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Splinter Cell: Pandora Tomorrow


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This is game is awesome. I bought it last night, and all I can say is it's awesome.

Hard though. I'm stuck inside the embassy with the 2 terrorist that are playing dice or whatever. I can't kill them <_<

Good game though.

So, uh, like talk about the game or something

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Oh no not another lover. A friend of mine is like in love with this game, it's like all he ever goes on about.

Although I cant really say its bad as I haven't played it. The first one is only like a fiver now in game so I might get that or something and then check this one, or is this one ten times better as I can just rent this out tomorrow if I wanted.

Even with the praise some people give the game, I cant see it being anything compared to the new MGS that is coming out soon...very soon...years away :angry:

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