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Accontancy Wrestling Federation


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Accountants, the word that drives fear into the hearts of all people who earn a wage in the world. They know everything about money, they can handle your money and are great at stealing your money on occasion.

Overall everyone hates an accountant

Now image an accountant opened a wrestling federation. This is where I came in, after my stint working for Al Magz I was ready for a new challenge, and a bloody challenge I was going to get.

I was called up by this accountant, who had decided that wrestling was a profitable business to go into, he offered me the job after asking about my time with Al Magz, apparently I was the only person he had talked to who had experience running a wrestling company so I had the job.

One problem, I had to turn a profit, at no point could our money dip into negative figures, if it does then the plug gets pulled on the whole promotion.

So it's off to find some very cheap workers (wrestling talent optional)

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Before my talent search could start my boss gave the vital stats of the company

Accountancy Wrestling Federation

Size: Backyard

PI: 0%

Cash: $0

Production, Advertising and Merchandising: 0%

So I had to get the cheapest people on the planet to work for me but first I needed some sponsors in order to know what my budget was. After a few phone calls these were the people willing to give me money:

Main: EWAddisions.com ($10,000 a show for 16 months)

Minor: Chart Wars ($5,000 a show for 11 months)

Minor: GameWinners.com ($5,000 a show for 9 months)

Minor: TotalDiscussions.com ($1,000 a show for 5 months)

So with a monthly budget of $21,000, $1,000 of which we would lose to production costs I had $20,000 to spend on talent. After searching the land for cheap but vaguly talented wrestlers I had these brave souls willing to work for me:

Aaron Stride

Best Stat: Speed (53)

Over: 2

Cost: $2,000 per appearance


Donny Idol

Best Stat: Speed (52)

Over: 3

Cost: $3,000 per appearance


Even Colder Austin

Best Stat: Brawl (52)

Over: 5

Cost: $2,000 per appearance


Liberty Kid

Best Stat: Speed (52)

Over: 2

Cost: $2,000 per appearance


Princess Jade

Best Stat: Charisma (70)

Over: 4

Cost: $2,000 per appearance



Best Stat: Brawl (58)

Over: 6

Cost: $3,000 per appearance


Shawn Stylez

Best Stat: Charisma (79)

Over: 3

Cost: $1,000 per appearance


Slash NACW

Best Stat: Tech (55)

Over: 6

Cost: $3,000 per appearance

So we had no money, cheap and cheerful wrestling and we had to turn a profit. This'll be fun

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Accountancy Wrestling Federation Presents:

AWF Battlegrounds

Tonight is the first ever show from AWF and we have a 4 man tournament to decided the AWF Heavyweight Champion

Semi-Final 1

Aaron Stride Vs Scar

Semi-Final 2

Even Colder Austin Vs Donny Idol

Also we have:

Slash NACW Vs Liberty Kid

Come along on 26th September tickets are $10

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$10 for a 0% backyard show? Expect the exact amount of 0 crowd members then, I'm not trying to be a downer on your diary but there is no way you'll get anyone. I hope you can pull this off because it is a great idea for a diary.

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first off my workers will not be altered by Arsenic as that would defect the object of having cheap and cheapful workers. Besides having $0 to start with makes that bit more difficult, Besides if I make a profit every month why do I need cash reserves?

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26th September 2004

We kicked off our first show to the yelling of 4 people, we're off to good start we have paying people coming to see us.

Even Colder Austin Vs Donny Idol (AWF Heavyweight title semi-final)

Even Colder Austin came out dressed like the Stone Cold we've seen week in week out for years, you could tell he wasn't the real Austin but for $2,000 an appearance what did we expect? Anyway to the match, while this wasn't terrible by backyard standards but it wasn't a crowd pleaser by anyone's standard. Even Colder Austin used the moves we expect from a Austin rip-off but he didn't do them as well, he went for The Stunner on a couple of occasions but Idol wriggled away from it. When Idol was in control he spent a lot of time flirting with the female in the crowd, she wasn't interested but it didn't stop him from going back and trying again. Idol finished this one off with the Idoliser for the 3 count and celebrated by chatting the female in the crowd again before leaving

Winner: Donny Idol(53/10/31)

Before the second semi-final got under way, two rather weird men who appeared to be talking to themselves walked out closely followed a more normal looking man who seemed ready to speak

Shawn Stylez: Why hello everyone! Isn't this a fun event? I mean you have a cheap Austin rip off and a man obsessed with his own body. But in the ring at this time we have two men are here to stay.

He walks over to one of the slightly weird men

Stylez: Here we have Scar who will be taking on Aaron Stride and once he wins he will go on and beat Donny Idol and bring me the AWF Heavyweight Title won't you Scar?

Scar: People all around us, staring at us... WHY ARE THEY STARING AT US!!!! WHY!!

Stylez: Umm, yes and over hear we have Slash NACW who will be taking on that little punk Liberty Kid and destroying him for me won't you?

Slash NACW: We don't think about what they think of us do we? DO WE?!

Stylez: I suppose I have to explain their behaviour don't I? In order to make them better wrestlers I put Scar and Slash through some shall we call them 'experiments' and they didn't exactly come out of my laboratory completely sane, but better wrestlers then they were before. They are Scar and Slash NACW otherwise know as The Lost Souls, fitting name isn't it? I am Dr Shawn Stylez the only man who can control these two to an extent and we'll here for a while. Slash follow me, Scar you stay here and wrestle

Stylez climbed to the outside of the ring with Slash NACW while Scar remained still talking to himself

Aaron Stride (w/Princess Jade) Vs Scar (w/Dr Shawn Stylez and Slash NACW) (AWF Heavyweigth Title Semi-Final)

While Scar was still talking to himself Aaron Stride walked to ring with a beautiful young lady who stayed close to Aaron until he got in the ring. Scar reacted to the presence of Stride by attacking him the moment he got in the ring and the match was on. Scar's rather strange antics were encouraged by Dr Shawn Styles on the outside and Scar held his own against Stride for the entire match. This was a surprisingly back and forth match with only brief interruptions for Scar to talk to himself and each of these interruptions allowed Stride to take an advantage. Scar looked like prevailing in this one but he started talking to himself once too often which allowed Stride to quickly hit him with a super kick and then climbed to the top rope and hit the Moonsault for the 3 count and to earn the right to face Donny Idol later on. Once Stride and Jade had left the ring Scar rolled out the ring and Slash rolled into it and waited for Liberty Kid to arrived

Winner: Aaron Stride(53/0/26)

Liberty Kid Vs Slash NACW (w/Dr Shawn Stylez and Scar)

With Stylez and the very tired Scar on the outside Slash looked more confident in this one, by that I mean the words Slash was saying to himself were positive ones. This got off to a quick beginning with Liberty Kid trying to end it early with some high flying moves but Slash was quick to kick out and continue the match. Like Scar before him Slash did talk to himself during this match but he did it when Liberty Kid was on the floor and couldn't take advantage of it. While the match was going on Dr Stylez was having a go at Scar on the outside telling him what he should of done against Aaron Stride and this was causing Scar to talk to himself loader than normal. Liberty Kid did take an advantage in this match but he never looked like winning it. This one nearly ended when Liberty Kid rolled Slash up out of nowhere for a 2 1/2 count but quickly after that Slash hit the Top Rope Leg Drop for the 3. After the match Slash continued the beating and Scar got in a few licks as well

Winner: Slash NACW(56/11/33)

Before the main event got underway Aaron Stride and Princess Jade walked to ring and Jade started to talk

Jade: Oh hey everyone! It so great to be here, isn't that right Aaron?

Aaron Stride just stood there not saying a thing

Jade: Oh he's just shy, I mean out here in front of 4 people I can get so nervous. But tonight you all can cheer on Aaron here as he takes on Donny Idol! So go Aaron!

This little interview with cut short by Donny Idol running down to start the match

Donny Idol Vs Aaron Stride (AWF Heavyweight Title)

Donny Idol started off by showing off to Princess Jade and got attacked by Aaron Stride for his troubles, Idol soon fought back and this one was well and truly underway. This one went back on forth showing that these two could go for a bit and we quickly saw that Stride wouldn't show any emotion and that Idol would prefer to be with Jade chatting her up but for now he was concentrating on the match. Idol took the advantage with a well placed thumb to the eye of Stride and then continued with his advantage for a while. Jade was cheering on Stride but the crowd really couldn’t give a toss about this match even if was for the AWF Heavyweight title. To fair to them Stride and Idol didn't le the serious lack of crowd reaction affect them and they just got on with the match to the best of their abilities. This match came to an end when Donny Idol hit a low blow on Stride while the ref was looking the other way. This low blow allowed Idol to hit a quick Sunset flip for the cheap win. After the match Idol celebrated with his title and flirted with the woman in the crowd again

Winner and NEW AWF Heavyweight Champion: Donny Idol(55/0/27)

Overall Rating: 33%

Crowd: 4

Ticket Sales: $40

PI: 1% (+1)

End of month finances: $2,040 (+2,040)

YES! We made a profit! That’s 1 month done, now let's see how long this can last

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Accountancy Wrestling Federation Presents:

Value for Money

AWF Heavyweight Title

Donny Idol © Vs Even Colder Austin

Last month at Battlegrounds Donny Idol won the 4 man tournament for the AWF Heavyweight Title, will Donny be successful in retain his title or will the Austin era begin in AWF?


Slash NACW Vs Aaron Stride

Scar Vs Liberty Kid

Donny Idol Vs Liberty Kid (Due to the rule in AWF that the champion will do double duty, to save money

Tickets are $5 for this event, to show true Value for Money!

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Value for Money

31th October

3 Fans greeted us as we started our second show, so we half the price so we get less fans? RRRRight

Donny Idol Vs Liberty Kid

Due to the money saving rule in AWF the current Champion will have to oull double duty every show start with a non title match. Tonight it was Donny Idol against Liberty Kid. Donny who looked into the crowd and found the woman from last month and started flirting with her again getting a slap for his troubles and then got attacked by Liberty Kid who threw him in the ring and started this one off. Thank to the distraction Liberty Kid took control of Idol for a while but the face that Idol was the AWF Heavyweight Champion soon came into effect and by that I mean he got in low blow and got the match back to his pace which was slightly slower than Liberty Kid's and kept Liberty on the ground. Idol used a lot of leg based submission hold to wear Liberty Kid down during this one. Liberty Kid get in some offence but a well aimed kick to the back of the knee soon took care of that. Like last month Liberty Kid almost got the win when he rolled Idol up out of nowhere but he only got 2 and as soon as Idol was up he rolled Liberty Kid up with his feet on the ropes for the cheap 3

Winner: Donny Idol(56/8/32)

Before their match The Lost Souls walked out talking to themselves again followed by Dr Shawn Stylez

Dr Shawn Stylez: Here are again people we the greatest genius in the world with my two subjects Scar and Slash NACW, now I've been asked why do I called him Slash NACW instead of just Slash. Really it's quite simple to everyone who hold a degree in Human Mutation, this degree may not be recognised by everyone but it does to me and that's all that counts. Now the reason he is Slash NACW is because the NACW makes him stand out and reminds him that he belongs to me, if he ever gets away from my control, the NACW will remind him who made him what he is. Isn't that right Slash NACW?

Slash NACW: I am the only one who is called NACW, ME! ME! ME! ME! ME!!

Stylez: Now tonight you lot will have the privilege of seeing these two wrestle, they will swap opponents from last month so it will be Slash NACW against Aaron Stride and Scar against Liberty Kid, and you two had better perform better than last week of you know what will happen to you

Scar and Slash NACW both start freaking out and started punching each other to get each other ready for their matches, while this was going on Aaron Stride walked out and started his match with Slash NACW


Slash NACW (w/Scar and Dr Shawn Stylez) Vs Aaron Stride

Slash went strait after Stride in this one seemly desperate not to get whatever Dr Stylez was talking about, Stride was surprised by Slash's quick start to this one and was on the back foot for a while but slowly but surly started fighting back and finally got the advantage on Slash. Seeing Stride take the advantage didn't please Stylez who got Scar to trip Stride up behide the ref's back which gave the advantage back to Slash. Slash and Stride went back forth for bit with neither men really taking an advantage but another trip on Stride put Slash back in control. Slash kept up his advantage but couldn't get the 3 count which was getting Stylez frustrated on the outside and this was cause Slash to act rashly in the ring in his haste to get this over and done with. This haste would cost him the match as he went for the Top Rope Leg Drop by Stride moved out the way and then quickly hit the Moonsault for the 3.

Winner: Aaron Stride(44/0/22)

Scar Vs Liberty Kid

After seeing Slash lose his match this made Scar more determined to get the win on Liberty Kid so he wouldn't get Stylez angry. Liberty was also pulling double duty here and it showed as he looked tired after his first match with Donny Idol so this gave Scar the advantage off the bat. Scar who was eager to prove to Stylez that he didn't need punishing took complete and utter control of the tired Liberty Kid in this one and destroyed him throughout the match. Liberty resfused to give up easily and kept himself in it with kickout after kickout which again drew the annoyance the Doctor on the outside. Liberty Kid did make a big comeback and looked like having the better of Scar for the last part of the match, he ended his comeback by knocking Scar onto his stomach and then going out the ring and dropping the dime on Scar like Rey Misterio does, the earned a long 2 count but the tiredness in Liberty Kid soon showed when Scar hit the Top Rope Legdrop for the 3 count and to continue Liberty Kid's losing run and to get Stylez's approval of Scar victory

Winner: Scar(60/11/35)

Before his main event match with Donny Idol Even Colder Austin walked out and talked to the 3 fans about his match

Even Colder Austin: Now I know you all think I'm a cheap Austin rip-off

One fan shouts 'WHAT!'

Austin: Now let me clarify something, I may look, act and talk like Steve Austin but I am my own man


Austin: So when that son a bitch Donny Idol steps in this ring with me, I am going to open a can of Woop-Ass on him and then you will watch as Donny gets a KICK! WHAM! STUNNER! And the Even Colder Austin Era will begin


Donny Idol © Vs Even Colder Austin (AWF Heavyweight Title)

Thanks to Austin's promo Donny Idol walks out looking a little bit fearful of Austin but still starts this one off. Austin takes early control in true Steve Austin fashion but he doesn't quite have the brawling skills to pull off a convincing Austin but heck he tries. Idol fought back and had things his own way and wasn't looking too tired since he had a nice long break from his first match and this allowed him to keep going with Austin. While they did try their styles did completely clash and this affected the match quality and for the 2nd month in a row it was a member of The Lost Souls who was involved in the best match. Austin regained control of the match near the end and got in the KICK! WHAM! STUNNER! But due to knocked out ref he couldn't get the pinfall. When the ref came around Austin went for the stunner again but got shoved off by Idol who then hit the Idolizer out of nowhere and caught the 3 count when people thought Austin looked like picking up the win. After the match to prove that he had won Donny Idol nailed Austin in the head with the AWF title belt before walking off winking to the woman in crowd

Winner: Donny Idol (45/11/28)

Overall Rating: 33%

Crowd: 3

Ticket Sales: $15

PI: 2%

Cash: $6055 (+4,015)

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Accountancy Wrestling Federation Presents:

Half Priced Warfare

AWF Heavyweight Title

Donny Idol © Vs Mystery Opponate

Also Even Colder Austin has challeged both members of The Lost Souls to two seperate matches so we have:

Even Colder Austin Vs Scar

Even Colder Austin Vs Slash NACW

Liberty Kid Vs Aaron Stride

Tickets are again $5 on the 28th November 2004

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Guest John Kerry's Evil Twin

This is pretty cool. When I first saw the name, I thought of the "Accountancy Shanty" from "The Meaning of Life."

It's fun to charter an accountant

And sail the wide accountancy

To find, explore

The funds off-shore

And skirt the shoals of bankruptcy

It can be manly in insurance

We'll lock your premiums semi-annually

It's all tax-deductible

We're fairly interruptible

We're sailing on the wide accountancy!

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This is an awesome idea, and your doing a good job with it. keep up the good work, i'm defentally gonna be reading this :thumbsup:

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Half Priced Warfare

Aaron Stride Vs Liberty Kid

In tonight's random filler match Aaron Stride took on the so far winless Liberty Kid in a one on one contest. Liberty went right at it in this one and tried to keep himself in control on Aaron Stride who had only lost one match in the first two shows. Stride quickly regained control but Liberty Kid refused to allow himself to be beaten so easily and kept himself in touch with Aaron Stride who was impressed with Liberty Kid's ability to kept up with him and was surprised with the fight still in Liberty Kid. Stride regained control after a brief comeback and went for the Moonsault but Liberty Kid managed to move out the way. Once Stride ate mat he got rolled up by Liberty Kid for 2 and a half. Liberty took control of this match and hit Stride with everything he had and got 2 counts after 2 counts. This went on for a bit until Liberty Kid got frustrated and went for a Moonsault of his own but like he did earlier Aaron Stride rolled out of the way and quickly hit his own Moonsault for the 3 count and what some might consider a lucky win since Liberty Kid looked very good in this match

Winner: Aaron Stride(53/10/31)

Before their matches with Even Colder Austin The Lost Souls came out with Dr Shawn Stylez. Scar looked just like he did last month but Slash NACW was acting to be fair normal, he walked to the ring calmly but as soon as he entered the ring he acting even worse than is considered normal for him and Scar

Dr Shawn Stylez: Now as you all know Even Colder Austin has challenged both Scar and Slash to singles matches, while he may be an idiot I respect the fact he wants both of the Lost Souls in singles action and I accept his challenge on behalf of Scar and Slash NACW. Now last I promised The Lost Souls that if they lost their matches they would be punished, Scar won he match and therefore was not punished, but since Slash lost he had an 'attitude adjustment' which has made he scared of losing, so scared he'll do anything to win a match, so Austin you will be taking on Slash first. Get down here and get your beating!


Even Colder Austin Vs Slash NACW

Austin ran right to the ring and cleared it of Scar and Dr Shawn Stylez and then went after Slash who was waiting for him. The two traded right hands for while with Austin getting the upper hand. These two are both brawlers so they kept at each other. Austin used his brawling ability to gain advantage over Slash who was still scared of losing another match in front of Dr Shawn Stylex who was watching on the outside with Scar who seemed liked he wanted to get in the ring and take out Austin himself. Slash fought back and used his own brawling ability to keep up with Austin who wanted to end it quickly so he could move onto his match with Scar but Austin could regain the advantage for a long time and it seemed Slash was just wearing him down for Scar later on. This one was going strong with Austin mounting a comeback when Scar entered the ring apparently to attack Austin but all Scar got was a KICK! WHAM! STUNNER! for his troubles, Slash got a KICK! WHAM! STUNNER! as well for a 3 count a to give Austin the win.

Winner: Even Colder Austin(50/14/32)

Even Colder Austin Vs Scar

As soon as the ref finished counting the 3 count on Slash NACW Scar attacked Austin to begin their match and Slash rolled out the ring to join Dr Shawn Stylez on the outside to watch this match. Scar being the fresher wrestler in this quickly took the advantage and beat Austin around the ring seemingly very focus and not talking to himself as much as we are used to him doing by now. Austin showed his stamina by fighting and staying with Scar and these two had so similar styles that this was a very good backyard match and the best match that AWF had put out so far (not difficult I'll grant you but still). About the halfway point Dr Shawn Stylez threw a pair of brass knuckles to Scar when the ref wasn't looking but Austin ducked the attempted punch and then knocked the knucks out of Scar's hand. After a bit more fighting Austin was knocked down and Scar was talking to himself in the corner distracting the ref, while the ref was distracted Stylz put the knucks on Austin's hand. Austin then got up and swung at Scar unaware he had brass knucks on. Scar went down and Stylez screamed at the ref pointing to Austin's hand. The ref turned to see the knucks on Austin hand then DQ'ed him. Austin didn't take this lightly and gave Scar his second KICK! WHAM! STUNNER! of the night before walking away

Winner (by DQ): Scar(69/17/43) 1/2* (first ever!)

Before the main event started a new sexy woman walked out the cat calls from the 4 men in the crowd

Women: Hello everyone allow me to introduce myself I am Amanda! And this is part of what I'll be doing in AWF

Amanda start dancing in the ring to the enjoyment of the 4 men in the crowd

Amanda: But the main reason I'm here is to manage AWF newest superstar. He is the man who will be taking on Donny Idol tonight for the AWF Heavyweight Title. He is Danny Davis

Danny Davis walked out to greet the fans and got the approval of our resident femals crowd member, but before he could talk the AWF Heavyweight Champion Donny Idol walked out to talk

Donny Idol: Woah Woah WOAH! Now you may be good Davis but are you as great looking as the Idolizer? I think not! So right now I am going to come into that ring and beat the hell out of you and retain MY title!


Donny Idol © Vs Danny Davies (AWF Heavyweight Title)

Donny Idol did his normal thing where he flirted with our female fan and this time she seemed to like his advance but one comment from him earned him a hard slap he staggered around only to be met by Danny Davis who started things off on the outside. After getting the better of Idol on the outside Davis rolled Idol into the ring but as Davis was sliding in Idol attacked him taking the match to his side. Idol wore down Davis at the start of the match pausing to flirt with Amanda on the outside, his attempts to flirt with Amanda ended with Amanda slapping the taste out of Idol's mouth and Idol then got rolled up by Davis for a 2 1/2 count. From this point on Davis controlled the pace of the match and really took it to the champion who was trying to get the ref to disqualify Davis for made up reasons, he claimed that Davis 'insulted my mother' and that Davis's hair was too long and he should have a hair cut before getting another shot. None of this worked until Davis was being talked to be the ref and Idol grabbed his AWF Heavyweight Title belt and while Amanda inadvertently distracted the ref Idol knocked Davis out with the title which led to an easy 3 count. Before any revenge could take place Idol ran off celebrating this cheap win

Winner: Donny Idol(66/8/37)

Overall Rating: 38% (+5)

Crowd: 5

Ticket Sales: $25

PI: 3%

Cash: $6,080 (+25)

Ok that was too close to a loss, also before the show we released Princess Jade, we didn't have anything for her to do so we didn't need her around

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Accountancy Wrestling Federation Presentss:

Christmas Bargains

AWF Heavyweight Title

Donny Idol © Vs Winner of number one contendership match

Number one contendership Match

Even Colder Austin Vs Scar

Danny Davis Vs Aaron Stride

Liberty Kid Vs Slash NACW

Tickets are $5 on Boxing Day

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  • 2 weeks later...

Christmas Bargains

26th December

We were greeted by 5 fans who were it seemed working off a Christmas hangover because the 4 men and 1 woman seemed very subdued at the start of our show

Slash NACW (w/ Dr Shawn Stylez) Vs Liberty Kid

In our first match of the evening the winless Liberty Kid took on Slash who holds a victory over Liberty Kid already in AWF. Liberty didn't get the quick start he normally get because of Dr Shawn Stylez who tripped him up to begin the match. This gave Slash control of the match to being with and Liberty Kid soon was being bumped around the ring in the beginning of this one. Liberty did start fighting back against Slash using high flying moves to combat Slash's power moves. Dr Stylez didn't help matters by distracting the ref whenever he had the chance and keeping Liberty from scoring a certain 3 count after a Fisherman's Suplex from the top rope which got 2 before Shawn Stylez put Slash's foot on the rope breaking the count to the dismay of Liberty Kid who was so close to him first ever win in AWF. Slash took a while getting the advantage back but with the help of Dr Shawn Stylez he finally hit the Top Rope Leg Drop and with Dr Shawn Stylex holding Liberty Kid's feet the ref was able to count to 3 and give Slash a very cheap win and make it 0-5 for Liberty Kid

Winner: Slash NACW(61/14/37)

After the first match was done Amanda walked out to the delight of our 4 male fans and she was followed by Danny Davis to the delight of our female fan

Amanda: Now last month Danny Davis was robbed out of winning the AWF Heavyweight Title against Donny Idol. I think everyone here saw the blatant cheating from Donny Idol in their match apart from it seems the ref. So next month Donny Idol Danny Davis is challenging you to a No Disqualifications match for the AWF Heavyweight Title

This brought out the AWF Heavyweight Champion Donny Idol who winked at the female fan before talking to Amanda

Donny Idol: Now you may be a sexy lady Amanda you don't seem to be the brightest crayon in the box. I am the best wrestling in AWF and this title proves it. I am also the most desirable man in AWF so unless Danny Davis can every get this good looking he'll never beat me, but I will prove this by beating him next month in the No DQ you challenged me too. See you next month bitch.

Idol walked after this to boos from the men in the crowd for insulting Amanda

Danny Davis (w/ Amanda) Vs Aaron Stride

Danny Davis looked pissed off after the comment by Donny Idol so he went strait after Stride who was expecting a slower start to this one. This quicker start than expected gave Davis early control but Stride started to even things out and then we had a nice back and forth match between the two who had both had shots against Donny Idol for the AWF Heavyweight Title. Davis was cheered on by Amanda who used her beauty to distract Stride for a moment before letting Davis take the advantage, being a face she was cheered for this. Amanda proved very popular at ringside with on the fan having a rather liberal feel of her ass and she didn't seem to mind this too much but wanted the fans to concentrate on the in ring action rather than her. In the ring Stride was in control of Davis who wasn’t looking like he was in any condition to face Idol next month by Davis kept himself in the match and refused to stay down for the 3 count and made big comeback at the end of the match finishing Stride off with the Scissor Drop for the 3 count and looked to be ready for Donny Idol next month

Scar (w/Dr Shawn Stylez) Vs Even Colder Austin (Number one Contendership)

After last month's DQ for Scar Even Colder Austin wanted another shot at Scar and this time the winner of this match would face Donny Idol for the AWF Heavyweight Title in tonight's main event. Austin wanted Scar and Scar wanted Austin even thought Scar was talking to himself as normal it wasn't as bad as it can be and he was able to concentrate on the match mostly. Austin took control early on and took the fight to Scar who apparently refused to have Slash NACW come out with him as he wanted to beat Austin himself and prove to Austin that he could be taken seriously by everyone and he was being taken seriously by Austin who wanted to beat Scar and take the AWF title off of Donny Idol in the main event. Scar took the advantage himself several times but Austin never allowed him to have the advantage for too long but it was very back and forth between the two and they had just as good of a match as they did last month. Scar went for the Top Rope Leg Drop but Austin moved out the way, this was when Stylex tripped the ref and went to hit Austin with a chair but Austin ducked and Stylez ended up hitting Scar. Stylez was then thrown out by Austin who covered Scar for the 3 count

Winner: Even Colder Austin (Botched interference) (69/21/45)

After the match Scar went metal at the man who had just cost him a shot at the AWF Heavyweight Title Dr Shawn Stylez

Stylez: Scar listen to me, I didn't mean to lose that match but you'll soon learn that it may have been for your own good

Scar: Why is he saying losing is good for us? WHY??

Stylez: When you get another shot at the title you will be stronger and better prepared because your going to be getting some more modifications this month

This statement got Scar's attention

Stylez: That's right Scar we'll do more modifications on you this month and make you a better wrestler so when you get another shot at the title you'll win it easily

This was enough to convince Scar who walked off with Stylez but there was a look on Stylez's face that said he was worried for a moment

Donny Idol © Vs Even Colder Austin (AWF Heavyweight Title)

Donny Idol was the fresh man in this content but was very focussed which was proved when he didn't stop to flirt with our female fan on his way to the ring which was a surprise to her but a good surprise. Even Colder Austin came out to cheers from all 5 people in the crowd who were hoping to see a title change here. Austin was strait from his closely fought match with Scar and was slightly the worse for wear but that didn't stop from taking it to the AWF Heavyweight Champion Donny Idol who wasn't going to lose his title lightly especially when he had a match with Danny Davis next month, the one thing Idol noted about his match next month it didn't require him to be champion at the time so if he lost today he would still face Davis next month in a non title match and if he won tonight the title would be on the line. Austin dominated most of this match but when Idol did fight back he looked very good and competent in the ring. Like the last time they faced each other their styles did clash again so this may be the last Idol Vs Austin match for a while. Idol retained his title again after hitting Austin with the Idolizer making next month's main event Donny Idol Vs Danny Davis in a No DQ match for the AWF Heavyweight title.

Winner: Donny Idol(45/17/31)

Overall Rating: 40% (+2)

Crowd: 5

Ticket Sales: $25

PI: 4% (+1)

Cash: $6,105 (+25)

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