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Bleh, had to roll, sorry guys. Seahawks 25, 49ers 24.

Week 15 Schedule

Seahawks/Eddie (9-4) @ Ravens (10-3)

Panthers (6-7) @ Bears/Dragsy (9-4)

Redskins (5-8) @ 49ers/DYSI (11-2)

Sints/mystikz (11-2) @ Buccaneers (2-11)

Going to advance tomorrow night/Monday morning.

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I'll be using my acquisitions as trading barter. So if anyone needs a Sub-Par HB and WR in exchange for a 85+ WR let me know.

Hey, don't look at me. I'll play now, if you want.

Ignorance of the law isn't an excuse in most cases, but the only issue I recall being mentioned was the trading and playing of the games, so I assumed that once we actually got the ball rolling all wa

Ugh, sorry DYSI, I was stuck in Missoula til today, and I forgot to bring my copy of Madden with me. I'm sure you'll get your chance at revenge and destroy me in the playoffs.

No prob, the way I've been playing I probably would've lost worse than what the PC did. Barely beat Washington 17-9 by sloppy play by me, hopefully by the playoffs I'll get my groove back.

EDIT -- everyone played Drags so you can get your roll on.

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Bye Slogger, will you be returning for '11?

Not right away but possibly somewhere down the line.
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Week 17 Schedule

Browns (2-13) @ 49ers/DYSI (13-2)

Seahawks (11-4) @ Cardinals (7-8)

Vikings (6-9) @ Bears/Dragsy (11-4)

It's safe to say we're all in the playoffs now, so I figure when I get back from the cineam tonight, I'll advance us regardless.I know it's just down to three now, but we may as well finish the season out.

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Quick disclaimer: I haven't kept track of exactly how much of this season everyone played, so I've been somewhat selective with the stats leaders, i.e. adding players who are now AI-controlled but had been user controlled for a significant portion of the season (as far as I can recall and based on the stat in relation to other players) and vice versa.

2011 Regular Season Wrap-Up

User Standings

San Fransisco (DYSI) - 14-2

New Orleans (mystikz) - 13-3

Chicago (Dragsy) - 12-4

Seattle (Ekin Jones) - 12-4

Dallas (Kyle) - 12-4

Baltimore (Slogger) - 10-6

Basically, I beat out Eddie because I won my division, and we both beat out KYle because we played more of the season. Congrats to DYSI, who I hereby declare to be 2011 regular season champion!

I was going to sim the playoffs, but it won't let me advance weeks without a half hour break in between, and I'm not sure I can be bothered to wait.

Wilcard weekend would have been my Bears hosting the Rams, and Eddie's Seahawks visiting the Cowboys. Slogger's Ravens would have been at home against the Steelers and HM's Titans were at San Diego. Niners and Saints (DYSI and mystikz) earned first round byes and home fixtures in the divisional round.

User Offensive Leaders


J. Cutler (Bears/Dragsy) - 268/431 3972 yds. 30 TD/28 INT

M. Hasselbeck (Seahawks/Eddie) - 284/398 3814 yds. 24 TD/18 INT

T. Romo (Cowboys/Kyle) - 291/422 3288 yds. 20 TD/14 INT


M. Forte (Bears/Dragsy) - 1668 yds. 297 ATT (5.6 AVG) 20 TD

L. Redmond (Seahawks/Eddie) - 1495 yds. 265 ATT(5.6 AVG) 21 TD

R. Rice (Ravens/Slogger) - 1218 yds. 302 ATT (4.0 AVG) 10 TD


M. Crabtree (49ers/DYSI?) - 1764 yds. 121 recs. (14.5 AVG) 9 TD

D. Butler (Seahakws/Eddie) - 1180 yds. 76 recs. (15.5 AVG) 7 TD

B. Trammell (Saints/mystikz) - 1032 yds. 54 recs. (19.1 AVG) 10 TD

User Defensive Leaders


J. Vilma (New Orleans/mystikz) - 73

K. Brooking (Cowboys/Kyle) - 68

R. Lewis (Ravens/Slogger) - 65


P. Haralson (49ers/DYSI) - 17

P. Kerney (Seahawks/Eddie) - 11

J. Smith (Bears/Dragsy) - 10


K. Payne (49ers/DYSI) - 6 (Gah!)

M. Trufant (Seahawks/Eddie) - 6

Z. Bowman (Bears/Dragsy) - 5

Forced Fumbles:

K. Payne (49ers/DYSI) - 5 (Double Gah!)

C. Tillman (Bears/Dragsy) - 4

C. Steltz (Bears/Dragsy) - 3

Longest field goal: G. Hartley (Saints/mystikz) 46 yds.

Longest kick return: D. Hester (Bears/Dragsy) 105 yds.

Loingest punt return: D. Hester (Bears/Dragsy) 64 yds.

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Thanks guys, I appreciate you all sticking around. Of course, previous participants will get first shot at teams in the new one. I am as yet undecided on whether to be the Bears or not, it was kinda grating using them for both on and offline franchises. Going to post a sign-up thread in the next day or so.

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