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W00t. Finally got one of my songs up.

Guest Angry Baboon

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Only took me 12 minutes. :P

That's the Star Trek red alert alarm I'm hearing unless I'm very much mistaken...

It's called 'Speeches from the Axis', but the sound clips are all from the Allies. :shifty:

Well, not the long one about the benefits of drugs.

Was that worth 22mb download and the time needed to download and listen to it (even if I did start flicking forwards every 10 seconds or so after getting about 8 minutes in)?

Frankly...no. <_<

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Guest El Blanco

I see no need in downloading after reading what Jook and the others have said. Use the Naughty By Nature/3LW acapella song (can't remember the name) Then comeback...

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