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Stairway to Heaven


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A buddy of mine was telling me about a site where you can listen to Stairway to Heaven, forewards and backwards, for free. The only problem is that he couldnt find the site, he tried googling it, but he still couldnt find it, I'm assuming it's a streaming thing. IDK if its legal or what, but if it is and someone knows of the site, he'd appreciate it.

EDIT- here is his away message as prizzoof

"Auto response from *** * *** ****: if anyone knows the address to that really good led zeppelin site with all the sound clips and lyrics to stairway to heaven backwards, leave it here. thankyamuch"

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Wait.. I just thought something. Stairway to Heaven.. Backwards is...

Stairway to Hell?!? WHOA!

...That makes no sense.

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Guest Takayamanofear



That one has some clips of the main thing, They also have a few other ones. The Queen one and Britney Spears ones are funny. I know there is one with the Eagles and Beatles Sublimital Messages (I had to do it for one of my college classes)

The second one has a lot more differant files.

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