wants him to chase him. Burchill gives to his anger and starts to chase him. He runs backstage after Beckett. The ref gets to a nine count when Burchill runs back through the curtain and tries to make it back to the ring, but he doesn't have enough time! Burchill is DQ'd! Nick Gage is the winner. Burchill is pissed and runs backstage again to try and find Beckett. All of a sudden Chad Collyer and Matt Stryker dive in from the crowd and start to beat on Gage! In a couple of seconds, Hatred hits the ring, but Collyer and Stryker escape. Hatred tends to his friend. (57, 35, 80)

Segment 5 - Tournament Match #4 - Paul London vs. Chad Collyer (w/ Matt Stryker)...The Opener: Paul London comes out first to a huge pop. Collyer and Stryker follow, Stryker armed with a steel chair obviously looking out for Hatred...The Finish: Collyer and Stryker are talking strategy on the outside. They obviously make some kind of plan. Collyer grabs the chair and goes into the ring and starts to wave it around wildly. The ref runs over, with his back to London, trying to get the chair from Collyer. Stryker runs around the ring and gets in and is about to attack London. Collyer and the ref fall over and don't notice Nate Hatred hit the ring and take out Stryker. Hatred chases him down the ramp and out of the ring area. Collyer then lets go of the chair, gets up and apologises to the ref. The ref yells at Collyer not to use weapons. Collyer then walks over London, whos on the ground, taking his time as he thinks London is hurt by Stryker. London then quickly rolls up Collyer for the pin! Collyer's dumbfounded! London bolt's as Collyer throws a temper tanturm. (70, 50, 91)

Segment 6 - Hardcore Match - Leatherface vs. Black Dragon...The Finish: This match has been a bloodbath. Leatherface has a table set up with several light tubes on it. He picks up Black Dragon and powerbombs him through the table! He pins Dragon and then plays to the crowd for a while before leaving. (59, 43, 76)

Segment 7 - Angle - Jimmy Yang comes down to the ring. He grabs a mic and says he's been hearing rumors all night about who his opponent. He says no one is too "Super" for him. He says enough talk, and his opponent should get his ass down here now. Nothing and then music hits and out comes Super Dragon! (45)

Segment 8 - Match - Jimmy Yang vs. Super Dragon...The Finish: Yang takes control. He dishes out a Dragon Suplex to Dragon and tries to pin him, but Dragon kicks out! Yang does it again but Dragon kicks out again! Yang can't believe it! Yang hits a dropkick knocking Dragon down. Yang goes top rope for the Dai Time, when Super Dragon gets up, yanks Yang off the top rope and hits the Psycho Driver! He pins Yang for the win! (74, 52, 96)

Biggest Pops

3. Andrew being banned from ringside

2. London beating Collyer

1. Super Dragon debuting

Biggest Heat

3. Leatherface in general

2. Andrew threatening Ms. Vanessa

1. Jimmy Yang almost beating Super Dragon

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Friday October 15, 2004

Great Canadian Tour Stop #3- Quebec City

407 fans pack into the Stade Municipal in Quebec City!

Segment 1 - Angle - Andrew Monica is backstage in his dressing room when Leatherface barges in. Andrew jumps up and looks ready to fight. They stare each other down for a couple of seconds before Andrew asks Leatherface if he'll do it. Leatherface nods slowly and Andrew smiles, and extends his hand in a handshake, but Leatherface just leaves. Andrew then quickly grabs his bags and makes his way to a waiting car in the parking lot and leaves the arena. (47)

Segment 2 - Match - Billy Reil vs. Jardi Frantz...The Finish: Frantz charges Reil with a clothesline attempt but Reil ducks and hits a DDT. Reil rolls Frantz up...and puts his feet on the ropes! The ref doesn't see it and Reil gets the cheap win over Frantz. He looks so proud of himself! (51, 35, 80)

Segment 3 - Interview - Ms. Vanessa heads down to the ring. She tells the fans that tonight will be matches number five and six in the Main Event Championship Tournament. She says that since she is in charge of makeing the tounament run smoothly she had to make a huge decision concerning the Matt Stryker vs. Nate Hatred match. She doesn't want interferance from either wrestler's team mate so she is forced to turn this match into a cage match (crowd explodes)! She then drops the mic and starts to leave the ring. (57)

Segment 4 - Angle - Ms. Vanessa gets about a quarter of the way down the ramp before she hears the familer sounds of a chainsaw. Leatherface comes out of the curtains and starts towards Ms. Vanessa. Vanessa runs back to the ring, but Leatherface catches her just before she makes it. Leatherface picks up Vanessa and tosses her into the ring! Leatherface takes his time getting into the ring. Vanessa is on the mat begging for mercy but Leatherface won't have any of it. Leatherface picks her up and powerbombs Vanessa to the mat! She's not moving! Leatherface then gets really close to Vanessa's face and wispers something into her ear before leaving. EMP's rush to the ring and put Ms. Vanessa onto a stretcher and carry her out. (52)

Segment 5 - Match - Black Dragon vs. Derek Wylde...The Finish: Black Dragon sets up a backbody drop on Wylde...but Wylde flips out of it! He catches Black Dragon in a massive spinning DDT and rolls Black Dragon up for the victory! (52, 29, 88)

Segment 6 - Tournament Match #5 (Cage Match - Escape Only) - Matt Stryker vs. Nate Hatred...The Finish: Nate Hatred lariats Stryker, he's down. Nate Hatred slowly begins to climb the ropes when Stryker is able to pull himself to his feet and just catches Hatred's leg and pulls him off the ropes. Hatred's leg gets twisted in the ropes and he can't get himself free! Stryker sees this as his opportunity as he begins to stomp away at Hatred's head! Soon Hatred stops moving! Stryker then plays to the crowd for a bit before slowly making his way to the outside of the ring. (54, 55, 68)

Segment 7 - Tournament Match #6 - Hi69 vs. Jimmy Yang...The Middle: Yang suplexes Hi69. He calls for the Dai Time when all of a sudden Super Dragon appears at the top of the ramp! Yang is distracted long enough for Hi69 to roll up Yang! Yang kicks out at 2! ...The Finish: Hi69 dropkicks Yang. He gets Yang up and irish whips him. Hi69 goes for a hip toss, but Yang flips out and catches Hi69 in a Dragon Suplex! Just to add insult to injury Yang goes top rope. Before he flies he makes a rude gesture to Super Dragon. Yang flies and hits the Dai Time and pins Hi69 for the win. (60, 47, 88)

Biggest Pops

3. Super Dragon

2. Ms. Vanessa announcing cage match

1. Nate Hatred almost escaping the cage

Biggest Heat

3. Jimmy Yang beating Hi69

2. Matt Stryker escaping the cage

1. Leatherface attacking Ms. Vanessa

Friday October 22, 2004

Great Canadian Tour Stop #4  - Montreal

437 jam into Concordia Stadium in Montreal.

Segment 1 - Angle - Andrew Monica and Burchill are in their dressiong room laughing at what happened to Ms. Vanessa. Then Leatherface bursts into the room and demands his payment for what he did last week. Andrew replies that he already told Leatherface that he didn't have it tonight, but he'll have it next week in Ottawa. Leatherface looks pissed but leaves before he does anything. Burchill asks what Andrew promised Leatherface. Andrew says not to worry, but wait till next week. They then continue chatting about whatever, and the camera moves and shows M-Dogg 20 standing by the door with a disgusted look on his face. (50)

Segment 2 - Tournament Match #7 - Aero vs. Billy Reil...The Finish: Billy Reil hits the Reil Deal on Aero! He's out! Reil pins Aero but Aero gets his foot up on the rope at the absolute last second! The ref sees it up can't stop his hand from hitting the mat the third time. He waves his hands motioning that the match continues, but Reil doesn't see him. He's too bust celebrating! Aero slowly gets up, and realizes whats going on. He then quickly rolls up Reil and gets the real three count for the victory! Reil doesn't know what the hell happened! (56, 31, 82)

Segment 3 - Angle - Youthinazia makes their way to the ring. They grab a mic and get right down to buisness. They say that they found out that Andrew Monica and Burchill were behind the attack on Ms. Vanessa last week (crowd boos). That's why Youthanazia is calling Monica and Burchill out (crowd goes nuts)! Nothing for a couple of seconds until Major Danger's music hits and they both make their way down to the ring looking for a fight. (48)

Segment 4 - Tag Team Match - Major Danger (Andrew Monica/Burchill) vs. Youthanazia (Josh Prohibition/M-Dogg 20)...The Middle: Josh and Burchill are the legal men. All of a sudden Monica charges into the ring taking Josh and M-Dogg out! Burchill and Monica pick up Josh over their heads and toss him out of the ring through the announcers table! He looks to be uncouncious! The EMP's rush down and take Josh away on a stretcher! It's now a handicap match!...The Finish: M-Dogg has been taken apart. He had a couple of chances but Burchill and Monica are too strong. Monica sets M-Dogg up for a powerbomb. He picks him up...and Josh Prohibition runs in from the crowd, dives into the ring and clips Monica's knee! M-Dogg lands on top and gets the pin while Josh tackles Burchill! Youthanazia pick up the win and get the hell out of there quickly! (68, 41, 96)

Segment 5 - Tournament Match #8 - Jason Cross vs. Genki Horiguchi (w/ Lyguila)...The Finish: Jason Cross goes for a suplex. Lyguila then jumps up on the apron drawing the refs attention. The ref turns his back to Cross and Horiguchi and Horiguchi kicks Cross in the testicles! Lyguila jumps off the apron and Horiguchi picks up the victory! (66, 47, 86)

Segment 6 - Match - Jardi Frantz vs. Leatherface...The Finish: Frantz has Leatherface reeling! Three kicks to the gut! Frantz bounces off the ropes and goes for a sunset flip...but Leatherface catches Frantz's feet! Leatherface has Frantz hanging off his back, upsidedown! Leatherface then dishes out a huge spinebuster! Frantz's looks like he's dead! Leatherface then pins Frantz for the victory. (54, 34, 75)

Segment 7 - Match - Paul London vs. Super Dragon...The Finish: London is set to backdrop Dragon. He goes but Dragon catches London and hits an Asasi DDT! Dragon pins London! Dragon starts playing to the crowd when London gets up and extends his hand to Super Dragon. Dragon just looks at London for a couple of seconds before just turning away and leaving. He's halfway up the ramp when Jimmy Yang comes through the curtain with a steel chair and pegs Super Dragon with a chair shot to the skull! Yang runs before Dragon can get back up. (76, 58, 95)

Biggest Pops

3. Aero defeating Billy Reil

2. Jardi Frantz almost beating Leatherface

1. Youthanazia calling out Major Danger

Biggest Heat

3. Genki Horiguchi and Lyguila cheating their way to a victory

2. Andrew Monica and Burchill laughing at Ms. Vanessa

1. Jimmy Yang attacking Super Dragon


MEW News

Tuesday October 26, 2004 - MEW has offically announced that MEW superstar M-Dogg 20 is attending rehab for a drug abuse problem. MEW wishes him a speedy recovery. Indy star Greg Pawluk has been signed to fill M-Dogg 20's spot in the tournament.

Friday October 29, 2004 - Another MEW superstar has addmited to a drug problem. This time it's Black Dragon. He will also be sent to rehab. Tony Kozina of ECCW fame has been signed to fill Black Dragon's spot in the tournament.

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Friday October 29, 2004

Great Canadian Tour Stop #5 - Ottawa

The Civic Centre Arena in Ottawa, Ontario is alive with 427 fans.

Segment 1 - Angle - The H8 Club come down to the ring. Nate Hatred says that he's had enough with Collyer and Stryker. Tonight the H8 Club will finish them once and for all. He challenges them to a hardcore tag team match! Collyer and Stryker come and reply that they accept their challenge and the only ones that will be able to walk out of that ring will Collyer and Stryker! (57)

Segment 2 - Match - Billy Reil vs. Leatherface...The Finish: Reil jumps on the back of Leatherface and tries to choke the life out of him. Leatherface drops to one knee, then is able to pull himself to his feet and backs Reil into a turnbuckle. He does this a couple of times before Reil lets go. Reil is dazed sitting on top of the turnbuckle. Leatherface grabs Reil by the throat and chokeslams him off the top rope to the mat! Reil gets pinned and Leatherface gets the victory! (44, 19, 80)

Segment 3 - Interview - Andrew comes out onto the top of the ramp with a mic. He tells Leatherface that his payment isn't here yet, and that Leatherface has to patient. Leatherface looks really pissed off as Andrew leaves. (77)

Segment 4 - Tournament Match #9 - Josh Prohibition vs. Jardi Frantz...The Finish: Josh irish whips Jardi into the turnbuckle. Josh charges Jardi but he is able to toss Josh to the outside...but Josh catches the apron. Jardi takes a couple of steps and turns around in time to see Josh get him with a springboard dropkick! Josh pins Jardi to get the win! They shake hands after the match and Jardi leaves while Josh plays to the crowd. Josh is about to leave when Burchill hits the ring with a steel chair and hits Josh across the face! Josh is down on the mat bleeding! Burchill leaves, feeling very proud of himself. (52, 34, 82)

Segment 5 - Tournament Match #10 - Greg Pawluk vs. Lyguila (w/Genki Horiguchi)...The Finish: Greg irish whips Lyguila against the ropes. Greg bounces off the opposite side but Genki grabs at his leg. Greg spins around and Lyguila is able to catch him with a knee to the back. Greg falls foward into the ropes. Lyguila uses the momentum to roll Greg up and pick up the victory. (48, 27, 82)

Segment 6 - Match - Chance Beckett vs. Jason Cross...The Finish: Beckett is looking for a superplex! He climbs up to get Cross but Cross punches him in the mid-section three times before Beckett falls to the mat! Cross then flies and hits the Crossfire and picks up the victory. They shake hands following the match. (56, 37, 89)

Segment 7 - Hardcore Tag Team Match - The H8 Club (Nate Hatred/Nick Gage) vs. Collyer and Stryker...The Finish: All four men are bleeding. Nick Gage and Collyer are out on the outside. Hatred and Stryker are brawling on the inside. Stryker uppercuts Hatred and goes to get a chair. He comes back and Hatred low blows Stryker! At this point Gage is back to his feet and gets into the ring. They set Stryker up and hit a Stiff Double Back Suplex onto a shopping cart! Hatred pins Stryker as Gage counts along! The H8 Club wins! They celebrate for a while then leave. By now Collyer is partly to his feet and goes to check on Stryker. Stryker is still out of it, on the shoping cart. Collyer helps him to his feet but Stryker pushes him away, obviously pissed at Collyer. He yells at him for a couple minutes before staggering out, following eventually by Collyer. (67, 58, 93)

Biggest Pops

3. Josh Prohibition defeating Jardi Frantz

2. The H8 Club challenging Collyer and Stryker to a match

1. The H8 Club beating Collyer and Stryker

Biggest Heat

3. Andrew Monica and Leatherface discussing buisness

2. Burchill attacking Josh Prohibition

1. Lyguila and Horiguchi cheating their way to a win


MEW News

Saturday October 30, 2004 - Tony Kozina has injured himself at another show. MEW relucantly releases him from his contract, but will welcome him back after he has healed. B-Boy has been signed to replace the, once again, empty spot in the tounament.

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MEW News

Thursday November 4, 2004 - MEW has parted ways with superstars Matt Stryker and Chad Collyer over their ever increasing wage demands.

Friday November 5, 2004

Great Canadian Tour Stop #6 - Hamilton

430 fill the near-empty Copps Coliseum in Hamilton, Ontario.

Segment 1 - Angle - Music hits and Ms. Vanessa walks out from backstage, with a neckbrace on. She comes down to the ring and grabs the mic. By the way, she looks really pissed off. I don't blame her. She calls out Andrew Monica's name. Vanessa says she knows it was him that put Leatherface up to attacking her. She says she'll worry about him later, but right now she wants Andrew to pay. She says she has hired a personal bodyguard to protect her from any further assults. A huge burley guy walks out to the ring and joins Ms. Vanessa. She introduces him as Mr. X (Enygma was his former ring name). Ms. Vanessa then orders Mr. X to go backstage and find Monica. When he finds him, drag his sorry ass down to the ring for a beating of a lifetime (the crowd goes nuts). Mr. X then leaves. Vanessa then says she has an idea for a match. Nate Hatred will take on...Leatherface! In a last man standing match! Then Ms. Vanessa (looking slightly calmer) says that tonight we have the final two matches of the first round of the tournament! B-Boy takes on Derek Wylde and Chance Beckett has Super Dragon. She then leaves, after wraping up her speech. (54)

Segment 2 - Tournament Match #11 - B-Boy vs. Derek Wylde...The Finish: B-Boy is laying a beating on Derek Wylde in the turnbuckle. Wylde looks out of it. B-Boy backs up and charges Wylde, who moves and is able to trip B-Boy into going shoulder first into the turnbuckle! Wylde quickly rolls B-Boy up and gets the pin and the victory! Wylde starts playing to the crowd when B-Boy grabs a chair and pegs Wylde in the skull! He goes down hard! B-Boy takes a couple of cheap shots before leaving. (57, 36, 78)

Segment 3 - Angle - Andrew is backstage quickly gathering his things into his bags. He grabs everything and rushes to the door but Leatherface is standing there. He tells Andrew he wants his payment before their match next week, or else Leatherface will make sure Andrew doesn't walk away from the match. Andrew quickly agrees and rushes past Leatherface down a hall towards the parking lot. As Andrew is running he hears someone call his name. He turns around and Mr. X is chasing him! Andrew throws his bags and Mr. X and is able to get into his car before Mr. X can pummel Andrew. (60)

Segment 4 - Match - Billy Reil vs. Jason Cross...The Finish: Reil is taking his time with Cross. He picks up Cross who fights back with several right hands! Cross irish whips Reil and Cross runs to the opposite side of the ring, leaps and hits a springboard moonsault! He pins Reil and gets the win! (66, 43, 90)

Segment 5 - Tournament Match #12 - Chance Beckett vs. Super Dragon...The Middle: Super Dragon grapples Chance when Jimmy Yang's music hits and Yang starts to walk down to the ring. Dragon takes his eyes off of Chance for a second, and Chance is able to take advantage with a standing dropkick...The Finish: The ref is crushed into the turnbuckle when Chance irish whips Dragon. Yang sees his opportunity and goes into the ring, after Dragon. He goes to dropkick Dragon, but he is able to move Chance in the way! He goes down. Dragon hits a Psycho Driver on Yang, who rolls out of the ring. Dragon then stalks Chance and hits another Psycho Driver on him when he gets up! Dragon pins him for the win. Afterwards, Super Dragon climbs a turnbuckle and glares at Yang as he slowly makes his way down the ramp. (62, 39, 86)

Segment 6 - Last Man Standing Match - Leatherface vs. Nate Hatred...The Finish: Leatherface has set a table up on the ramp, by the curtains. He goes to powerbomb Hatred through it, but Hatred is able to wriggle his way free. They begin brawling, until Hatred gets the upperhand. Leatherface tries to escape by climbing the enterance supports. Hatred follows and they begin to brawl again. Leatherface gets the upperhand with a knee to the gut. He looks at the table and then at Hatred (crowd boos). He then tosses Hatred off the supports...and Hatred misses the table and goes through the enterance ramp, totally destroying it! The ref counts to ten and this match is over! (63, 47, 79)

Biggest Pops

3. Andrew Monica being chased out of the building

2. Ms. Vanessa's return

1. Super Dragon giving Jimmy Yang a Psycho Driver

Biggest Heat

3. Billy Reil

2. Jimmy Yang attempting to interfere

1. Leatherface tossing Hatred off the supports

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Friday November 12, 2004

Great Canadian Tour Stop #7 - Windsor

446 are hyped in MEW's first visit to the Windsor Arena in Windsor Ontario

Segment 1 - Angle - Andrew Monica walks into his and Burchill's dressing room with a smile on his face. Burchill jumps up and inquires about Andrew's good mood. Andrew tells him not to worry, as he has both Leatherface and Mr. X under control. Burchill asks how and Andrew only replies with "Ms. Vanessa isn't the only one who can get a bodyguard". Then Andrew leaves and walks down a hall. The camera follows him then turns a corner and goes towards the parking lot where Super Dragon is seen waiting in the shadows with a brick in his hand. A car pulls out and Jimmy Yang steps out of the drivers seat when Super Dragon throws the brick at Yang's car, smashing the windshield. Yang sees it's Dragon, but hops back into his car and drives off before Dragon can do any more damage. (48)

Segment 2 - Interview - Ms. Vanessa comes down to the ring with Mr. X. She welcomes everyone to the show and says that tonight there will be a special treat. Tonight will the be ass-whoping of Andrew Monica (crowd goes nuts)! She says that Mr. X will make sure Andrew Monica doesn't advance in the tournament, and in a couple of weeks, Mr. X will make sure Leatherface doesn't get any farther. She finishes with her personal buisness before getting to official buisness. She tells us that the tournament will have it's first two matchs of the second round. Andrew Monica vs. Leatherface and Nick Gage vs. Paul London. She finishes up and leaves the ring with Mr. X. (64)

Segment 3 - Tournament Round 2, Match #1 - Andrew Monica (w/ Burchill) vs. Leatherface...The Opener: Leatherface comes to the ring first. Andrew follows and they stare each other down before Leatherface speaks first. Leatherface wants his payment, in full, and he wants it now. Andrew tells him that he has no chance in hell in getting that from him. Leatherface then pegs Andrew in the head with the mic and then the ref rings the bell...The Finish: Leatherface and Andrew are brawling on the outside. Burchill goes to back Andrew up, but Leatherface takes him out as well as Andrew. Leatherface rolls Andrew back into the ring, but Andrew crawls to the opposite side and dives out and starts to run up the ramp. He's halfway out when Mr. X appears at the top. Leatherface is at the bottom. Andrew is between a rock and a hard place! Andrew looks to Burchill for help but he's still down and out. All of a sudden Seven bursts through the curtain and attacks Mr. X from behind! Andrew charges Leatherface and spears him. Andrew dives back into the ring and waits for Leatherface. Leatherface gets in and Andrew charges and rolls Leatherface up...with a handful of tights! Andrew gets the win! Seven brings Mr. X to the ring and Andrew, Burchill and Seven lay a beating on Mr.X and Leatherface. (53, 28, 82)

Segment 4 - Triple Threat Match - Burchill vs. The Zebra Kid vs. Hade Vansen...The Finish: Zebra Kid and Hade team up on Burchill. They toss him to the outside and then stare each other down for a couple of seconds. Burchill, in the meantime, gets back up and re-enters the ring. Zebra and Hade look and Burchill and they both charge him. Burchill catches them both in a double clothesline! Burchill picks them both up and dishes out a double chokeslam! He then pins them both for the win! (52, 25, 80)

Segment 5 - Tournament Round 2, Match #2 - Nick Gage (w/ Nate Hatred) vs. Paul London...The Finish: Gage tackles London. Gage picks him up and sets him up for a powerbomb. He picks him up and London is able to keep going and roll Gage up! London stole a victory from Gage! (69, 61, 77)

Segment 6 - Tag Team Match - Chance Beckett/Derek Wylde vs. Lyguila and Horiguchi...The Finish: Derek Wylde is out and hurt. Chance goes top rope to try and dish out some punishment to both Lyguila and Horiguchi who have their back turned. They both turn around and Chance goes for a double clothesline, but Horiguchi and Lyguila hit a douple dropkick on Chance! He's out and Lyguila pins him for the win! (64, 42, 87)

Biggest Pops

3. Zebra Kid and Hade Vansen getting the upperhand on Burchill

2. Paul London winning

1. Ms. Vanessa threatening Andrew

Biggest Heat

3. Seven assulting Mr. X

2. Lyguila and Horiguchi picking up the win

1. Andrew/Burchill/Seven joining forces

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Friday November 19, 2004

Great Canadian Tour Stop #8 - Winnipeg

432 rowdy fans fill into the Duckworth Centre in Winnipeg, Manitoba.

Segment 1 - Angle - The newly formed stable, GenX (Andrew Monica, Burchill and Seven), are backstage hanging out when Andrew starts to issue out orders to the stable for tonight. He tells them that Ms. Vanessa has given the empty spot in the tournament to Mr. X. Andrew says that tonight they will make sure he doesn't make it any farther in the tourney. Seven then reminds Andrew that he and Burchill have a tag match against Greg Pawluk and Hi69. Andrew laughs and say that they are no problem. He says to Seven he needs to be ready in case anything happens. (69)

Segment 2 - Tournament Round 2, Match #3 - Mr. X vs. Jimmy Yang...The Finish: Mr. X is in control. He sets Yang up for a powerbomb when GenX strolls out onto the stage. Mr. X tosses Yang aside and starts to threaten GenX. This gives Yang time to get up and roll Mr. X up with a handful of tights! Yang stole a victory! He stands up and starts to celebrate when Super Dragon runs in from the crowd and chases Yang into the crowd and out of sight. GenX then surrounds the ring and assult Mr. X until he's left on the mat, bleeding. (63, 51, 75)

Segment 3 - Tournament Round 2, Match #4 - Aero vs. Genki Horiguchi (w/ Lyguila)...The Finish: Aero puts a knee into Horiguchi's gut. He falls to his knees. Lyguila hops up onto the apron and distracts the ref. Aero glances over and Horiguchi takes advantage with a low blow! He rolls Aero up and steals a victory away from him! (63, 39, 88)

Segment 4 - Tag Team Match - GenX I (Andrew Monica/Burchill w/ Seven) vs. Greg Pawluk/Hi69...The Finish: Andrew is staggering! Hi69 is dishing out some powerful right hands! Greg Pawluk climbs the turnbuckle and gets ready to fly when Andrew shoves Hi69 into the turnbuckle and Hi69's head smashes into Greg's crotch! Greg falls to the outside and Hi69 staggers back to Andrew and he picks him up and Burchill enters the ring and they hit a Slobber Knocker! This match is over. (63, 36, 90)

Segment 5 - Match - B-Boy vs. Jardi Frantz...The Finish: B-Boy puts a knee to Jardi's gut. He bounces off the ropes and goes for a shining wizard. Buy Jardi ducks out of it! He hits a huge enziguri! B-Boy is down! Jardi goes to the tope rope and hits a 450 Splash! Jardi picks up the victory! (63, 37, 90)

Segment 6 - Match - Billy Reil vs. Paul London...The Finish: Billy Reil irish whips London against the ropes and hip tosses him. Reil calls for the South Philly Driver! London is halfway up when Super Dragon chases Yang through the curtains and back into the ring! The ref calls for a no-decision in the match as Dragon and Yang brawl! (67, 54, 80)

Segment 7 - Angle - Dragon gets the agvantage in their brawl! He's beating Yang down until Yang gets Dragon with a thumb to the eye! Yang tries to flee, but Dragon is able to grab him before he gets to the outside! He hits a huge Psycho Driver on Yang! He looks to be dead! But Dragon isn't done yet! He picks Yang up and irish whips him against the ropes and tosses Yang to the outside...and right through the announcers table! Dragon plays to the crowd for a bit before leaving. (54)

Biggest Pops:

3. Super Dragon first appearing

2. Jardi Frantz beating B-Boy

1. Super Dragon beating down Jimmy Yang

Biggest Heat

3. Horiguchi and Lyguila stealing a win from Aero

2. GenX beating down Mr. X

1. Jimmy Yang stealing a victory from Mr. X

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Friday November 26, 2004

Great Canadian Tour Stop #9 - Regina

483 fans fill into the noisey Regina Agridome in Regina Saskatchewan.

Segment 1 - Angle - Out walks Ms. Vanessa. She says that she is in charge of the tournament and there is a slight problem with tonights match. Josh Prohibition is on tour in Japan and cannot make his match. Sadly, he must be DQ'd (crowd is dissapointed). However, we do have a wrestler on the roster who is not in the tournament, Seven (crowd boos)! She says to make things fair GenX will not be allowed at ringside (crowd cheers). Also, I have named myself the special guest ref (crowd is getting rowdy). Plus to inforce my rule I will have, not only Mr. X at ring side, but my two new aides Chance Beckett and Derek Wylde (they enter the ring as the crowd goes nuts)! Tonight will not be a good night for GenX! They then play to the crowd for a while before leaving. (75)

Segment 2 - Tournament Round 2, Match #5, Special Guest Ref Ms. Vanessa - Lyguila vs. Seven...The Finish: Seven sets up Lyguila and hits the Sinner Shot! He goes for the pin but Ms. Vanessa is looking away! Seven goes over to Ms. Vanessa and asks what the hell? Ms. Vanessa, suddenly, falls over and curls up. Seven is confused, but then Mr. X, Chance Beckett and Derek Wylde dive into the ring and beat down on Seven! When they are done they put Lyguila on top of Seven and leave the ring. Mr. X says something to Ms. Vanessa from the outside and she springs up and counts a three count against Seven! Ms. Vanessa and her aides have screwed Seven! (44, 18, 71)

Segment 3 - Match - Greg Pawluk vs. The Zebra Kid...The Finish: Zebra suplexes Pawluk to the mat. Zebra climbs the top rope and flies, but Pawluk moves out from under him! Pawluk locks in the Boston Crab and Zebra taps! (47, 14, 80)

Segment 4 - Burchill vs. Super Dragon...The Finish: Dragon powers out of a headlock and throws Burchill against the ropes. Dragon hits a huge spinning heel kick! Dragon stalks Burchill and hits a Psycho Driver! He pins Burchill for the win. (66, 49, 83)

Segment 5 - Angle - Super Dragon is still in the ring talking trash to Burchill, who is out cold, when Jimmy Yang appears on the screen. Super Dragon turns and Jimmy Yang talks trash for a bit, then he starts to smash up Dragon's car! Dragon's pissed. He's about to go after Yang when Andrew Monica appears from the crowd and hits a huge boot to the back of Dragon's skull! He hits a couple of stomps before he pulls Burchill to his feet and helps him out. Yang, in the meantime is laughing his head off. (61)

Segment 6 - Angle - A cameraman is seen running backstage towards a crowd. He pushes throgu and Hi69 is seen lying face down in a small pool of blood. Paramedics roll him over to put him on a stretcher. It is seen that Hi69 does not have a cut on his face, but rather the side of his neck. Who attacked Hi69? (49)

Segment 7 - Match - B-Boy vs. Paul London...The Finish: B-Boy hits a thrust kick into the chest of London. London drops to one knee. B-Boy climbs the turnbuckle, but London is able to get up and climb the turnbuckle himself and hit a huge arm-drag from the top rope! He pins B-Boy for the win! (73, 54, 92)

Biggest Pops:

3. Super Dragon beating Burchill

2. Paul London beating B-Boy

1. The debut of Ms. Vanessa's Aides

Biggest Heat

3. Burchill

2. Jimmy Yang appearing on the screen

1. Andrew Monica assulting Super Dragon

Edited by The Hardcore Canuck
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user posted image

Wednesday December 1, 2004 - MEW has announced that it has signed ROH/NWA-W superstar Masada to the active roster. He will debut this Friday in Calgary.

Thursday December 2, 2004 - MEW and Leatherface have parted ways over Leatherfaces large contract. MEW wishes him the best of luck.

Friday December 3, 2004

Great Canadian Tour Stop #10 - Calgary

458 fans are rocking the house in the Jack Simpson Gymnasium in Calgary, Alberta.

Segment 1 - Larry Rivera is backstage. He explains that he is going to interview an up and comer, Jason Cross. Rivera knocks on the door to his dressing room, but there is no answer. Rivera looks concerned and opens the door and sees Cross, who is hanging by his shirt off of a line of hooks on one wall. He is also bleeding from a cut on his neck. Rivera yells for help as the camera fades out. What the hell is going on?!? (48)

Segment 2 - Ms. Vanessa is seen sitting behind her desk in her office. She says that in light of recent events she in post-poning the tournament this week until she can find out who is responsible for the attacks on MEW superstars. (65)

Segment 3 - Match - Hade Vansen vs. Masada...The Finish: It's been all Masada. Masada tries to toss Hade to the outside, but he catches on and lands on the apron. He throws a punch at Masada, who blocks it and suplexes Hade back into the ring. He stalks Hade and dishes out the Masadamizer! Hade is out cold and Masada picks up the win in his debut. (46, 23, 69)

Segment 4 - Tag Team Match - Aero/Super Dragon vs. Billy Reil/Jimmy Yang...The Finish: Super Dragon hits a spinning wheel kick on Yang. He goes for the pin. It's at a two count when Reil goes for an elbow drop to the back of Dragon, but Dragon moves and Reil lands on Yang! Yang gets up and starts to argue with Reil. Yang pushes Reil and he falls to the outside. He turns around and Dragon hits a Psycho Driver! Dragon pins Yang for the win! Reil and Aero have left and Dragon is on the ramp while Yang yells threats to him from the ring. (66, 48, 85)

Segment 5 - Match - B-Boy vs. Jardi Frantz...The Finish: Jardi is on the ropes. B-Boy charges him but Jardi ducks and pulls down the top rope and B-Boy goes to the outside. Jardi plays to the crowd while B-Boy goes nuts on the outside. He grabs a chair and returns to the ring. Jardi turns around and gets hit in the skull with a chair shot! The ref DQ's B-Boy and also gets a chair shot. Security hits the ring and B-Boy eventually leaves the carnage he created. (68, 44, 93)

Segment 6 - Angle - Andrew Monica and Seven come down to the ring. They start plugging themselves saying how great they are and that no tag team in the entire MEW can defeat them. Suddenly music starst to play. Andrew and Seven have no idea who it is but the crowd knows exactly who it is...it's the Stampede Bulldogs, TJ Wilson and Harry Smith! They charge the ring and we have a match! (62)

Segment 7 - Tag Team Match - GenX II (Andrew Monica/Seven) vs. The Stampede Bulldogs (TJ Wilson/Harry Smith)...The Finish: Andrew and Wilson are brawling in the ring when Smith tries to get in one the action. The ref gets distracted and Seven rushes and Andrew and Seven hit the Slobber Knocker on Wilson! Seven tackles Smith while Andrew pins Wilson for the win! Burchill strolls down to the ring and GenX beat down on the Stampede Bulldogs until Chance Beckett and Derek Wylde hit the ring with chairs and chase GenX off. They help the Bulldogs up and the four of them play to the crowd for a while. (65, 53, 77)

Biggest Pops

3. Chance Beckett and Derek Wylde saving the Bulldogs

2. Super Dragon pinning Jimmy Yang

1. The Stampede Bulldogs

Biggest Heat

3. Masada beating Hade Vansen

2. B-Boy assulting Jardi Frantz

1. GenX defeating/beating down the Stampede Bulldogs

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Friday December 10, 2004

Great Canadian Tour Stop #11 - Edmonton

494 fans are hyped to go in the Universiade Pavilion in Edmonton, Alberta.

Segment 1 - Match - Masada vs. Mr. X...The Finish: Mr. X goes for a backbody drop, but Masada flips out of it! Mr. X turns around and gets hit with the Masadamizer! Masada picks up the victory. Masada plays to the crowd for a bit, before leaving. Mr. X is slowly getting up when the lights go out! (50, 33, 67)

Segment 2 - Angle - The lights come back on and Mr. X is lying on the ground with a cut on his neck and sprawled out in a T-shape. Above him stands none-other then the Vampire Warrior! He has a goblet and sharp fangs in his mouth. He picks up a mic and says Hi69, Jason Cross and Mr. X are just the beginning of his reign. Tonight he says he wants Paul London in a first blood match! If London refuses he says he will hunt him down to the ends of the earth. At this point Chance Beckett and Derek Wylde charge the ring to help their fallen comrade. Then there is a flash of light and a giant ball of smoke and the Vampire Warrior is gone! Chance and Derek look bewildered before they help Mr. X out of the ring. (55)

Segment 3 - Angle - Ms. Vanessa's Aides are backstage. Ms. Vanessa and Chance are getting into an ambulance with Mr. X. Ms. Vanessa tells Derek that he has to stay and wrestle in his tournemnt match tonight. She also says not to worry about GenX because they have their own problems tonight with The H8 Club! The ambulance doors close leaving Derek standing backstage. (67)

Segment 4 - Tournament Round 2, Match #6 - Derek Wylde vs. Super Dragon...The Finish: Dragon dropkicks Derek. Jimmy Yang suddenly charges down the ramp and attacks Dragon! The ref calls for bell and Dragon wins! Derek leaves, looking pissed while Yang and Dragon brawl until security breaks them up. (65, 43, 87)

Segment 5 - Tag Team Match - GenX II (Andrew Monica/Seven) vs. The H8 Club (Nate Hatred/Nick Gage)...The Finish: Seven irish whips Hatred into his own corner. Hatred tags out and Gage gets into the ring. He charges Seven, but he ducks and Gage goes right into Andrew who catches him in a neckbreaker over the ropes. Seven charged Hatred and knocked him off the apron. Seven turns around and Gage is dazed. He hits the Sinner Shot on Gage and picks up the win for GenX II! (76, 60, 93)

Segment 6 - First Blood Match - Vampire Warrior vs. Paul London...The Finish: Vampire Warrior tosses London into a turnbuckle. Warrior pulls a set of handcuffs out from nowhere! He cuffs London to the turnbuckle. He then slowly gets his goble and returns to London. London is struggling wildly until Warrior smashes him in the head with the goblet! London goes limp, but there is no blood. Warrior then bites London on the neck! The ref sees blood and calls for the bell! Vampire Warrior has beaten Lonond. (71, 68, 75)

Biggest Pops

3. Chance Beckett and Derek Wylde trying to help Mr. X

2. The H8 Club

1. Paul London

Biggest Heat

3. GenX II beating the H8 Club

2. Jimmy Yang attacking Super Dragon

1. Vampire Warrior

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Friday December 17, 2004

Great Canadian Tour Stop #12 - Whitehorse

490 pack into the Takhini Arena in Whitehorse, Yukon.

Segment 1 - Match - Hade Vansen vs. Seven...The Finish: Vansen dropkicks Seven and he reels. Vansen bounces off the rope and goes for a spinning wheel kick, but Seven catches Vansen! Seven tosses him into a turnbuckle. Vansen staggers out and Seven bounces off the ropes and hits a huge lariat! He pins Vansen for the win! (54, 37, 72)

Segment 2 - Angle - The lights go out and come back on. The Vampire Warrior has appeared in the ring. He calls out London! He tells London that last week was just the begininng of the suffering London will face from the hands of the Vampire Warrior. He then challenges London to a match at the final stop of the tour in Vancouver! He says that it won't be any match, but rather a casket match! London accepts! (53)

Segment 3 - Match - B-Boy vs. Josh Prohibition...The Finish: B-Boy DDT's Josh. He picks up Josh but Josh breaks the grapple and hits an enziguri to the back of B-Boy's head! B-Boy is down. Josh stalks B-Boy and hits a T-Bone Prohibition Plex on B-Boy and picks up the victory! (69, 49, 89)

Segment 4 - Match - Hi69 vs. Masada...The Finish: Hi69 climbs the turnbuckle looking for a hurricarana. He flies and gets his legs around Masada's neck but Masada manages to stay on his feet! Hi69 is in trouble! Masada powerbombs Hi69 into a turnbuckle and then pins Hi69 for the win. (59, 36, 83)

Segment 5 - Interview - Ms. Vanessa comes out to the ring with Chance Beckett and Derek Wylde. She tells us that the tournament is almost over! There are only six wrestlers left; Andrew Monica, Paul London, Jimmy Yang, Genki Horiguchi, Lyguila and Super Dragon! In round three there will be two three-way elimination matches. Tonight you get to see Andrew Monica vs. Paul London vs. Jimmy Yang (crowd goes nuts)! She also says that because this is close to the end of the tournament if anyone interferes with any match from now on they will be fired! To enforce this rule Ms. Vanessa says Chance and Derek will stand ringside. She wraps up her speech and leaves, leaving Chance and Derek by the ring. (64)

Segment 6 - Tournament Round 3, Match #1, Three-way Elimination Match - Andrew Monica vs. Paul London vs. Jimmy Yang...The Middle: Andrew Monica goes for a clothesline on London, but misses and gets Yang instead! London then hits a springboard dropkick onto the unknowning Andrew! London the pins Andrew and Andrew is eliminated first!...The Finish: London dropkicks Yang! London goes top rope and flies and hits a cross body on Yang. But Yang rolls through and London is on the bottom! Yang also has a handful of London's tights! Yang wins! He's going to the finals! London is pissed like no tomorrow! (78, 65, 91)

Biggest Pops

3. Ms. Vanessa announcing the main event

2. Josh Prohibition beating B-Boy

1. Paul London eliminating Andrew Monica

Biggest Heat

3. The Vampire Warrior

2. Masada defeating Hi69

1. Jimmy Yang winning the main event

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Friday December 24, 2004

Great Canadian Tour Stop #13 - Kamloops

490 fans pack into the Sport Mart Centre in Kamloops British Cloumbia in the second last show in the tour.

Segment 1 - Match - Mr. X vs. Masada...The Finish:Mr. X hits a headbutt on Masada. He goes to one knee. He then punches Mr. X in the gut a couple of times. Mr. X doubles over and Masada hits the ropes and dishes out a huge kick to the side of Mr. X's head! He's out. Masada picks up the win. Masada plays to the crowd and then leaves. Burchull then comes out to the ring with a steel chair! Burchill stalks Mr. X and hits him in the skull! Burchill drops the chair and DDT's Mr. X onto it! Suddenly Chance Beckett and Derek Wylde hit the ring and chase Burchill away. (56, 39, 74)

Segment 2 - The camera shows the face of the Vampire Warrior. The camera pulls back showing that he is meditating in the boiler room in a circle of candles. All of a sudden there is a loud chrashing noise to one side. The camera moves and reveals Paul London kicked the heavy metal door open and is standing there with a pipe in one hand. He charges at Vampire Warrior but he is able to get away before London does any damage. (54)

Segment 3 - Match - Billy Reil vs. Jason Cross...The Finish: Billy Reil hits the South Philly Driver! He goes for the pin, but Cross's leg is on the ropes. Billy Reil thinks he's one, but the ref is telling him he hasn't. Reil gets pissed and starts yelling at the ref. Cross takes advantage and rolls Reil up for the pinfall! (66, 43, 89)

Segment 4 - Tag Team Match - GenX II (Andrew Monica/Seven) vs. The H8 Club (Nate Hatred/Nick Gage)...The Finish: The H8 Club is in control. They are beating the hell out of Andrew Monica. Suddenly Derek Wylde and Chance Beckett hits the ring and assults Seven behind the refs back! The ref turns around and sees Seven down with Derek and Chance around him. The ref then tosses the two of them from ringside! They leave. In the mean-time, Andrew is staggering. He turns around and is hit with a Stiff Double Back Suplex! Nate Hatred pins for the victory! The H8 Club leave the ring. Then Mr. X, Chance and Derek hit the ring and assult Andrew and Seven! Burchill hits the ring and we have a huge brawl! Security hits the ring but it's quite sometime before they all get separated. (78, 62, 94)

Segment 5 - Andrew is able to get free of security and grab a mic from the announcers table. He says he wants a six-man tag match next week in Vancouver! GenX vs. Ms. Vanessa's Aides! Chance shakes his head signaling that there will be that match! (71)

Segment 6 - Tournament Round 3, Match #2, Three-way Elimination Match - Genki Horiguchi vs. Lyguila vs. Super Dragon...The Middle: Horiguchi and Lyguila have teamed up on Dragon all match. Lyguila holds Dragon and Horiguchi goes for a super kick...but Dragon moves and Horiguchi gets Lyguila! Lyguila gets up and pushes Horiguchi. It looks like we have a three-way match now, not a handicap one!...The Finish: Lyguila tosses Dragon to the outside. He turns around and gets hit with a Dragon Suplex from Horiguchi! He goes for the pin but Dragon is able to break it up by grabbing Horiguchi and hitting a Psycho Driver! Dragon pins and gets the victory! It's going to be Jimmy Yang vs. Super Dragon next week! (66, 48, 85)

Segment 7 - Super Dragon is in the ring playing to the crowd when Jimmy Yang walks out onto the stage. They stare each other down for a long time. Before Super Dragon just starts to ignore Yang and continues to play to the crowd. (46)

Biggest Pops

3. Jason Cross beating Billy Reil

2. Six man brawl

1. Super Dragon beating Lyguila and Horiguchi

Biggest Heat

3. Vampire Warrior

2. Burchill assulting Mr. X

1. Jimmy Yang

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Friday December 31, 2004

Great Canadian Tour Stop #14 - Vancouver

465 fans are rocking the PNE Agrodome in Vancouver, British Cloumbia on the final stop of the Great Canadian Tour!

Segment 1 - Ms. Vanessa comes out to the ring with a mic. She welcomes the fans to the final stop of the Great Canadian Tour! She plugs a couple of matches before she gets to the main event. She tells us that tonight the first ever Main Event Champion will be crowned! Either Jimmy Yang or Super Dragon wil walk out of Vancouver with twenty extra pounds of gold. She wraps up her speech and then leaves. (61)

Segment 2 - Match - Billy Reil vs. Josh Prohibition...The Finish: Billy Reil goes for a big kick, but Josh catches Reil's leg. Josh spins him around and catches him in the T-Bone Prohibition Plex! Josh picks up the win! (67, 46, 89)

Segment 3 - Match - Greg Pawluk vs. Masada...The Finish: Masada goes for a clothesline, but Greg ducks and hits a back body drop on Masada! Greg then locks in a Boston Crab! Masada is in it for a long time before he finally taps out! Greg has beaten Masada! (60, 34, 87)

Segment 4 - Match - B-Boy vs. Jardi Frantz...The Finish: Jardi Frantz climbs the turnbuckle and flies for the Pheonix Press, but B-Boy catches him in a dropkick! B-Boy sets up and delivers a Cross Special Brainbuster on Frantz! B-Boy picks up the victory. (71, 50, 93)

Segment 5 - Tag Team Match - Lyguila and Horiguchi vs. The H8 Club (Nate Hatred/Nick Gage)...The Finish: All four men are in the ring. The H8 Club are laying right hands on Lyguila and Horiguchi in sync. Lyguila goes down from a huge headbutt from Hatred. The H8 Club then double clothesline Horiguchi! They stalk him and hit a Stiff Double Back Suplex! Hatred pins Horiguchi! Lyguila charges to break it up but Gage spears him! The H8 Club pick up the win! (76, 53, 99)

Segment 6 - Casket Match - Paul London vs. Vampire Warrior...The Finish: Paul London is on the apron right above the casket. Vampire Warrior is hitting him with right hands, but London is holding on! Vampire bounces off the opposite set of ropes and charges at London who drops and pulls down the top rope! Vampire tumbles into the casket! London then springboards into the casket! He rolls out and is able to close the casket! The refs lock it up and London is the winner! The casket is seen shaking for a bit until it finally stops. (72, 68, 76)

Segment 7 - Six Man Tag Match - GenX (Andrew Monica/Burchill/Seven) vs. Ms. Vanessa's Aides (Derek Wylde/Chance Beckett/Mr. X)...The Finish: All six men are brawling. Seven and Mr. X are the legal men, in the ring. Seven gets the upperhand and hits the Sinner Shot on Mr. X! Derek Wylde then dives into the ring and hits the Wylde Ride on Seven! Burchill then gets into the ring and hits The C4 on Wylde! Chance Beckett the appears behind Burchill stalking him. Burchill turns around and hits the Mafia Kick! Andrew Monica dives into the ring and hits the Monicaplex on Beckett! This is absolute carnage! Mr. X gets back up and they stare each other down until Seven also gets up they hit the Slobber Knocker on Mr. X! Andrew keeps Beckett and Wylde down while Seven makes the pin and gets the win for GenX! (64, 48, 81)

Segment 8 - Main Event Championship Match - Jimmy Yang vs. Super Dragon...The Finish: This match has gone on for almost half an hour so far! Both men are fatigued! Jimmy Yang kicks Dragon in the gut. He then catches Dragon in a Dragon Suplex! But Dragon is able to make it to his knees rather quickly after! So Yang climbs the turnbuckle before Dragon gets to his feet. Dragon turns around and Yang goes for a body press but Dragon catches him! Yang knows he's in trouble. Dragon hits the Psycho Driver on Yang! He pins Yang and we have the first ever Main Event Champion! (82, 64, 100)

Biggest Pops

3. Ms. Vanessa

2. Paul London defeating Vampire Warrior

1. Super Dragon winning the Main Event Championship

Biggest Heat

3. B-Boy

2. Jimmy Yang

1. GenX defeating Ms. Vanessa's Aides

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user posted image

January 1, 2005 - Congrats to the following MEW wrestlers who placed in the top one hundred wrestlers as voted for by the staff at www.grapplefanatics.net; B-Boy (67), Super Dragon (45), Paul London (42), Jimmy Yang (37) and Andrew Monica (32).

Edited by The Hardcore Canuck
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Friday January 21, 2005

New Years Revolution

MEW makes its return to the RICHO Collisium in Toronto. 1155 fans are ready for the show to begin.

Segment 1 - Angle - A camera man walks around a corner and sees Seven talking to Nate Hatred. Seven noticies the camera and tells the camera man to get the hell out of there. Seven then shoves the camera man and he falls. By the time the camera man gets up both Seven and Hatred are gone. (67)

Segment 2 - Match - Black Dragon vs. Hi69...The Finish: Dragon fropkicks Hi69 and climbs the turnbuckle. However, Hi69 climbs the turnbuckle himself and hits a huge top rope DDT! Hi69 pins Dragon for the win! (58, 35, 82)

Segment 3 - Angle - (A table is set up in the ring with a cloth over it. Ms. Vanessa stands next to the table) Ms. Vanessa wants to introduce us to the first ever Main Event Champion, Super Dragon (crowd goes nuts)! Dragon comes down and Ms. Vanessa has a long winded speech before it is cut short by B-Boy's music! (56)

Segment 4 - Angle - Super Dragon looks ready to fight facing towards the ramp. However, B-Boy jumps in from the crowd, grabs the belt and pegs Dragon in the back of the head! B-Boy stands over the fallen Super Dragon with the belt raised in one hand. (47)

Segment 5 - Tag Team Match - GenX II (Andrew Monica/Seven) vs. The H8 Club (Nate Hatred/Nick Gage)...The Finish: Andrew DDT's Nick Gage. Andrew then stands up and lets Gage crawl over to his corner. Nick reaches for the tag, but Hatred raises his hands and jumps off the apron. Gage is shocked! Andrew then hits Gage with a huge knee to the back of the head! Gage's face bounces off the turnbuckle! Andrew rolls him up for the pin. Andrew and Seven then start to beat Gage down when Hatred re-enters the ring and calls them off. Hatred then begins to beat the hell out of Gage! They leave Gage in a pool of his own blood and leave. (81, 70, 92)

Segment 6 - Match - Burchill vs. Jardi Frantz...The Finish: Burchill goes for a back body drop, but Jardi flips out of it! He dropkicks Burchill in the back of the knee and climbs the turnbuckle. He flies and connects with the 450 Splash! Jardi gets a victory! Then Seven and Andrew Monica hit the ring and chase off Jardi. (70, 46, 94)

Segment 7 - Ladder Match (Retrieve Briefcase From Top Of Ladder) - Jimmy Yang vs. Paul London...The Finish: Both men start to climb the ladder, slowly. They both reach the top at the same time. They start exchanging right hands until Yang gets the advantage. He is able to climb a little higher and flip over London, catching him in a huge sunset bomb from the top of the ladder! Yang climbs the ladder and gets the briefcase for the win. (86, 72, 100)

Biggest Pops

3. Hi69 beating Black Dragon

2. Jardi Frantz defeating Burchill

1. Super Dragon

Biggest Heat

3. B-Boy

2. Jimmy Yang beating Paul London

1. Nate Hatred turning on Nick gage

user posted image

Wednesday February 2, 2005 - A new promotion, SMWR, has signed both Jimmy Yang and Super Dragon. The Main Event Championship will be up for grabs at Vile Valentines with B-Boy taking on Paul London. MEW has signed Chris Hero and Johnny Storm.

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user posted image

Friday February 4, 2005 - SMWR have signed both Paul London and Jardi Frantz to written contracts. MEW have signed Christian York and Joey Matthews. The main event for the up-coming event is now a four way elimination match, featuring Christian York, Andrew Monica, B-Boy and Joey Matthews.

Sunday February 6, 2005 - SMWR have signed Nick Gage. MEW has signed the SAT, Jose and Joel Maximo.

Edited by The Hardcore Canuck
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February 14, 2005

Vile Valentines

1183 fill the Brian Timmis Stadium in Hamilton, Ontario.

Segment 1 - Angle - GenX are backstage. Andrew is telling them that tonight is his night to win the Main Event Championship. He tells Seven and Burchill to be ready to "help" Andrew. He says that he'll win tonight, at whatever cost. (83)

Segment 2 - Tag Team Match - Nate Hatred/Vampire Warrior vs. Greg Pawluk/Hade Vansen...The Finish: Hatred tackles Pawluk and they fall to the outside, so the two legal men are in the ring. Vansen and Warrior brawl, when the ref notices that Hatred has gotten a chair and is about to peg Pawluk in the skull. The ref goes to the outside and grabs the chair away from Hatred and starts to give him instructions. Warrior sees his opportunity and sinks his teeth into Vansen's neck! He screams in pain and collapses! Warrior pins him and the ref eventually gets back in and makes the delayed three count. (65, 48, 82)

Segment 3 - Match - Chris Hero vs. Billy Reil...The Finish: Reil goes for a neck breaker but Hero is able to reverse it and hit the Hero's Welcome! He pins Reil for the victory! (66, 44, 89)

Segment 4 - Match - Burchill vs. Chance Beckett...The Finish: Beckett irish whips Burchill into the turnbuckle, but Burchill climbs the corner and hits a flying neckbreaker on Beckett! He pins him for the win. (71, 52, 90)

Segment 5 - Tag Team Match - The SAT (Jose Maximo/Joel Maximo) vs. Youthanazia (Josh Prohibition/M-Dogg 20)...The Finish: Youthanaiza hits suplexes in stereo on the SAT. They both climb a turnbuckle on the same side of the ring. They then hit missle dropkicks in stereo! Joel Maximo (the non-legal man) falls to the outside! M-Dogg 20 pins Jose and Youthanaiza picks up the win! (71, 47, 95)

Segment 6 - Four-Way Elimination Match For The Main Event Championship - Andrew Monica vs. Chrisitan York vs. B-Boy vs. Joey Matthews...First Elimination: York and Matthews have teamed up against Monica and B-Boy so far this match. They hit a double clothesline on Andrew. They then hit a huge stereo superkick on B-Boy! However, Andrew has climbed the turnbuckle and hits a double top rope neckbreaker on both York and Matthews! Andrew goes for the pin on Matthews and gets it! Matthews is eliminated! Monica then goes for another pin on York but he kicks out!...Second Elimination: B-Boy sits on the top turnbuckle and Monica looks for a superplex. B-Boy throws a couple of punches and Monica falls to the mat! B-Boy looks to take advantage but York runs up and climbs the turnbuckle and hits a SuperFrankensteiner! He pins B-Boy and he's eliminated! It's down to Monica and York!...Final Elimination: Andrew tosses York to the outside, on the ramp side. He then goes to the announcers table and starts throwing chairs into the ring. The ref starts tossing them back to the outside. Meanwhile, Burchill and Seven charge the ring and beat down on York! They then leave after tossing York back into the ring! Andrew stops tossing weapons into the ring and goes and stalks York. He gets up and walks right into a Monicaplex! Monica pins York and becomes the new Main Event Champion! The rest of GenX comes down to the ring and celebrate with Andrew! (73, 61, 86)

Biggest Pops

3. Chris Hero beating Billy Reil

2. Christian York pinning B-Boy

1. Youthanazia beating The SAT

Biggest Heat

3. The SAT

2. Burchill defeating Beckett

1. Andrew Monica winning the Main Event Championship

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Saturday March 26, 2005

Anarchy In March

1105 fans have come to see the MEW superstars compete in the RICOH Collisium in Toronto, Ontario.

Segment 1 - Angle - Andrew Monica comes to the ring with his belt. He starts plugging himself, saying he's the best and that no-one in the back can beat him. He says to prove that, he's issuing an open challenge. Nothing for a bit until some unfamiliar music hits...and out walks Jorge Estrada! He says that he can beat Monica blindfolded. Monica says that he has a match. However, Monica gets to chose the stipulation because he's the champion. He says he wants a first blood match! Jorge agrees and they stare each other down for a bit. (68)

Segment 2 - Match - Aero vs. Jonny Storm...The Finish: Aero irish whips Storm into the ropes and goes for a clothesline, but Storm rolls under it and hits The Rewind on Aero when he turns around! Storm picks up the win. (54, 40, 83)

Segment 3 - Match - Masada vs. Jason Cross...The Finish: Masada goes to suplex Cross, but Cross flips out of it and tries to put Masada into a back body drop, but Masada is able to wriggle himself free and catch Cross in the STF! Cross holds on for a bit, but has to tap out in the end. (46, 38, 67)

Segment 4 - Match - Mr. X vs. Nate Hatred...The Finish: Mr. X has Hatred reeling. He's pounding him with heavy right hands. Mr. X winds up for the KO punch and lets it fly, but Hatred ducks and catchs Mr. X in the Fire Thunder Driver on Mr. X's way back around! Hatred pins Mr. X for the win. (59, 54, 78)

Segment 5 - Four-Way TLC Tag Team Match - York and Matthews vs. The SAT (Joel Maximo/Jose Maximo) vs. Youthanazia (Josh Prohibition/M-Dogg 20) vs. GenX III (Burchill/Seven)...The Finish: Everyone but York, Matthews and Burchill are out. The ring has two ladders set up, side by side. There is a table laid across the top. There is a table on the mat. Burchill is on the top of the table and is struggling to stand up and reach the prize. York and Matthews are scrambling up each of the ladders. They get to the top and exchange punches with Burchill, until York and Matthews get the upperhand. They set up Burchill and toss him off the top onto the table on the mat! They reach up and get the prize themselves, winning the match! (65, 57, 89)

Segment 6 - First Blood Match For The Main Event Championship - Andrew Monica vs. Jorge Estrada...The Finish: Monica goes to spear Jorge, but he misses and gets the ref instead! Jorge grabs a chair and waits for Monica to turn around. Monica turns and is blasted by the chair! He is bleeding, but the ref is out. Jorge starts playing to the crowd, knowing he has won. Monica recovers and realizes he is bleeding. He gets up and stalks Jorge. Jorge turns around and...Monica smears his blood on Jorge! Monica then dives from the ring and hides behind the announcers table. Jorge is confused! The ref slowly gets up and rings the bell! He sees the blood on Jorge! Monica gets up and starts playing to the crowd from the outside, as Jorge looks pissed from the inside. (63, 59, 84)

user posted image

Wednesday, April 20, 2005 - MEW has ended their working realtionship with The Zebra Kid, Masada and Vampire Warrior. MEW welcomes Austin Lee and Michael Shane to the roster.

Saturday April 30, 2005

U.S. Invasion

1146 pack into the old ECW arena in Philadelphia, for MEW's first show outside of Canada.

Segment 1 - Angle - Ms. Vanessa is seen sitting at a desk in an office. In walks Christian York and Joey Matthews. She tells them that she has great news. York will be facing Andrew Monica for the Main Event Championship tonight! York thanks Ms. Vanessa as Matthews looks a little distraught. (70)

Segment 2 - Tag Team Match - GenX III (Burchill/Seven) vs. Beckett and Wylde...The Finish: The ref is out and all four men are brawling. Seven gets the upper hand on Wylde and sends him to the mat. He grabs a chair and re-enters the ring. He notices the ref stirring and gives the chair to Wylde. Wylde is confused as Seven falls to the ground clutching his head. The ref gets up and sees this and DQ's Beckett and Wylde! GenX III gets out of the ring quickly and exits through the crowd as Mr. X makes his way to the ring to help his comrades. (56, 47, 79)

Segment 3 - Tables Match - ????? vs. Michael Shane...The Opener: Michael Shane comes to the ring, not knowing who his opponent is. He waits impatiently until Spike Dudley charges from the curtain and starts brawling with Shane!...The Finish: Shane has a table set up and is getting ready to back body drop Spike through the table. He picks him up, but Spike is able to catch his feet on the ropes, turning the move against Shane in a Dudley Dogg through the table! Spike wins the match! (47, 42, 64)

Segment 4 - Angle - The SAT come out to the ring. They say that Ms. Vanessa has set up a special match for them tonight, against a tag team that they have never faced. They say they're not scared of anyone. Suddenly, Doring and Roadkill's music hits and they charge the ring! (65)

Segment 5 - Tag Team Match - The SAT (Joel Maximo/Jose Maximo) vs. Doring and Roadkill...The Finish: Jose leaps and takes down Roadkill from the apron, sending them both to the ground. Joel and Doring are exchanging blows, until Joel gets the advantage and hits the Spanish Fly! He covers Doring but he is able to get his foot onto the ropes but Jose runs around the ring and removes it before the ref sees it! The SAT have stolen a victory! They get out of there before Doring and Roadkill figure out what just happened to them. (67, 57, 93)

Segment 6 - Match - Jonny Storm vs. Chris Hero...The Finish: Hero irish whips Storm into the turnbuckle, but Storm climbs the turnbuckle and dishes out a Blockbuster! Storm pins hero for a win. (57, 45, 84)

Segment 7 - Match For The Main Event Championship - Andrew Monica vs. Christian York...The Finish: Andrew sets up York for a superplex and hits it! But York has got Monica's legs and he's just pinned the champion! York is the new Main Event Champion! (69, 63, 92)

Segment 8 - Angle - Christian York stays in the ring celebrating. Out comes his friend, Joey Matthews. He congraulates York. York shows off his belt to Matthews. He then hands it to Matthews so he can hold it. He holds it above his head...the he smashes York in the face with it! York is on the mat bleeding! Matthews stands above him, yelling at him and pointing to the belt. (66)

user posted image

Friday April 1, 2005 - MEW has inked a deal with Direct TV to bring you every Wednesday at prime time, MEW Overdrive! Overdrive is avalible in various markets across North America.

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