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Bond.....No More


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Report: No More Bond for Brosnan

Tuesday July 27 1:55 PM ET

Pierce Brosnan appears to be turning in his license to kill, says Entertainment Weekly. "That's it," Brosnan told EW.com. "I've said all I've got to say on the world of James Bond."

In an interview on the magazine's Web site, posted Tuesday, the Irish-born actor said 2002's "Die Another Day" was his last mission on her majesty's secret service.

"Bond is another lifetime behind me," Brosnan said.

But the 51-year-old's statement might be a negotiating ploy. Original Bond Sean Connery quit for a whole movie before being lured back for bigger bucks. If true, England-based Eon Productions, which produces the Bond flicks, must find another star to carry 007's Walther PPK in the 21st Bond movie, scheduled for release next year.

Speculation surrounds Brits Clive Owen, Ioan Gruffudd, Colin Firth, Hugh Grant, Gerard Butler, Jude Law and Ewan McGregor, as well as Aussies Hugh Jackman, Heath Ledger and Eric Bana.

For Brosnan, playing Bond will always be a fond memory.

"We went out on a high," Brosnan said, "and I look back affectionately at that time and doing those four movies. But I've said all I gotta say on it."


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I never heard of it, but I did heat that Quentin Tarintino was rumoured to direct the latest Bond movie, and Pierce loved that idea. Tarintino also was interested...maybe that has something to do with Pierce leaving. I guess no QT for Bond. Too bad for PIerce, he was the second best Bond, its going to be different when I watch the new movie.

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Guest Ringmaster

Brosnan was a very good Bond, it's just a pity the only good Bond film he stared in was Goldeneye.

And I'm rooting for Colin Firth, followed by Clive Owen as the next Bond.

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:lol: Hugh Grant :lol:

If he gets the role as the next James Bond then however much these movies suck, I'll be watching for sure.

Still I cant see Pierce not doing another movie. Once they offer him cash he will jump at the chance you wait and see.

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Guest The Psychotic One

I don't want any of those people to play Bond. Bond has traditionally been a relatively unknown actor, so Clive Owen's looking the best from that list.

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Grant was actually considered before Brosnan but well, we know what happened.

I had a feeling he'd be gone because he only signed on to do 4 films and he did it.

Sad that he'll only be rememebered as Bond and not as Remmington Steele or the dude in Dante's Peak.

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Glad Brosnan has gone.

I couldn't stand him as Bond, in my opinion all the subtle irony and slight comedy brought about by Connery and Moore was destroyed with Brosnan's lumbering obviousness.

Clive Owen is one of the best character actors working at the moment and would bring a certain undertoned suaveness to the role.

He'd play it totally different, if he played it similar to Croupier then I'd watch any Bond he was in.

Hamster :wub: Clive Owen.

Second choice would be Ewan McGregor, he was touted for it a while ago and he too would be good.

Christian Bale would be my third choice but I think he might be a bit too broody and unhinged in his acting style. Perfect for Batman, not right for Bond.

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James Bond Blooms

I don't believe it.....I need more confirmation, I'll update if there is more proof. How the hell I got tthe news, it was kind of a fluke, but come on, how the hell do I know if Times of India are credible?

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fuck Orlando Bloom. I'm not watching any bond movie with him in it. It'll just be about him running around whispering with a bow and arrow.






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