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To anyone who signed up for Neopets


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I recently got a neomail mentioning that I got 2 referrals recently, and since this is the only place I've posted a link to Neopets in a in a long time (I always post it so I get credit for anyone who signs up - you get loot and stuff, if you get enough referrals), I've got to assume that those two referrals were through the link I sent in the other topic.

If so...thanks for signing up. :)

Either PM me your screen name, post it here, or neomail revenant71, and I'll send you some stuff as a thanks, and send you some links to some sites you should check out that have helpful information about the Neopets site.

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The hacking isn't as bad as it used to be.

The big problem right now is people using auto-buyer programs to clean out the shops.

A couple of days last week, there was some kind of glitch that was causing shops to restock every minute, instead of every eight. You can bet the people who used auto-buyers made out like bandits.

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