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Thunderbirds: The Movie~!

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Yeah, a mate mentioned it to me yesterday, and I laughed thinking he was taking the piss. But he said he was serious so there's like 10 of us all going to see it as soon as it comes out, because Thunderbirds was the shit. :D

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I don't look forward to it at all to be honest with you. I think the niche of Thunderbirds was the puppets, even if the show wasn't exactly rocket science. Using the same lame premise and instead using real people will just turn it into one of those generic sci-fi movies that everyone ignores. I'm predicting it'll be a huge flop, but who knows, maybe the millions of people that have seen the show at some time will help it's box office.

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I'm just going to watch it because it will be funny. And if it's funny, it's going to be entertaining... And that's how I like my films.

It may end up being funny, but probably in all the wrong ways, like how From Justin 2 Kelly was funny. I mean, it was a laugh riot, but no credit to the directors.

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