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I didn't see a thread for your new favorite band, the Hives. They are back donning their indentical suits and gimmicky nick-names to rock and roll the fuck out of your mind. And with title tracks that make you wonder about the sanity of Randy Fitzgibbons. Walk Idiot Walk, See Through Head, Diabloic Scheme, Dead Quote Olympics.

This album is much different than Veni Vidi Vicious. For one, VVV is more raw and much more a rock and roll album that this is. But Tyrannosaurus Hives exceeds in the fact that they are able to make beautiful pop-music and still sound as fresh as ever. After every single sing-a-long anthem, you want more (with the exception of Love In Plaster because it sucks). And the Hives keep supplying it. Howlin' Pelle hardly gets a chance to breathe as these boys churn a fushion of pop, garage rock, punk and new wave into an album that can only be described as : The Hives.


Anyone else enjoying this new album?

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I'm not really a fan of Walk Idiot Walk, but I heard some of the other songs at my mates house, and they're good. I probably wont buy it, just lend it off my mate once he gets bored with it.

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I heard "Walk Idiot Walk" on Fuse or some show like that at my friends house. Apparently my friends aren't fans of The Hives, but I didn't really mind the track.

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I love the arrogance that The Hives display since it's a lot more in-your-face than The Strokes' more restrained indie kid vibe.. I think their music's pretty decent, too, but even if they sucked they'd be cool just for the fact that their bassist's name is Dr. Matt Destruction.

... GoGo Yubari: Barely making an ounce of sense since 2002.

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Anyone who is thinking about buying it should; should.

A) It is relatively a good price for a CD.

B) It isn't a kiddie punk and it isn't over-produced pop, quite the opposite.

C) The Hives are Law, You Are Crime.

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