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WWE: The Power is Back!

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The Next Generation of World Wrestling Entertainment

I absolutely enjoyed doing Next Generation Wrestling. I had such fun doing it, and I think those who read it really liked a lot if too. The fact is, despite all the writing and the entire story that went into it, it was no different than any of the other Diaries that consist of taking the high-stat indy workers and putting them in an WWE-style promotion.

I mainly owe this diary to bskiffington (gfaqs), because I read others Diaries here and there, but man, I really loved what he did with SmackDown!. The entire concept posed a question though. You see, I realized that those who do WWE Diaries, either do an entire Raw or an entire SmackDown!. If not one of these, then they do an era-based Diary. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve read some good ones and some bad ones, but the fact remains, they all seemed to follow the same trend.

I realize that maybe it wasn’t because they wanted to seem cool and follow suit, but that in many ways they kind of saw what I didn’t really see upon further inspection, the impossibility of doing a current era WWE Diary. The truth is, it’s nearly impossible to cohesively put together three different shows, with ~20 sets of different workers, and try to wrap it all up in time for Pay-Per-View.

However, I found myself playing a lot of Smackdown vs. Raw. I usually tire of those games fast, and when I do, that’s when I start running my fantasy promotions as a means to further the lifespan of an already uninteresting game. I came up with some pretty good stuff involving a couple of my CAWs, but the gameplay is so horrid in SvR ’08 that I honestly couldn’t push myself to continue.

Shortly after, I revitalized NGW and actually booked it all the way up until the eVilution Pay-Per-View; I enjoyed what I did, but again seeing the promotion for what it really was, I had no desire to really do much else with it. However, me doing the whole English thing as a major, feel the need to continue to push my writing talents (or lack thereof perhaps). I loved the stuff that I set up on SvR so much that with the latest EWR stat update, I had to open up the good old Diary Books again.

I did some brief surveys on both EWR Board and PWB to kind of get a feel for some ideas. A lot of people think that throwing a created wrestler immediately into your major story arcs is a pretty bad idea. If you know my writing, you know that I can throw you immediately into a point of action without you ever feeling like maybe things seem out of place. So despite the ideas thrown around, I ultimately went forth with the idea of using a created worker in a main spot on the roster. Trust me, you will NOT be disappointed.

I also asked about the idea of throwing indy workers into the mix and I got some pretty good responses. I believe I didn’t really pose that question as properly as it could have been. I’m not going to saturate the WWE roster with a bunch of guys from RoH, CHIKARA, etc. I did however use 2-3 guys that I already had a place for in my SvR ’08 story that they do have a place in the Diary accordingly.

I’m almost willing to bet that one of the new additions to the WWE roster will be the kind of surprise that will get lot’s of mixed reactions. Some will probably not like it initially but as time goes on will enjoy his work, others heads will turn. That’s all I can say about that.

Basic Diary Information

I’m going to try to stay dedicated to this Diary as much as I can. To do this, I’ve decided that it would be best if I set a goal. The Diary itself takes place in October of 2007. I want it to continue onto to Wrestlemania 24. That’s going to be the trial run where I’ll overall see how people like where it’s going. If it turns out to be somewhat successful, then the Diary will then ultimately come to an end at Wrestlemania 25. If I make it that far, which I’m hoping I do, I will then ask for overall input. If it’s pretty positive, I’ll try to go from 25 to 26 and so on and so forth.

I like a lot of the ideas the bs set in place. I think reader input is a must for a lot of these things. I want to do the same thing as well in certain areas. I’ll probably do Pay Per View prediction contests like bs with the winner getting some kind of grant to play around with a potential storyline.

I’ll try to post this on as many Diary Dome sites as possible. I think that’ll be beneficial because you’ll have one winner here who will decide to change something, and then you’ll have another winner over at this or that board changing something as well. Overall I think it’s going to provide me with some good ideas that will hopefully slow down any signs burning-out and I’ll be able to see things through with this Diary.


This is one thing that I’m going to see through all the way. I know there have been who did attempt to do an entire WWE Diary that always came down to the brand-split no longer being in effect. I’m doing the exact opposite; in fact, I’m going to cut down on workers crossing brands to at least make interpromotional matches seem more valuable.

I want the brand split to resemble what it used to be back in 2002-2003 when you hardly ever had workers cross brands to work a match here and there, but at the same time, I want to allow the ability to have surprise appearances here and there for tentative purposes.

When it all comes down to it though, the brand-split will be seen through ONE-HUNDRED PERCENT.

Excess Pay-Per-Views

If there’s any reason that people tire of playing WWE EWR games, it’s the amount of Pay-Per-Views that take place. This isn’t even a EWR specific problem either, because as a WWE fan, I just can’t stand the amount of Pay-Per-Views they have on a yearly basis.

I didn’t do this as a means to make it easier on me, but as a way to kind of kill off the pointless Pay-Per-Views that serve as nothing more than a way to make a few extra bucks. My WWE is reverting back to a regular 12-month PPV schedule with one additional unannounced Pay-Per-View taking place as well.

So the Pay-Per-View line-up looks like this:

January - Royal Rumble

February - No Way Out

March - Wrestlemania

April - Backlash

May - Judgment Day

June - *TBA*

July - Great American Bash

August - SummerSlam

September - Unforgiven

October - No Mercy

November - Survivor Series

December - Armageddon

Inconsistencies and Continuity Errors

I’m going to do MAJOR reworking of storylines up to the October 2007 period. At the same I like some of the things that WWE has recently come up with in their product. So, if you see something that took place at a later date in current WWE that’s taking place earlier in my scenario, it has nothing to do with me not being aware of the timeframe. I’m going to borrow elements I like in the current product and throw in my own flair.

So if you see something like a Kofi Kingston match happening in October. It's because I took the April Data, pushed it back to when I wanted my Diary to start, took the ideas that WWE has currently implemented that I do like and employ them in my Diary. I know a lot of people are adamant about keeping consistent with the timeline, but screw that. I already put enough re-work into the stories and if I see a good thing going, I'm going to throw it in there as a sign of my own laziness :P.

To keep things simple though, this Diary will take place on the Monday immediately after No Mercy 2007.

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Raw Main Event Overview

So since the Diary itself is taking place in October of 2007, you’re probably hoping that at the very least I kind of explain how things came to be in WWE. I’ll start with Raw since admittedly, a lot of my storyline stuff focuses on this brand (though SmackDown! will really start to flesh out later on in the Diary).

-At Wrestlemania XXIII, Mr. Kennedy wins the Money in the Bank Ladder match. For a while, it’s speculated he was going to cash it on Raw after making a few surprise appearances. However, he consistently stalked both The Undertaker and Batista over on SmackDown!. Before he could take action however, he fell under injury. Edge seeing this injury as a golden opportunity to secure the MITB Briefcase coerces Kennedy into challenging him for the Briefcase in a match that in an almost similar fashion, Edge wins.

-Many are expecting another notch to be added to the Cena/Edge saga, but Edge shocks the world when he moves over to SmackDown!. He doesn’t cash in his briefcase, but instead uses the case as a tool to psyche out Taker and Batista at all possible times. He too gets injured and ultimately believes that the Money in the Bank Briefcase is cursed and announces to the crowd that he has destroyed the case ultimately ridding of the contract.

-Over on Raw, John Cena sustains an injury in a one-on-one match with Kennedy via Orton interference 7-days prior to No Mercy. He ultimately has to forfeit the title. Colt Cabana wanting to cash in on his favor that Vince McMahon owes him wants the Championship gold. Triple H however earned a Number One contender spot for an unconfirmed date after defeating King Booker in a King of Kings Match at Unforgiven. Triple H firmly believes that if anyone deserves the title, it is him. This leads William Regal to no further action but to book a WWE Championship match at No Mercy between Colt Cabana and Triple H there must be a winner.

-The match takes place and at about the 17-minute mark, Maddox makes his appearance after being gone from RAW for two weeks. He immediately clocks Triple H with the coveted Championship Gold, helping his friend, Colt Cabana, win the match and win the WWE Championship in his second year in the company.

-Maddox raises Cabana’s hand in the air, Cabana is ecstatic that he finally reached the top of the business. Maddox then clocked Cabana hard with the Championship and then slid outside of the ring, pulling Edge’s Money in the Bank briefcase out and handing it to the referee, effectively cashing it in and picking up the win and becoming the new WWE Champion.

SmackDown! Main Event Overview

-At Wrestlemania XXIII, Mr. Kennedy wins the Money in the Bank Ladder match. For a while, it’s speculated he was going to cash it on Raw after making a few surprise appearances. However, he consistently stalked both The Undertaker and Batista over on SmackDown!, up until Judgment Day. Before he could take action however, he fell under injury. Edge seeing this injury as a golden opportunity to secure the MITB Briefcase coerces Kennedy into challenging him for the Briefcase in a match that in an almost similar fashion, Edge wins.

-Many are expecting another notch to be added to the Cena/Edge saga, but Edge shocks the world when he moves over to SmackDown!. He doesn’t cash in his briefcase, but instead uses the case as a tool to psyche out Taker and Batista at all possible times. This ends effectively at The Great American Bash when he too gets injured and ultimately believes that the Money in the Bank Briefcase is cursed and announces to the crowd that he has destroyed the case ultimately ridding of the contract.

-It is found out later that upon hearing this, Maddox immediately contacts Edge and talks him into giving him the Briefcase. Edge, who now wants nothing to do with the case, eagerly hands it over to Maddox.

-Undertaker had suffered an injury early in the year too, the plans originally sent for Kennedy to take the title off of him, but due to injury not such a thing could take place. This lead to Edge getting the title, but he too fell under injury. This left Undertaker with no other choice but to tough out the injury until late July when he was destroyed on-camera by The Great Khali.

-Teddy Long, wanting to punish Khali for his actions, had no other choice but to book a SmackDown! All-Star Battle Royale at SummerSlam. Every wrestler, who was considered part of the immediate SmackDown! roster was thrown into the Battle Royale. Among those expected to win were Rey Mysterio, MVP, Matt Hardy, Batista, and Kane. However, 24-hours prior to the PPV, The Great Khali officially signed with SmackDown!, ultimately winning the match and becoming the new World Heavyweight Champion.

-At Unforgiven Batista and Khali square off in a monstrous battle. Khali believing he finally met a formidable match in terms of in-ring strength DQs himself by clocking Batista with the Championship Gold.

-At No Mercy, Teddy Long books a No DQ match between Batista and Khali. During the match, Batista literally snaps and destroys Khali with everything in sight ultimately incapacitating Khali and giving Batista the victory. SmackDown! now has a new Champion.

ECW Main Event Overview

-One thing that sets the ECW Talent apart from Raw and SmackDown! is that you’re looking at young hungry cubs wanting to prove their worth. The main focus on the hand of Armando Estrada is to build the prestige of the ECW Title to the level of the World Heavyweight or the WWE, but at the same time, put some new faces in the ring.

-With this, there will no longer be Extreme Rules matches in ECW, because all matches will be held with the no-limit factor in tact.

-So this begins with Armando going over his talent immediately holding two different contests.

-Firstly, CM Punk and John Morrison will settle their match series in a best of five series. The catch is, the winner of the previous match gets to choose the stipulation for the next match.

-Secondly, a round robin-esque series of matches officially starts on the ECW after No Mercy. Every wrestler will be featured to crown a Mr. Extreme of 2008 in January. On January 2nd, after heavy reviewing, Armando will make his decision on who he believes deserves the moniker of Mr. Extreme ’08, but they will also get an ECW Title match at a date of their choosing. Unlike the MITB Briefcase, it must be for the ECW Title, and it has to be decided and approved by Estrada. Effectively ridding any and all sneak attack wins.

Who The Hell is Maddox?

Maddox is almost an alter-ego of myself in many ways. Before a wrestler, I’m a writer. I’ve written 9 short stories thus far. One thing they all have in common is one universal character named Maddox. He’s never the same character, but it’s just a name that I really like using a lot. I’ve never read up on the meaning of the name or if it even has a meaning, but I think I might need to at some point.

Anyway, the first wrestler I created on any SvR was Maddox. The young African-American man started wrestling at the age of twenty. He was totally disillusioned with the American indy scene and thought that with such limitations he’d never be able to break big. He moved to the West Coast to jump in on the SoCal wrestling scene, but even that wasn’t what he had hoped.

He eventually had caught on to the Puro style of wrestling and took what little money he had from his indy bookings and his job at Circuit City and began life in Japan with a sole focus on wrestling. He sought the wrestling dojos where many a wrestler had been bred. This eventually led him to meeting his future mentor, Keiji Mutoh.

To this day Mutoh couldn’t answer you as to what he saw in Maddox, but he knew that this was the guy that needed to fully see the world of wrestling. Maddox immediately furthered his training in Japan namely AJPW, and eventually became a huge Gaijin attraction within the promotion.

Before ultimately leaving to head back to the States, Maddox wanted to challenge his mentor in a farewell match. Mutoh didn’t want to face off against the one he practically taught; they had formed a father-son bond of sorts. Maddox ultimately deserted him in a tag match, not to upset the audience or turn heel, but to give Mutoh a reason to fight him.

Finally the two had their match which lasted a little over 26 minutes with Mutoh picking up the win. The two had an emotional farewell as Maddox’s tenure with AJPW and Japan as a whole came to picture perfect ending.

Thanks to this status within Japan, Maddox developed a cult following of sorts in America similar to Mick Foley in the mid-90s. Upon his return he was soon after offered a developmental deal with WWE after completing a few indy bookings in the Eastern region. Maddox gladly accepted.

Maddox In-Storyline

He spent two and a half years in OVW before being moved to the main roster. He was brought in as a new protégé to Kurt Angle. Angle was scheduled to face John Cena on Raw as a request from Vince McMahon. Due to the falling out between Angle and WWE, Raw was now left without a Main Event.

Vince immediately booked Cena in a match with Angle’s protégé, Maddox. This was Maddox’s biggest match in his WWE career and got a taste of the Main Event and of the Gold. Needless to say, he became title obsessed ala Edge.

Maddox became the personal kiss-ass of McMahon hoping to get a WWE Title shot at every corner present. He eventually did get a victory over Cena and held the title for a total of three months in mid 2006. After losing it, his desire to possess the gold increased in an obsessive manner.

In early ‘07 Mick Foley had returned for his seasonal WWE visit. Believing he failed Vince McMahon so many times before, he promised that this time he would not disappoint and that he would entertain. Think of the crazy kind of Mick Foley that we saw in 2006 during his Flair and ONS feuds.

Mick Foley only continues to get more deranged and crazed as he returns with his Dude Love gimmick. He then announces that the Dude Love express is taking off and brings out the conductor of the new Dude Love Express, Colt Cabana.

McMahon continues to have his issues with ECW Champion Bobby Lashley and honestly is at wits end on how to rid the problem. Foley wants to kill two birds with one stone. He had been requesting that Maddox join The Dude Love Express for sometime and that he wants to finally win the approval of Vince McMahon.

With that Foley strikes a deal. He’ll get rid of Bobby Lashley, if Vince can arrange a title match between Cena and Maddox. The deal is made and Dude Love tells Maddox that he and Colt have a handicap match against Bobby Lashley. Needless to say after lots of wear and tear, Maddox and Cabana literally decimated Lashley effectively disabling him from his duties of defending the ECW Title.

McMahon satisfied not only gives Maddox his title match, but also promises Cabana a favor of his own. After Dude Love disappears from TV, Maddox and Cabana continue their tag team eventually becoming a serious/pseudo comedic team. Think MVP/Kennedy lite or even Rated-RKO.

In one funny instance Maddox gets his title match with Cena at The Great American, Cabana comes out during a point in the match where Cena is dominating and just starts dancing in the middle of the ring. The referee tries to escort him from the ring, but while the ref is distracted Cabana kicks a pair of knucks to Maddox.

Maddox latches on the pair clocks Cena and gets the Championship Gold. However the act is reviewed on tape and a rematch is held on the following Raw in which Cena wins. Maddox continues to become obsessed with regaining the gold.

Fast forward to Edge’s Money in the Bank. Well actually it’s no secret that Edge snagged the case from Kennedy. However like Kennedy, before Edge could cash it he got injured. Edge immediately believed the case was cursed and wanted nothing to do with it. He stayed away from the case at all times and had plans of destroying it. However, Maddox made an un-announced unknown trip to SmackDown! and talked Edge into handing him the case.

This led to Maddox cashing it in at No Mercy and winning the title for a third time, ultimately betraying his friend Colt Cabana in the process.

But Colt Cabana? That's a big over my head thing.

Out of all the indy wrestlers, Cabana is one of the few guys I think has the natural charisma and the in-ring storytelling to make it big in WWE. He’s funny on the mic, he’s funny in the ring, but when the time calls, he can put on a convincing match.

Anyway as stated earlier in early ’07, Mick Foley returned with his Dude Love persona in another half-brained attempt to win the approval of Vince McMahon. The Dude Love Express was officially in motion and the conductor would make sure everyone had a safe ride. This proverbial conductor Dude Love was referring to was newest WWE prospect, Colt Cabana.

Cabana became Mick Foley’s go to guy and provided the comic-relief much needed on Raw. Eventually the Dude Love Express sought to include Maddox into their ranks who wanted nothing to do with the group in the slightest.

However, upon hearing that Mick Foley…Dude Love…whatever…could secure him a title match, Maddox joined in and helped Colt Cabana and Foley decimate Bobby Lashley at McMahon’s request. McMahon was so pleased that not only did he give Maddox his title shot, but he told Cabana that if he ever needed anything Vince would take care of it.

Dude Love Express was in full motion and once Mick Foley left again, it only continued as DLE became one of the bigger heel alliances within the last 2-3 years of WWE. Colt Cabana even helped Maddox secure a victory of Cena getting his second title run.

Fast-forwarding to October of 2007, Cena gets injured and has to forfeit the title. The belt is now vacant and McMahon is clueless on how he’s going to decide a new champion with only 7 days left. Cue Colt Cabana who reminds Vince of that favor he owes him. Colt would like nothing better than to take care of the issue and be awarded the title.

Triple H then proceeds to come out and since he still had his Number One Contender spot still in tact that if anyone deserved the belt it was he. The Main Event was set in motion, Triple H vs. Colt Cabana WWE Heavyweight Champion at No Mercy.

Triple H and Cabana have a pretty back and forth match, but eventually Maddox comes out and clocks Triple H in the head, Cabana securing the victory and becoming the new WWE Champion. Maddox then surprises the world as he knocks Cabana cold off of his feet with the Gold, slides out of the ring. Pulls the MITB Briefcase out from under the ring and cashes it in on Cabana pinning him and becoming WWE Champion for the third time.

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WWE Roster





General Manager – William Regal

Main Event

Triple H


Randy Orton


*Jeff Hardy*

Colt Cabana*

Mr. Kennedy



Brian Kendrick

Hardcore Holly

Paul London

Super Crazy


*Lance Cade*

Santino Marella


*Trevor Murdoch*


Cody Rhodes

DH Smith

Jim Duggan


Shad Gaspard

Charlie Haas

Paul Birchill

Robbie McAllister

Rory McAllister


Ashley Massaro

Candice Michelle

Lillian Garcia

Maria Kanellis

Mickie James

*Beth Pheonix

Jillian Hall


*WWE Champion – Maddox*

*Intercontinental Champion – Jeff Hardy*

*World Tag Team Champions – Redneck Wrecking Crew*

*WWE Women’s Champion – Beth Pheonix*

Tag Teams

London & Kendrick (Paul London & Brian Kendrick)

Cryme Tyme

The Highlanders

The Redneck Wrecking Crew (Lance Cade & Trevor Murdoch)

Carlito & Santino (Carlito & Santino Marella)


General Manager - Theodore Long

Main Event




Rey Mysterio

Mark Henry



Matt Hardy


Chavo Guerrero

Chuck Palumbo






Jamie Noble

Jesse Dalton

Jimmy Wang Yang

Shannon Moore

Curt Hawkins

Dave Taylor

Zack Ryder


Eve Torres

Michelle McCool

Torrie Wilson


Lena Yada


*World Heavyweight Champion – Batista*

*United States Champion – MVP*

*WWE Tag Team Champions – Deuce N Domino*

Tag Teams

The Rednecked Rejects (Jimmy Wang Yang & Shannon Moore)

Deuce N Domino (Deuce & Domino)

Jesse & Festus (Jesse & Festus)

The Rated-R Revival (Zack Ryder & Curt Hawkins)


General Manager – Armando Estrada


*CM Punk*

John Morrison


Tommy Dreamer

Elijah Burke


Balls Mahoney

Kofi Kingston

Stevie Richards

The Boogeyman


Big Daddy V

The Miz

Mike Knox


Colin Delaney

James Curtis


Kelly Kelly

Layla El

*ECW Heavyweight Champion – CM Punk*

No Mercy Results

Jeff Hardy def. Mr. Kennedy

Finlay def. Matt Hardy

Redneck Wrecking Crew def. London & Kendrick

CM Punk, Tommy Dreamer, & Kofi Kingston def. John Morrison, Elijah Burke, & The Miz in a very high paced match-up.

MVP def. Rey Mysterio

Batista def. The Great Khali

Colt Cabana def. Triple H

Maddox def. Colt Cabana

(Note that this is just a lackluster card thrown together to set the actual Diary in motion.)

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WWE.com Monday Night Raw Preview

24-hours exact after No Mercy, and there are certainly questions that have been left unanswered. Maddox seemingly shocked the world, and betrayed his best friend when he cashed in Edge’s Money in the Bank Briefcase, and used it to win the vacated WWE Championship. It goes without saying that no one in that arena knew what the hell was going on besides Maddox himself. We know Maddox likes to talk about his accomplishments, so one thing is for sure, Maddox will certainly explain himself tonight on Raw.

In other news, due to Randy Orton’s actions on Cena, the Monday Night prior to No Mercy, General Manager William Regal had no other choice but to suspend Orton from the Pay-Per-View. However, Orton has been granted access to Raw and promised us that his presence will be felt. What he means by that, we have no idea.

Jeff Hardy continued his winning streak by beating Mr. Kennedy and successfully defending his Intercontinental Gold. Will this streak continue or will he be derailed by the countless competitors who vie for that Championship Gold as well? We’ll find out on an exciting night of Raw, that’s for sure.

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WWE Monday Night Raw October 8th, 2007

A highlight video played. The video showed the actions of Orton on Cena. Then it transitioned to the announcement of Cena’s injury. And then the package led ultimately to Vince’s decision of vacating the Gold. It then went straight into the feud that followed after, Colt Cabana and Triple H.

It highlighted their match showing all the nice spots that had take place and all the intense action. The video cuts to Maddox who comes out grabs the Championship Belt and clocks Triple H in the back of head, helping Colt Cabana pick up the win.

The dramatic music then diminishes into silence as Maddox takes the belt smashes Cabana in the face with it, effectively knocking the new champion out. Maddox then slides out of the ring and pulls out a briefcase. The briefcase has The Rated-R Logo on it, indicating that Maddox had possession of Edge’s Money in the Bank contract.

Maddox goes inside the ring and hands the referee the case and pins Cabana, picking up the victory. The video ends with this almost static silence as Maddox raises his arm in the air with the WWE Championship as No Mercy comes to an end.

The Curse Has Been Lifted

Jim Ross assured everyone who missed out on the No Mercy broadcast that what they were seeing did in fact take place. Maddox who had not been on TV for some 2-3 weeks not only came out and helped his “friend” win the Gold, but he cashed in Edge’s Money in the Bank Briefcase…a case that was thought to have been destroyed long ago to win the belt

Love is a flame, that can't be tamed

and though we are its willing prey

My darling, we are not the ones to blame

The opening statement then soon transferred to the chorus of “(Don’t Fear) The Reaper” by Blue Oyster Cult as the new champion came out on stage, fully decked out in a suit, to a wave of boos.

JR: Speak of the devil! This guy is so full of himself!

Lawler: You may not have to like his style, but one thing is for sure. He certainly pulled one over on everyone last night.

JR: He betrayed his best friend! He has no soul, he has no morals. If the devil himself offered that same WWE Championship for his soul, Maddox would dig in his own chest to give him his heart.

Maddox stepped into the ring asking for a microphone. He then hoisted his Championship gold into the air, the crowd booing even more.

Maddox: The world wants to know…the world has been dying to know only a mere 24-hours later just what happened last night.

Maddox looked to his Championship and smiled.

Maddox: I think the answer is pretty obvious myself...

JR: Just listen to him, his ego is pouring out into the arena.

Maddox: You see, I know you guys don’t watch SmackDown!, hell I can’t say I blame you. Anyway, Edge had a little problem. You see, after getting injured over on the B-Show, Edge thought…no…he believed that briefcase was cursed. He wanted nothing to do with it. He told everyone that he destroyed it. Well, if you know Edge, you know he lies. The TRUTH: Yeah, Edge did plan on destroying that briefcase. Upon hearing this I caught the nearest flight I could, went straight to Edge’s doorstep and said “Edge, before you do something THIS irrational, allow me to lift the curse off of you.” Edge was confused, but he was afraid of that briefcase, he kept it as far away from him as he could. So I continued “Look, I know that briefcase might be causing you some issues, so I’m offering to take it off of your hands FREE OF CHARGE.” Most people would say Edge is an idiot, but the truth is, he was afraid of that briefcase, so much so in fact that he eagerly handed it over. However, as I found out later, the case was cursed. In fact, just ask Colt Cabana your 6-second Champion!

Barry Manilow filled the arena and a mixed-reaction soon followed after. Some of the audience admired the determination Cabana put into his match with Triple H, some booed for the simple fact that he didn’t mind that Maddox help him get the win, others felt sympathetic for Cabana’s short title run.

Cabana: Maddox, I’m not here to exchange words with you, I’m not here for this microphone jabbering. I just want to know why you did it and after that, I’m going to do something I should’ve done a while ago: kick your ass for all these fans in this arena.

Maddox: The answer is simple Cabana, you put the most trust in me. You thought we were friends. All I had to do was help you win the match, you would’ve celebrated thinking I was there to congratulate you and then boom…

Maddox’s free hand takes the form of a gun making the motion of pulling the trigger in the process. Cabana looks around, shakes his head and then immediately starts moving down the ramp and into the ring. He looks right at Maddox who begins backing away.


The fans pop like wild as Triple H makes his way out on stage immediately moving down the ramp without any hesitation. He steps into the ring grabbing a microphone. He then looks at Maddox and then over at Cabana. He drops the microphone and immediately clocks Maddox with a right hand. Maddox stumbles into a right from Cabana. Triple H and Cabana continue to take turns delivering rights on Maddox as he immediately slides out of the ring and makes his way up the ramp.

JR: The Game and Colt Cabana have found a common enemy!

Lawler: The crowd’s loving it!

OR: 78%

Who Will Survive?

Regal: Gentleman! Gentleman! ENOUGH!

Regal steps out onto the stage with a microphone with a much disdained look on his face.

Regal: This is Raw. This isn’t ECW. We must act refined.

Triple H: Eh screw off Regal!

The crowd gets a nice little laugh from Triple H.

Regal: I think it goes without saying, that what happened last night, shouldn’t have taken place! But I must say it certainly provided a wonderful buzz, once again putting RAW leagues above the competition.

Regal shows a smirk on his face from this statement

Regal: But No Mercy is long over and it’s already time to decide what to do for Survivor Series. So, knowing that the tension would escalate, I’m proud to already deliver a promising Raw Main Event. Maddox, what you did certainly was underhanded, but since I have no say in how one cashes in his Money in the Bank, I have no choice but to allow you to continue your reign. However, you haven’t proved that you deserve to be anything. You see, those two in that ring, last night they showed they had what it took to become the face of Monday Night RAW. You, Maddox, though I admire your cleverness, you stole the RAW Main Event and you devalued a match that should’ve certainly made RAW Number 1.

Maddox just shakes his head and continues to look at Regal and then back at the ring at Cabana and Triple H.

Regal: So at Survivor Series, you WILL be defending that WWE Championship against the two men you stole it from, Colt Cabana and Triple Haitch!

Maddox begins to throw a tantrum believing that it is unfair that he has to face both of them in a Triple Threat match at Survivor Series.

Regal: Oh and tonight Maddox, we will be having a Champion vs. Champion match as you will be taking on Jeff Hardy!

King: Alright! Hardy vs. Maddox, that’s going to be good.

Maddox and Regal disappear to the back as the camera focuses on Triple H and Cabana who are having an intense stare down in the ring mouthing off to one another.

OR: 78%

Mickie James vs. Melina

The match is booked as a Number One Contender match against Beth Phoenix. Phoenix comes out before the match starts and takes a seat at ringside as Mickie James and Melina both go through with their respective entrances.

The match itself was your typical opening match; Melina taking control early on in the match and playing with the crowd in an attempt to gain some considerable heel heat. Melina backed Mickie James into the corner of the ring delivering some nice knife-edged chops, but Mickie James eventually fought out of the corner by delivering some forearms.

The match was pushing into the eight minute territory, but Mickie James finally caught Melina with The Long Kiss Goodnight spinning around and kicking Melina square in the head, picking up the victory.

Beth Phoenix quickly made her way into the ring and stared a hole into Mickie James, holding up the title before dispersing to the back.

Winner at 8:24 – Mickie James

OR: 75% CR: 81% MQ: 62%

The Redneck Wrecking Crew vs. London & Kendrick

Jim Ross announces to the crowd at home that we’re getting a No Mercy rematch. The match picked up from right where it left off as Kendrick and Cade started things off. Kendrick used his speed and finesse to constantly stay a step ahead of Cade catching him with a surprise roll up that nearly gave London & Kendrick the victory.

Both teams seemed familiarized with not only their partner, but with each other themselves, because the match that transpired showed lots of transitioning and an unmatched chemistry. Hell the match was even given some time as it extended past the ten-minute mark.

At some point in the match Cade and Murdoch were dominating Kendrick. He finally made the hot-tag and without hesitation, London made his way into the ring dropping The Redneck Wrecking crew with some a nice set of dropsaults. London then made a tag to Kendrick who immediately hopped off the top rope and onto Murdoch with a moonsault.

1…2…NO Murdoch extends his shoulder at the very last second. London and Kendrick cannot believe it and the match only continues to go further. London and Kendrick continue their tandem offense, but it ultimately came to an end.

Kendrick and London both ran at The Redneck Wrecking Crew, but Murdoch tossed London out of the ring. Meanwhile, Cade caught Kendrick and whipped him back into the ropes catching him with an inverted atomic drop. Murdoch seeing this immediately ran to the ropes opposite of him and came back smashing his boot right into the face of Kendrick allowing the Redneck Wrecking Crew to maintain their Championship Belts.

Winners and still World Tag Team Champions at 15:42 – The Redneck Wrecking Crew

OR: 77% CR: 65% MQ: 90%

The World Tag Team Titles have gained in image

The Men of the Hour

After the commercial break, Mercy Drive cued in the arena as Orton came out to his typical mixed reaction. He had a cocky grin, but at the same time appeared to look upset. He slid into the ring asking for a microphone from one of the stagehands.

Orton: Let me just say, that Regal made a big mistake when he decided to suspend me from No Mercy. I just did what I had to do. Get the edge on Cena.

The crowd booed at this comment.

Orton: If anyone deserves that belt, it’s me! I was the one who was going to face Cena for it to begin with!

Orton looks down.

Orton: But I think I got the ultimate award in the end. I TOOK OUT YOUR CHAMPION. I TOOK OUT YOUR HERO. I TOOK OUT CENA!

More boos continued to erupt from the crowd.

Orton: And to be honest, there’s no belt, there’s no title, that can match the level of satisfaction that getting rid of that piece of crap!


Mr. Kennedy stepped out on stage shaking his head before hopping into the ring and snatching the microphone right from Orton’s hands.

Kennedy: No no no no. YOU did not put out Cena!

Orton: Oh I didn’t?

Kennedy: Who wrestled Cena that night? ME! Who dominated Cena for the entire match? ME! Who was incapable of continuing the match because of ME!

Orton: Kennedy, you did nothing! In fact, not only did I save these people from Cena, I saved you…

Kennedy began to run his mouth inaudibly

Orton: That’s right! Were it not for me, you probably would’ve tapped to that STFU. The wind would’ve probably been knocked out of you from the FU. You should be thanking me. In fact, all of you should be thanking me…because whether you like it or not, I proved Cena is not the superhero that you all want to believe. That’s right, me RKO, Randy Ke…


Kennedy basks in the boos before holding the microphone back up to his mouth.

Mr. Kennedy: KENN…

Before he could continue, Orton dropped Kennedy flat with an RKO. Randy Orton smirked and then picked up a microphone.

Orton: Hold that thought…

Mercy Drive played through the arena once more as Orton continued to look down at Kennedy’s lifeless body before making his exit.

OR: 78%

Cody Rhodes vs. Paul Burchill

Cody Rhodes is already in the ring as William Regal comes out with a smile on his face. He introduces to a young man that only a few years ago he had the honor of bringing into the business in hopes of creating one of the most ruthless and vicious wrestlers in the business.

This wrestler however wanted to take a turn for his own and become a pirate. Regal says that this man eventually saw the error of his ways and came to him last night during the No Mercy Pay Per View wanting to show Regal that he still had the raw aggression that he once had before.

With that Regal introduces Paul Birchill who comes out in a pair of tights with the Union Jack emblem on them. He stepped into the ring shaking hands with William Regal and wasted no time on attacking the young Cody Rhodes.

The match itself was pretty consistent, with Birchill hitting Rhodes with some stiff Dave Taylor/Regal esque maneuvers, but Rhodes wanting to prove that he wasn’t in the business just for his namesake fought back with some clobbering blows before dropping Birchill with a nice elbow.

The match came to abrupt end when Cody Rhodes tried to go for that signature DDT, Birchill however powered out and sent Rhodes crashing hard to the mat with a Release Northern-Lights Suplex. Birchill then locked Rhodes in Regal’s own Regal Stretch, Rhodes eventually tapping.

Winner at 5:28 – Paul Birchill

OR: 65% CR: 57% MQ: 74%

Cody Rhodes lost overness from this match.

Paul Burchill gained overness from this match.

RAW’s Main Event

The camera cut backstage where Regal was shown to be satisfied with Birchill’s victory. Kennedy barges in holding the side of his neck.

Mr. Kennedy: Regal! I want Orton…I want to show him just how I injured Cena.

Regal: You can’t just come barging in demanding matches! What’s the matter with you!

Mr. Kennedy: I want that match…NOW!

Regal continues to look frustrated, but then looks down and smiles.

Regal: Well look here sunshine, you’ll get your match with Orton only under one condition.

Mr. Kennedy: WHAT is it?

Regal: You see Maddox and Jeff Hardy are up next and that leaves me without a Main Event. If you prove that you and Orton can play nice tonight, then I’ll give you that match.

Mr. Kennedy: Against who!?

Regal: Maddox’s Survivor Series opponents, Triple Haitch and Colt Cabana!

Kennedy had a pissed look on his face, as the camera eventually panned back to the arena

OR: 85%

Champion vs. Champion

Maddox vs. Jeff Hardy

Maddox came out on stage polishing his coveted Championship belt. The fans instantly booed him and he continued to draw in the heat by kissing and posing with the belt.

Jeff Hardy then came out to probably the pop of the night. He hit the ring doing his usual poses, but Maddox immediately ran at him and pulled him off the turnbuckle immediately putting some kicks in his gut. Maddox sent him to the ropes and bounced off the ropes to the immediate left, going for a Shining Dragon Kick as soon as the match, Jeff was much smarter than this and leapt at Maddox catching him with a flying clothesline.

Maddox immediately staggered up, and Jeff caught him with some right hands. Maddox tiring of Hardy’s momentum immediately fled to the outside of the ring hoping to get away. Jeff however placed his hands on the top rope and hope upward in the air, his feet moving between the middle and bottom rope dropping Maddox with his patented baseball slide.

Hardy posed for the crowd as the referee began counting Maddox out, who at this moment made his way up the ramp hoping to get disqualified. Hardy shaking his head immediately ran outside, chasing Maddox down hitting him with a couple of right hands before placing him back into the ring.

This was all a play, because Maddox immediately stood to his feet when Hardy placed him into the ring and caught Hardy off guard with a knee.

From that point on Maddox had control of the match with Jeff Hardy only getting a few instances of a chance to come back.

Jeff Hardy however made a turn around when he was whipped to the turnbuckle and in typical fashion countered with the Whisper in the Wind, only getting a 2-count.

16 minutes into the match Jeff Hardy had mounted a nice come back, but Maddox clinched Hardy and started driving knees into the sternum. This of course set up The Shining Combo, A set of knees followed by three consecutive Northern Light Suplexes. However, Hardy battled for strength during the first Northern Lights and dropped Maddox with a Twist of Fate.

Jeff Hardy then followed up by climbing the top rope for the Swanton Bomb. He leapt of the top rope with such grace, but Maddox moved out of the way, Hardy catching nothing but mat. Maddox stumbled on his feet clinching to the top rope for support. He stalked Hardy waiting for him to get up on his feet. Once Hardy did, Maddox bounced off the rope ran at Hardy at full speed and lifted one foot in the air and hopped off the mat with the other, dropping Hardy with a Shining Dragon Kick. Maddox then covered Hardy getting the three count, Maddox immediately grabbing his belt and celebrating his victory.

Winner at 18:00 - Maddox

OR: 85% CR: 85% MQ: 86%

Main Event


Ken Kennedy came out on stage still looking upset from before. He hopped into the ring waiting for his partner, Randy Orton to come out on stage.

Jim Ross: I don’t see this partnership lasting any longer than 5 minutes, but Regal told Kennedy that if he wants a match with Orton, then they have to get along.

Jerry Lawler: I don’t even see Cabana and Triple H getting along either JR.

Jim Ross: There will most certainly be some combustible elements in that ring, that’s for sure.


Orton came out with a smirk mouthing “How’s your head?” to Ken Kennedy who just began to run his mouth at Orton again. Orton stepped onto the apron and in a cocky manner told Kennedy to step aside as he moved into the ring following with his Orton pose. Both wrestlers continued to argue with one another


Colt Cabana came out to a considerable pop and even played up to this fact by taunting for the crowd. He moved into the ring and then stared up at the stage waiting for his No Mercy opponent to come out.


Triple H arrived on stage, the crowd going popping like crazy. Triple H makes his way down the ramp with his bottle of water drinking it; he sulks in the cheers from the crowd before spitting his water into the air. He steps into the ring all the while Kennedy and Cena continue their argument about who was one who injured Cena.

Cabana and Kennedy started things off Kennedy getting right in Cabana’s face due to his frustration with Orton. Kennedy began to work Cabana over some nice right hands before eventually grounding Cabana and making a tag to Orton.

Orton pushed Kennedy out of the way and began to put the boots on Cabana, Cabana fought back rebounding off the ropes and dropping Orton with a butt-thrust much to the delight of Kennedy. Orton immediately moved over to Kennedy slapping him across the face as a way to say you’re tagged in.

Later in the match Triple H and Orton were the men involved. Orton and Kennedy continued to argue, but were showing some cohesiveness to say the least, something that Cabana and Triple H had yet to show. Orton had control of Triple H, but anytime he got near his corner, Kennedy would tag himself in. For a long duration of the match, Kennedy and Orton would continue to tag themselves in much to the displeasure of their partner.

Orton dropped Cabana later in the match and was going to go for the Legend Killer Punt, but Kennedy slapped him hard across the shoulder, tagging himself in. Before Kennedy could go any further, Orton tagged himself back in. Kennedy taken aback immediately tagged himself back in, but before Orton could do anything, Kennedy clocked him across the face, leaving the ring.

While Orton was down, Cabana made the tag to Triple H who began to deliver some right punches of his own sending Orton flinging against the ropes. Orton rebounded off the ropes and caught a knee to the face. Orton bounced up and stumbled into Cabana’s corner who followed up by unloading on him with a hard right hand. This ultimately caused Orton to stumble into a Pedigree from The Game.

Kennedy smiled from the stage watching this take place before he ultimately departed to the backstage. Triple H and Colt Cabana picking up the victory.

Winners at 21:19 – Triple H and Colt Cabana

OR: 87% CR 88% MQ 85%


Maddox immediately makes his way back out, but Cabana and Triple H are waiting for him. Like earlier in the program they both take turns clocking him with right hands. This time, Cabana bounces off the ropes and runs back clotheslining Maddox right over the top rope. He challenges Maddox to come back in and get some and then turns around only to get Pedigreed by The Game.

The Game then stands up and looks down at Maddox moving his hands over his waist motioning that Maddox’s Championship will belong to Triple H after Survivor Series. Maddox holds his head slowly staggering up the ramp as Triple H poses to the crowd over a lifeless Colt Cabana.

Jim Ross: Things have taken a turn for the worse! We’ll see you next week on RAW!

The camera then transitions to the WWE logo as RAW goes off for the night.

OR: 79% Cable Rating: 6.03

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WWE.Com ECW On Sci-Fi Preview

It goes without saying that 6-Man Tag at No Mercy tore the house down, Estrada was tracked down later that night and promised that’s not all you’re going to see from his new vision of ECW.

That night, Estrada had already pinned down a picture perfect post-No Mercy ECW On Sci-Fi Program. Instead of filling up people’s time, he wants to go ahead and get the Mr. Extreme 2008 program under way.

We at WWE.Com asked Armando what we’re to expect. He replied by saying expect everyone on the immediate ECW roster to compete every Tuesday night with one another. Fans at home are more than welcome to keep track of wins, but that’s only one thing that will be taken into consideration when Armando crowns Mr. Extreme in January.

Lot’s of things will factor into who gets awarded the title besides wins. He’s looking for talent, dedication, and determination, something he’s sure all the ECW Super Stars embody to perfection.

To start ECW on Sci-Fi off, three matches to determine Mr. Extreme ’08 will be taking place. The night will start off with ECW Original Balls Mahoney taking on ‘The Mastodon’ Big Daddy V. Elijah Burke will be facing off against Kofi Kingston. The Miz will be taking on Tommy Dreamer. And the night will end with CM Punk and John Morrison beginning their Best of Five Series.

ECW On Sci-Fi Card:

Mr. Extreme 2008 Exhibition

Big Daddy V vs. Balls Mahoney

Mr. Extreme 2008 Exhibition

Kofi Kingston vs. Elijah Burke

Mr. Extreme 2008 Exhibition

Tommy Dreamer vs. The Miz

First Match in the Best of Five Series

CM Punk vs. John Morrison

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ECW On Sci-Fi October 9th, 2007

Joey Styles and Tazz welcome everyone to an exciting edition of ECW on Sci-Fi. They play up on the high-paced Six-Man Tag that took place at No Mercy and go over tonight’s card stating that all six men will be involved in tonight’s action.

Mr. Extreme 2008

Balls Mahoney vs. Big Daddy V

While Joey Styles and Tazz continued the discussion, Big Daddy V made his way to the ring sans Matt Striker. Tazz and Joey Styles were obviously playing up Big Daddy V as an unstoppable monster that would be quite a challenge for Balls Mahoney to beat.

Balls Mahoney’s music hit, but he was not seen anywhere on stage. The Chair-Swingin’ Freak came out from the crowd, turning Big Daddy V nailing him with some straight right punches with the crowd chanting BALLS with every succeeding punch. Mahoney winded up his arm, but Big Daddy V ran him down like a steam roller.

The Mastodon then bounced off of the ropes and came crashing down hard on Mahoney, V surprisingly only got a two count.

The action continued outside of the ring where V positioned Mahoney against the steel post of the turnbuckle. Big Daddy V then backed up and ran at Balls, who moved out of the way, sending V crashing into the steel post.

At this point Mahoney realized that he needed to capitalize and immediately began striking Big Daddy V with some more right hands. V, stumbling around eventually found himself back in the ring with Mahoney still on him. Balls went for his patented punch combo, the fans chanting right along BALLS…BALLS…BALLS…WHOOOOA…BALLS. Big Daddy V still stood on his feet. Mahoney then bounced off the ropes and hit V with a clothesline, V still staggered around. Mahoney went for another one, but once more V still stood.

At this point to typical wrestling fan, this would be the turning point where V would recapture footing and dominate Mahoney. Mahoney however fooled everyone by sliding out of the ring and grabbing a chair.

He clocked The Mastodon over the head once…nothing. He hit him twice…nothing. A third time….nothing. Eventually Mahoney started clocking him with the chair in a similar fashion to his punches. The fans chanting Balls along the way. Mahoney then spun around with the chair the fans chanting WHOOOA as he ended by spinning around and hitting Big Daddy V with one final stiff shot.

Like a chopped tree, the big Mastodon came crashing down on the mat, Balls Mahoney surprising everyone by capturing the victory.

Winner at 6:27 – Balls Mahoney

OR: 51% CR: 62% MQ: 48%

Big Daddy V lost overness from this match

Balls Mahoney gained overness from this match.

Big Daddy V didn’t sell very much, which hurt the match rating.

Mr. Extreme 2008

Elijah Burke vs. Kofi Kingston

The match-up itself was of a much faster paced, much much faster than the match before it. Like No Mercy, Kingston caught Burke by surprise with his aerial finesse taking Burke off of his feet plenty of times.

However, Burke eventually caught on and caught Kingston with a surprise dropkick once the Jamaican superstar sprung off the middle rope for a splash. Burke went for the pin upon Kingston’s mistake, but only got a 2-count.

The pace of the match slowed down once Burke got control, but Kingston came back dropping Burke with a surprise Lariat. The end of the match came when Kingston went for the Jamaican buzzsaw, Elijah evading the kick and getting to his feet. Kingston then proceeded by running at Burke who sidestepped causing Kingston to run face first into the turnbuckle. Burke soon followed behind him catching Kingston in the back with two knees with the Elijah Express.

Winner at 10:03 – Elijah Burke

OR: 63% CR: 65% MQ: 75%

Best of Five Series Hype Video

A video plays highlighting some of the key matches that have happened between CM Punk and John Morrison all for possession of the ECW Heavyweight Championship

Joey Styles hypes the Main Event for tonight being the first match in their Best of Five Series.

OR: 73%

Mr. Extreme 2008

Tommy Dreamer vs. The Miz

The Miz attacked Tommy Dreamer before he could even get in the ring, hitting him with some clubbing blows before ultimately suplex Dreamer from the apron and into the ring. Following the impact of the suplex, The Miz immediately ran at Tommy Dreamer going for a cover, but Dreamer kicked out shortly after the one-count.

The Miz continued to pummel Dreamer on the mat, but Dreamer eventually got to his feet and blocked a punch attempt by The Miz and leveled him with one his own punches. The Miz immediately slid out of the ring, but Dreamer soon followed after.

Dreamer in homage to his old ECW fashion immediately began to pummel The Miz with anything he could find…a large drink that was given to him by a fan, a water bottle, even a tennis shoe that was also handed to him from an audience member. Dreamer ultimately ended up grabbing a chair, but The Miz tossed a chair of his own at Dreamer, the impact causing Dreamer’s chair to hit him in the face.

The Miz smirked to the crowd and said “Now that’s hardcore!” to the crowd. He lifted up Dreamer, but Dreamer grabbed his legs and tripped him to the floor beginning to immediately pummel on the former Reality TV star.

The match continued outside for a good 4-5 minutes, the highlight being Dreamer going for a splash, but The Miz moved out of the way sending Dreamer pouring into the front-row of the audience.

The end came eventually at 13:45; the action went back into the ring with The Miz taking a chair and swinging it at Dreamer, he missed and Dreamer kicked him in the gut, hooking his head under his arm for a Dreamer DDT on the chair. The Miz powered out and lifted Dreamer in the air. Once Dreamer landed on his feet he ran The Miz, but was stopped when The Miz kicked him in his gut and clenched his arm spinning around and dropping Dreamer effectively on the chair with a Mizard of Oz.

Winner at 13:45 – The Miz

OR: 64% CR: 70% MQ: 74%

Your 15 Minutes of Fame Will Soon Be Over

The camera cut backstage where John Morrison was seen on camera.

Morrison: Punk, I must say, the inhabitants of the Palace of Wisdom are highly upset with such a jaded title reign. After months the celestial heavens came to your Guru of Greatness and demanded that stop must be put to your reign of terror. Well I promised victory, because The Shaman of Sexy simply does not disappoint. Punk, just to let you know, that when I beat you tonight, you better be ready for your 15 Minutes of Fame next week.

The camera cuts away from John Morrison and then on to Tazz and Joey Styles

Joey Styles: Well you’ve heard it. Not only is John Morrison promising the first victory in this Best of Five Series, but he’s choosing a 15 Minutes of Fame match if he wins.

Tazz: Not IF he wins Joey, but WHEN he wins.

OR: 77%

Match One of the Best of Five Series

CM Punk vs. John Morrison


John Morrison made his way out on stage taking his time for the usual poses before slowly making his way down the aisle mouthing off to various audience members before moving into the ring and awaiting his opponent.

Before the music even played, the crowd starting popping like wild. Shortly after “This Fire Burns” by Killswitch Engage hit the sound-system as the ECW Champion ran out on stage much to the delight of the ECW Audience. He looked down the ramp and at John Morrison as he slowly made his way into the ring.

Once in the ring he and John Morrison went eye to eye, Morrison mouthing off to Punk. Punk only nodded as the two continued to talk. The referee rung the bell and Morrison and Punk immediately began to exchange right hands.

Morrison got the advantage and kicked Punk in the sternum dropping him soon after with a snap suplex. Punk got up and dropped Morrison with his own snap suplex. Morrison got up and ran at Punk who sent him into the turnbuckle. Morrison countered back hopping onto the top rope and backflipping behind Punk. Punk found himself against the turnbuckle, and Morrison rushed at him, but Punk grabbed the top ropes and hopped over Morrison.

Morrison rushed at Punk and was taken down with an arm-drag. Morrison swept Punk’s feet out from under him with his arm and then both kipped up simultaneously going face to face the crowd applauding both athletes.

Morrison immediately got back in Punk’s face and took him down with a knee-lift. Morrison wrapped his arms around Punk’s head for a headlock, but Punk lifted Morrison in the air and dropped him on the mat with a back body drop.

Later on in the match Punk stood out on the apron going for his springboard clothesline, but Morrison ran to the ropes and leaping in the air with a dropkick sending Punk crashing hard to the outside. Morrison then held on to the ropes and flipped over crashing directly onto Punk, the WWE crowd chanting E-C-Dub for the first time in a long time.

The match was pushing toward eleven minutes and Punk had Morrison hoisted on his shoulders for the Go 2 Sleep. Morrison however hopped of and dropped Punk to his knees with an Enzuigiri. Morrison went for the cover afterward, but Punk kicked out at two.

Weapons came into play eventually with Morrison bringing two chairs into the ring. He scoop slammed Punk onto one and then grabbed the other chair moonsaulting onto Punk. Punk however moved out of the way causing not only Morrison to land on two chairs, but slam his hands in-between both steel objects in the process.

Punk waited for Morrison to get back up on his feet before lifting him in the air once more. It was definitely Go 2 Sleep time. Punk pushed Morrison into the air and then draped Morrison’s leg downward to execute the move. Morrison however blocked the knee and landed on his feet grabbing Punk’s head flipping over Punk with the Corkscrew Neckbreaker. Morrison then collapsed over Punk picking up the victory.

Winner at 14:45 – John Morrison

OR: 76% CR: 87% MQ: 82%

Morrison slid out of the ring the referee holding his arm up in the air.

Joey Styles: Well Tazz, it looks like we’re going to see CM Punk and John Morrison in a 15-Minutes of Fame match next week.

Tazz: This match was off the charts and I have no doubt about it that their next encounter will be any different.

Joey Styles: Well that’s it for ECW folks, I hope you all enjoyed it. See you next week!

ECW on Sci-Fi goes off the air

ECW On Sci-Fi OR: 68% Cable Rating: 3.58

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WWE.com SmackDown! Preview

MVP has already made a statement that the number one rated talk-show, VIP Lounge will kick off this week's SmackDown! When asked what this VIP Lounge was about, MVP said that after seeing Batista's actions at No Mercy, that SmackDown! was in a state of peril, and that he would have to be the one to save it.

In other action, SmackDown! will be opening with an exciting Six-Man tag featuring Jesse, Festus, and Jamie Noble taking on Deuce, Domino, and Chuck Palumbo. Noble and Palumbo originally were vying for the attention of Michelle McCool, but it goes without saying that it has escalated to something much more personal.

Kane will be taking on Finlay in what is believed to be an exciting match. Chavo Guerrero and Matt Hardy will be competing in some fast-paced action. And Edge's cronies, The Rated-R Revival will be taking on The Rednecked Rejects.

Confirmed for SmackDown!

MVP's VIP Lounge

Jesse, Festus, & Jamie Noble vs. Deuce, Domino, & Chuck Palumbo

Chavo Guerrero vs. Matt Hardy

Rednecked Rejects vs. Rated-R Revival

Finlay vs. Kane

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WWE Friday Night SmackDown! October 12th, 2007

VIP Lounge Strikes Gold

JBL and Michael Cole welcome everyone to another exciting edition of SmackDown! The camera pans around the ring, the VIP Lounge set already propped up in the ring. The PA system then fills the arena with a familiar sound.

One..Two…You hear the clock ticking?

Tick-tock you’re about to stop living

Tick-tock I want you to remember me

Tick-tock but the day don’t have no memory


Almost as soon as the opening chorus finished the crowd immediately began booing as a suit-laden MVP came out on stage with the US Championship propped on his shoulder. He had his usual cocky grin strutting down the aisle before making his way into the ring and taking a seat on one of the sofas.

A stagehand then brought the microphone to the ring as MVP snatched it from him and told him to get out of his ring. MVP then pulled the microphone up to his mouth.

MVP: The VIP Lounge is back baby! But as much as I love talking about me, there’s a serious issue at hand. I know Teddy Long is back in his office “doing work”, but something has got to change. As a matter of fact just play the video.

The titantron then began to play a video that highlight Batista’s match with The Great Khali at No Mercy. It paid special attention to the nine stiff chair shots delivered to Khali. Then focused on the SpineBuster Batista delivered to Khali through the RAW announce table. Then the Batista Bomb that put Khali through the SmackDown! announce table. It then cut to end where Batista was raising his arm in the air holding the World Heavyweight Championship Khali’s blood covering his chest as Khali laid in the ring lifeless.

The camera then cut back to MVP.

MVP: This is disgusting! This needs to be stopped! But I’ll tell you right now, Teddy Long won’t do anything about it. Because Teddy Long likes seeing people suffer. If I were Mr. McMahon, I would remove him from his General Manager position immediately!

Cole: Can you believe this guy?

JBL: He’s right Cole! Long needs to be stopped!

MVP: But I’ll tell you what! I know who can stop him, ME! Because I’m simply BETTER than him!


With that, The Gold Standard, Shelton Benjamin surprised everyone by coming out on stage. He smirked clapping his hands as he pointed down at MVP all the while strutting into the ring.

Cole: That’s Shelton Benjamin! His contract was just handed over to ECW last week.

MVP: What are you doing here Carlton Banks!?

Crowd laughed a little at that one.

Benjamin: You see MVP, I was going to leave this as a little surprise for Batista, but you keep running your mouth about how good you are, that I just had to come out here and say something. You see, when Regal sent my contract over to Estrada, they forgot one thing. They forgot to finalize the deal giving me the option to opt out of my contract. And let me put it like this, if you thought you were money in the bank when Long signed you, then you should see how many zeroes Teddy Long put on my contract when he brought me over here…

MVP had an upset look on his face as Benjamin continued.

Benjamin: Half-Man, Half-Amazing huh? I guess that was decided when you had no one better to wrestle over here. Because you see, I’m all man, and I’m all amazing.

MVP began to trash talk at Benjamin.

Benjamin: But I’m not out here for you. Batista! You have something I want, Gold! And when I strike for Gold, I always strike rich!

MVP: You’re not getting that title shot, because you’re not BETTER than me. Do you know who I am? I’m the longest reigning US Champion. As a matter of fact, I’m the longest reigning champion in the WWE. Batista knows this! And that’s why he won’t challenge me!


Batista then comes out on stage with his World Heavyweight Championship around his waist. The crowd pops and he immediately begins speaking into his microphone.

Batista: You know something, I realized that when I came over to SmackDown! back in 2005, that something changed. I may have been called The Animal, but was I really an animal? I don’t think so. It wasn’t until Sunday at No Mercy that I realized I missed this, I missed destroying people. So I made a resolution. I’m going to go back to what I used to do best, kick ass and ask questions later. So MVP, Shelton Benjamin, you want a World Title match? I’ll tell you what, I talked to Teddy about it before coming out here, and tonight I’ll take you both on!

Cole: Alright! A World Heavyweight Title match tonight on SmackDown!

The crowd popped like Crazy as Saliva’s music hit the PA system, Batista disappearing in the back while Shelton Benjamin and MVP began to argue in the ring.

OR: 71%

Jesse, Festus, & Jamie Noble vs. Deuce, Domino, & Chuck Palumbo

Once the Lounge set was cleared, the six man came out for their tag match. Deuce and Domino already knew what to expect once the bell rung, but Palumbo had no idea what was coming as Festus immediately charged at Palumbo taking him down with ease.

Festus continued to beat on Palumbo, who tried to go for a tag, but Deuce and Domino immediately hopped from the apron. Chuck Palumbo caught a vicious haymaker from Festus. Festus then lifted Palumbo on his shoulders and dropped him with a very sloppy yet efficient slam. Noble then tagged himself in and covered Palumbo getting the victory for his team.

Winners at 4:01 – Jesse, Festus, and Jamie Noble

OR: 62% CR: 56% MQ: 68%

The Mexican Warrior

The camera cuts backstage where Eve Torres is seen with Chavo Guerrero

Torres: Tonight here on SmackDown! we have an exciting night planned, but Guerrero has requested this time to talk about his match with Hardy…

Chavo: BEAT IT EVE! He then snatches the microphone away and begins talking. I’m sick and tired of being looked down. I’m a Guerrero…I’m a warrior! Matt Hardy, you will find that out tonight. Batista’s talking about making a resolution then so am I. No more fun and games Matt. I’ll show you why you should fear me.

OR: 75%

Matt Hardy vs. Chavo Guerrero

The match was pretty solid and had a nice transition from move to move. Chavo Guerrero tried to work a much more mat refined match grounding Hardy at several different instances. Hardy always pushed Chavo’s momentum back and fought back with the approval of the fans.

Chavo took control of the match again once the clock passed the five minute mark. He began to work on Hardy’s right leg taking it out with a set of dropkicks. Matt Hardy began limping around, but came back with a flurry of bunches, Chavo however clipped his leg taking Hardy down in the process.

Chavo began to stomp on Hardy taunting the crowd in the process. Matt Hardy however wrapped his legs around Chavo’s ankles and pulled him down rolling him up with a small package, picking up the victory.

Matt Hardy slid out of the ring, satisfied with his victory as Chavo Guerrero began to slam his hands on the mat not believing that he lost to such a simple maneuver.

Winner at 9:58 – Matt Hardy

OR: 74% CR: 75% MQ: 75%

Rated-R Revival vs. Rednecked Rejects

Zack Ryder and Curt Hawkins came out on stage in their usual Rated-R tights. They held a sign up that read “Get Well Soon, Edge” with the Rated-R Superstar Logo at the bottom. They entered the ring awaiting their opponents Moore and Yang who came out to a considerable pop.

They wasted no time getting started as Ryder blind-sided Moore with clothesline. Ryder then pushed Moore into the Rated-R Revival corner of the ring putting the boots on Moore in the turnbuckle. Hawkins stepped in and began stomping along. Yang hopped in the ring trying to put a stop to it all, but the ref grabbed him allowing The Rated-R Revival to prolong their double-team.

Hawkins was now the legal man and he continued to pummel on Moore. Moore however got some offense by dropping him with a flying crossbody once he rebounded off the ring ropes. Moore then moved over to Yang who hopped off of the top rope and hit Hawkins with a springboard spinning heel kick.

Ryder was now back in the ring and brought the momentum back to the Rated-R Revival after downing Yang with a nice DDT. Ryder and Hawkins then began to consistently tag one another in to continue their beat down on Yang.

Yang tried to make the tag to Moore, but Ryder & Hawkins kept on him. They lifted Yang to his feet and sent him to the ropes, but Yang hopped on the middle rope and bounced back dropping both individuals with springboard elbows.

Yang then made it to Moore with the hot tag who came in and cleaned house sending Ryder and Hawkins to the outside. Yang moved to the apron and bounced off the middle rope once more catching only Hawkins with a springboard moonsault. Ryder slid back into the ring and tried to hit Moore with a clothesline. Moore however ducked and hopped up on Ryder’s shoulders dropping him with a hurracaranna. Moore then arched back and grabbed Ryder’s leg going for the pin and picking up the victory.

Winners at 11:12 – The Rednecked Rejects

OR: 67% CR: 51% MQ: 84%

Kane vs. Finlay

This proved to be smash-mouth contest everyone believed it was going to be. Kane came out on stage, but Finlay immediately came out behind him and clobbered him in the back sending Kane rolling down the ramp. Finlay began to stomp on Kane outside of the ring. Kane however stood up and wrapped his hand around Finlay’s throat choke-slamming him outside of the ring.

After about 7-solid minutes of an outside fight, the two eventually brought it into the ring, the ref finally signaling for the bell, the match officially starting. Kane and Finlay continued to exchange blows with one another, Finlay clotheslining Kane over the top rope the two fighting outside again.

Finlay slides into the ring and back out to restart the referee’s 10-count. Finlay then ran at Kane, but Kane immediately moved out of the way, tossing Finlay over the announce table as he went crashing into JBL and Michael Cole. Kane then made his away around the announce table picking up Finlay and dragging him back into the ring.

Once in the ring Finlay got back to his feet hitting Kane with some right hands before wrapping the ropes around Kane’s arms. Finlay then began to deliver a set of rights and lefts to Kane before head-butting him in the sternum.

The referee tries to unbind Kane, but Finlay continues taking his free shots. Kane finally gets freed and Finlay drops him with a hard clothesline. In typical Brothers of Destruction fashion, Kane sits up, much to the dismay of Finlay.

The fighting continues between the two for another 8 or 9 minutes, but eventually comes to an end when Finlay slides out of the ring grabbing a chair. He slides the chair into the ring, the referee grabbing it and moved to toss it outside. While the ref is bothered with this, Finlay grabs his shillelagh from the corner of the ring and clocks Kane with it.

Finlay then covers the unconscious Kane and picks up the victory.

Winner at 18:34 – Finlay

OR: 76% CR: 71% MQ: 82%

The Animal Unleashed

Batista is shown warming up backstage as Cole hypes up the main event, which is coming up next.

OR: 76%

Main Event

World Heavyweight Championship

Batista© vs. MVP vs. Shelton Benjamin

One..Two…You hear the clock ticking?

Tick-tock you’re about to stop living

Tick-tock I want you to remember me

Tick-tock but the day don’t have no memory


MVP makes his way to the ring in his under-armor inspired attire. The US Title is wrapped around his waste, but he soon takes the belt off handing it to the referee. He looks to the stage waiting for his opponents.


The Gold Standard makes his way to the ring still running his mouth at MVP. He points at the US Champion and moves into the ring immediately going face to face with him as the two immediately began exchanging some very intense words. They then quiet down as Saliva hit the PA system.


Batista charges out on stage in his typical fashion. The crowd pops like crazy as Batista’s pyros hit. He then moves to the ring taking his World Heavyweight Championship off and handing it over to the referee.

The referee holds it up in the air MVP pointing at it and saying that it’s his. Benjamin then pushes MVP’s hands down saying that he’s going to be the next Champion. The two begin to argue again and then look at Batista who clotheslines the hell out of both of them.

MVP and Shelton both slid out of the ring, but Benjamin grabbed MVP and tossed him back into the ring while Shelton grabbed a breather. Batista began to work over MVP going for a pin after a nice powerslam, but Benjamin hopped back into the ring breaking it up.

Benjamin then decided that if he was going to strike gold, now was the opportunity. With that, he immediately covered MVP, but Batista came out of his daze and immediately lifted Benjamin off of MVP and tossed him into the ring corner.

Benjamin began shaking his head and began pleading that Batista leave him alone. MVP then got back up to his feet and blindsided Batista. MVP and Benjamin then began to work on Batista in the corner.

However, both athletes being cocky and arrogant started to get greedy. This started with MVP pushing Benjamin out of the way continuing the stomps by himself, and then Benjamin moving MVP out of the way and going with the stomps. This continued until eventually they both decided to try to one up each other.

MVP started this game by standing Batista back up and moving to the center of the ring and going for his typical Yakuza-inspired corner kick. Benjamin shrugs it off and sends Batista to the ropes dropping Batista with his own Yakuza kick.

This game continued for a while longer, MVP getting his turn by sitting Batista up with a snapmare and then kicking Batista square in the back with a hard kick. Benjamin then moved to MVP tossing him from the ring and going for the cover, Batista however kicked out at two.

Benjamin then began to stomp on Batista, but MVP came back into the ring and began taking the fight to Benjamin as a result of Benjamin’s earlier tactic. Batista then came alive out of the corner fighting with both athletes again taking them off their feet.

MVP and Benjamin once again slid out of the ring, but this time, MVP tossed Benjamin back into the ring. Benjamin got to his feet and once again pleaded with Batista before kicking him in the stomach. MVP then made his way back into the ring as the two began to work over Batista once more.

Batista however fought back and sent MVP into the corner delivering his three shoulder thrusts. He turned around however and caught a kick from Benjamin. Batista fooled Benjamin and caught the foot, but upon tossing him around he caught a Dragon Whip from Benjamin.

Benjamin went for the cover, but MVP immediately ran out from the corner and dropped a knee on Benjamin breaking up the pin. MVP then lifted Benjamin off of Batista and went for the cover himself, Batista once again kick out at two.

The triple threat was heading toward the twenty minute mark with none of the man looking stronger over the others. At this point Batista was down and MVP and Benjamin began to fight with each other trying to get the victory over the weakened Batista.

Benjamin sent MVP to the ropes, but MVP ducked a Yakuza kick and caught a hard spear from Batista. Benjamin turning around and seeing what was going on walked right into a Batista SpineBuster. Batista then hopped back up on his feet and began shaking the ropes signaling for the Batista Bomb.

He stalked Benjamin, but The Gold Standard seeing what was going on rolled out of the ring and headed up the ramp deciding that he had had enough of The Animal and eventually disappeared to the back. Batista challenging him to come back then turned around looking to MVP. MVP staggered up and caught a vicious Batista Bomb. Batista covered the man retaining his World Heavyweight Championship.

Winner and still World Heavyweight Champion at 21:27 – Batista

OR: 79% CR: 81% MQ: 76%

The World Heavyweight title has gained in image

The Show’s Not Over

Batista celebrated in the ring as MVP slowly rolled out of the ring.

Cole: Batista has done it! He has taken on all-challengers this year and has prevailed every time.

JBL: I hate to admit it Cole, but the man is good. He performed his ass off in that ring tonight and succeeded in defeating the only two men who looked to pose a threat to his World Championship


The crowd went wild with surprise as Batista in a dazed and confused look focused his direction up to the stage.

The Big Show then came out on stage, marking the first time he’s been seen in a WWE arena for almost a year. He smiled to the audience and exclaimed “I’m back baby!” before pointing down at Batista and moving his hands over his waist, signifying that he wanted that World Heavyweight Championship.

Cole: Just when you think The Animal’s done it all! Just when you think he’s at the top! The Biggest, Meanest, Nastiest athlete returns to SmackDown!

JBL: And I love it Cole!

The camera focused on Show who could be heard saying “That title belongs to me.” The camera the panned to Batista who lifted his Championship in the air. The camera then faded to black with the WWE logo appearing as SmackDown! went off the air.

OR: 79%

Friday Night Smackdown OR: 73% Cable Rating: 6.06

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WWE.Com Week In Review


24-hours after No Mercy had RAW wasting no time in picking up with action. Maddox opened the program by explaining how exactly he obtained Edge’s Money in the Bank Briefcase. In a moment that will be forever etched in the fan’s memory, Colt Cabana and Triple H came out and joined in on a collective beating on Maddox.

As a result, RAW General Manager, William Regal had already put together the Survivor Series RAW Main Event: Maddox, Triple H, and Colt Cabana Triple Threat for the WWE Championship. Regal also put together a Champion vs. Champion match between Maddox and Jeff Hardy, in an exciting

In other action, Randy Orton came out and proclaimed that he destroyed the fan’s hero, John Cena. Mr. Kennedy soon followed after and proclaimed that he was the one responsible for Cena’s injury. After a verbal spat, Randy Orton got the last laugh by dropping Mr. Kennedy with an RKO.

As a result, Regal had no choice but to book Triple H and Colt Cabana versus Mr. Kennedy and Randy Orton in an effort to force both rivals to ally up just for this one night for the RAW Main Event.

Kennedy ultimately got the last laugh as he left Orton high and dry Orton falling prey to a Pedigree giving Cabana and Triple H the victory. Maddox then came out trying to get the advantage on his Survivor Series opponents, but Triple H and Cabana once again teamed up on him, Cabana sending him out of the ring. Cabana then turned around and caught a Pedigree, showing that there was still unsolved tension between the two. Triple H ended the program on top, Cabana laid out, and Maddox staggering up the ramp.

Friday Night SmackDown!

The show immediately opened up with The VIP Lounge. MVP claiming that he was going to save SmackDown! from ‘The Animal’ Batista. However, before he could finish his challenge ‘The Gold Standard’ Shelton Benjamin, who had opted out of his ECW contract interrupted the VIP set and claimed that he would be the one to get the first Title shot against Batista. Batista then quieted them both when he agreed to take on both tonight for the SmackDown! Main Event.

While the fans were getting their treat to an excellent Main Event, they were provided with even more entertainment as Chavo who promised he was going to end his losing-streak once again fell to Matt Hardy. Also on the card, Kane and Finlay went all out, but the dangerous and cunning Finlay came out on top after clocking Kane with the shillelagh.

The time finally came for the Main Event of the night. Batista, Benjamin, and MVP tore the house down. Tension earlier between MVP and Benjamin came to an all time high as they tried to top each other by performing their signature moves on Batista.

The Animal fully came unleashed however and sent Benjamin running up the ramp to avoid danger. Batista then set his sights on MVP dropping the United States Champion with a Batista Bomb securing his World Heavyweight Championship.

Just when it was believed that Batista had taken on all challengers, a big surprise shocked the SmackDown! Audience when The Big Show came out on stage and stared down Batista in the ring. Will SmackDown! be able to hold two giants like ‘The Animal’ and The Big Show?

ECW on Sci-Fi

The Land of Extreme was taken to a new level as the program opened up with a Mr. Extreme contest between Big Daddy V and Balls Mahoney. People believe that Big Daddy V would have the match in his hands, but thanks to Armando bringing back the original spirit of ECW with all matches being No-DQ, Mahoney brought out his equalizer and began clobbering Big Daddy V with a chair, getting a victory.

In the second Mr. Extreme contest, Burke and Kingston worked a quick paced match, but Burke soon realized he couldn’t match the speed of Kingston and began to ground him. After a rookie mistake, Burke picked up the win by downing Kingston with The Elijah Express.

The final Mr. Extreme contest of the night came down between ‘The Innovator of Violence’ Tommy Dreamer and The Miz. The match went all over the place and even into the crowd. Dreamer brought weapons into the match trying to end it with a Dreamer DDT. The Miz however fought of it and dropped Dreamer with a Mizard of Oz, earning himself a victory.

It was finally time for the Main Event. Match One in the Best of Five Series between ECW Heavyweight Champion CM Punk and John Morrison. The match was another classic in the Punk/Morrison series, but after close to 15 minutes of action, Morrison blocked a Go 2 Sleep attack and picked up the victory by dropping Punk with a Corkscrew Neckbreaker. Setting up CM Punk vs. John Morrison in a 15-Minutes of Fame match next week. ECW will definitely be exciting next week.

Confirmed for Survivor Series

WWE Championship Match

Triple Threat

Maddox© vs. Colt Cabana vs. Triple H

WWE.Com Raw Poll:

Who do you think will win the Survivor Series Triple Threat?

WWE.Com Friday Night SmackDown! Poll:

Is ‘The Gold Standard’ Shelton Benjamin a welcomed addition to the SmackDown! roster?

WWE.Com ECW on Sci-Fi Poll:

Based off of Tuesday’s program, who do you think has a strong running for becoming Mr. Extreme 2008?

Janpei Poll:

-Opinions so far on the Diary?

-Favorite show of the three?

-What other matches are you expecting to see at Survivor Series?

-Big Show’s SmackDown! Debut…Yay or Nay?

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WWE.Com Monday Night Raw Preview

After watching the chain of events unfold last week, RAW General Manager, William Regal, has already set forth a new idea to unfurl the Road to Survivor Series. He calls it Triple Jeopardy. This consists of each the competitors involved in the Triple Threat at Survivor Series set up matches for their opponents.

Regal stated that it’s only fair for the Champion to start us off and immediately Maddox booked Triple H against Umaga and Colt Cabana against ‘The Legend Killer’ Randy Orton. Both matches are guaranteed to be great, but how will this affect the outcome of Survivor Series?

In other news, Raw will be having a No Mercy rewind match with Jeff Hardy taking on Mr. Kennedy for the Intercontinental Championship. Their match last Sunday tore down the house and we’re sure this is going to be no different?

Expect to see Regal’s former protégé, Paul Birchill in action. And also Mickie James and Beth Phoenix will be squaring off for the Women’s Championship. One thing is for sure, you will not want to miss RAW this Monday!

Monday Night RAW Card:

WWE Women’s Championship

Beth Phoenix© vs. Mickie James

Paul Birchill in competition

No Mercy Rematch

WWE Intercontinental Championship

Jeff Hardy© vs. Mr. Kennedy

Triple Jeopardy

Triple H vs. Umaga

Triple Jeopardy

Colt Cabana vs. Randy Orton

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WWE Monday Night Raw October 15th, 2007

Three Men…One Survivor

Before RAW could even start a video package opened up the program. It detailed several of the key events that happened first starting off with Colt Cabana and Triple H being booked in the Main Event at No Mercy. This then led to Maddox cashing in the Money in the Bank and becoming the new WWE Champion.

The video then proceed to show the events of last week’s Monday Night RAW. Maddox telling everyone how he did what he did. Then Triple H and Colt Cabana coming out and beating on Maddox. William Regal’s voice could be heard when he announced that the three would fight at Survivor Series.

The package then began to fast forward to later that night only showing the highlights of when Triple H Pedigreed Colt Cabana. The package began to move faster highlighting the fights that have taken place between the three. Paying close attention to Cabana’s match with Triple H at No Mercy and ending with Maddox coming out on top.

The screen then faded to black as the words THREE MEN…ONLY ONE SURVIVOR appeared on the screen. The camera then panned to JR and The King, Monday Night Raw officially getting started.

OR: 85%

WWE Women’s Championship

Beth Phoenix© vs. Mickie James

The match wasted little time in getting started, but like the usual diva matches, the fans were putting little to no effort into getting behind either competitor. Mickie James still desired to win the Championship that she once held. James was giving ‘The Glamazon’ everything she had in her arsenal, but Phoenix being the fighting Champion would give the fight right back to her.

James smashed Phoenix in the face with a set of forearms and then bounced off the ropes going for a flying forearm. Phoenix proving her strength to everyone caught her and lifted her up clenching on her sternum with a bearhug.

James tried to fight out of the bearhug, but Phoenix just clenched harder and even further proved her strength by walking around the ring. However, once Phoenix walked near the ropes, James sought an open opportunity and kneed Phoenix in the gut and then hopped back on the middle rope, moved her arm around ‘The Glamazon’s’ head, and dropped The Champion with a tornado DDT. She immediately went for the cover, everyone under the belief that we would have a new Champion, but Phoenix once again kicked out.

The match was pushing past seven minutes and entering the eight minute territory with Beth somehow fighting out of James offense and completely dominating her once more. Once she dropped James to the ground, Phoenix wasted no time in lifting her up and dropping her with a fisherman buster, successfully retaining her title.

Winner and still Women’s Champion at 8:27 – Beth Phoenix

OR: 69% CR: 74% MQ: 60%

Mickie James lost overness from this match.

Beth Phoenix gained overness from this match.

The WWE Women's title has gained in image.

I Always Get the Last Laugh…

Backstage, Todd Grisham was with the loud-mouthed superstar Ken Kennedy, who’s Intercontinental Championship match was only moments away.

Grisham: Mr. Kennedy, in only a few minutes you will be facing off against Jeff Hardy. The same man who beat you at No Mercy this past Sunday. How are you differing your strategy to try to succeed in becoming the new Intercontinental Champion?

Mr. Kennedy: Strategy? There is no strategy. You see, Hardy didn’t win last Sunday because of my bad strategy. He won last Sunday because of his good luck. And Jeff, lady-luck has officially left the arena. But I’m not worried about him. You see Grish, we have a guy in the locker room who’s trying to take claim for my work of art. Orton! You try to pat yourself on the back; you want people to honestly believe that it was you who injured Cena. The people saw the match; they know that whatever happened to that sap was all because of the one and only MISTAHHHHH KENNEDY. And you thought you got the best of me with that RKO, well Orton, I ALWAYS GET THE LAST LAUGH.

Kennedy then walked off.

Grisham: Alright folks, well ther-

Kennedy then appeared back on camera.

Mr. Kennedy: KENNNEDY…

OR: 86%

WWE Intercontinental Championship

Jeff Hardy© vs. Mr. Kennedy

Mr. Kennedy immediately went on the offense clubbing Hardy and sending him to the outside before he could even step in the ring. Since the match officially hadn’t started, Kennedy took Hardy’s Intercontinental Championship and clocked him in the head. Kennedy then lifted Hardy and tossed him into the ring going for the pin. The referee had no choice but the ring the bell to start the match and then moved to the pin


Jeff lifts the shoulder up. Kennedy immediately gets up to his feet and gets in the referee’s face telling him he didn’t move to the pin fast enough. Kennedy then moves to Jeff Hardy lifting him up, but Hardy moves his arms away and clinches onto Kennedy’s head dropping to the mat and taking Kennedy out with a jawbreaker.

Hardy then whipped Kennedy to the corner, but Kennedy reversed it. Hardy then hopped up on the top-rope, but Kennedy ran at him and pushed him off the top ropes and onto the floor.

Ten minutes into the match and Kennedy had once again gained control. Jeff Hardy mounted some offense by clocking Kennedy with some right hands before going for a kick. Kennedy caught the foot, but Jeff twirled around and caught him with a mule kick.

Jeff Hardy had Kennedy in the corner and grasped the top rope before hopping in the air and arching his feet hoping to plan Kennedy in the chest Kennedy however moved his arms to Hardy’s legs and just sent him crashing to the mat.

This was Kennedy’s opportunity to win the match. He moved over to cover Hardy.


The referee was then pulled out of the ring by none other than Randy Orton. The referee told him to get out of here as Kennedy looked over to Orton and moved from the pin immediately to the ropes arguing with Orton.

Hardy got to his feet and turned Kennedy around dropping him with a Twist of Fate. Hardy then ran to the top rope and nailed the Swanton Bomb going for the cover.

Orton seeing the pin headed back up the ramp as the referee slid back in the ring Hardy picking up the win.

Winner and still WWE Intercontinental Champion at 12:13 – Jeff Hardy

OR: 83% CR: 85% MQ: 81%

The WWE Intercontinental title has gained in image.

Cryme Tyme vs. Carlito & Santino

Carlito and Santino came out to the ring. Santino immediately got on the microphone and talked about how upset he was that they weren’t featured at No Mercy or on RAW last week. He was even more upset that they weren’t featured on tonight’s card. Carlito grabbed the microphone and then said that they would challenge any team tonight. Cryme Tyme then came out and proceeded to accept the challenge coming out and cleaning the house.

The match of course served as nothing more than filler with Cryme Tyme playing to the audience at all occasions. Santino barely got in the ring and kept up to his usual antics to get himself over. Carlito squared off with JTG, and due to Santino’s constant distractions, Carlito pretty much had control of the match.

JTG finally somehow made his way to the big man Shad who took down Carlito with ease. He then went to the opposing corner and tossed Santino in the ring and immediately got up and ran around the ring until he was clocked by JTG.

Santino rolled out and onto the apron but Shad knowing the fans wanted to see Santino get his ass handed to him grabbed him once more. Santino however draped his neck over the ropes and as a result Shad staggered into a BackStabber. Santino slid out of the ring and ran over to Cryme Tyme’s corner holding onto JTG’s ankles until Carlito made the pin.

Winners at 6:12 – Carlito & Santino

OR: 60% CR: 52% MQ: 69%

This match suffered because the crowd were still pumped up from the last one, and so this bout was seen as something of a let-down to them.

Triple Jeopardy

Triple H vs. Umaga

The crowd popped like wild as Triple H came out on stage.

Jim Ross: You have to believe that although Triple H will be facing the ‘Samoan Bulldozer’ tonight. His mind is set on one thing, the WWE Championship.

The King: And that could be a bad thing Ross, because Umaga could definitely soften him up for Survivor Series.

Jim Ross: No doubt about it, Umaga is a monster. Triple H will need to off-set Survivor Series for just this one night. Maddox was definitely smart for picking Umaga as Hunter’s opponent.

Umaga then came out on stage; receiving heavy boos from the crowd. He made his way to the ring the referee immediately having to restrain him from attacking ‘The Game’ before the match officially started. The two went face to face, and after Umaga started speaking some random Samoan the two immediately came to blows the crowd going wild.

Triple H sent Umaga to the ropes and when Umaga came bouncing back he dropped ‘The Samoan Bulldozer’s’ head on his knee. Umaga came back up and looked unaffected taking Triple H with a nasty clothesline. The clothesline could’ve easily finished the match judging from how hard he hit it, but Umaga continued his attack.

He bounced off the rope hitting the down Triple H with a falling head-butt. He stood back up and bounced off the ropes once more hitting him with a body-splash. Umaga stood up and began to scream some more random Samoan before picking up Triple H.

He placed Triple H against the ropes and then ran at him with a very unorthodox looking spear, the two pouring to the outside. Umaga whipped Triple H into the fan barrier. He then screamed once more and rushed at Triple H, Hunter however lifted Umaga over his shoulder and flipped him over into the audience section.

The action returned to the ring later in the match with Umaga and Triple H once again exchanging punches. Umaga then ran at Triple H and took him out with sheer dominance due to his upper body mass.

He lifted Triple H again and ran at him, but caught a flying knee right in the face. Triple H then taunted to the crowd. It was time for the execution. Umaga however stood to his feet and dropped Triple H with a crescent kick.

Umaga then lifted Triple H up and held his right hand in the air. If Umaga connected with the Asiatic spike, it was over. The right hand came hurling down, but Triple H grasped it with both of his hands. Triple H then tossed Umaga’s hand away and kicked him the gut dropping him with a Pedigree. The Game pinned Umaga picking up the win.

Winner at 13:51 – Triple H

OR: 83% CR: 85% MQ: 81%

Paul Burchill vs. Hardcore Holly

William Regal stood in the center of the ring while Holly paced around. He began to speak in the microphone that was handed to him moments earlier.

Regal: Ladies and gentlemen of the RAW audience. It is my pleasure to introduce a former student of mine. He success last week in his match with Cody Rhodes, but now the real test is set for him as he takes on the grizzled veteran Hardcore Holly. Allow me to introduce to you Paul Burchill!

Hardcore waited for him, but to the surprise of the audience Burchill came out from the crowd and attacked him from behind. Regal clapped for him and then left the ring as Burchill continued to dominate the fallen Hardy.

Burchill used all the cheap tactics that Regal and Dave Taylor taught him, from grinding his arm against Holly’s nose during a pin, or focusing his entire attention on specific body part. To put it simply, no rookie had ever looked this vicious against the likes of Hardcore Holly.

Holly however soon fought out of the offense, but Burchill immediately stopped Holly’s momentum with a knee to the sternum. Burchill then showed off a new moved by lifting him for what looked like a suplex, but in mid-lift dropped Holly right on his head. A more extended version of the Implant-DDT if you will.

Burchill then locked the Regal Stretch on Hardcore Holly, but due to the previous maneuver, Holly was rendered unconscious and Burchill was awarded the victory.

Winner at 5:43 – Paul Burchill

OR: 62% CR: 48% MQ: 76%

Hardcore Holly lost overness from this match.

Paul Burchill gained overness from this match

This match suffered because the crowd were still pumped up from the last one, and so this bout was seen as something of a let-down to them.

(Don’t Fear) the Reaper

Todd Grisham was seen with Maddox, but before Grisham could say anything, Maddox pushed him out of view.

Maddox: Triple H, you got lucky. That’s all there is to it. You want to believe to believe that you are that damn good, but you aren’t. You’re not me. Three time Champion and I’ve only been here two years. That’s alright Triple H, you survived your Triple Jeopardy match tonight, but you’re going to be in real jeopardy at Survivor Series, when you’re put up to the real test of facing me. Now Colt Cabana, this could’ve worked all you had to do was give me the title. I could’ve given you a fair shot any day of the week, but you want to try to play up to these people. You want to give them a reason to cheer you. Well I’ll tell you what, I wasn’t sure who I was going to choose for you to face until this man.

Randy Orton then showed up beside Maddox wearing a new Cena Killer t-shirt.

Maddox: Until this man showed me the tape. After reviewing it fully, there’s not a doubt in my mind that he’s the one responsible for injuring Cena. As a matter of fact Orton, you’ll be getting a title shot soon, because it’s an absolute TRAVESTY that you were suspended that Sunday night.

Orton: You see Kennedy, here’s a man that knows talent when he sees it. He knows just like everyone else, that it was ME who injured Cena. I’m the real hero in this show. And you say you got the last laugh…well who’s laughing now. Now Colt Cabana tonight is your turn to suffer the same fate as Cena. Then that’ll show everyone who was responsible for Cena’s injury

Maddox: Orton, I want you to punt his damn head off his shoulders.

The cameras then panned back to the ring

OR: 82%

Main Event

Triple Jeopardy

Colt Cabana vs. Randy


The crowd popped for Colt Cabana who came out on stage playing up to the crowd. He slapped fans with the crowd some of the fans even singing Barry Manilow with him. He entered into the ring waiting his opponent for the night, ‘The Legend Killer’ Randy Orton.

Jim Ross: This marks the first time these two have ever encountered each before folks. I have a feeling that this match is going to be a slobber-knocker no doubt.


Randy Orton came out on stage still sporting the Cena Killer t-shirt he had on in the segment with Maddox. He made his way down the ramp and stepped into the ring. He took the shirt off and held it up to the camera. He then said “That’s right Kennedy…ME” to the camera before tossing the shirt to the floor. The referee then sounded for the bell, the match getting underway.

Cabana and Orton immediately locked up with Orton placing Cabana in a headlock. Cabana pushed out of the headlock and sent Orton to the ropes. When Orton came back he caught a butt-thrust that sent Orton to the mat. Cabana immediately went for the pin, Orton kicking out shortly after the 1-count.

Cabana lifted Orton up, but Orton caught him with a nice surprise upper-cut. This stunned Cabana and Orton then leveled him with a standing drop-kick. Orton then began circling the fallen Cabana and stomping on him at every possible outlet. Orton then lifted Cabana up wrenching his neck and dropping down with his head-lock backbreaker. He then went for the cover on Cabana, Cabana kicking out at two.

Orton then locked Cabana in a sleeper-hold, Cabana looking like he was 100% out of it. The crowd then started to chant Cabana in hopes of giving the man some momentum. Cabana’s lifeless arm then gained movement and soon he fought to his feet. He hit Orton with a set of elbows and then wrenched out of the sleeper hold dropping Orton with a snap-suplex.

Just when it was thought that Cabana had the match in his favor though, Orton came back after poking Cabana in the eye halting whatever offense Cabana was getting. Orton then dropped Cabana with a standard DDT going for the cover, but Cabana kicked out.

Later in the match Cabana once again was making a comeback dropping Orton with a top rope missile dropkick. He then locked Orton in a single-leg Boston Crab, but Orton immediately crawled to the ropes the referee now having to force Cabana to break it up.

Cabana then backed up ready to take Orton out with a lariat, Orton ducked turned Cabana around and dropped him with an RKO. Orton was then going to for the pin.


Hearing Cena’s music caused the crowd to pop, but it ultimately stunned Orton who looked to the stage. Cabana eventually stammered to his feet and when he turned around he was dropped cold with the Colt 45. Cena’s music eventually stopped playing with Cabana picking up the victory.

Ken Kennedy then came out on stage laughing, before heading to the back again. Kennedy, like last week, got the last laugh on Orton. A dazed Orton came back to full consciousness and immediately took off down the aisle and up the ramp chasing after Kennedy.

Maddox then came from the audience and slid in and attacked Colt Cabana from behind immediately stomping on him. Triple H then fled down the aisle and went into the ring immediately exchanging punches with Maddox.

The two punched for several minutes before Triple H dropped Maddox with a knee drop, Maddox backing out of the ring and heading up the ramp. Triple H then turned around and caught a stiff Lariat from Colt Cabana. Cabana then looked up the ramp at Maddox who was holding his face from the punches and the knee drop.

Cabana then grabbed a microphone.

Cabana: Maddox, Survivor Series, YOUR TITLE IS MINE!

Cabana then dropped the microphone Barry Manilow filling the arena.

Winner at 17:23 – Colt Cabana

OR: 83% CR: 86% MQ: 78%

Cabana celebrated in the ring with a knocked out Triple H and a hurt Maddox flocking up the ramp as the screen faded to black with the WWE emblem fading in and then ultimately fading out.

Monday Night RAW OR: 77% Cable Rating: 6.04

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WWE.Com ECW on Sci-Fi Preview

The Mr. Extreme 2008 Contest has just gotten underway. We laid witness to some surprising and well earned victories last week, but Armando assured us that we’re just getting started. He was reported to have been said to expect a returning superstar who is going to make a major impact on the Mr. Extreme Contest. And the surprises don’t end there claims Estrada.

Along with that ‘The Anti-Hardcore Authority’ Matt Striker will be facing off against Stevie Richards. And of course, the main event, the second match in their best of five series. John Morrison vs. CM Punk in a 15-Minutes of Fame match. This will be an ECW you will not want to miss.

Confirmed for ECW On Sci-Fi:

Mr. Extreme 2008

Matt Striker vs. Stevie Richards

Best of Five Series – Match Two

15-Minutes of Fame

John Morrison (1) vs. CM Punk (0)

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ECW On Sci-Fi October 16th, 2007

The night kicked off with Armando Estrada standing in the ring, a nervous Colin Delaney standing beside him. Estrada wearing his best suit then proceeded to speak into his microphone once the crowd died down.

Estrada: Good evening ladies and gentlemen. Tonight do I have a show for you! You see, Mr. Extreme isn’t just about winning matches. You also need heart.

Estrada then looks over to Delaney.

Estrada: And kid, you have a lot of heart. To come in this ring every week and nearly get killed, yet show up for another match. That’s heart.

Tazz: I gotta agree with that Styles.

Estrada: So tonight, you’re getting put in the Mr. Extreme 2008 as a way to say welcome to the family.

Delaney smiles realizing he had officially become apart of the ECW roster.

Estrada: So without further ado, let’s bring out his opponent tonight.


The returning Marcus Cor Von then made his appearance on stage in usual predatory stance. He stalked his way down the ramp-way and then slid into the ring.

Mr. Extreme 2008

Marcus Cor Von vs. Colin Delaney

Cor Von immediately stepped into the ring taking Delaney’s head off of his shoulders with a sickening clothesline. Cor Von then lifted him up sending him to the ropes. Cor Von bounced off the adjacent ropes and sent Delaney crashing to the mat with The Pounce. Cor Von then covered Delaney picking up the win.

Winner at 0:13 – Marcus Cor Von

OR: 59% CR: 60% MQ: 72%

Matt Striker vs. Stevie Richards

Matt Striker came out and immediately began protesting the ultra-violent direction that ECW was going back to. He had a sign that read ‘Just Say No to Blood’. Striker then proceeded to speak on the microphone.

Striker: When I was hired in the WWE, I did not become apart of this unrivaled legacy just to put on a program with a bunch of drunks who like hurting themselves. And you people…you barbarians disgust me. You root these cretins thinking the more blood you see the better it will be. That’s disgusting and I no longer want to be a part of this. Now Stevie Richards, if you would like to partake in a regular singles match. Ten-counts and weapon disqualification then it would be a privilege to wrestle you.

Richards then came out with Striker under the impression that they were going to have a more orthodox match. Striker even extended his hand for a handshake, but Richards clocked him with a right hand sending him to the mat. Striker then slid out of the outside saying he was a smart man, because he pretty much stopped Richard’s momentum before it could go anywhere.

Richards followed outside and grabbed a chair. Once Striker saw the chair, he took off running in the other direction. Richards chased behind him and once Striker entered into the ring again, he kicked the chair into Richard’s face with a baseball slide. Striker then yelled “how’s that for hardcore?” which gave him some heat with the audience.

Striker had Richards in the ring, tying him to the turnbuckle with the tree of woe. Striker then moved to the middle of the ring and nailed him with a drop-kick right in the mush. Richards slowly but surely came flipping out of the turnbuckle. Striker went for the cover, but only received a two count.

Striker then picked up the chair from earlier, taunting to the crowd. He was going to crack him over the skull in hopes of picking up the win. He moved over to Richards who came out of no where with a surprise Stevie Kick taking Striker right off of his feet. In an almost Shawn Michaels like fashion Richards collapsed on top of Striker picking up the win.

Winner at 9:58 – Stevie Richards

OR: 59% CR: 60% MQ: 72%

Mike Knox vs. The Boogeyman

Mike Knox came out waiting for his opponent for the night. The lights went out and then a dim red covered the arena. Smoke immediately filled around the ring making it nearly impossible to see anything. Then from no where, a returning Boogeyman stood from the mist in the middle of the ring. Knox backed up into Boogeyman. He then turned around with a startled look on his face as he began punching on Boogeyman.

The punches didn’t phase him and Boogeyman kept egging him on in that masochistic sort of way. Finally Knox went for a final punch, but Boogeyman blocked it and dropped him with a solid clothesline. Boogeyman then began doing his convulsed dancing around the ring the rest of the mist finally disappearing. He then finally went to Knox and finished the match with a Supernatural Driver, making his return a success.

After the match, Boogeyman went out to get his bag of worms, but Knox got up and took off running up the ramp and into the backstage area as Boogeyman remained in the ring playing up to the audience.

Winner at 4:04 – The Boogeyman

OR: 50% CR: 56% MQ: 57%

Extreme Realist

Lena Yada was seen backstage with The Miz

Yada: I am here now with ‘The Miz’ Mike Mizanin. And Mike-

The Miz: The Miz please.

Yada: Ok, Miz, after witnessing the returns of two very strong contenders for the Mr. Extreme 2008 Contest, your odds of winning have slightly decreased. What is your game-play for your next set of matches? Especially if you have to face someone like Cor Von or The Boogeyman?

The Miz: Did you see what I did to Tommy Dreamer last week? ‘The Innovator of Violence’…Mr. ECW himself. I went in that ring and I gave him violence and damn it, The Miz came out on top! To put it bluntly, The Miz doesn’t care if your Tommy Dreamer, Marcus Cor Von, The Boogeyman, John Morrison, or CM Punk. When it comes down to it, I simply am the best thing going in ECW.

The Miz then looked at Yada a bit seriously who was starting to get nervous.

The Miz: And that’s just the grim reality of it all.

The Miz then walked off, the camera panning back to the ring.

OR: 66%

Main Event

Best of Five Series – Match Two

15-Minutes of Fame

John Morrison (1) vs. CM Punk (0)


‘The Tuesday Night Delight’ arrived on stage slowly strutting down the ramp. He looked to the camera telling CM Punk that he’s had his 15-minutes of fame. Morrison then entered the ring taunting to the crowd who responded by booing.


CM Punk then ran out on stage hyping up the crowd like he usually does during his entrance. He then ran down the walkway slapping hands with the crowd on the way to the ring. He then slid in, but was immediately stomped on by John Morrison.

First Five Minutes

Morrison continued to stomp on Punk, drop-kicking the already prone Punk in the head. Morrison then lifted him up, but Punk countered with a small package only getting a two count. Morrison angered at this immediately got up and started stomping on Punk. Morrison then moved Punk to the apron and ran off the ropes opposite of him and came back with a soccer tackle, Punk spilling to the outside. Morrison then hopped on the apron and nailed him with an Asai moonsault.

The action went back into the ring with Morrison pushing Punk into the corner hitting him with the typical set of 10-punches off the middle rope. Punk then countered with an Inverted Atomic Drop before hoisting him on his shoulders for the Go 2 Sleep. Morrison however countered by rolling off of his shoulders setting up for a pin. Morrison however flipped over Punk in mid-pin setting him up for another pin, this time Punk’s shoulders completely on the mat with his legs completely hooked by Morrison who was arching over him Morrison successfully scored a pin.

Morrison smiled as Punk sat on his knees completely surprised that Morrison got the first pinfall. Morrison ran at Punk, but Punk dropped him with a leg lariat. Morrison slid out of the ring, but Punk rushed to the ropes and dove through the middle rope sending Morrison crashing into the announce table with a suicide dive. The first five minutes already depleted.

Score: John Morrison – 1 CM Punk – 0

Second Five Minutes

The action was still on the outside with Punk sending a set of punches on Morrison on top of the ECW announce table. Punk then lifted Morrison and tossed him from the announce table. Punk then jumped off for what looked like an axe-handle smash, but Morrison leapt up taking him out with a drop kick both men both laid out on the outside.

The action finally found itself back in the ring as both men staggered to their feet. Punk began chopping Morrison’s chest, but Morrison sent the chops right back. The chop exchanged continued until Morrison hopped up and kicked Punk in the head taking both out. Morrison went for the cover again, but Punk kicked out. Morrison stood up and argued with the referee before focusing his attention back on Punk. He went for a quick clothesline, but Punk ducked and dumped him on the back of neck with a Bridged German Suplex.


Shoulder up from Morrison. Punk breaks the hold and looks at the referee and then to the crowd, in complete disbelief that Morrison got out. Punk went to lift up Morrison but caught an elbow to the stomach. Morrison then moved Punk over to the corner as Morrison sat up on the top rope going for what looked like a Tornado-DDT. When Morrison twisted around however, he landed on his feet, and then bounced back up in the air. Punk somehow managed to reverse it and lifted Morrison on his shoulders for a Go 2 Sleep. He landed it. Punk then went for the cover.



Punk just cannot believe it and now only has five-minutes to make a comeback.

Score: John Morrison – 1 CM Punk – 0

Final Five Minutes

Punk moves to the outside, going for his springboard clothesline. Once Morrison gets up, Punk goes in for the kill, but Morrison moves out of the way! Punk surprises everyone by landing on his feet. Morrison sees this and runs at Punk, hops over him and runs at the ropes hopping and bouncing off the second rope with his own springboard Asai moonsault. The referee moves in. Punk finally gets a fall tying up the match.

Three minutes left, Punk and Morrison are tied, this is anyone’s ball game. Punk signals that it’s time for the G2S. Punk lifts him up and lifts him in the air. WAIT! Just like last week Morrison blocks the knee and hits his own Corkscrew DDT. The move took everything out of them and the two are completely out of it.

Morrison however kips up on moments later ala HBK and to the dismay of the crowd. Punk is in trouble. Morrison goes in for the cover.



Morrison immediately stands up and tells the referee to count right. Morrison can’t believe it. He looks to the clock. All he has to do is stall for another minute and a half. If they tie, then the match will be thrown out, that’s at least better than losing.

Morrison begins stomping on Punk’s shoulder, trying to make it impossible for him to lift him up for the Go 2 Sleep again. He lifts Punk up and sends him to the ropes. Punk comes flying back with a clothesline.

40 seconds left and Punk notices. He needs this win to tie up the Best of Five. If this one gets thrown out that leaves Morrison with One victory and only three matches left to go. If this one gets thrown out and Morrison wins the next it would be impossible for Punk to do anything other than tie it up. That doesn’t seem so bad, but Punk has dealt with Morrison more than enough and needs to finally end this grudge.

Morrison gets up and attacks Punk from behind while he was still looking at the clock. There are now 20 seconds left on the clock. Morrison smiles and continues to stomp on him, Morrison lifts up Punk and goes for an enzuigiri. Punk ducks! 10 seconds left. Morrison staggers up and catches Punk’s patented Muay Thai combo. Punk then drops him with side slam. Punk then did something that hadn’t been seen in at least a year.

Joey Styles: He has him locked in the Anaconda Vise!

The clock was at eight seconds. All Morrison has to do was hold on for just that little bit.






The clock runs out and Punk breaks the hold. Punk has somehow pulled it off and won the 15-Minutes of Fame Match.

Final Score: CM Punk – 2 John Morrison – 1

Winner at 15:00 – CM Punk

OR: 73% CR: 84% MQ: 80%


Punk celebrated in the ring as Morrison headed up the ramp with the referee’s assistance holding on to his shoulder. Punk then grabbed a microphone.

Punk: Hey Morrison! You better spend this week trying out every submission hold in your arsenal. You see, I realized in the match, that you’ve scouted me well. You know when the G2S is coming and you know how to stop it. So I decided to go back in my book of wrestling holds and happened to pull out the recipe for the Anaconda Vise. I made you tap this week, and I’m going to make you tap next week. You and me Morrison, Submission Match!

OR: 83%

The crowd popped as Tazz and Styles played up the match

Tazz: Punk and Morrison a submission match, that’s going to be off the charts man!

Styles: I don’t think I’ve ever seen Morrison use a submission.

Tazz: Well he has a week to come up with one.

Killswitch Engage continued to play throughout the arena as ECW on Sci-Fi went off the air for the night.

ECW OR: 67% Cable Rating 3.66

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WWE.Com Friday Night SmackDown! Preview

Last week’s SmackDown! ended with questions left unanswered goes without saying. Batista came out in an explosive triple threat match featuring United States Champion MVP and the newest SmackDown! acquisition, Shelton Benjamin. Just when it was believed that Batista had finally proved his spot as the number one animal on SmackDown! The Big Show came out on stage, staring a hole into Batista.

So the question remains, will SmackDown! lay witness to the biggest athlete in sports-history clashing with ‘The Animal’ Batista for what we believe will be a first-time encounter? Looks like you’ll have to wait and see this Friday.

Speaking of ‘The Animal’, due to Benjamin’s actions of running away from the triple threat match, Teddy Long has booked a one-on-one rematch between Batista and Shelton Benjamin for Friday night.

MVP will also be defending his United States Championship against Matt Hardy in what we believe will be an explosive match-up. Also, planned is a Kane and Finlay Street Fight that will no doubt be all over the place. Also on the card, Chavo Guerrero looking to end his losing streak against Jamie Noble. This plus Jesse & Festus will be taking on Deuce N Domino in a non-title match. This makes for a combination you will not want to miss this Friday.

Confirmed for Friday Night SmackDown!

Big Show appearance

United States Championship

MVP© vs. Matt Hardy

Street Fight

Kane vs. Finlay

Chavo Guerrero vs. Jamie Noble

Jesse & Festus vs. Deuce N Domino

Batista vs. Shelton Benjamin

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WWE Friday Night SmackDown! October 19th, 2007

Street Fight

Kane vs. Finlay

Before Cole and JBL could even welcome the fans watching at home to an exciting edition of SmackDown! the camera cut to the locker-room where the roster for the most part was hooting and hollering and basically all riled up. In the middle of this riotous group you had Finlay and Kane scrapping. They really took the definition of street fight to heart, as the audience in attendance popped crazy seeing the battle unfold on the titan tron.

Finlay clearly had the upper hand as he tossed the daze Kane into the hall way. Finlay then backed up and rushed toward Kane, Kane however moved out of Finlay’s way and tossed him into the wall. Finlay came bouncing back and landing on the hard floor as the SmackDown! roster flooded out of the locker-room, continuing to watch the action.

Kane and Finlay continued their battle down the hallway, Kane hitting Finlay with a sick throat-thrust Finlay hobbling around the hallway before leaning on a table. Kane seeing this opportunity then grabbed Finlay’s head and banged it against the table. Kane continued his assault until Finlay flipped the table upward, the wood smashing into Kane. Kane then staggered back, Finlay then tossed an adjacent chair at Kane taking him off of his feet.

Finlay propped the table up against the wall and pushed Kane back before pulling him into a drop-toehold, this of course sent Kane crashing into the table as the audience and SmackDown! roster alike exclaimed their “Ewws” and “Ohhhs”

The opening match of the night was already past the ten minute mark. Finlay and Kane had disappeared from the titantron, the fans in attendance booing wondering what had happen. One section then began to pop loudly as Finlay and Kane began battling up near the cheap seats. Kane caught Finlay with another throat-thrust, Finlay rolling down a small flight of stairs before coming to a complete stop.

Kane walked toward him and Finlay seeing a fan with popcorn snatched the bag from his face and tossed it at Kane. This distracted Kane long enough to pull the shillelagh from his singlet and crack Kane over the head. Finlay then dragged Kane down the rest of the flight of stairs tossing him over the barrier.

Finlay then cracked Kane in the sternum with the shillelagh once more, Kane staggering near the announce table. Finlay saw this as another open opportunity and ran at Kane. Kane however lifted him into the air and sent him crashing through the SmackDown! Announce Table. A little over 15-minutes into SmackDown! and the announce table was already destroyed. This was a sign of things to come.

This was enough to toss the out of it Finlay in the ring. Kane then stalked his prey, waiting for him to get to his feet. Finlay did just that and Kane grasped his hand around Finlay’s neck. Finlay then kicked him in the stomach stopping the chokeslam. Finlay smiled and grabbed the shillelagh once more. He ran at Kane again, ‘The Big Red Machine’ surprising him by grasping his throat again and dropping him with a sick chokeslam. Kane covered Finlay picking up the first victory of the night.

Winner at 17:10 – Kane

OR: 79% CR: 76% MQ: 83%

The Big Chill

After the chaos ended between Kane and Finlay, Cole and JBL began to speak at their now dismantled table.

Cole: Now that’s how you kick off Friday Night SmackDown! What a match!

JBL: Teddy Long is sick! Something must be done to stop this dictator’s maniacal ways. This is not ECW, this barbaric violence needs to stop and someone needs to do it soon!


The Big Show then came out on stage, the crowd popping pretty wildly. It had been a while since anyone had seen The Big Show in a WWE, and to be quite honest, he looked to be in much better shape than his last outing.

Show smiled to the fans and even slapped hands with a few of them, well, one thing is for certain, whatever Show was here for; it was not to upset or piss off the crowd. Big Show then stepped into the ring.

The Big Show: I’m baaaaack…

The crowd began chanting “welcome back!”

The Big Show: Man have I missed this! SmackDown! It’s been a while since I’ve been here. I must say, damn does it feel good to be back! But I know as much as you miss hearing this voice that that’s not what you want to hear. What you want to hear is why I’m back. Well, Batista, you said something last week that really peaked my interest. You’re going back to kicking ass and taking names. You know I thought about it and I looked back at my ECW tenure…man was I a little *****. I had flunkies doing everything for me just to make sure I remained on top. I think that hiatus opened my eyes, because the Ass-Kicking Giant that you all loved to see is back! And Batista…they say you’ve done it all, they say you’ve beaten all challengers. And well, I saw what you did to The Great Khali. You may have beaten that giant, but you haven’t beaten this one. And there’s a major difference, I actually wrestle.

The crowd gave a slight “Ohhh” pop hearing Big Show insult another wrestler on camera.

The Big Show: So, Batista, I’m going to make this real simple. There’s a Pay-Per-View around the corner called Survivor Series. Now I know Raw is hyping up a triple threat, but let’s give the crowd something they really want to see, a battle of the titans, ‘The Animal’ Batista against ‘The Largest Athlete in Sports Entertainment History’ The Big Show.


Batista then came out in his wrestling garb indicating that he was preparing for his match-up with Shelton Benjamin later on in the evening.

Batista: I told you guys last week that I was going back to basics. I could spend a few minutes going through the details, I could waste time trying to put extra hype into myself, but I’m just going to cut it right to the point: I ACCEPT!

Cole: Batista and Big Show at Survivor Series! That’s going to be a match for the ages.

JBL: Only on SmackDown! will you be able to see a match like that.

OR: 77%

Jamie Noble vs. Chavo Guerrero

This was the typical solid under-card match with fans not caring either way for the most part. They did make it known that they disliked Chavo for he got a small set of heat anytime he got any offense on Jamie Noble.

Jamie Noble tried to go for the quick pin with a small package, but Chavo Guerrero broke free and immediately began to put the boots to Noble. He lifted Noble and then followed with an Irish whip. Noble reversed it and leapt in the air going for a drop kick. Chavo grabbed the ropes and Noble crashed to the mat. Chavo then went for the cover, but Noble kicked out at two.

The match wasn’t necessarily long, but there was enough action to satisfy anyone who was a fan of work-rate. The two chain-wresteled on and off which got some attention from the fans. The ending came when Noble jumped on Guerrero’s shoulders for a hurracanranna, but Chavo reversed with a power-bomb picking up a win finally.

After the match Chavo celebrated in the ring, finally happy with his success.

Winner at 7:39 – Chavo Guererro

OR: 77% CR: 65% MQ: 89%

United States Championship

MVP© vs. Matt Hardy

MVP came out on stage jaw-jacking to the crowd, picking up some major heat from those in attendance for the night’s SmackDown! Matt Hardy then came out on stage to a considerable pop. MVP wasted no time in attacking Hardy, but Hardy fought back hitting MVP with a set of rights before clotheslining him out of the ring. Hardy then took off his shirt and tossed to the outside before leaping over the top rope and crashing down on MVP.

Hardy then tossed MVP back in the ring, going for an early pin, but MVP kicked out shortly after two. Matt Hardy then picked up MVP and went for a side-effect. MVP however sent elbows to the head and positioned himself to the side of Hardy dropping him with a nice looking Russian Legsweep.

MVP was now in control of the match and began putting the boots to Hardy. He pushed Hardy near the ropes and placed his foot on Hardy’s throat clenching the top rope as he began choking him. The ref went for the typical five-count before MVP eventually let go. After letting go, MVP once again did the same tactic until the referee finally pulled MVP off of Hardy much to the delight of the crowd.

Matt Hardy was then positioned in the corner by MVP who moved to the middle of the ring and clocked Hardy with his running Yakuza kick. Hardy lay motionless before collapsing to the mat. MVP went for the cover, but Hardy miraculously kicked out at two, MVP soon arguing with the referee soon after.

MVP lifted Hardy up and signaled for the Playmaker. Up the torque though, Matt hardy twirled around and pulled MVP in for a makeshift DDT. Hardy was getting pumped up as lifted his arms for the V1 pose. He then stalked MVP who was making his way up. Matt Hardy successfully nailed a Side-Effect, MVP surprisingly kicking out a little after two…Matt Hardy almost had it in the bag.

Hardy couldn’t believe it and immediately moved to MVP, going for a Twist of Fate. Once Hardy twisted to complete the move, MVP pushed him away. Hardy then came back at MVP, but the United States Champion somehow countered with a Playmaker. MVP then hooked the leg, picking up a victory.

Winner and still United States Champion at 13:29 - MVP

OR: 78% CR: 80% MQ: 76%

The WWE United States Title has gained in image.

Fools Gold

MVP then got up and grabbed Matt Hardy tossing him out of the ring. MVP then asked for a microphone before beginning to speak.

MVP: Hey Shelton Benjamin! You’re a punk! Not only did you run away from the match last week, but you somehow get a rematch. Benjamin, you ruined my World Heavyweight Championship chances. I’m BETTER than you, I’m BETTER than Batista. You saw that, you let Batista get the advantage and you left just like a little chump. So now Batista thinks that he’s the top-dog. ‘The Gold Standard’…man that’s a joke! If anyone deserves a rematch, it’s me! And you can take that to the bank!

MVP then dropped the microphone his theme-song playing in the arena before he finally left the ring.

OR: 78%

The Big Show Already Left…

The camera panned backstage where The Big Show is seen walking backstage, before coming across Zack Ryder who’s leaning against the wall.

Ryder: Big Show huh? The Big Show already left when Edge left to tend to his injuries.

Big Show stopped and looked at him.

Big Show: And who are you…?

Ryder: The Big Show…more like the Big Joke. I don’t see what they see in you, you’re not Edge, you’re not the Rated-R Superstar, you’re simply not great.

Big Show then lunged at Ryder grasping his hand around his throat.

Big Show: After I’m through kicking your ass tonight, I’ll be sure to break that little twig Edge when he comes back.

Out of no where Curt Hawkins shows up smashing a chair into Big Show’s back. The Rated-R Revival then double team Big Show before the officials get to the back to break it up.

Ryder: You’re on. We’ll see you in the ring…

OR: 68%

Big Show lost overness from this segment

Curt Hawkins gained overness from this segment

Zack Ryder gained overness from this segment.

Jesse & Festus vs. Deuce N Domino

This was simply put another filler to get the new team of Jesse and Festus over. Once the bell rung, Festus pretty much dismantled Deuce N Domino before they even had any kind of chance of getting some kind of cohesive plan together.

Festus took Deuce’s head off with a nasty lariat that sent Deuce rolling to the outside. Domino then ate nothing but mat after a nasty Gorilla Press Slam. Festus then tagged in Jesse who covered the lifeless Domino, Jesse and Festus picking up another win.

Winner at 2:01 – Jesse & Festus

OR: 58% CR: 53% MQ: 64%

Deuce lost overness from this match

Domino lost overness from this match

Festus gained overness from this match

Jesse gained overness from this match

Batista vs. Shelton Benjamin


Shelton Benjamin made his way on stage with that cocky smile. He then looked to the camera asking MVP how is back was referencing the sickening Batista Bomb the US Champ caught from Batista last week. Benjamin then hopped on the apron waiting for his opponent.

Saliva then blared through the arena, the fans getting on their feet as ‘The Animal’ Batista made his way on stage. He did his usual taunts, the set of pyros going off throughout the arena. The World Heavyweight Champion then slapped hands with the audience members before making his way down the walkway and into the ring. Once he stepped on the apron, he caught a superkick from Benjamin that sent him to the outside.

Since the referee hadn’t rung the bell to start the match, Benjamin grabbed a chair and went toward ‘The Animal’ Benjamin lifted the chair in the air, but was dropped with a spear from Batista. Batista then tossed Benjamin into the ring, the referee ringing the bell.

Benjamin immediately got to his knees holding his hands up telling Batista to wait a minute. Batista then began sending right hands in ‘The Gold Standard’s’ direction backing Benjamin into a corner. Batista then climbed the top rope and delivered a 10-count punch. Batista hopped off the ropes and taunted to the crowd as Benjamin came crashing down on the mat.

Benjamin made his way to the apron, ready to leave the ring again, Batista went after him, but Benjamin fooled him by draping his neck across the top rope. Batista bounced up and hit the mat clenching his throat. Benjamin then slid into the ring and began stomping on the prone ‘Animal’ before clenching on a sleeper-hold to keep ‘The Animal’ grounded.

Clapping could be heard through the arena, the crowd was trying to give Batista some support in hopes of building some momentum for him. Batista got to his feet and somehow lifted Benjamin off of his feet. Benjamin started shaking his head really rapidly screaming no. Batista then grabbed hold of Benjamin’s legs and dropped him with a side-slam, the slam took everything out of the two competitors.

Batista then got back up to his feet moments later and played up to the crowd, by shaking the ropes signaling for a Batista Bomb. He waited for Benjamin to get up and once he did, Benjamin surprisingly dropped him with that new Inverted Bulldog he had showcased on ECW once or twice.

Benjamin then went for the cover.


Batista gets the shoulder up at the last second. Benjamin can’t believe this. He then places his hand on the top rope waiting for Batista to get up. He was going to go for that running Yakuza kick and ultimately finish off the match.

Once Batista got up, Benjamin rushed at him, but Batista countered with a vicious spear. The two were back out of it again both men laying prone on the mat while the referee was counting to ten.







Benjamin is back to his feet as is Batista. Benjamin goes for a super-kick, but Batista catches it. Batista spins him around which everyone knows what’s coming next, The Dragon Whip, but wait no, once Benjamin comes back in full swing, Batista lifts him up with a SpineBuster. Batista then gets back up to his feet and shakes the ropes.

Batista stalks Benjamin, and ‘The Gold Standard’ seeing what’s next slides out of the ring and heads up the ramp once again. However, MVP comes out from behind and grabs Benjamin tossing him back into the ring. Benjamin stands up and begins arguing with MVP. Benjamin then backs up feeling a big mass behind him.

MVP smiles as Benjamin just looks down at the mat and says damn. When he turns around he gets kicked in the gut and catches a massive Batista Bomb. Batista then covers ‘The Gold Standard’, picking up the victory.

Winner at 14:27 - Batista

OR: 80% CR: 83% MQ: 76%

Main Event

The Big Show vs. The Rated R-Revival


‘The World’s Largest Athlete’ came out on stage, the crowd popping as he made his way to the ring with a very pissed off look on his face.

JBL: I’ve been in the ring with that man Cole, you do not want to piss him off.

Cole: Well The Rated-R Revival did just that tonight when they assaulted him backstage.

JBL: It was smart at the time, but I think it will be those two young kids who will pay the ultimate price.

Alter-Bridge then hit the arena’s PA System, as Zack Ryder came out on stage. Curt Hawkins came from the audience moving into attack Big Show behind. Big Show saw this coming and grabbed Hawkins and tossed him from the ring.

Ryder then ran down the ramp way and into the ring running right into Big Show who caught him by the throat. Big Show then lifted the man in the air for a chokeslam, but Hawkins clipped Show in the back of the leg taking him to one knee.

Hawkins and Ryder then began to punch, kick, claw, stomp…basically do anything they possibly could to keep Big Show grounded. They were told constantly by the referee that this was a tag styled handicap match, but Rated-R Revival didn’t abide by those rules realizing that the numbers game would be better in their favor, so the referee ultimately gave up in telling one of them to go to the apron.

Show was still on one knee as both Ryder and Hawkins hooked his head and dropped him with a DDT. The two then covered Show, but Show tossed them off of him shortly after the one count.

Hawkins and Ryder backed in the corner standing side by side in disbelief of Show’s strength. Big Show then stood up and hyped up the crowd by yelling and telling them to come on.

Hawkins ran at Show and caught a Big Boot. Ryder ran at Show and caught a clothesline. Show then lifted up Hawkins going for another chokeslam. Ryder grabbed the referee, while Hawkins took advantage of this and kicked Show right between the legs.

Big Show was back on the knees as both Ryder and Hawkins delivered stereo drop kicks to Big Show’s head, the crowd exclaiming “Oh” at the impact. Ryder went for the cover, but Show tossed him off. Hawkins went for the cover, but Show tossed him off. They both then went for the cover at the same time again, but Show tossed them off.

Show got back up to his feet with a very pissed off look as both men came charging at him. Show dropped both of them by extending his arms and dropping both with clotheslines. Show then walked on both of them, the crowd popping at this move.

Show then grabbed Ryder and lifted him over his head tossing him to the outside of the ring. Hawkins got back to his feet and began fighting with Show. His punches and kicks were not fazing the big man, and eventually Show ringed Hawkins’ neck with his hand. Show lifted him in the air for a Show Stopper, but Ryder miraculously made it back in the ring slamming a chair in Big Show’s back, the referee ringing the bell for disqualification.

The two continued their assault on Big Show, Ryder hitting show with a chair once more while Hawkins continued to pummel on him.


The crowd instantly popped as Batista ran down the ramp and into the ring. He dropped Ryder with a spear and then delivered a nasty SpineBuster to Hawkins. Batista then grabbed the top rope shaking on it signaling for the Batista Bomb.

Batista stalked Hawkins as Ryder slowly got back up to his feet. Before Ryder could even move to Batista, Show grabbed by the neck and lifted him in the air. Batista then placed Hawkins between his leg and lifted him in the air dropping him with a Batista Bomb all the while Big Show destroyed Ryder with a Showstopper.

The crowd popped at the stereo finishers, but as Batista got back up to his feet Big Show went face to face with him telling him he didn’t need his help. Meanwhile Ryder and Hawkins were being helped out of the ring.

Winner at 13:47 – The Big Show

OR: 56% CR: 46% MQ: 66%

This match suffered because the crowd were still pumped up from the last one, and so this bout was seen as something of a let-down to them.

Big Show and Batista continued to stare at each other face to face without saying a word to one another.

Cole: Things are just picking up between these two. Who knows what could happen at Survivor Series!

JBL: I would not want to miss next week’s SmackDown! things are bound to explode between these two.

The camera focused on the two one more time, before Friday Night SmackDown! eventually came to an end

Friday Night SmackDown! OR: 71% Cable Rating: 6.09

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Wrestlezone.com News & Reports

-Santino Marella suffered a major neck injury working a house show this past Saturday. The diagnosis isn’t official yet, but word in the offices indicate that Marella will be out of action from eight months to a year. This injury definitely cripples RAW’s tag division as management was really wanting to push them to newer heights after the work London & Kendrick and The Redneck Wrecking Crew had been putting on. With the Carlito & Santino tag-push scrapped, expect a major singles push for Carlito in the near future.

-Management is very satisfied with the positive responses Colt’s face-turn has been receiving. Expect a prominent future for the youngster in WWE.

-When asked about the declining Main Event scene in SmackDown! the writers were reported as saying that they know the fans don’t see SmackDown! as an equal with RAW in terms of drawing power, but they said by the end of the year SmackDown! would be HUGE. We have no idea what this means of yet.

-It’s still too early to tell who is being groomed for the Mr. Extreme 2008, but we’re told that to make ECW more credible not to expect guys to just job for the sake of putting over. We’ve been seeing quality matches on the program, so if this is a sign of things to come, ECW could be a pretty solid show by ’08.

-Everyone in the back has so far been impressed with the work of Morrison and Punk. One big name in the back was reported as saying you’re looking at the future of the business in that ring.

-Survivor Series is three weeks away, and thus far only two matches have been etched in. Expect these next couple of weeks to set forth more Survivor Series possibilities.

WWE.Com Week In Review

Monday Night RAW:

William Regal did not disappoint as he added a new idea driving toward the Triple Threat at Survivor Series. He calls it the Triple Jeopardy where each combatant in the triple threat gets to pick their opponents for that week. Maddox being the champion had the first go, and he picked Umaga as Triple H’s opponent and Randy Orton as Colt Cabana’s.

To say the least both individuals had their work cut out for them, with

‘The Samoan Bulldozer’ never ceasing his rampage and with Randy Orton claiming to be the one who put Cena out of his misery. The night was definitely going to be one worth talking about.

Triple H met Umaga square in the ring. The two wasted no time in going at it, even taking the action to the outside. One highlight featured Triple H tossing Umaga into the crowd. This only fueled Umaga’s fire and he immediately brought the fight back to ‘The Game’. Just when it was believed that Triple H had the match lost, he came back with a devastating Pedigree and picked up the victory.

Mr. Kennedy and Jeff Hardy had an exciting match-up as the fans got to witness a No Mercy rematch for the Intercontinental Championship. Kennedy and Hardy went back and forth with no man really having control of the match over the other. When Kennedy believed he had the victory in his hands, none other than Randy Orton came out and pulled the referee out of the ring. Hardy then proceeded to seize the opportunity and pick up the win.

The Main Event of the night featured Colt Cabana and Randy Orton. The fans are really starting to show their support for the former WWE Champion as Cabana came out to a nice ovation. Orton though made short work of that and began to work him over.

Cabana and Orton fought all over the ring, but Orton finally silenced him for the WWE Champion Maddox. When Orton was about to execute Cabana for the finish, John Cena’s music blared throughout the arena. This immediately shook up the self-proclaimed Cena killer who shocking looked toward the stage. This distracted Orton enough for Colt to pull of the victory.

Kennedy then came out revealing that it was he who would get the last laugh of the night. Orton then left the ring and immediately chased Kennedy up the ramp. Maddox then came out from behind and attacked Cabana. This led to Triple H coming out. The three brawled, but ultimately Cabana came out on top picking up the victory.

Monday Night RAW Quick Results:

-Beth Phoenix d. Mickie James to retain the Women’s Championship

-Jeff Hardy d. Mr. Kennedy to retain the WWE Intercontinental Championship

-Carlito & Santino d. Cryme Tyme

-Triple H d. Umaga

Paul Burchill d. Hardcore Holly

Colt Cabana d. Randy Orton

Friday Night SmackDown!

Before Friday Night SmackDown! could properly begin, Kane and Finlay were found exchanging in a full-on fist fight in the SmackDown! locker-room, the officials having no other choice but to start the street fight. After several minutes of fighting, the two finally brought their match to the ring. The brawl only continued to pick up from there, but Kane ultimately won the fight.

After such a violent match, The Big Show then came out and made his intentions clear. He wanted to prove that Batista hadn’t beaten everyone on the roster and set forth a challenge at Survivor Series. Batista too made it very simple, he accepts, making Batista and The Big Show’s World Heavyweight Championship match the second match on the Survivor Series card.

Later in the night, Big Show was confronted by Curt Hawkins and Zach Ryder, the Rated-R Revival. They proclaimed that Edge was the real big show and after a couple of minutes of insults, Show had enough and grabbed Ryder. Hawkins proceeded to come out of no where and level Show with a chair. This set up the Main Event for the night.

In United States Championship action, MVP proceeded to go over Matt Hardy and then addressed the cowardice of Shelton Benjamin, not understanding why he would leave the ring and ruin any chances of MVP getting the World Heavyweight Championship. He was very angered that Benjamin even got another high-profile match with the champion.

This led to MVP coming out during Batista and Benjamin’s match tossing him back into the ring, once Benjamin tried to leave. It seems things are getting very personal between Benjamin and MVP. And with both at odds with each other, who knows where things could lead?

The Main Event finally got underway, and the Rated-R Revival used their numbers advantage to stay ahead of The Big Show. Anytime, Show got some sort of control in the match, Rated-R Revival would aggressively use double-team tactics. Show finally had enough and was about to deliver a Show Stopper when Ryder got disqualified by hammering Show with a chair.

The two continued their two on one until the World Heavyweight Champion made his way out on stage and took off down the ramp. He immediately fought with both men until Show made it back to his feet. In a moment the SmackDown! audience will never forget, Show and Batista dropped both Rated-R Revival member simultaneously with a Batista Bomb and Show Stopper.

Show then immediately got in Batista’s face saying he didn’t need help as the two stood their going eye to eye for several minutes until SmackDown! went off the air. One thing is for sure, Show and Batista will make for one solid Main Event at Survivor Series.

Friday Night SmackDown! Quick Results:

-Kane d. Finlay

-Chavo Guerrero d. Jamie Noble

-MVP d. Matt Hardy to retain the United States Championship

-Jesse & Festus d. Deuce N Domino in a Non-Title match

-Batista d. Shelton Benjamin in a Non-Title match

-Big Show d. Rated-R Revival

ECW on Sci-Fi

ECW General Manager Armando Estrada kicked off the night with Colin Delaney. He starts off by saying Mr. Extreme is not only about who is winning the most matches. It’s about who’s putting their heart into the sport. He said Colin Delaney exemplifies and individual who is putting a lot of heart into his matches. He then announces that Colin has a spot in Mr. Extreme 2008 and has an opponent to face.

His opponent makes his way out surprising everyone as they all learn that it’s the returning Marcus Cor Von. Marcus Cor Von makes quick waste of Delaney by sending him flying across the ring with a Pounce.

‘The Anti-Hardcore Authority’ Matt Striker came out and asked his opponent, Stevie Richards, if he would accept a regular rules match. Richards immediately clocked Striker and took it to the outside. One of the highlighted moments in the match is when Striker sent a chair crashing into Richard’s face with a baseball slide. Richards ultimately got the win with a nice Stevie Kick.

Mike Knox then came out, ready for his opponent. The lights dimmed out and we soon all discovered that The Boogeyman had come back to ECW. He dropped Knox with a super-natural driver and picked up the win. He then headed outside grabbing his bag of worms as Knox stood up and took off up the ramp getting away from The Boogeyman.

With all these returns you’d have to wonder with some of the ECW Extremist’s might be thinking. Well, The Miz happened to share his thoughts saying he didn’t care what ECW athlete it was. They were not beating him when it came to being crowned Mr. Extreme 2008. It seems like The Miz firmly believes he will be the one coming out on top.

Finally it was time for the long-awaited 15-Minutes of Fame Iron Man Match. Nitro got the first fall after countering the Go 2 Sleep into a pin. Punk now had to step up the game, and eight minutes into the match, he finally nailed a Go 2 Sleep. Morrison surprised everyone when he placed his leg on the rope. Punk still down 1 with only five minutes left.

Twelve minutes into the match, Punk miraculously comes back with an Asai moonsault tying up the match 1-1. Morrison then realizes that he needs to stall in order to throw out the match and leave the Best of Five series 1-0 with only three matches left to in their set.

Morrison stalled for the most part of the fight, grounding Punk every now and then. Ten seconds left, Punk mounts a comeback and pulls something out of his arsenal we had not seen in a while, The Anaconda Vise. With around four seconds left on the clock, Morrison taps out and Punk wins with a 2-1 victory.

After the match Punk made it clear what match he was going to choose: submissions only. You do not want to miss ECW On Sci-Fi this coming Tuesday when these two square off in a submission match.

ECW On Sci-Fi Quick Results:

-Marcus Cor Von d. Colin Delaney

-Stevie Richards d. Matt Striker

-The Boogeyman d. Mike Knox

-CM Punk (1) d. John Morrison (1) in Match Two of The Best of Five Series – 15 Minutes of Fame: CM Punk – 2 John Morrison – 1

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WWE.Com Monday Night RAW Preview

William Regal’s Triple Jeopardy is still in full effect, and since last week was Maddox’s go, and tonight is none other than Triple H’s. He immediately set forth a Maddox and Jeff Hardy Main Event. Maddox went on the record saying he would refuse to face Jeff Hardy again unless he could take Hardy’s gold as well. Regal believing it would make the Main Event much more interesting booked Jeff Hardy and Maddox for the Intercontinental Championship.

As far as Colt Cabana goes, Triple H has made Snitsky the opponent of his choosing. Will Colt Cabana be able to stop the maniacal Snitsky? Or will Snitsky make Colt Cabana into another one of his helpless victims?

Regal has also promised that he will address this issue between Ken Kennedy and Randy Orton? Will we be seeing a possible match-up between the two? We’ll only know on tonight’s Raw.

Expect another exciting tag team match as The Redneck Wrecking Crew defend their World Tag Team Championships against London & Kendrick again. They had a solid match two weeks ago, and it’s a sure thing that this will be just as good. Paul Burchill is also expected to be in competition tonight.

This looks to be another exciting edition of RAW; you will not want to miss out!

Confirmed for Monday Night RAW:

World Tag Team Championships

Redneck Wrecking Crew© vs. London & Kendrick

Paul Burchill in action

Triple Jeopardy

Colt Cabana vs. Snitsky

Triple Jeopardy

WWE Intercontinental Championship

Jeff Hardy© vs. Maddox

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Monday Night RAW October 22nd, 2007

Jim Ross and The King welcomed everyone to Monday Night RAW. They then ran down the card for the night, paying special attention to the Triple Jeopardy matches. The Redneck Wrecking Crew’s theme song then played over the PA system, the World Tag Champs coming out on stage and making their way to the ring. The first match of the night getting started.

World Tag Team Championships

Redneck Wrecking Crew© vs. Paul London & Brian Kendrick

Kendrick and London once again used their tandem offense to keep the Champs at bay. London went for an early school boy trying to pick up the win, but Murdoch kicked out. London then went to tag in Kendrick who floored Murdoch with a springboard drop kick. Another pin, but Murdoch once again kicked out at two.

Cade finally got the tag in and nailed Kendrick with a clothesline taking him off of his feet. He then ran at London and knocked him from the apron before going back to the fallen Kendrick and going for the pin, but once again only getting a two.

London & Kendrick went back to their double-team offense, but Murdoch caught London with a clothesline. Kendrick ducked and bounced off the rope catching Murdoch with a nice hurricanrana. Cade stepped into the ring, but London caught him with a dropsault splashing on Murdoch in the process.

Cade was back to his feet, London runs at Cade, Cade catches him with an inverted atomic drop. He waits for Murdoch to connect with the boot; Murdoch is out from the previous move. Kendrick then bounces off the ropes speeding toward London and Cade. London moves away and Kendrick catches Cade with a missle drop-kick. London then flips over Cade hooking his legs for a pin, but still only a 2-count.

The end finally comes when London goes to the top for a moonsault. Cade moves out of the way, so London backflips off the top rope landing on his feet. Cade then runs at him and takes him out with a vicious lariat from behind. The Redneck Wrecking Crew solidifying themselves as the ultimate tag-team.

Winners and still World Tag Team Champions at 10:12 – The Redneck Wrecking Crew

OR: 78% CR: 67% MQ: 89%

The World Tag Team titles have gained in image

Maniac’s Not Permitted on the Cabana-Rama Express

Colt Cabana was seen backstage with Todd Grisham the fans instantly cheering for Cabana.

Todd Grisham: Colt, tonight you will be facing off against one of the most feared men on the RAW roster. Snitsky has made it clear that he loves hurting people, and I doubt he’s going to make an exception for you. How is this going to deter you from your Survivor Series mindset?

Colt Cabana: Todd Todd Todd. TODDY! Man…take a chill…relax…jump on the Cabana-Rama Express. What’s that? You see, it used to be the Dude Love Express until Maddox…who I thought was my best-friend by the way…just had to turn his back on the only guy who actually liked him in the locker-room. Snitsky…you’re a maniac, I get it, but I’M PISSED OFF. You see Snitz, I had the WWE Championship…my name was going to be shared with all the greats…Hulk Hogan, Ric Flair, Sammartino, Diesel…

Cabana then paused and counted his fingers saying the names to himself.

Colt Cabana: One of those don’t belong there, but you get the point! I had a chance, I had a chance to prove my worth, but Maddox…you took that, so all that’s been going on in this head is revenge and pain. And well Snitz…you like hurting people and you like pain huh? Well I guess I finally found someone to take just a little of my frustration out on.

Cabana then nodded and walked away, the camera segueing to Mr. Regal’s office

OR: 92%

Ego’s Collide

Inside of Regal’s office, Randy Orton and Mr. Kennedy were spotted. The two were already yelling at one another for the antics pulled off between the two for the last two weeks.

Regal: Enough of this! Look, I get it, Orton you want to hurt Kennedy. Kennedy you want to hurt Orton. I told you Kennedy that I would consider putting you two in a match if you could act like a team. You deserted him in that ring two weeks ago, so I thought that was decided. But you two just won’t stay out of each other’s way so I decided. Kennedy and Orton…you two will have a match at Survivor Series.

Mr. Kennedy: Finally someone with brains around this joint!

Regal: But, it will not be a one on one match. I talked it out with Mr. Long and Mr. Estrada, and they’re ok with it. So, I’ve decided at Survivor Series, it will be Team Kennedy against Team Orton.

Orton: What! Are you out of your mind! I just want Kennedy man to man!

Regal: Yes, I understand, but you’re not getting that Orton. Now as I said, I talked to Long and Estrada, and you two have full rights to acquire any of their talent for your respective teams. I wish the two of you the best of luck.

Regal then stepped away and left the office.

Mr. Kennedy: I can tell you who already has the winning team.

Orton: Is that so? Do you think you can even get a team together?

Mr. Kennedy: Oh yeah! In fact, I bet I get a team member tonight.

Orton: Kennedy, face it, no one in this locker-room likes you.

Mr. Kennedy: Oh, they may not like me, but they hate you.

Kennedy then smiled and left the office as Orton stood there with a smug look on his face.

OR: 72%

Triple Jeopardy

Colt Cabana vs. Snitsky

Snitsky was already pacing around the ring as Barry Manilow filled the arena, the fans immediately responding with a heavy wave of cheers. Cabana came out on stage and paced down the walkway looking down at Snitsky.

Snitsky stood in the ring only smiling waiting for his next victim to get inside the ring. Cabana then took off running into the ring clobbering Snitsky with a set of punches. Cabana continued his punches, but Snitsky began fighting back.

Cabana then went for an Irish Whip, but Snitsky flung him against the ropes instead. When Cabana bounced back he caught a nasty boot in the face. Snitsky didn’t even attempt to go for a pin, and only continued to beat down on Cabana.

Cabana lay motionless in the corner, as Snitsky stood on him and clung to the top rope pushing up. The referee tried breaking the hold up, but Snitsky tossed him away. Cabana then used the middle rope to get to his feet kicking Snitsky in the gut. Cabana then hopped on the middle rope and dropped Snitsky with a tornado DDT.

Cabana went for the cover, but Snitsky got out of it.

Cabana was unsure on how to down a monster like Snitsky, but Snitsky sure wasn’t going to give him any time. He grabbed Cabana and tossed him outside of the ring, Cabana bouncing against the RAW Announce Table.

Snitsky stepped out, but Cabana immediately slid back into the ring. Snitsky slid into the ring, but Cabana slid out. Snitsky slid out, and Cabana slid back in. This practice continued as Cabana got over with the crowd, the audience just laughing at his antics.

When Snitsky finally got in the ring at the same time as Colt, Colt signified a time-out trying to figure out to stop a monster like Snitsky. Cabana then rolled under a clothesline from Snitsky. Snitsky turned around and ran at Cabana. Cabana moved out of the way and Snitsky came crashing into the corner.

Cabana then slid out of the ring and talked to a fan. He told the fan to hand his empty bag of popcorn. Cabana crumbled the wrapper and threw it at the referee. The referee patted the back of his head and turned to see who threw it. Cabana pointed at the fan, and the referee moved outside to basically warn the guy if he did it again, he’d be removed from the arena.

Cabana then grabbed a chair and slid into the ring cracking Snitsky over the head. Snitsky moved from the corner apparently unaffected. Cabana then kicked Snitsky between the legs and dropped the chair on the mat. He followed this up by DDTing Snitsky. He then slid the chair out of the ring and covered Snitsky telling the referee to get back in the ring.

The referee slid inside the ring again and counted the pin, Cabana winning his Triple Jeopardy match.

Winner at 10:52 – Colt Cabana

OR: 78% CR: 80% MQ: 74%

A Savage Among Survivors

DH Smith came out for his match with Mr. Kennedy. Kennedy’s music hit as the man came out on stage with a HUGE smile on his face.

Mr. Kennedy: Hey, kid, I know I was supposed to be your opponent for the night, but there’s been a huge change in plans.

Jim Ross: What’s he talking about?

Mr. Kennedy: Hey Orton! I couldn’t find my first partner by tonight? Well allow me to introduce you…and you too DH Smith…to the first member of Team Kennedy. UUUMMMMAGGGA

The Samoan Savage then came out on stage and immediately marched down the ramp much to the dismay of Smith.

OR: 82%

Umaga vs. DH Smith

Umaga immediately took DH Smith off of his feet with a superkick. He then sent Smith to the ropes and flattened him with a Samoan drop. He lifted Smith back to his feet and power-whipped Smith into the turnbuckle. Umaga then runs into the corner splashing on Smith.

Smith is now folded over in the corner and Umaga ran at him smashing Smith in the head with the Samoan Wrecking Ball. Kennedy stands on the apron and tells him to do it one more time and Umaga complies.

Umaga then picks up Smith and takes him out with a Samoan Spike, he covers the youngster and picks up the victory.

Winner at 3:01 – Umaga

OR: 69% CR: 64% MQ: 75%

There Is No Jeopardy

Before Grisham could even be told to beat it, he handed Maddox the microphone and just walked off.

Maddox: Someone has finally trained the monkey to do the right thing. Attaboy Grisham. Triple H…tonight is your night to set up the Triple Jeopardy. It seems there has already been a flaw in your plan as Cabana has defeated Snitsky. Triple H, you must be an idiot. I beat Jeff Hardy two weeks ago. Why would you put him against me again? I get it, this must be a gift. I mean two Championship Belts after all are better than one. I can’t wait for Survivor Series, so I can lay waste to both you and Cabana and prove to the two of you who the very best in the business is. Maddox then held his WWE Championship to the camera and walked off.

OR: 94%

Maddox gained overness from this segment

Paul Burchill vs. Hardcore Holly

Burchill was in the ring and for the first time since his return, he grabbed a microphone.

Burchill: For the last two weeks, I have ran through my opponents. Last week, I decimated Hardcore Holly. Tonight, I want a challenge. Who backstage wants to fight the very best RAW has to offer?

This led to Hardcore Holly running down the ramp and immediately taking Burchill off of his feet and laying into him with some punches. The referee tried to get Holly off of him, but Holly just told him to screw off as he continued to punch Burchill left and right.

Holly then stood up and began stomping on Burchill, finally picking him up and tossing him to the outside. Holly lifted Burchill and whipped him into the steel steps, but Burchill reversed as Holly flipped over the steel steps crashing to the floor. Burchill then took the steps and placed them over Holly’s arm before hopping back on the apron and stepping on the steel steps crushing Holly’s arm in the process.

Burchill took the action back into the ring and effectively ended the match by applying an arm-bar on the arm that Burchill had just crushed, Holly having no choice but to tap out.

Winner at 5:12 – Paul Burchill

OR: 69% CR: 61% MQ: 78%

Hardcore Holly lost overness from this match

Paul Burchill gained overness from this match

Main Event

Triple Jeopardy

Intercontinental Championship

Jeff Hardy© vs. Maddox

Jeff Hardy came out on stage, the crowd popping like wild. This was his chance to gain some redemption after losing his match to Maddox two-weeks prior. He hopped on the ropes and posed for the crowd, the audience enjoying his presence. The lights dimmed as Ville Valo’s voice filled the arena.

Love is a flame that can’t be tamed…

and though we are its willing prey

my darling…

we are not the ones to blame…

The opening lined then segued to (Don’t Fear) The Reaper by Blue Oyster Cult as the WWE Champion made his way out on stage to a bevy of boos from those in attendance. He smiled and was heard saying “Oh you people love me…just admit it.” He stepped into the ring and took off his Championship Belt, handing it to the referee.

He and Jeff Hardy then began to pace around the ring trying to size each other up. Maddox didn’t forget the speed of Hardy from their last encounter, and Hardy knew that Maddox wasn’t a breeze in the ring. Finally the two locked up, but Maddox immediately planted an uppercut. He went in for another, but Hardy blocked the motion and dropped Maddox with a jawbreaker. Maddox rolled off the mat and got back to his feet staring at Hardy.

They then locked up again, this time Maddox wrenched Hardy’s arm. Hardy rolled around and kipped up to his feet, but Maddox immediately kicked him in the gut and then hooked him for a suplex. Hardy flipped out of the suplex and hit Maddox in the back with a dropkick. Maddox was now leaning on the second rope as Hardy bounced off the opposite ropes and bounced off of Maddox’s head.

Hardy then played to the crowd again, as Maddox held onto his throat. Hardy went over to Maddox, kicking him into the turnbuckle. He then whipped Maddox, but the whip was reversed. Hardy then hopped to the top for a Whisper in the Wind, but Maddox evaded as Hardy came crashing down onto the mat. Maddox went for the cover, but Hardy kicked out at two.

Maddox then began to slap Hardy in the back of his head until Hardy got back to his feet. Hardy then began to deliver some forearms, but Maddox came back with a set of his own. Hardy then tried for a hurricanrana, but Maddox dropped him with a powerbomb. Maddox then stood in the corner waiting for Hardy to get up.

It was Shining Dragon Kick time.

Once Hardy got up, Maddox rushed at him, but Hardy caught the foot and tossed it down to the mat. Hardy then kicked Maddox in the gut and dropped him with a Twist of Fate. Hardy then immediately went for the cover.



Hardy can’t believe it and then takes off his t-shirt signaling for a Swanton Bomb. He climbs the top roe, but Maddox gets to his feet and collapses against the ropes, Hardy racking himself. Maddox then climbs the middle rope and drops Jeff with a superplex. The two are out of it.

The referee starts with the ten count, but Maddox got to his feet at the count of seven. Maddox then waited for Hardy to get up once more stalking for the SDK. Once hardy got to his feet, Maddox took off toward him, but Hardy moved away, and pulled down on the top rope, Maddox spilling outside of the ring.

Hardy then ran to the opposite ropes and ran back bouncing off the top rope and onto Maddox. Both individuals laid outside of the ring as the referee began counting to ten for the count out. Hardy lifted Maddox and rolled him back into the ring. Hardy bounced off the rope and ran at Maddox, but Maddox caught him with a rolling uppercut taking the Intercontinental Champion off of his feet.

Maddox, then lifted Hardy and began to hit him with some elbows, before spinning around for a Roaring Elbow. Hardy ducked and once again took Maddox out with a jawbreaker.

Hardy then whipped Maddox into the corner going for a Poetry in Motion solo style, when Jeff Hardy ran at Maddox, the Champion pulled the referee, Hardy bumping into him and taking him out.

Maddox then slid outside of the ring and grabbed the Intercontinental Championship clocking Hardy in the head. Maddox once again went into the corner going for the SDK.

Once Hardy got to his feet, Maddox ran at him again.

From out of no where however, Triple H stopped Maddox mid-run by taking him out with the WWE Championship. Hardy then coming out his daze climbed to the top rope and delivered a Swanton Bomb. He covered Maddox, the referee slowly coming to life.


Jeff Hardy successfully retained his Championship against Maddox.

Winner and still Intercontinental Champion at 19:57 – Jeff Hardy

OR: 84% CR: 86% MQ: 80%

The WWE Intercontinental Title has gained in image

Triple H stood on the ramp and pointed to Maddox who slid outside of the ring and began yelling at Triple H. Triple H had a distinct smile on his face telling Maddox that his WWE Championship will be his at Survivor Series. All the while Jeff Hardy celebrated in the ring for the crowd.

Jim Ross: Things are only escalating even more between these three men. You will not want to miss next week when Colt Cabana is in charge of the Triple Jeopardy.

The King: And who knows what he’s going to put these two men through.

Jim Ross: That’s all we have for tonight folks. Good night! We’ll see you next week!

The camera panned on Triple H who continued walking up the ramp as Maddox continued to throw his tantrum outside the ring. All the while Jeff Hardy’s music filled the arena.

Monday Night RAW: OR: 80% Cable Rating: 6.41

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ECW On Sci-Fi Preview

The contest to declare a Mr. Extreme 2008 is still in high effect. Armando has put together four matches that are guaranteed to put people on the edges of their seats. At this point in time, it’s still a toss-up when it comes to predicting who will become Mr. Extreme 2008.

In the first match of the night, new ECW Extremist, James Curtis will be facing Nunzio in one on one action. ‘The Innovator of Violence’ will then follow that up by taking on ‘The Mastodon’. Tommy Dreamer and Big Daddy V is guaranteed to be one of the sickest matches on the card.

The self-proclaimed ‘Mr. Extreme 2008’ Mike ‘The Miz’ Mizanin will be taking on ‘The Chair Swingin’ Freak’ Balls Mahoney in another promising match up. ‘The Guiding Light of ECW’ Elijah Burke will also be in action against Stevie Richards. Mr. Extreme 2008 is definitely going to be a difficult decision for ECW General Manager. That’s for sure.

Punk and Morrison look to compete in match three in their Best of Five Series. Punk won the 15-Minutes of Fame last week and already made it clear that their next encounter will be a Submission-based match-up. Will Punk lock in the Anaconda Vise? Does Morrison have a new trick up his sleeve?

Find out on ECW On Sci-Fi

Confirmed for ECW on Sci-Fi:

Mr. Extreme 2008

Nunzio vs. James Curtis

Mr. Extreme 2008

Tommy Dreamer vs. Big Daddy V

Mr. Extreme 2008

Stevie Richards vs. Elijah Burke

Mr. Extreme 2008

The Miz vs. Balls Mahoney

Best of Five – Match Three

Submissions Only

CM Punk (1) vs. John Morrison (1)

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ECW On Sci-Fi October 23rd, 2007

The camera like always panned around the arena while “Don’t Question My Heart” played throughout the arena. A young James Curtis was already standing in the ring, as Nunzio’s music then hit the PA system. Another ECW Original finally getting a showing in a Mr. Extreme 2008 exhibition.

Mr. Extreme 2008

Nunzio vs. James Curtis

Nunzio paced around the ring, while James Curtis steadily egged him on, ready for competition more or less. Every time Nunzio looked like he was going to go in for a hold, he backed out and continued to pace around. Curtis only grew more aggravated before Nunzio told him to turn around.

Curtis complied and caught a vicious clothesline from the returning Vito. This Vito was much different than the SmackDown! counter-part. For starters, he was wearing no dress. Instead he was a wearing a black wife-beater and a pair of black dress jeans. Nunzio smiled and clapped at the clothesline and told Vito to continue the beating.

Vito then sent Curtis to the ropes and once Curtis bounced back, he pressed Curtis into the air, the new ECW Extremist crashing to the mat hard. Vito then lifted the man back up and hoisted him onto his shoulders. Vito then completely annihilated Curtis with a fireman’s carry cutter.

Vito then motioned to Nunzio, telling the ECW Original that Curtis was all his. Nunzio then casually strolled to the lifeless Curtis and covered him, picking up a victory for the night.

Winner at 6:08 – Nunizo

OR: 52% CR: 50% MQ: 66%

Mr. Extreme 2008

Tommy Dreamer vs. Big Daddy V

Before the match could even properly get started we see Dreamer staggering around on the stage. ‘The Mastodon’ then comes out behind him and continues to club on Dreamer taking ‘The Innovator of Violence’ to his knees.

Big Daddy V then tossed Dreamer who rolled down the ramp-way before Big Daddy V eventually picked him back up and was beginning to toss him into the ring. Dreamer however, began to fight back scoring some nice rights and lefts before ‘The Mastodon’ sandwiched him against the ring post.

The Miz then casually strolled out to ringside clapping for Big Daddy V before eventually making his way to the commentary table. He began to hype up why he was a shoe-in for the Mr. Extreme 2008 contest, and began to cut down on V and Dreamer, Dreamer most specifically.

Back in the ring, Big Daddy V continued to dominate, hitting Dreamer with a couple of splashes, but Dreamer had plenty of fight left in him as he kicked of the splash pin combo. V then stood up and lifted Dreamer, tossing him into the corner. He then slapped him with an over hand chop Dreamer firing out of the corner with a right hand.

Daddy V fought back, but Dreamer kept coming back with punches. Dreamer then nailed a set of punches, causing BDV to stagger. The Miz not liking where the momentum was going hopped from the announce table and grabbed a chair making his way to the ring.

The Miz slid in the ring and turned Dreamer around in an attempt to nail him in the head. Dreamer however evaded and The Miz cracked Big Daddy V over the skull. Dreamer then nailed The Miz with a hard right hand sending Miz crashing to the mat.

Dreamer then went over to Big Daddy V, covering him for the 3-count.

Winner at 9:49 – Tommy Dreamer

OR: 61% CR: 70% MQ: 65%

Mr. Extreme 2008

Elijah Burke vs. Stevie Richards

‘The Guiding Light of ECW’ came out on stage mouthing off to the fans casually strolling down the walkway. He moved around the ring until moving near the announce table where he told Styles and Tazz that he would be Mr. Extreme 2008. He then rolled into the ring.

Stevie Richards then came out to a decent ovation from those in attendance. He moved to the ring, but before he could get in, Burke caught him right in the mush with a baseball slide.

Out of all the new guys, Burke was the one who seemed most adapted with Estrada bringing back the No DQ rule for matches as he immediately to the fight outside knocking Richards all around on the floor before finally grabbing a chair.

He lifted the chair over his head and moved to Richards, but Richards kicked him in the gut and slammed his head on the apron. Richards then picked up the chair and nailed Burke in the upperback with the object. Burke sold the shot like a pro and immediately slid in the ring arching upwards to set forth the appearance that he was in a copious amount of pain.

Richards then went for the cover, but Burke kicked out at the two. Richards couldn’t believe it and quickly whipped Elijah Burke into the turnbuckle. He then ran at Burke and caught him with a clothesline before finishing it off with a bulldog. He went for another cover, but once again, Burked kicked out at two.

Richards waited for Burke to get up and went to execute a Stevie kick. Burke evaded and rushed at Richards dropping him with an STO, bringing a quick end to an otherwise entertaining match.

Winner at 7:02 – Elijah Burke

OR: 65% CR: 66% MQ: 80%

Mr. Extreme 2008

The Miz vs. Balls Mahoney

The Miz hopped out on stage to a nice amount of heat. He strutted along the walkway telling anyone who would listen to him that he was the best thing going in ECW. He hopped into the ring strutting around before flexing his muscles…or lack there of.

‘The Chair Swingin Freak’ then came out on stage with a chair in hand of course. He made his way down the ramp and ran into the ring swinging the chair around. The Miz immediately hopped out of the ring avoiding the chair. Mahoney slid out behind him and The Miz took notice and ran up the ramp to get away.

Mahoney stood in the ring waiting for him to come back. The Miz just stood at the ramp refusing to head back to the ring. Dreamer then came out on stage and grabbed The Miz dragging him back into the ring before eventually tossing him in.

Mahoney then began swinging his chair around, The Miz responding by flailing around the ring trying to dodge his chair attacks. The Miz then backed up into a corner and pleaded with Mahoney. Mahoney then swung the chair over his head and sent it smashing down toward The Miz. The Miz moved out of the way and drop kicked Mahoney, Money’s throat smashing against the chair.

The Miz then looked at Dreamer as he began to strut around the ring. He then picked up the chair and waited for Mahoney to get up. Mahoney got to his feet and immediately hit The Miz with a set of punches before swinging his arm and knocking The Miz off of his feet.

The match continued for several minutes with Mahoney continuing to chase The Miz around he went at no ends to get away from Mahoney. Mahoney then got The Miz in the turnbuckle corner and ran at him. The Miz then pulled the chair up and moved, Mahoney smashing against the chair.

The Miz then rolled up Mahoney and got the pin. He pointed at Tommy Dreamer and smashed Mahoney with the chair. He then picked it up once more and slammed it over his body once more. Dreamer finally had enough and ran into the ring tackling The Miz and hitting him with a set of rights. The Miz grabbed the bottom of the rope and slid out of the ring running up the ramp, Tommy Dreamer chasing right behind him.

Winner at 9:00 – The Miz

OR: 60% CR: 64% MQ: 71%

Match Three

A video reel began playing highlighting any of the intense spots between CM Punk and John Morrison since their set of matches began two weeks ago. The reel began with footage from their first match. The video then went right into the intense Fifteen Minutes of Fame match. The reel finally ended with CM Punk stating that he and Morrison would fight in a Submissions match as text hit the screen saying CM PUNK…JOHN MORRISON…SUBMISSION…UP NEXT

OR: 83%

Main Event

Best of Five Series – Match Three

Submissions Only

CM Punk (1) vs. John Morrison (1)


Joey Styles: Well here we go Tazz. The long awaited Submissions Only match. Does Morrison have a submission set in place?

Tazz: That remains to be seen Styles.

Killswitch Engage filled the arena, the ECW Heavyweight Champion hopping out on stage to a nice ovation. He pointed at Morrison and held 2 digits in the air with one hand and 1 digit in the hand with his other indicating that after tonight, the Best of Five Series would be 2 to 1 (like you needed explaining).

He moved into the ring, but as he slid in, Morrison immediately began stomping on his hand. He continued the stomping before grabbing the arm and pulling back on the fingers, already trying to end early by breaking the fingers. The move showed to be effective as Punk displayed grimace on his face. He eventually extended his leg, the referee breaking the hold.

Morrison then took Punk’s hand and slammed it on the turnbuckle. He then grabbed Punk’s hand and placed it against the turnbuckle before kicking it. Morrison then took Punk’s arm and wrapped the top rope around his arm following it up with a drop kick to the arm.

Punk slowly moved out of the corner before falling to the mat holding his arm. Morrison then grabbed Punk’s arm and ran toward the ropes hopping over the top and landing on the floor, Punk’s arm draping over the top rope.

Morrison moved into the ring with a chair in hand wanting to continue his assault. Morrison dropped the chair catching an immediate Anaconda Vise from Punk. Morrison too moved his foot to the rope breaking the hold. Punk immediately bulled him up and began slapping his chest with his other hand, the crowd “Wooing” with every chop.

Morrison however took Punk down with a quick arm drag and immediately began applying pressure on the arm. He then immediately went back to the hand, smashing his fingers to the mat with his knee. He started pulling on the fingers once more, but Punk broke from the hold by kicking Morrison in the head.

Punk then ran at Morrison, but Morrison took Punk’s right knee out from under him with a beautiful dropkick. Morrison then moved back to the arm he was working on stomping it a good 4 to 5 times before locking his arm up again. Morrison then grabbed his hand and began twisting it and then pressed his knee against Punk’s neck.

The crowd rallied behind Punk, Punk soon getting to his feet. Morrison stopped the momentum by hitting Punk in the chest with a sick kick. Morrison then ran at the ropes and went for his Spinning Neckbreaker, but Punk lifted him on his shoulder for a Go 2 Sleep. Morrison however stopped the move once more this time grabbing Punk’s arm and pulling down on it as Punk hurled Morrison into the air. Punk instantly came crashing down to the mat holding his arm as Morrison taunted to the crowd before stomping on his arm once more.

Styles and Tazz put emphasis on the challenge of fully locking that Anaconda Vise in with a bad arm, and obviously, that was Morrison’s intent from the beginning. He locked Punk in an arm bar, Punk wincing in pain once more, but Punk once again made it to the bottom rope.

The match was nearing fifteen minutes with Morrison continuing his attack on Punk’s arm. Morrison tired locking in an armbar, but Punk rolled out of it and tried to drop Morrison with a side-slam to set up an Anaconda Vise. Morrison however nailed some elbows to Punk’s head and tried to drop Punk with a clothesline.

Punk realized the Anaconda Vise wasn’t going to work and pulled out another move that hadn’t been seen.

Tazz: Hey! Wait a minute!

Joey Styles The katahajime! Tazz you made this move famous with the Tazzmission.

Punk continued pulling on the choke, Morrison eventually tapping out. Punk broke the hold and stood up pointing over at Tazz paying homage to ‘The Human Suplex Machine’. Punk was now in the lead with two wins over Morrison’s one.

Winner at 15:47 – CM Punk

OR: 74% CR: 84% MQ: 82%

Joey Styles: Another great match to add to the Punk and Morrison saga. What will Punk pick as the stipulation for their next encounter?

Tazz: We’re running out of time Joey. I guess we’ll have to wait and see until next week!

Punk continued to celebrate in the ring as ECW on Sci-Fi came to an end.

ECW on Sci-Fi OR: 67% Cable Rating: 3.19

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WWE.Com Friday Night SmackDown! Preview

After the events that occurred last week. SmackDown! General Manager, Teddy Long, has already made a monster of a Main Event. Survivor Series opponents Big Show and Batista will be teaming up for one night only against the Rated-R Revival. Will Show and Batista be able to function as a team? The only way of finding out is tuning into SmackDown!

Kane and Finlay also continue their vicious battle this time in a SmackDown! Lumberjack Match. Will the SmackDown! roster be able to control these two monsters or will Kane and Finlay take the fight all over the arena like their previous encounters?

In other action, Jamie Noble will be taking on Chuck Palumbo. Matt Hardy will square off against Chavo Guerrero in a rematch from two weeks ago. And Shelton Benjamin and Jimmy Wang Yang will be squaring off in some high paced action guaranteed to get the fans out of their seats.

You definitely do not want to miss this edition of Friday Night SmackDown!

Confirmed for Friday Night SmackDown!:


Kane vs. Finlay

Jamie Noble vs. Chuck Palumbo

Matt Hardy vs. Chavo Guerrero

Shelton Benjamin vs. Jimmy Wang Yang

Batista & Big Show vs. Rated-R Revival

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So I've had my hands full. I now have the task of completing four papers to type in less than a week and a half. I've been juggling between those. I do have Friday Night SmackDown like 85% complete. I think I'm going to go with a match overview style instead of providing blocks of text. It'll be done a couple of hours from now. Be on the lookout.

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Friday Night SmackDown! October 26th, 2007

Before JBL and Michael Cole could welcome the home-viewing audience to another edition of SmackDown!, the SmackDown! roster flooded out from the locker-room and began to surround the wrestling ring. Your Jamie Nobles, your Matt Hardys, your Chuck Palumbos, your Deuces, your Dominos, your MVPs, your Shelton Benjamins. All of them were ringside in preparation for the Kane and Finlay Lumberjack Match.

Once the men surrounded the ring, the lights dimmed red followed by a monstrous explosion as ‘The Big Red Machine’ Kane made his way out on stage the match about to get set in place.


Kane vs. Finlay

Before Kane could even fully make his way to ringside, Finlay once again came out and blindsided him. Kane rolled down the rampway as Finlay followed behind beginning to stomp on him. Kane got up and staggered Finlay with a throat thrust. The two continued to battle as the Lumberjacks began to surround the two. After several minutes of fighting each other, they were distracted by the Lumberjack’s who continued to try to get them into the ring. Eventually Kane and Finlay broke apart fighting off several different SmackDown! wrestlers emphasizing how difficult it would be to keep these two men apart.

Several minutes into the match and the two were now battling inside of the ring. Finlay ran at Kane with a clothesline, but Kane evaded and dumped him outside. Hardy immediately picked up Finlay and tossed him back into the ring. In another moment in the match, Benjamin and MVP were seen arguing with one another. Chuck Palumbo also hopped up on the apron but caught a right hand from Kane.

Finlay tried to grab the shillelagh but Kane grabbed him, Finlay still grasped the foreign object and smashed him in the midsection while the referee was distracted with the MVP and Shelton Benjamin confrontation. The referee noticed the pin and went back inside the ring to make the count, Kane kicked out at two.

Finlay was ready to end this once and for all and picked up the shillelagh once more. He ran at Kane, but was caught with one hell of a chokeslam. Kane covered ‘The Tough Irish Bastard’ and picked up the win.

Winner at 11:09 – Kane

OR: 80% CR: 78% MQ: 83%

Sibling Surivalry

We find Matt Hardy in Teddy Long’s locker room. He’s already pumped up from the Lumberjack match that he participated in minutes earlier. After the Matt Hardy pop dies down, Teddy Long begins to speak.

Teddy Long: Matt Hardy I just got off the phone with General Manager William Regal and we had an amazing idea for Survivor Series!

Matt Hardy: I’m listening Teddy.

Teddy Long: You see, after I extended the SmackDown! services for RAW’s Mr. Kennedy and Randy Orton, I passed another idea on to Regal. We want to know which brand has the best Hardy brother. A brand-based sibling rivalry if you will.

The crowd popped as Hardy nodded.

Teddy Long: Matt, you will be the leader of Team SmackDown! Team Matt Hardy! Any SmackDown! roster member is available for your choosing. You have three weeks to put together a team.

Matt Hardy: Well Teddy, I can tell you right now who my first pick is for Team SmackDown!. A man that these fans haven’t seen in three weeks, Rey Mysterio!

Teddy Long smiled and clapped.

Teddy Long: I like the sound of that playa! Make sure you represent SmackDown! to the fullest!

Hardy and Long shook hands as the camera panned back into the ring for the second match of the night

OR: 74%

Jamie Noble vs. Chuck Palumbo

The match itself wasn’t anything worth writing home about. Your standard filler match of the night. Chuck Palumbo dominated Noble for at least the first four to five minutes of the match, but for some reason, the fans began to really rally behind Noble. He started delivering some right hands before bouncing off the ropes with a vast ferocity, but Palumbo halted his comeback with a big-boot.

The match came to a quick end once Palumbo began mocking the fans, Noble taking advantage of this with a roll up and a clench of the tights to secure the second victory of the night.

Winner at 4:57 – Jamie Noble

OR: 68% CR: 63% MQ: 74%

I Want In

The camera cut backstage where Matt Hardy was heading toward the ring for his match with Chavo Guerrero. Jamie Noble hot off of his previous match immediately came running at him.

Jamie Noble: Matt! I want in.

Matt Hardy: What…?

Jamie Noble: Come on man, I need this, I want on the team! I need this big-break. I need this Pay-Per-View spot. You heard the crowd; I’m getting hot, give me a spot on your team man…

Matt Hardy: I’ll think about it…

Jamie Noble nodded as Matt hardy continued to head toward the stage.

OR: 72%

Jamie Noble gained overness from this segment.

Matt Hardy vs. Chavo Guerrero

Another filler match, but really, given the talent of both performers, and Matt’s overness with the crowd, and you honestly couldn’t tell. There was a story present after-all. Chavo finally won himself a match after defeating Jamie Noble last week. Now, Chavo wanted to continue his winning ways by defeating the man who beat him two weeks prior.

The two started off with a moment of chain-wrestling with Guerrero’s experience getting him control of the match. He had Hardy prone in the middle of the ring with a headlock, but Matt Hardy eventually fought up to his feet. Chavo Guerrero once again fought him off of his feet by taking his legs out from under him.

About eight or so minutes into the match, Matt Hardy began to fight back catching Guerrero with some right hands. Chavo Guerrero fought back though by laying him out with a dropkick to the leg.

Chavo Guerrero tried going for a snap suplex, but Matt Hardy countered by pushing him to the mat. Hardy then hooked Chavo’s legs and flipped over him for a pin, picking up the surprise win.

Before Hardy could celebrate, Chavo immediately got up off of his feet and began stomping on Hardy. This beating continued for several minutes until Jamie Noble darted down the rampway and immediately took the fight to Chavo knocking him outside of the ring.

Noble then went over to check on Hardy helping him up on his feet before raising his hand as the victor of the match.

Winner at 7:23 – Matt Hardy

OR: 76% CR: 76% MQ: 77%

Survivor’s Inferno


To the SmackDown! audience’s surprise, Randy Orton came out on stage with a microphone. He strutted down the aisle before stepping into the ring. Once his music cut he started to speak on the microphone.

Randy Orton: Kennedy…Kennedy. You thought you got the upper-hand on me by recruiting ‘The Samoan Bulldozer’. Well, the joke’s on you Kennedy. You see, the reason why I’m here is very simple, my first pick for Team Legend Killer, KANE!


Kennedy came out on stage shaking his head before moving into the ring.

Mr. Kennedy: No, no, no, NO! You cannot pick him, you cannot pick him, because HE’S JOINING TEAM KENNEDY….KENNEDY!

Flames erupted in the arena as Kane came out on stage with a maniacal look on his face. He moved down the ramp and moved into the ring snatching the microphone from Kennedy. Kennedy grabbed another one.

Mr. Kennedy: Kane, I know who’s side you’re really on. You want to be on the best team Survivor Series has to offer. Team KENNEDY

Kane: You talk too much!

Kane then lunged at Kennedy wrapping his hand around his neck.

Kane: Kennedy, I don’t like you…but there’s one thing you were right about…I hate him more!

Kane then dropped Kane and grabbed Orton dropping him with a chokeslam to the fan’s delight. Kennedy began jumping up and down, it looks like Team Kennedy now had their third member for their team. Kennedy then held the mic up to his lips looking at the down Orton as Kane made his way back up the ramp.


OR: 78%

Shelton Benjamin vs. Jimmy Wang Yang

The matched served as little more than a way to play up Shelton Benjamin a little more since his SmackDown! debut. The match was very quick paced, with the two individuals moving all around the ring. The crowd slowly but surely got into it, believing that Yang had a slight chance of winning the match based on the random spots of offense he did achieved.

Benjamin came back into the match several minutes later by stopping Yang with a Yakuza kick that completely floored Yang. Yang however rolled Benjamin up for a small package, but Benjamin kicked out immediately.

The end of the match came after Yang hopped from the top rope for a crossbody, but Benjamin rebounded with a T-Bone suplex picking up his first win on SmackDown!

Winner at 9:46 – Shelton Benjamin

OR: 74% CR: 71% MQ: 77%

Striking Gold






The United States Champion, MVP came out on stage with a microphone before Shelton Benjamin could begin his victory celebration.

MVP: Benjamin, you’re a punk! You proved two weeks ago, and I proved it last week. You come to SmackDown! with your blonde hair thinking you’re the greatest thing walking. You’re not the MVP of SmackDown! in fact, like I said two weeks ago, you’re just a Carlton Banks wanna be!

Benjamin shook his head and grabbed a microphone.

Benjamin: Just like two weeks, and like your initials “M-V-P” that line was corny. I’m no punk; I just know when to play it smart. You thought you’d get the better of me by tossing me back into the ring with Batista. Let me let you in on a little-secret: you let a sleeping dog lie, and you don’t get bit.

Benjamin then turned to put the microphone up, but stopped and turned around.

Benjamin: Also, I came here to SmackDown! saying I was here for Gold. Batista isn’t the only one who possesses what I seek. MVP…when I strike for gold, I strike rich!

MVP: You WILL NOT beat me, because YOU ARE NOT BETTER than me!

Benjamin: Seeing as to how I’m the very best quality, and you think you’re the MVP of SmackDown! There seems to be this little event coming up called Survivor Series. Now I was approached earlier by Kennedy to join his team, but there’s no Gold at stake. MVP, why don’t you polish that US Championship up for me a little bit, and bring it with you November 18th, so I can show YOU just why they call ME ‘The Gold Standard’!

MVP: And YOU, like EVERYONE ELSE, will finally shut up when you realize that you should be believe the hype, when I say that I’m half-man, half-amazing.

Cole: Alright! Benjamin and MVP at Survivor Series for the United States Title, that should be a great contest.

JBL: I love it Cole, two hungry young Superstars looking to earn that top spot here on SmackDown! I can’t wait; it’s going to be one hell of a contest.

OR: 72%

Showdown of the Monsters

An audible pop sets a rumble through the audience once Batista shows up on the titantron. He’s shown warming up for the upcoming Main Event, when Big Show barges through his locker-room.

Big Show: I didn’t need your help last week…

Batista: Then why did I have to come out there and save your ass?

Big Show: Get in my way like that again, and I will break you in half.

Batista: I hope you live out your promises, because I don’t know if you saw No Mercy, because last time I got in the ring with a giant, I sent him to the ambulance. And I have no problems doing it again…

Big Show: I have no problems with letting you try…

Show and Batista then had a stare-down as the camera panned to Cole and JBL who began to hype the feud. The Main Event only seconds from starting.

OR: 78%

Main Event

Batista & The Big Show vs. Rated-R Revival


The World Heavyweight Champion, Batista, made his way out on stage once again receiving a monstrous pop. He moved down the ramp-way doing his usual pyro-laced taunt before moving up the steel steps and into the ring. He looked to the stage waiting for his tag-team partner and Survivor Series opponents. The arena grew with anticipation until finally…


The Big Show then came out on stage a very stoic, yet determined look on his face as he kept his focus on the ring, on Batista most specifically. He moved to the ring stepping on the apron before slinging one leg over the top rope. Once inside the ring he immediately moved toward Batista, the two going face to face.


The Rated-R Revival came out to Edge’s, the camera panned to the stage, but no one showed up. The two then came in from the crowd sliding in behind Batista and Show. Ryder took out Show with a steel chair, before the match had started, barring any chance of a DQ, and then quickly helped Hawkins double team Batista.

The two started by pummeling on the World Heavyweight Champ, before lifting him up and tossing him outside of the ring. Ryder and Hawkins then both covered Show figuring he would be out from the count after the chair shot. The referee had no choice but to ring the bell and start the match and then moved in for the cover.


Show pushed both Rated-R Revival members off of him and immediately stood to his feet letting out a monstrous yell before charging both Rated-R Revival members outside of the ring. They both then argued about which one should get in the ring first, but then noticed Batista got up and was charging toward them. They both slid back in the ring and bumped into Big Show.

Show had his hand gripped around both of their neck, but Ryder pulled the referee toward them effectively distracting him long enough for Hawkins to kick Show between the legs. Ryder then pushed the referee down as the two began working over show. Ryder immediately moved to the opposition’s corner taking Batista off the apron with a right hand.

Hawkins then began to drill Show with some right hands, but they were not effective in the slightest. Show then eventually got up to his feet continuing to remain untouched by the punches before striking Hawkins with a vicious head-butt. He then turned to Ryder who backed up into a corner of the ring practically pleading for mercy.

Show moved his hand around Ryder’s neck and then placed a finger on his lips asking for the crowd to be quiet as he delivered a vicious overhand chop to the chest of Ryder. After the chop, Ryder immediately crashed to the mat and slid out to the floor.

Show then shifted his attention to Hawkins moving over to the prone athlete before completely stepping on and walking over his body. Batista wanted his hands on the two, and Show gave him a very hard slap to the hand, still building toward the tension between the two.

Batista just gave Show a gaze before ultimately moving into the ring and dropping Hawkins with a powerful clothesline. He then grabbed Ryder and tossed him into the ring and knocked the air of out his body with a sickening running powerslam. He then backed into the corner, stalking Hawkins for a spear.

Once Hawkins got to his feet, Batista charged at him, but Hawkins moved out of the way, sending Batista crashing into The Big Show who crashed to the floor outside with a very hard thud. Batista was dazed from the hit and ran into a Double-DDT from the Rated-R Revival who then soon followed up with another dual cover.



Rated-R Revival can’t believe it and Ryder slides out of the ring to grab a chair while Hawkins grabs the referee. Ryder slides back in the ring, looks to hit Batista, but is grabbed by Big Show. Show follows this up with a nasty Showstopper as Batista stops Hawkins in mid-motion with a sickening Spinebuster before going for the pin.


“I Walk Alone” fills the arena once more and Batista gets up to celebrate, however once he stands he turns around and catches a sickening Showstopper from Big Show as well. Big Show looks down at the now lifeless Batista and says “It can all end just like that.” Big Show’s theme music then hits the arena PA.

Winners at 13:04 – Batista & Big Show

OR: 72% CR: 65% MQ: 79%

Cole: I knew eventually SmackDown! wouldn’t be able to contain two monsters like Show and Batista! It would be mere weeks before it came down to this.

JBL: I say let em kill each other! It only makes for a more interesting PPV Cole! These two are going to destroy each other come this November 18th!

The camera then panned on Big Show who was walking up the ramp looking back to the ring at Batista who was now finally showing some movement as he eventually looked up the ramp at Big Show with a very dazed look on his face.

Friday Night SmackDown! then came to an end.

Friday Night SmackDown! OR: 74% Cable Rating: 6.50

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Expect major working on this Diary after work tomorrow. School is currently kicking my ass. So if this seems dead, trust me when I say it's not.

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