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Thinking of Getting a New Video Game


What game should I get?  

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  1. 1. What game should I get?

    • City of Heroes [PC]
    • Red Dead Revolver [XBox]
    • Spider-Man 2 [XBox]
    • Hitman: Contracts [XBox]
    • Ninja Gaiden [XBox]
    • Other [Put in Reply.. Also XBox, PC or PS2 games only]

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i think, rent spider-man, you´ll love it but it has no replay value and can easylee be finished in one weekend

never plaied hitman but ll games are said to be very short so that might be more of a weekend rent aswell

i havent tried to much of red dead revolver untill now but the basic system and feel seemed ok from the short test i gave it, i totaly hate that it is so dame blody wich just issent western to me, no iea how long it is.

can´t help you with Ninja Gaiden and CoH

I´ed personaly recomend you to wait untill the end of august, 29th will have Star Ocean 3 and Phantome Brave (gameplay wise sequel of La Pucelle and Disgaea) comming out for PS2, to RPGs that most likly are going to be great. Go with a few rents and the summer untill than ^^

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