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Hockey Game like MusicMaven


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I was just thinking, an online hockey game like musicmaven would be pretty cool. Say you got to make a rookie player, and set up his stats and whatnot. Everyday you could pick something to practice, and raise that stat, etc etc

Then there could be teams within the game (like musicmaven labels) and one could draft you. Teams would play each other, there could be awards, and so on and so forth.

So... is there such a game?

I've been into simple online games like project rockstar, musicmaven and hollywood mogul lately. If there's any games like those that you'd reccommend, feel free to post 'em!

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wells theres nothing like that (that I know of) with hockey, but there is something like that for baseball. Its called Inside the Park Baseball. Never played it because you have to pay and I have Outside the Park, but it alwyas seemed like an interesting concept. BTW, where can I find this music maven? I tried searching but didn't get good results.

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