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Herr Matzat

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now knowing that La Pucelle and Disgaea rule like Crazy we can expect that Phantome Brave (set for US release at the end of this year) will do it aswell.

Discuss about thes brilliants, dood.

btw. no one seemed to notice, Disgaea is out for a few weeks in Europe as Pal version.


get you´re hands on that cocky if you have the monney left, it´s worth it and sinc the game is prioduced on a very law number you´ll get your monney back in a few years for shure becaus this one is turning into one of thes insider classics everyone wants to own as original copy.

it´s up for amazon.co.uk and .de already, go for it !

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Looks like good stuff, plus my birthday is coming up so I'm actively considering it. Gonna take a look round the internet for a couple more reviews first.

And DoubleX - yes, nitpicking indeed. :P

EDIT: Eh...you know what, I'm going to save my money for whenever the hell Xenosaga gets released in the UK ("TBA 2004" - fuckers.)

EDIT 2: Okay now I'm pissed:

"Sorry to break it to you guys, but Namco have already decided to NEVER release Xenosaga in Europe. Their current 'plan' is to just say nothing about the game's european release until people stop caring. The e mail from Namco there is an automated response, e mail them again and I promise you will receive the exact same response.

Namco do not want to deal with the cost of releasing a text heavy game like Xenosaga in europe as it would have to be translated into french, german, etc, so they are just going to ignore europe completely on this one, but won't announce it is'nt releasing the game in europe for fear of harming their reputation in european territories (can you remember the last Namco game to get a USA release and then NOT a European release? No. neither do I).

I have a couple of friends who work in the video game industry in europe, and they have spoken to namco people who have 'unofficially' said they will not be bringing the game to europe. Don't you think it odd that this game has been all but ignored in european gaming magazines? Namco probably told them not to cover the game.

I wish this was all just speculation on my part, really, but the simple fact is: No Xenosaga in europe...ever."

I think I might go and cry...and then buy random other (worse) games in an attempt to sooth my soul.

*Adds Namco to ever-increasing list of US companies that have fucked me off with their lack of UK releases. And I hold grudges for a VERY long time.*

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Bumb (to keep this stuff together instead of openeing a new topic each time)

amazon.co.uk claims that Disgaea is Shipping today, the german side still sais it issent released yet, better run to your shops befre it´s soled out and starts coasting twice the original Price *hughs US version*

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