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Sorry mate. I did have CAWFind 7 but I lost it in a reboot, can't find it anymore. I know the guy who was making version 8 was called rckmy243 or something. I don't really need it anymore anyway, this is the best site I've found for CAWs


They're only for HCTP, I assume thats what you're looking for?

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8.1 or 8.0, but it didn't have much more in it than 7. And when I downloaded it, there was a separate .dll you had to download to get it to work, but the file wouldn't download. (Could still view the pics in a paint program and the .txt files in Notepad, though)

I get my CAWs from the site Kaneanite posted, Neoseeker, GameFAQs, and an EzBoard. Had a website called Smackology bookmarked that had a lot of good CAWs, including several different Great Mutas, but the site closed down recently (and I didn't copy the formulas for the Muta CAWs. :( ).

http://pub86.ezboard.com/bjustbringitworld - Yes, its named for an older SD game (the third one?), but they have CAWs for SYM and HCTP, too. And they're separated into sections.



Check the discussion boards at Neoseeker and GameFAQs for a lot more CAWs.

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I'm trying to find a good Christina Aguilera CAW, from the Dirrty video. (Just the face) I had one that was dead-on perfect, face-wise, for SYM, but the ones I've found for HCTP are far from perfect. One I made didn't look anything like her at all.

Why do I need one? Simple: I've got a female tag team made up of twin sisters I created for SYM that I used a Xtina CAW as the basis for, and want to re-create them in HCTP.

Unfortunately, one of them will require a new hairstyle, as they didn't put the hairstyle I used for her in HCTP.

(They have the same make-up, but different hairstyles and clothing - one has slightly darker hair - and I gave them the good old #7 music and the DX ring entrance. :thumbsup: )

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Haha nice nice... right now I'm thinking on making a bunch of ECW caws, just for kicks.  I can't find a good Sabu one, but I've only looked through once site so far.

*Joey Styles* He is homicidal, genocidal and suicidal. He is.....


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