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I Hate Amazon. Also Comics.


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I bought

Ultimate X-Men 1, Hardcover

Ultimate X-Men 2, Softcover

From Amazon. Like an idiot I assumed these were different things, and there was nothing on the amazon website to tell me otherwise.

So, how suprised am I when I get them this morning and find out that the hardcover of Ultimate X-Men 1, also contains Ultimate X-Men 2?

The answer is very. Very suprised.

I hate Amazon, also comics.

Anyone in London looking for a copy of Ultimate X-Men - 2: Return to Weapon-X. n/m condition, good price >_>

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I hate Amazon also, due to their chronic ineptitude. About a month back I bought half a dozen manga books from them. One of them wasn't the one I asked for (they sent me Volume 9 instead of Volume 12), so I sent it back and emailed them, and they apologised and dispatched another copy.

Almost a week later I received the replacement...which this time was Volume FOURTEEN instead of Volume 12.

I email them again asking them in slightly politer language what the hell was wrong with them and what was so difficult about reading the number 12 anyway.

The replied to say they were going to have to investigate into this further, and will email me back when they've done so.


Another week passes. Perhaps they were stalling upon realising that, contrary to what their website says, they didn't have it in stock. Who knows.


Eventually they do email me back, with an exact duplicate of the apology etc. email that they'd sent me the first time they'd got it wrong. I then waited until yesterday, when their latest replacement package arrived...and lo, they'd finally managed to count, for it was the correct one. Almost a month later than it should have been. About fucking time.

I just don't know why I have to pay for this shit.

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The thing that get's me, is the descriptions of items are so god-awful, you have to rely on the Customer Reviews to hopefully point things out.

And if there is no customer review, you either have to do external research, or take a chance.

Now me, not knowing ANYTHING about comics, was stupid enough to trust them, because any research I did would have been meaningless to me anyway.

Another thing I hate is the CD cases. I mean, I ordered Beastie Boys the 5 boroughs from Amazon, thinking I would get it close to release day. Not only was it two weeks overdue, but it was in the plastic CD case, whereas the store-bought ones, came in the cool cardboard foldout kind.

So not only was it late, I could have got a better version in a store for a similar price. :(

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Really :|

Cause I ordered Famous Monsters, by the misfits the other day. Came in the mail in a plastic case, I was happy as a pig in shit.

Till I went to HMV and saw it in a cool fold-out case.

I'm not saying I dislike plastic cases, I just like to get the best version of what I'm paying for.

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I've never had a problem with Amazon at all, but I will admit their item descriptions are a bit crap.

Never had a problem with CD's off Amazon either....................

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I've never had a problem with Amazon. Their descriptions are supposed to be supplied by the manufacturer or publisher so that's why they're often craptastic. Companies seem to give less than a shit about ad copy or accuracy. For example:

Ring of Honor - The Era of Honor Begins - starring Dusty Rhodes!

WTF?! Actually, I think Dusty has a hand in how they were distributed to Amazon (via his Turnbuckle Classics DVD line), but that almost turned me off of ordering it thinking I might've been getting the wrong thing or they might send me the wrong thing, but it was all good.

Have fun trying to find the right version of TV mini-series as well. Amazon had about 3-4 versions of Merlin listed, on DVD and VHS, all with different running times. That was a crapshoot and a half, but I did get the one I wanted.

As for the comics thing, trust me. Dealing with the ONLY comics distributor of note in the free world, no one does an even serviceable job of listing what issues are included in what trades. This is a constant griping point of mine, and I'd recommend folks do a little online research to figure this out before ordering a hard or softcover compilation because the distributors/publishers are zero help with this crucial info. Pisses me off... :angry:

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Things I hate about it:

The need to put in the ISDN number to suggest books instead of just titles (*sniff* It wouldn't let me suggest "Mein Kampf" with "Have More Money Now"...)

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SCORE. Just found a comic shop near my journey home from work.

Calamity Comics > Amazon > Forbidden Planet

That's not in one of the side roads off Charing Cross Road is it? It rings a bell...

(Charing Cross Road being the only area I've visited random secluded comic shops in)

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No, that's Comic Showcase.

Meh. I found at least 4 comic shops within a 300 yard radius in that area. I was quite impressed.

Although since I don't really ever buy comics I'm not sure why. :shifty:

Of course, the Battle Royale DVD I got reeks of the devil for no apparent reason.


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No real problems with my numerous deals with Amazon.

The Hana-Bi DVD that I bought doesn't play on my PS2 though which is annoying.

I to tend to be edgy about buying something without a review or a description, put me off quite a few things.

And comics and comicbooks tend to be a bit cheaper elsewhere anyways.

Nostalgia Comics in Birmingham always has the 100 bullets I want and also sells the 100 bullets collections for pretty much the same price as Amazon without the hassle of postage.

Still I've had some great music bargains. CDWow is pretty good though.

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