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Music You Want In GTA: SA


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I'm not a huge fan of the GTA series, but I've always enjoyed the music in the games. The music is going to be mostly from the early 90's, but it's also been said that there's going to be a Classic station on the game. The game will most likely be heavily rap-oriented (grumble grumble), but hopefully it will have a decent amount of rock/pop too.

Aaaanyways, on to the point of this thread: What music do you want included in the game?

Alice in Chains - Man in the Box

U2 - Sunday Bloody Sunday

STP - Sex Type Thing

Smashing Pumpkins - Today

Faith No More - Digging the Grave

Yeah, the list goes on and on...

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Q: What are the radio stations and what licensed music is in here?

This hasn't been revealed at all yet, but we do know that San Andreas is intended to be a representation of California as a whole, which we know from experience to be a mixture of various styles, including alternative, hip-hop, rap, metal, and everything in-between. Since the game takes place during the turbulent early 90s, it wouldn't be surprising to hear Guns 'n Roses, Vanilla Ice, NWA, and the Beach Boys. It's definitely not rap specific, anyway.

From an IGN article ages ago. Looks like there'll be a good variety, and if GnR aer in, most likely it'll be Sweet Child Of Mine they'll use.

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I'm hoping for all sorts of music. There will certainly be loads of rap music involved that's for sure, which is fine with me as I like that sort of music. Also some GOOD rock music and even classical music would be good.

It's always nice to go driving with a Mozart(or some classical singer) tune playing. Also I could do some super killings with Smells like teen spirt playing :)

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It doesn't really matter to me aslong as they have a variety that would actually represent the actually musical lanpscape of the specific date they chose. (that and they have Smells Like Teen Spirit, obviously)

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I want some gangsta ass shit. Some NWA, some MC Eiht, some real hard rap. I also want some AiC, and a classic rock station would be nice.

I don't have a source for this, but someone posted this on another board:

We [Death Row Records] have three songs from our catalog appearing on the upcoming Rockstar Games release "Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas". The songs that will be playing while you jack cars, recruit gang members, and make drug deals are "Let Me Ride", "Nuthin' But A G Thang", and "Gin & Juice". The game will be release October 2004.
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Guest Takayamanofear

Rap wise I would love to see, NWA F**K the Police, Straight outta Compton, Cypress Hill, Public Enemy, Digital Underground.

Rock wise, GNR, Early Metallica from Black Album (not going happen), Nirvana

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