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WWE: Return To Greatness

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Off- Topic: This is a split diary between myself and matbar using EWR 4.2 and RXEWR #26 and will be done as a real time diary. So shows will be posted every Monday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday for Raw, Smackdown, Velocity and Heat respectively.

Sunday August 01, 2004

World Wrestling Entertainment had been on the decline. It was a fact. Slagging off WWE shows was the top game in wrestling communities worldwide, and there were very few people who could save it. For almost three months we had seen a dip in the writing in some of the poorest written sketches and matches that we have ever witnessed. We had seen many wrestlers debut, but none who could actually be credible competitors. We had seen the company try to recapture the audience that they once had during the attitude era, one that had seen awesome buy rates and merchandise sales going through the roof. But it was not like that anymore. Most fans didn’t even bother ordering Pay Per Views, and TV shows were even better. People would read the spoilers and THEN watch the show if it was decent.

And to make matters worse the most likely promotion to be able to compete with the WWE. TNA had been on the increase and slowly but surely, Impact ratings were rising and there were talks of the show coming to the UK- which would really dampen the WWE’s audience.

But why am I- Lucas Jackson- and my friend Matt Bar involved in this. Well, we weren’t really. We were both amateur script writers who had graduated from college about two years ago with a degree. We had started writing scripts for small TV productions and had done some work with TNA before.

No, we didn’t win the lottery, and we are in no way related to Vince McMahon- not even distant. We are just two guys who were leaving McDonald’s one afternoon and were handed a flyer by some fifteen year old kid which read: “People with writing experience wanted for WWE”. We knew this was our big break. Later on in the evening we went on the website and sent an e-mail explaining why we wanted the job, and what our experience was.

Two days later, and no reply. We assumed that Vince had given up, and that he had hired some other goofs or WCW rejects, same thing. So, I went on set of another project I was working on, but I had just got in my car, and Matt rang me and said that Vince McMahon had just rang and that he had offered the job. I couldn’t believe it; we were finally getting our big break. So what did I do, honk my horn really loud? No. I crashed into the car parked in front of me.

Monday August 02, 2004

We arrived at Titan Towers dead on eight o’clock, and just waited in a meeting room and kept checking our watches eagerly awaiting Vince’s arrival.

Vince made his entrance just after nine and didn’t look too happy to see us. We began explaining who we were, but he cut us off and told us that we had the job, and that we would start immediately. Vince said that Matt would manage Raw and that I would manage Smackdown, and then he left after only seventy seconds in the room.

Tomorrow we meet with the Smackdown superstars at a Smackdown taping that we had no control of as it was already written and booked.

Tuesday August 03, 2004

As I was managing Smackdown I went alone to meet the Smackdown team and superstars just before the show. When I went into the locker room I could instantly tell that it was an uncomfortable environment as everyone was separated into different areas of the room.

I spoke to the Cruiserweights and it was obvious that they were unhappy with their roles. Rey Mysterio was fed up of just being handed the Cruiserweight championship whenever they got bored of Chavo having it and Chavo felt the same. The Cruiserweights were happy that Spike had the belt, but even Spike admitted that he couldn’t keep up with the rest of the guys, and that could be hurting the belt. Spike also felt that he was fed up of just being the “other” Dudley and suggested a heel turn. I said I’d see what I can do. Other than that the general problem was that the Cruiserweights (namely Jamie Noble, Nunzio and Akio) felt that they weren’t seen as important or worthy enough contender despite Noble being a former (and second longest) Cruiserweight champion. I said I’d see what I can do.

I then spoke to a lot of the midcard wrestlers who were also unhappy with there roles. Billy Gunn didn’t like being used whenever a “bigger” worker wanted a squash opponent. In my opinion Billy came off as being a little bigheaded as he seemed to think that he was really talented and that he was a WWE title contender. But I just said (once again) that I’d see what I could do. The others had different opinions on their roles, but the general feel was that they were unhappy with not having a title to actually contend for as the US title has officially become an Upper Card title.

I then spoke to our Upper Carders (Cena, Booker, Dupree and RVD). Rob Van Dam was very unhappy and told me that he wanted to end his contract. I pleaded and pleaded with him and told him that I would sort him out. He agreed, but left the room afterwards. Booker T and Cena were happy with their roles- so they should be.

I then spoke to none other than our WWE champion, John Bradshaw Layfield. JBL was happy with every part of his role in the company, and felt that he had enough airtime, but not enough ring time. He said that he wouldn’t be wrestling tonight, but he wants to wrestle next week. I said that I would make sure that he would.

And last but not least I spoke to Smackdown General Manager (me on TV), Theodore Long. He said that he wasn’t happy as his role wasn’t definitive and that he needed to be either a heel or a face character otherwise the fans couldn’t believe in him. You can guess what I said…

Well, overall it was interesting to meet the Smackdown superstars. But it was sad to hear so many of them say that they were unhappy with what was happening to them. With SummerSlam just days away, I knew that I couldn’t do much, but as always I shall try my best.

I spoke to Matt that night, and told him about how it went. He told me that he was going to meet the Raw superstars this Friday and that he’d see me on Saturday at Titan Towers for a big meeting with all the big superstars and the McMahon family in attendance.

Friday August 06, 2004

Matt met up with the Raw stars today, obviously I wasn’t in attendance, but here was what he told me over the phone.

He told me that Raw was not happy with the lack of tag teams, and that many superstars felt that Evolution had run their course. However, the most unhappy superstar on the roster was (surprisingly) World Heavyweight Champion, Chris Benoit. He said that he was fed up of being beaten down week after week by everyone and then (miraculously) getting the win at the Pay Per View. He actually wanted to drop the title to Triple H and maybe have a run later on in the year when Evolution has disappeared.

That night I began packing and then (exhausted) got in my car (which was now repaired) and began the long drive to Titan Towers as I didn’t have my travel expenses paid for me- yet.

Saturday August 07, 2004

Many Raw and Smackdown superstars- mainly the creative controllers as well as the WWE Champion, John Bradshaw Layfield and World Heavyweight Champion, Chris Benoit were in attendance. Guest of honour was The Rock making a once in a while appearance. Matt immediately attacked him and asked him when he was going to make his next appearance. The Rock said that he wanted to appear at SummerSlam, but Mick Foley was also set to appear at SummerSlam as well, and he felt that two returns in one night were stupid. The Rock said that he would like to make a full-time return to the ring in October, but was leaning towards the Smackdown side a little more.

Other comments made was that Chris Benoit didn’t want to drop the title to Randy Orton at SummerSlam as planned, but instead wanted to drop it two weeks later in a Triple Threat Match also involving Triple H. Triple H voiced his opinion on winning that match, and Benoit seemed happy with that arrangement. Matt didn’t seem to like it, but kept his opinions to himself.

Over on the Smackdown side, it was evident that JBL wanted to retain the WWE title against Undertaker, and wanted to hold the title for a long time. JBL also voiced his opinions on a few matches with The Rock in the fall, with perhaps The Rock winning the title from him. Mark (Undertaker) chipped in and said that he wanted to take the title from JBL- but not at SummerSlam. He said that he agreed to put JBL over once, and once only. He said that he wanted to take the title from JBL at No Mercy- perhaps in a Hell In A Cell Match. JBL didn’t like this, and felt that it was selfish as Taker had held the title many times before. I stopped the argument and told them that I wanted JBL to definitely go over Taker at SummerSlam, but whether or not JBL goes over Taker at No Mercy- or if he even faces Taker at No Mercy- will be decided nearer to the date.

The meeting today made Matt and I realise just how important the two titles mean to the superstars, and made us realise just how selfish some superstars are.

That night Matt got packing for the Raw show on Monday and I enjoyed the rest of my weekend.


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*note This will in no way affect my Raw diary since it is in real time*

WWE Announces Trade!

user posted image for user posted image

Today it was announced that Orlando Jordan will head to Raw for Stevie Richards

user posted image


user posted image and user posted image

Also, Tajiri goes from Raw to SmackDown for The Bashams

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Saturday August 07, 2004

After talking to Vince, we have come to the decision that each brand shall run a Pay Per View each month, as it shall draw more money in for the company. The four joint Pay Per Views (Royal Rumble, WrestleMania, SummerSlam and Survivor Series) shall remain as they are. The Smackdown brand which is usually host to No Way Out, Judgment Day, The Great American Bash and No Mercy shall keep those names while the Raw brand shall keep there five Pay Per Views (Backlash, Bad Blood, Vengeance, Unforgiven and Armageddon). The WWE have thought of various new names (as well as a few old ones) and have changed the Pay Per View schedule, as shown below. We feel that this will better the company and enable short and lomger feuds without taking up vital card space on bigger Pay Per events. We hope that the fans can support this decision.

Raw Pay Per View Calendar

January: Royal Rumble

February: Guilty Pleasure

March: WrestleMania XXI

April: Backlash

May: Master of Puppets

June: Bad Blood

July: Vengeance

August: SummerSlam

September: Unforgiven

October: Halloween Havoc

November: Survivor Series

December: Armageddon

Smackdown Pay Per View Calendar

January: Royal Rumble

February: No Way Out

March: WrestleMania XXI

April: Fully Loaded

May: Judgment Day

June: The Great American Bash

July: Americana

August: SummerSlam

September: Rock Bottom

October: No Mercy

November: Survivor Series

December: Mind Games

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I didn't like the backstory. It was one of those that didn't seem realistic enough. A 15 year old kid giving away flyers for a major job in the WWE?

And trading Tajiri back after he was already traded on the last trade is also not so realistic, but if that's what will help Smackdown's cruiser division, it can pass.

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August 8th 2004 - Matt Bar

Before my first show, I decided to hold my second meeting to discuss the talents ideas for Raw.

Chris Beniot said he wants better writing for his Championship reign. He complained to me that he was losing almost every week on Raw, but somehow was still Champion, and felt he was loseing heat.

Rhyno was very unhappy with my decision to trade Tajiri to SmackDown, since they had just started working as a Tag Team. I assured him that I had big plans for him, but not for Tajiri, and Tajiri was better suited for the Cruserweight division on SmackDown then the Tag Division on Raw.

The Bashams voice intrest in a shot at the Tag Team Titles. I told them that I want to put them over first. I have a story line set out for them, and if they like it, they might get a shot down the road.

Chris Benoit didn’t want to drop the title to Randy Orton at SummerSlam as planned, but instead wanted to drop it two weeks later in a Triple Threat Match also involving Triple H. Triple H voiced his opinion on winning that match, and Benoit seemed happy with that arrangement. I didn't like this at all, bit I kept my mouth shut on the matter...Triple H has more power then me at this point.

Mark Henry approached me about the lack of time he's been getting on Raw. He informed me that he's been healthy for the last 2 months, but has yet to be on even one card. I told him I have an idea for him, and that I'd run it by him one-on-one later. He seemed pleased.

Gail Kim, Ivory, Victoria, Stacy, Trish, Nidia, and Molly all asked me about the direction of the Womans Division. I let them know that I talked to Vince, and we decided to drop the Diva Search due to lack of intrest. All the Divas seemed relieved. I also let them know that I have no plans on elimination the Womans Division, and I'm expecting a lot out of the ladies.

There were several questions about Evolution, and how much longer it was to go on. I let everyone know that I wasn't 100% sure of that one, and with Beniots refusal to drop the title to Orton, they might be around a while longer.

That was the meeting. Raws tomorrow...I cant wait.

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August 8th 2004- Lucas Jackson

Last night I received a phone call from Rob Van Dam, and he still is not happy with the amount of TV time that he was getting recently. And so I agreed to meet him at his house for a personal chat on where I was going to direct him on Smackdown.

It started off well, with me telling him that he was an amazing athlete and that he did deserve better. But RVD's problem was with JBL, and he felt that JBL's push came to fast. I offered RVD some matches with JBL, but RVD refused and said that he didn't want to wrestle JBL. RVD expressed his feelings on working with someone like Angle or Eddie Guerrero, but only if it was for the WWE Championship. I didn't really know what to say after this, as neither of those two men were going to win the title anytime soon.

We later moved on to this weeks Smackdown where RVD will team with Charlie Haas facing up-and-comers Akio and Sakoda in tag team action, with the possibility of a tag title reign in the near future. RVD said that he had been there before with Kane.

By this point RVD was really beginning to piss me off, and so I just told him that he can't have it he's way all the time. I promised him a title shot in the future, and then I left for further business- with the Undertaker.

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August 8th 2004- Lucas Jackson


Just a few miles down the road my next appointment was already waiting. Mark "The Undertaker" Calloway was waiting in a bar with a glass of wine in his hands. I was there to discuss SummerSlam as Mark wasn't happy with putting JBL over.

I spoke to Mark about the possibilities of a future title reign, but said that right now just wasn't the time. I told him that JBL is just getting over, and a victory over him would be beneficial to both JBL and the company. Mark reminded me that he had creative control over his character and that he does not want to lose to JBL, and so he wouldn't.

I then asked who Mark would put over and he gave me a shortlist: Angle. And that was it. I pleaded with Mark to put JBL over, and I promised him a rematch at the next Pay Per View. Mark agreed and then left unhappily. I never knew how hard it would be to job one untalented worker over another.

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Monday August 9th 2004- Lucas Jackson

Smackdown House Show Results

Detroit, Michigan

In just twenty-four hours we present the last Smackdown tapings before SummerSlam, and tonight we saw some interesting matches take place (a couple of which shall take place on this weeks Smackdown).

Firstly we saw Rob Van Dam and Charlie Haas def. Akio & Sakoda by disqualification when Akio low blowed RVD. I have requested interest in a possible feud between these two, but I first need to get Akio off of Velocity, and RVD a little more established and comfortable with his role in the company.

We also saw a "warm-up" encounter for SummerSlam between John Cena and Booker T. It was said that there wouldn't be a decisive winner at this early stage in the game, but John Cena won cleanly after an FU. SummerSlam spoiler perhaps?

We also saw more of the Cruiserweight champion as Spike Dudley defeated Billy Kidman in a non-title match.

And last but not least Billy Gunn defeated Hardcore Holly after a Fame-Ass-er. Billy Gunn got booed as he made his way to the ring, and he played the hell throughout the entire match and the crowd were really behind him. It is unknown what Smackdown plan to do with this heat, but it is more than likely that they will just forget about it.

So, tomorrow night is my first show and I am really excited about it, and after seeing how the crowd reacted to the midcard tag match, have decided to put it straight on Smackdown tomorrow night.

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August 9th 2004- Lucas Jackson

New superstars (for OVW)

Over the weekend I have been in negotiations with several independant stars (many of whom did not get back to me) and am pleased to say that I have managed to get three of these workers to sign a contract to be a part of the Smackdown side of things.

Firstly, we would like to welcome back Sean O'Haire who we feel is a good in ring worker, but his skills are in need of improvement. Many will remember O'Haire (or not) for his match with former WWE superstar, Rikishi as well as teaming frequently with (another) former WWE superstar, Roddy Piper. However, things went from bad to worse from then as O'Haire was first sent down to OVW to improve his ring skills, but then later dismissed due to lack of creative direction. However, Sean shall debut in the coming weeks, and shall get the push that he deserves.

Secondly, we would like to welcome back a worker who has done many matches with the WWE before, Chris Kanyon. We feel that Kanyon is now ready to take on the WWE ring full-time, and shall see him debut after a short sting in OVW.

And last, but not least we have hired former WCW star, Juvented Guerrera as a thank you to Rey Mysterio for all his hard work in the Cruiserweight division in the past two years. Juvi and Rey have already been in talks with the Smackdown staff (and me) as to what direction they wish to take the Cruiserweight division.

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WWE Raw Results (8/9): - Booked by Mat Bar

Show: WWE Raw

Date: Monday, August 9th, 2004

Location: Cleveland, Ohio

WWE Raw Opener:

Raw opened up with a video package showing highlights of Randy Orton winning the Battle Royal 2 weeks ago, and becoming the #1 Contender for Chris Beniots World Title at SummerSlam. The fireworks then went off in the arena for the start of Raw as Jim Ross and Jerry "The King" Lawler welcomed us to the show!

Location: Cleveland, Ohio

In Ring:

Chris Beniots music hits, and the WWE World Champion makes way to the ring. He gets a huge pop as he poses for the crowd. Beniot gets a mic. Beniot talks about how he won his title at WrestleMania against Triple H, and has defended against Trips, Shawn Michaels, and Kane, and came out the winner every time. He says there’s no chance in hell that Randy Orton will take his title come SummerSlam. He starts to focus on Edge, and how he cost his team the match last week when Evolutions music hit, and Randy Orton walks out to the stage.

Randy tells Beniot that SummerSlam is too far away for him, and he wants a shot at Beniot tonight Live on Raw (he gets a face pop…). Beniot says if Randy really wants him, to come and get him.

Beniot is focused on Orton, but Batista comes out of nowhere and nails Beniot from behind. Randy runs down to the ring, and he and Batista start beating Beniot down. The crowd erupts as Edge runs down and clears Orton and Batista out of the ring. Edge then helps a bloody Beniot to his feet as Raw goes to break.


Beniot loses Overness

Referee: Jack Doan

Rob Conway w/ Sylvan Grenier vs. ???

The music of the La Resistance hit in the arena as the Tag Team Champs, Sylvan Grenier and Rob Conway made their way to the ring. Conway gets on the mic, and gives an open challenge to anyone backstage. If they beat him tonight, then he, and a partner of his choice, will face La Resistance for the WWE World Tag Titles. The lights go dark, and “STAND BACK! There’s a Hurricane Coming Through!” Hits the P.A. When the lights come back on, Rosey and Stacy are standing on the ramp. Hurricane is on a turnbuckle, and leaps off and hit’s a clothesline on Conway as the bell sounds.

The start:

Hurricane starts out with a side headlock, but Conway easily powers out. Hurricane runs into the ropes to hit a move, but Grenier trips him from behind. The Ref starts yelling at him, and Conway uses the ropes to choke The Hurricane. The Ref turns around and sees it, and starts the count. Conway breaks it up at 4.

Mid-match notes:

The Hurricane starts to get back into the match, then try’s for the Hurrislam (ITS BACK!) but Conway gets out of it when Grenier distracts The Hurricane by making a move on Stacy. Rosey had enough of Grenier, and attacked him. The new Superhero took out Grenier, and a group of Refs and Road Agents came out and dragged Rosey and Grenier to the back.

The finish:

Conway was visibly upset that Grenier was taken to the back since he didn’t attack Rosey, and started to yell at Doan. Hurricane sneaks up behind Conway, and rolls him up for the 3 Count!

The Hurricane and Rosey will face La Resistance for the World Tag Titles at SummerSlam!

Winner - The Hurricane!

Overall: 70%

Crowd: 61%

Quality: 79%

Conway loses Overness


After the break, Beniot is seen backstage getting stitched up from his attack earlier by Batista and Orton. Eric Bishoff walks in and asks how Beniot is doing. The Medical staff tells Bishoff that he’ll be fine, but he shouldn’t wrestle tonight. Bishoff said that’s too bad because he already booked Beniot and Edge vs. Orton and Batista for tonight. It looks like Edge will have to face Evolution all alone. Eric laughs and the camera cuts to the ring.


Referee: Charles Robinson

Tyson Tomko w./ Trish vs. Rhyno

The music of Rhyno hit in the arena as he made his way to the ring for this huge match up with Tyson Tomko. Tomko is trying to prove that he’s a force on the Raw Roster, and he’s accompanied to the ring by the stunning Woman’s Champ, Trish Stratus.

The start:

Rhyno and Tomko lock up, and Tomko gets Rhyno in a reverse headlock. Rhyno spins around to Tomko’s back, and flips him for a suplex. Tomko gets up, and gets in Rhyno’s face. Trish distracts Robinson as Tomko hit’s a low blow on Rhyno.

Mid-match notes:

Tomko and Rhyno go back and forth through this match up, with Tomko getting major heel heat. After a series of holds and lock ups, a “Boring” chant starts up, and Rhyno really kicks it into gear with a series of rights followed by pushing Tomko into the ropes and hitting a running clothesline. Rhyno covers for 2. Rhyno stomps on Tomko, and picks him up, and lifts him up for a slam, but Trish rolls into the ring, and low blows Rhyno (and the Ref didn’t see it) causing Rhyno to drop Tomko and collapse to the ground.

The finish:

Tyson dominated from that point on, and he went for a Powerslam, but Rhyno slid out of it, and knocked Tyson down with a punch to the back of the head. Rhyno retreated into a corner, and waited for Tyson to get up. Trish tried to warn Tomko, but he stood up, and turned around…GORE! Rhyno covers for the 1...2...3! Rhyno celebrates his victory!

Winner - Rhyno

The aftermath:

Christian runs out! Christian floors Rhyno and hit’s the Unprettier on Rhyno, and takes Trish to the back with Tomko following.

Overall: 72%

Crowd: 58%

Quality: 76%

Update on Regal:

Jim Ross updates us on William Regal, and says that because of Triple H’s attack last week, Regal has a collapsed lung, and will miss up to a few months, leaving Eugene to fend for himself. Ross also said that Eugene is at the hospital with Regal, and wont be here tonight.


Video for New Star:

A Hype Video was played. It starts with a bird crowing, and a voice saying that he never got the respect he deserved. He was forced out of the WWE, but Hardcore is back in. Come SummerSlam, people will be fearing his name.

The words “Quoth the Raven Nevermore!” appear on the screen and the crowd goes nuts as Raw goes to break.



During the break: Christian is yelling at Tomko, and says that he hired him as a Problem Solver. What good is a Problem Solver who can’t solve problems. He said that he’s been watching him while out with injury, and he saw how Tomko was looking at Trish, and he wouldn’t put up with it any more. Christian fired Tomko (Another trip to OVW for Tomko) and we fade to the ring.


New Hall of Fame inductees, Bob Brown and Barry Sanders are sown in the crowd to a huge pop. Jerry Lawler made a comment about how John Elway must be at the Denver Donkeys game. That got a laugh from the Browns fans.

Referee: Michael Chioda

The Bashams vs. ???

Doug and Danny Basham made their way down to the ring for the next match. The Bashams were just traded to Raw for Tajiri, and this was their first match. They were promised a challenge by Eric Bishoff, and their waiting for their opponents when…BOOM! Pyros go off, and The Big Red Machine walks down to the ring. The Bashams freak, and retreat out of the ring when Kane climbs in. Kane stands in the middle of the ring, and raises his arms. As he drops them, pyros go off, and it looks like The Bashams are about to wet themselves. Doug tries to push Danny to the ring, but Danny pulls Doug. The Bashams argue who should go face him first, but Kane reaches down and grabs both Bashams by the throat, and pulls them both into the ring. The Bell sounds.

The start:

Kane has both Bashams in his grip, but the Bashams look at each other and nod. Both Bashams kick Kane’s knees out from under him, and start stomping away. The Bashams high five each other…and Kane sits up! Doug runs at Kane, and delivers a knee to the head, and Kane goes back down…for a second then sits right back up!

The finish:

Danny and Doug run at Kane again, but he grabs them by the neck, and hit’s a double Chokeslam! He picks Danny up and hit’s a Tombstone Piledriver! Then covers for the easy win.

Winners: Kane!

Overall: 70%

Crowd: 69%

Quality: 71%

The Aftermath:

Kane grabs a mic, and says that this is just a little sample of what he’ll do to Matt Hardy at SummerSlam. Lita will be mine! Kane drops the mic and sets off his pyros and heads to the back.



Eric Bishoff is shown in his office when Edge barges in. Edge tells Bishoff that there’s no way Beniot can wrestle tonight. Bishoff tells Edge too bad, the match is already written in tonight. He tells Edge that he should have thought of that before he ran down that ramp and attacked Batista and Randy Orton. Now Edge better get ready because his match is next! Raw goes to its last commercial break.


Main Event

Referee: Chris Kay

Edge and Chris Beniot vs. Randy Orton and Batista

A video was played showing Orton and Batista beating down Beniot before Edge made the save, then Evolutions music hit, and Orton and Batista made way to the ring. They posed for the crowd, and got some Face pops…”You Think You Know Me” hit’s the P.A, and Edge walks toward the ring. He stops and waits…Beniots music hits, and the crowd goes wild…but nothing…Beniots music hits again, but still no Beniot! Edge shakes his head, and Randy and Batista laugh. Edge climbs into the ring.

The start:

Edge starts off against Batista. They lock up, and Batista throws Edge to the ground. Batista laughs and flexes, and Edge jumps up and scores some punches on Batista’s midsection. Edge goes off the ropes, but Batista hit’s a HUGE clothesline before tagging out to Orton.

Mid-match notes:

Orton and Batista continued to demolish Edge, and it looked like they were playing around, not making one cover. Randy was about to go for the RKO when…Beniots music hit, and Chris Beniot ran to the ring! Randy stopped what he was doing, and went after Beniot, but was hit with a German Suplex! Beniot started cleaning house until…

The finish:

Triple H ran out to the ring with his sledge hammer, and took out Beniot! The ref calls for the bell, awarding the match to Beniot and Edge by DQ!

Winners by Disqualification: Edge and Chris Beniot!

The Aftermath:

Batista and Randy Orton were setting up Beniot for a hammer shot, when Eugene comes out of nowhere and hits Triple H from behind with a chair! Randy goes after Eugene only to get a Rock Bottom! Batista gets a Stunner! Triple H gets up, and kicks Eugene in the gut and sets him up for a Pedigree, but Beniot knocks Trips down. Trips hit’s the Pedigree on Beniot, and Eugene nails HHH with…THE SLEDGE HAMMER! Eugene starts wailing on Trips with the hammer, and you can hear him saying “You said you were my friend! You hurt Regal!” Edge gets up, and tries to restrain Eugene, but he gets a shot from the hammer! Refs, Road Agents, and Wrestlers run down and hold Eugene back. Eugene is being hulled back by 10 people, still yelling at Triple H as Raw goes off the air!

Overall: 80%

Crowd: 80%

Match: 80%

(Overall Show 77%)

Biggest Pops:

1. Eugene

2. Chris Beniot

3. Edge

4. Randy Orton

5. Raven’s Promo

Biggest Heat:

1. Triple H

2. Kane

3. La Resistance

4. Eric Bishoff

5. Rosey being forced to the back

Best Match:

Beniot and Edge vs. Orton and Batista

Worst Match:

Rhyno vs. Tyson Tomko

Feedback please.

Edited by matbar
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August 9th 2004 - Mat Bar

All in all I was very pleased with how Raw was pulled off. To tell you the truth, I was very worried. The WWE is the big time, and you only get one shot. Vince called me today and congradulated me on a good show. I know that that dosnt mean a lot to most people, but it ment a lot to me.

Tyson Tomko was sent back down to OVW to freshen up in the ring. I didn't think he looked all that good in the ring against Rhyno who can make almost everyone look great. I hope he learns a lot down there because I have big plans for him in the future.

The Heat tapeings went well too. I dont want to spoil anything on my own website, so I wont say much about it, but I liked the show.

The crowd just loved Eugene. Nick is one of the best workers that I've seen in quite a while. He has a bright future ahead of him, and I think that "Eugene" can stick around for a while without geting old.

Tripps was complaining about his ribs, so I had to change the Main Event. It was supposed to be Evolution vs. Beniot, Edge, Jericho, and Eugene. I decided to write Jericho and Flair out of the show compleatly because I couldn't think of an effective way to put them in this match without Tripps. Chris Jericho was happy, and I gave him the night off. He went to a football game.

People seemed excited with the upcomeing debut of Raven. I know there are critics out there saying how it's a mistake to bring back a guy who was let go from the WWE so soon, but this guy has great talent, and I have a great storyline for him. Raven has a few weeks left in TNA, so I'm hopeing nothing too bad happens to him there. I know he's fighting Sabu hard over there.

Rhyno wasn't too happy with his match, and complained about faceing Tyson. I told him that after SummerSlam, there will be a big future for him, and a few others. He seemed content.

Doug and Danny Basham brought a whole new attitude to the Raw roster. They were jokeing with everyone backstage, and everyone seems to like them. They started to impersonate different SmackDown superstars, which I found amusing. You havn't seen anything until you see Danny Basham do a Booker T.

The angle with Kane, Matt Hardy, and Lita is geting old. I don't know if I can book this for the next 6 to 7 months, but I don't think I can end it so soon.

The crowd didn't miss the Diva search at all, but it looked like they wanted to see Kamala again. I'm thinking about bringing in a few old school wrestlers to do a one time appearence, but nothing is sure yet.

Shane and Shannon Ballard were in Dark Matches before Raw, faceing Orlando Jordan and Rodney Mack. Both impressed me, and I'm considering asking Vince to offer them contracts. With a little OVW in their system, they can become great wrestlers.

E-Mail your questions/comments about Raw to Matbarsays@hotmail.com I'm interested on seeing what people think of my show.

I'll update here almost every day, so until the next time...peace.

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Tuesday August 10th 2004- Lucas Jackson

I just arrived home from the Smackdown tapings and am very excited about how the atmosphere was. It was very enthusiastic backstage and the general feel was that the new additions (Tajiri and Richards) were helping the show pass quicker and really making the matches mean more. Both Tajiri and Richards wrestled on Velocity (also taped today) and we are very happy with how there two matches went.

Another happy person is Mark Jindrak. Staff backstage are happy with how his tag team match (teaming with Rene Dupree) against the current WWE Tag Team Champions went, and many writers (including Dunn and Gerwitz) have expressed their views on a possible tag team title reign- which I am not entirely against.

Rob Van Dam has said that he did not enjoy his time at the Smackdown tapings, and felt that while the actual wrestling in his match was good, he felt upset that most of the arena was dead throughout it and said that his reaction was barely audible, and is iritated that he is not on the SummerSlam card. We shall continue to try to please Mr. Saturday night, but he is always unhappy.

A few glitches on the show (most notably JBL's arrival) have been redone or scrapped entirely due to fan reaction.

So, we shall just see what the final footage of the show looks like this Thursday, and I hope that it is watchable.

Tomorrow I will meet (again) with Rob Van Dam to discuss my new plans for him, hopefully he will like them. I shall also meet with Kenzo Suzuki to discuss how we plan to put him in the US title division as soon as possible. We are keeping a close eye on Kenzo Suzuki, and hope that his match against John Cena can finally prove him as a top contender for that United States title in the near future.

I shall leave you tonight with the confirmed matches made for tonight's Smackdown.

Confirmed Matches:

D-Von Dudley vs. Rey Mysterio

Akio & Sakoda vs. Charlie Haas & Rob Van Dam

John Cena vs. Kenzo Suzuki

Kurt Angle vs. Undertaker

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Wednesday August 11th - Mat Bar

I attended the SmackDown! tapings last night, and needless to say, I enjoyed them. Being a WWE employee, I was allowed backstage before and after the show (I chose to sit in the crowd for the event) and saw some interesting events.

Tajiri wasn’t too happy with me for trading him back to SmackDown! and then posting on this website that he’s better suited for the SmackDown! Cruiserweight division. I got a chuckle out of him yelling at me in Japanese…it was good stuff.

Stevie Richards was great in his match. I almost regretted trading him…almost. He approached me about sending Victoria to SmackDown!. He loved working with her, and would like to do so in the future. I told him I’d see what I can do.

I witnessed Rob Van Dam complaining to Lucas about his role on SmackDown! and he made the comment that he’s better suited on live TV then on SmackDown!. After Lucas walked off, Rob approached me about coming over to Raw. I told him that his best option right now, is to stay where he is, because I have nowhere to book him onto my show at the moment. He has great star power and skills. All he has to do is to stop complaining, and everything will be fine. If he thought everything sucked, then he shouldn’t have signed that new deal. He’s stuck here for 3 years now.

Mark Jindrak and Rene Dupree are one of the best Tag Teams I have ever seen. I mean WOW! Their match with Kidman and London was just amazing. That was taped for Volocity, but I wouldn’t be surprised to see it on SmackDown! myself.

As always, I’d love to hear from the fans of the WWE. If you have storyline suggestions, questions, or comments e-mail me at matbarsays@hotmail.com … who knows, maybe you’ll see one of your ideas live on Raw.

Edited by matbar
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Smackdown 12/08/2004 (Taped 10/08/2004)

Detroit, Michigan

The opening pyro’s go off and then we are welcomed to Smackdown by our hosts, Michael Cole and Tazz.

Cole: What a night we had last week, and what a main event we shall have tonight folks. Last week, Kurt Angle successfully managed to defeat Charlie Haas after his first match in almost five months.

Tazz: But tonight is big. Angle has a match against the Deadman, just days before his match against John Bradshaw Layfield in three days time at SummerSlam.

Cole: But first we are being told to go to the back to join The Dudley Boys.

We cut to the back and we see all three Dudley brothers sitting in their locker room smiling with Spike holding his Cruiserweight title closely.

Spike: Brothers, I can’t believe what happened last week. Rey Mysterio fell for it, just like everyone else. For years I have just been referred to as the runt of Dudleyville, but I certainly am not that any more. Two weeks ago I managed to fight the odds and become the new Cruiserweight champion by defeating Rey Mysterio. And just last week I showed Rey what he truly is- not worthy of someone like me. And tonight he is going to learn the Dudley way by facing my brother D-Von. And that match is next!

However, before we go to the ring, we see another promo video featuring Paul Heyman hyping his new client- Jon Heidenrich- saying that he shall debut in two weeks time on Smackdown! (81)

D-Von Dudley (w/ Bubba Ray & Spike Dudley) vs. Rey Mysterio

This was an interesting little encounter here as both men have such differing styles, but it clicked somehow. Mysterio used all his highflying moves to his advantage and managed to knock all three Dudley’s down after a cross body from the top at the start of the match. Shortly afterwards Mysterio had D-Von set up for the 619, however Bubba managed to get him involved in the match and pushed his brother D-Von out of the ring. However, moments later- almost out of nowhere- Mysterio would fly off the top rope with a spinning hurricanrana and get the win as the crowd went wild, but Spike went ballistic on the outside. Spike immediately grabbed a microphone and the crowd booed as he began to speak.

Winner: Rey Mysterio at 05:16.

(OR: 80, CR: 79, M: 82.)

Spike: You really think that I am just going to let you have the title shot that easily? Your dumber than you look aren’t you? Well, you may have been able to beat my brother D-Von, but there is no way that you are going to be able to defeat my brother Bubba Ray Dudley in this next match.

Bubba got in the ring and charged at Mysterio with a clothesline as the bell sounded for Mysterio’s second match of the night.

Bubba Ray Dudley (w/ D-Von & Spike Dudley) vs. Rey Mysterio

The beat down commenced as Mysterio was still pretty worn down from his match with D-Von just moments ago. The crowd were really behind Mysterio in this match, and Bubba did a slightly better job than his brother D-Von as far as entertaining the crowd went. Spike was on the outside and laughed as Bubba bullied Mysterio in the ring. Bubba nailed the Bubba Bomb moments later, but didn’t go for the pin. Instead he went to get a table from the outside as the crowd went nuts. All three Dudley’s got in the ring and started attacking Rey Mysterio as the referee rang the bell disqualifying Bubba.

Winner: Rey Mysterio (DQ) at 06:18

(OR: 80, CR: 79, M: 82.)

Spike set himself up on the top rope, and was going to do a repeat of last week when down came Tajiri, making his return to Smackdown along with former Tag Team Champion, Scotty 2 Hotty. They cleared the ring of the three Dudley brothers, saving Rey from a further beating. The Dudley’s were making there way to the back but then Theodore Long’s music hit the arena and then the crowd gave a mixed reaction as the Smackdown General Manager made his way out onto the stage with a microphone in hand.

Long: Holla, holla, holla. Hey playa, you betta stop right there if you know what’s good for ya. Because this is Theodore R. Long’s Smackdown and I shall not tolerate this constant bullying of our younger and smaller athletes. You feel me? So, what I am gonna do is make a match. It will be Scotty 2 Hotty and Tajiri teaming with Rey Mysterio to take on all three of the Dudley Brothers. And that match will happen at the WWE Summer Games, SummerSlam! You feel me?

Long is about to walk off, but Bubba has a microphone and he begins to speak.

Bubba: I don’t think that’s fair, we were the ones who were just assaulted Teddy-

Long: The name is Theodore R. Long to you playa!

Bubba: I’ll call you whatever I want, Long!

Bubba put a hand on Theodore’s jacket and Long went nuts.

Long: Do you know how much this suit cost playa? More than all your houses combined, and so take your hand off of the man, playa.

Bubba doesn’t move.

Long: Do it now playa, or your suspended.

Bubba thinks about it, but he removes his hand from Theodore’s jacket. Theodore then gets a little black book out and a pen and starts jotting something down. He hands rips the page out and then hands it to Bubba who looks at it confused.

Bubba: What the hell is this?

Long: A $1,000 fine.

Bubba: What for?

Long: For creasing a black man’s suit, you NEVER touch a black man’s suit. Now, you best believe that playa, and get the hell out of my arena. Holla, holla, holla!

Theodore Long’s music hits the arena and he makes his way to the back with the crowd going wild and Bubba Ray Dudley having a fit on the stage. (77)


Akio & Sakoda vs. Charlie Haas & Rob Van Dam

When we return we are deep in the action of this match with Mr. Thursday Night, Rob Van Dam in control of the match knocking Akio down with some deadly kicks to the face. Akio does manage to get some offence in, including that awesome dropkick where he landed on his feet. Akio and Sakoda managed an impressive double team manoeuvre on RVD which was a sort of plancha DDT which caused RVD to land ring on his head as Haas could only look on from the sidelines. But the crowd just didn’t dig it, and felt that it was more of a B show match, due to Akio and Sakoda not really being known for anything more than jobbers. Haas didn’t get much ring time, but when he did he managed to nail the exploder suplex on Sakoda as well as an impressive enziguri on Akio. RVD soon finished things off with a Five Star Frog Splash on Akio, and picked up the clean win for his team. Afterwards RVD and Haas just celebrated in the ring.

Winners: Charlie Haas & Rob Van Dam at 06:14.

(OR: 70, CR: 51, M: 89.)

We cut backstage and we see the WWE Tag Team Champions, Billy Kidman and Paul London hanging out, talking to other members of the backstage crew. They are then approached by “The Reflection of Perfection” Mark Jindrak and Rene Dupree.

London: Hey guys, how you doing?

Dupree: Not too good, not too good at all. We want a tag team title shot, and we want it soon.

ROP Jindrak: We feel that we’re ready to finally dethrone you.

Jindrak gets right in London’s face but we then here the all to familiar voice of Theodore Long, our General Manager as he makes his way onto the scene.

Long: So, what do we have here folks. It looks like we have two men who seem to think that they are worthy of a tag team title shot, and by god you shall get that title shot as long as Theodore Long’s running this ship. You feel me? Well, even if you don’t your going to have to feel this. Because this Saturday night on Velocity it will be Billy Kidman and Paul London teaming up to face the team of Rene Dupree and Mark Jindrak. You feel me?

Kidman: I can certainly feel you Theodore!

Long shakes hands with Kidman.

Long: Pleasure doing business with you, Kidman! Now, I’m out of here.

Long then struts off with a smile on his face and the camera cuts back to Dupree.

Dupree: That’s if you even make it to Saturday, come on Mark.

And on his signal Mark and Dupree begin attacking the champions, and have floored them after a minute or two. Dupree and Jindrak laugh as we go to a “Don’t Try This At Home” video.

Afterwards we soon cut backstage once again, to a different location, where we see former United States Champion, John Cena preparing for his match with Kenzo Suzuki in a few moments time. But then out of nowhere comes the new United States Champion, Booker T and knocks Cena down with a cheap shot from behind. Booker begins to pound away at Cena’s face and then continues walking down the corridor. (81)

We see Kenzo Suzuki making his way down to the ring along with the gorgeous Hiroki by his side. Kenzo climbs into the ring as the crowd boo, and then Hiroki removes his robe and Kenzo orders her to get a microphone from Tony Chimmel. Kenzo is handed a microphone.

Kenzo begins to speak in Japanese. He then hands the microphone back to Hiroki who is going to translate.

Hiroki (in broken English): Kenzo Suzuki say that since John Cena is not here tonight that he wants to be home back in his house in Japan. He also say that he wants a shot at the WWE United States Championship next week on Smackdown against Booker T.

Kenzo whispers something (in Japanese) to Hiroki and she nods and continues to speak.

Hiroki: And Kenzo Suzuki also say that he shall win the WWE United States Championship from Booker T and go home to Japan and celebrate.

Kenzo then grabs the microphone out of Hiroki’s hand and then begins to speak once again in Japanese, and then hands the microphone back to Hiroki for the translation.

Hiroki: And finally, Kenzo Suzuki say-


John Cena makes his way out onto the stage with a microphone in hand and stitches all over his face. His music stops as the crowd go wild, and Cena begins to speak.

Cena: Yo, yo, yo, yo! You actually thought that John Cena wouldn’t show up here tonight. Well you’re dumber than you look Kenzo! Because just like every other time we’ve met in the ring I am gonna beat your ass. And your ass is due for a Japanese beating- NOW!!!!

Cena drops the microphone and then runs down the ramp and slides into the ring (along with a referee) as the match officially begins. (82)

John Cena vs. Kenzo Suzuki

The match started with Kenzo getting beat down for quite a while, with Cena just trying his best to get any offence in whatsoever. It was evident from the start that Cena was still hurt from that beat down at the hands of Booker T just moments ago, as Cena wasn’t his usual charismatic self in the ring, and allowed Kenzo to nail some impressive moves. However a mistake by Kenzo when he went up to the top rope a little bit too prematurely allowed Cena to get some right hands in as well as the Throwback which got a two count on Kenzo. Shortly after that Cena had hit the FU on Kenzo and seemingly had the match won. However, Hiroki pulled Kenzo out of the ring and managed to distract the referee as the United States Champion Booker T climbed into the ring and nailed Cena with the scissors kick. Kenzo then got in the ring and nailed that deadly leg sweep and got the pin as the crowd booed as loud as they can.

Winner: Kenzo Suzuki at 08:47.

(OR: 73, CR: 71, M: 75.)

Kenzo Suzuki gained 1 point of overness from this match.

After the match Booker T and Kenzo Suzuki started beating down on John Cena once again as the crowd started with the famous “USA” chants to try and sway the momentum, but it didn’t work. Hiroki climbed into the ring and as Booker T and Kenzo held Cena up to his feet, threw that deadly white powder right into the eyes on John Cena.

Tazz: Did you see that Cole? That was vicious!

Cole: Hiroki just throwing that white powder right into the eyes of John Cena. It’s bad enough that she and Booker T cost Cena the match, but that white powder is just an insult to injury!

Tazz: Well, this Sunday at SummerSlam John Cena will meet Booker T for the United States Championship as part of the Best of 5 series.

Cole: Well, coming up next we shall see the arrival of the WWE Champion- JBL.

Tazz: And it could be the last Smackdown that JBL appears on Smackdown as the WWE Champion.

Cole: Or maybe even the last time that JBL is on Smackdown full stop. Especially with the deadman after him this Sunday at SummerSlam. So folks, don’t miss it, JBL arrives after the break!


When we return we see Josh Matthews waiting in the parking lot for John Bradshaw Layfield. We then see the long white limo (complete with the horns) arrive in the parking lot, the limo slows down, but nearly crashes into Josh Matthews, but just stops in time. JBL winds down his window and then begins to speak as the crowd boo.

JBL: Josh, I am sorry to have kept you waiting in this disgrace of a city, but the announcement that I need to make is in the ring.

The limo drives off and Josh looks disappointed as JBL’s music hits the arena and then the crowd boo as the WWE Champion makes his way out in that long white limo. The (Mexican) driver gets out and opens the door for JBL, and then the WWE Champion makes his way down to the ring smiling with the crowd starting the “Taker” chants. JBL gets in the ring and then he grabs a microphone from Tony Chimmel and he begins to speak as the crowd continue rallying with the “Taker” chants, but JBL just ignores them.

JBL: Tonight, many people believe that this will be the last time that we ever see John Bradshaw Layfield on Smackdown as the WWE Champion (small pop), and many others believe that this may be the last time that we see John Bradshaw Layfield on Smackdown- ever again (HUGE pop). But, let me tell you a story, a story involving your WWE Champion, John Bradshaw Layfield (boos). April 8th 2004, John Bradshaw Layfield won the Kurt Angle Great American Award and managed to defeat several other- perhaps more popular- superstars such as Rob Van Dam (HUGE pops) and Booker T (boos). Many people were surprised that the man who just days ago was a member of the APA (small pop) along with Ron Simmons was going to earn a shot at the WWE title. So, May 16th the night where I proved you all wrong. Because that night JBL defeated Eddie Guerrero (boos) ……. By disqualification. It was a blood bath, and Eddie knew that he was not going to leave with his WWE Championship cleanly, and so he intentionally got himself disqualified. Nevertheless, I earned the victory, and will be known in history as the man who defeated Eddie Guerrero at two consecutive Pay Per View main events. Then along came the Bash, the night where it all did change. The night where my near fifteen year career started to mean something. At the Great American Bash, on June 27th, I defeated Eddie Guerrero once again (boos) but this time I took the WWE Championship in one of the most brutal matches ever seen- the Texas Bullrope Match. Since then, I have knocked down every challenger in my path- Spike, Eddie- and August 15th shall be a date to add to your diaries as the night that John Bradshaw Layfield defeats the Undertaker (boos)! So-

The lights go out in the arena and then we here the first chime as this crowd go electric. We here a second chime and then the music starts up and then we see the Undertaker standing on the stage, making his way to the ring with this crowd going absolutely wild. JBL looks scared for a moment, and he is beginning to sweat.

JBL: I’m not scared of you Undertaker; you just take your time getting here because when you do, I am going to give you the biggest beating that you have ever had in your entire life!

Taker makes his way to the steel steps and then he raises the lights and we look into the eyes on the Deadman as the crowd go wild. Undertaker climbs into the ring and then looks JBL straight in the eye. JBL gets right in Taker’s face and low blows him! Taker’s music stops as JBL bounces off the ropes and knocks the Undertaker down with a THUNDEROUS clothesline from hell! JBL celebrates, but Taker gets straight back up to his feet, not feeling a thing after that clothesline. He grabs JBL by the throat, signalling for the choke slam and the crowd go absolutely wild. However, Kurt Angle’s music hits and then the Olympic Hero makes his way down to the ring as the crowd boo. Kurt begins to attack Taker and JBL begins to help and then the bell sounds as the match has officially begun- as a Handicap Match! (86)

No Disqualification Match

JBL & Kurt Angle vs. Undertaker

The match started out with JBL trying his best to keep away from the Deadman, and only getting the odd punch or kick in as he desperately tried to get out of the suit he was wearing before. However, Taker soon took control and began tossing bodies left and right in the ring. He nailed the Old School on JBL and then sent him over the top rope with a clothesline (sold well by the champ). Taker then began working on Angle, and managed to escape the Angle Slam before busting Angle wide open after a Big Boot to the face. The Deadman then went for the chokeslam on Angle, but JBL sent Taker down after TWO sickening chair shots. Taker was busted wide open and Angle had just nailed the Angle Slam, and there was little hope for the Deadman. However-


Eddie Guerrero made his way out onto the stage with the crowd going wild and chanting his name. But Eddie didn’t come alone; he brought a lead pipe as a toy to play with in the ring. Eddie cleared house and had nailed the Frog Splash on Angle. However, as he went to nail the Frog Splash on JBL, JBL rolled out the ring and grabbed a microphone and began to speak.

JBL: DAMN YOU EDDIE GUERRERO! This thing started out as a Handicap Match, and it shall finish as a Handicap Match. So, please welcome my partner, the Billion Dollar Man, Billy Gunn!

A new theme tune plays for Billy Gunn, and out comes Gunn sporting new attire (as well as a new haircut) as the crowd boo. Gunn goes straight after Eddie and nails a nice DDT on the former WWE Champion. After a few moments in the ring it becomes evident that Taker and Eddie are having a hard time in the ring and both men are looking worse for ware. Taker tries to get some offence in but all three men double team him and send him to the outside so that they can work on the weaker, Eddie Guerrero. Eddie tried to get some momentum going, but after three german suplexes, he was pretty much out. And after taking all three of their finishers, Eddie Guerrero is eventually pinned by Billy Gunn to end the match.

Winners: Billy Gunn, JBL and Kurt Angle at 10:25.

(OR: 88, CR: 90, M: 85.)

After the match Angle and Billy Gunn held Taker up and JBL floored the Deadman with a thunderous clothesline from hell to end the show.

Overall Show Rating: 78

Quick Match Results:

Rey Mysterio def. D-Von Dudley

Rey Mysterio def. Bubba Ray Dudley (DQ)

Charlie Haas & Rob Van Dam def. Akio & Sakoda

Kenzo Suzuki def. John Cena

Billy Gunn, JBL & Kurt Angle def. Eddie Guerrero & Undertaker

Biggest Pops:

1. Undertaker

2. Eddie Guerrero

3. John Cena

4. Rey Mysterio

5. Theodore R. Long

Most Heat:

1. JBL

2. Kurt Angle

3. The Dudley Brothers

4. Billy Gunn

5. Kenzo Suzuki

Best Match:

Billy Gunn, JBL & Kurt Angle vs. Eddie Guerrero & Undertaker

Worst Match:

John Cena vs. Kenzo Suzuki

Edited by Lucas Jackson
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Thursday August 12th 2004- Lucas Jackson

After watching Smackdown at home I noticed that the crowd didn't really dig the RVD match, especially as he was teaming with someone seen as much lower than him against a team much lower than him. I am not sure how this will effect RVD's condition, but it is likely that his opponent for SummerSlam will be Kenzo Suzuki.

Speaking of Kenzo, I was very impressed with the rating for his promo and was also impressed with his match against Cena. The writers in general feel that Kenzo is more than ready for a US title shot, but he will have to wait due to the Best of 5 Series matches happenning in the coming weeks between Booker T and John Cena.

And speaking of that match, it has been rumoured that the second match in the series will be a steel cage match in two weeks time, and that the final match (which has been confirmed to take place at Survivor Series) will be an entirely new match type, yet to be invented or created as of this point in time.

People are said to be happy with the final SummerSlam card backstage, and everyone feels that they "fit" in their matches. You will have to watch Velocity this weekend to find out what the other two matches will be.

And finally, Dunn and Gerwitz have given me the proposed card for Smackdown's September Pay Per View, Rock Bottom, and it looks like JBL vs. Undertaker is on the card once again. However, it does not say which man will be champion, which is leading me to believe that the decision as to who wins the SummerSlam encounter will be decided by Taker himself. Let's just hope he makes the right decision.

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Thursday August 12th 2004 - Mat Bar

Only 3 days away until SummerSlam, and I can hardly wait! Lucas and I have been up the past 2 nights on the phone planning what will happen on Sunday.

The Card is really shaping up with the added matches over this past week. The locker room seems real excited about how the HHH/Eugene match will end up. I’ve had Paul and Nick come up to me many times suggesting how the match should end. I’ve gotten e-mails from all over the world about the Eugene/HHH angle on Raw. It seems that everyone loved it, and would like to see the feud go on a bit longer.

Personally, I’m the most excited about the Randy Orton vs. Chris Beniot match. Beniot is still saying that he refuses to drop his title to Orton, but I’m trying to talk him into it. Beniot was worried about the match, since Earl Hebner was supposed to be the ref. To settle his fears, I’m putting Jack Doan in charge.

Kane, Matt Hardy, and Lita have all approached me about ending their pathetic storyline. They never wanted any part of it, but Vince was so high on the idea that they caved. Now their looking at me to bail them out…

I watched SmackDown! Tonight, and I really like what Lucas has done with the show. He’s taking the current storylines, and making the show better. I was wondering why he wouldn’t give me Billy Gunn.

Rob Van Dam called me again last night about getting him over to Raw. I told him if he wanted to stay on the Main Roster, he better stay on SmackDown! I have nowhere but Heat to put him.

Raw held a house show last night, and it was a good card. Raven made his WWE Re-Debut against Rhyno in a hardcore match. The fans loved it. Raven ended up winning that one, and the crowd went nuts. Rosey beat Rob Conway, Ric Flair went over Edge, and Y2J was demolished by Batista in the other big name matches.

SummerSlam is 3 days away now…I hope to see you there.

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Guest FillerUgliest04

I really like this diary so far. Usually I'm iffy on WWE bringing back Raven in diary, but this I have a feeling will work. Good Luck!

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Velocity Results 14/08/2004 (Taped on 10/08/2004)

Detroit, Michigan

The opening video plays and then we are welcomed with fireworks and the like. We open the show with Kenzo Suzuki’s music playing throughout the arena as the crowd boo him loudly. As usual Hiroki is by Kenzo’s side and is carrying a fan in her hand. Kenzo climbs into the ring and then he grabs a microphone as the crowd continue to boo him.

Kenzo starts to speak in Japanese, and then he hands the microphone back to Hiroki for the translation.

Hiroki: Mr. Kenzo Suzuki say that he wants to find an opponent for SummerSlam here tonight, and that he is making an open challenge to any Smackdown superstar.

Kenzo whispers something in Hiroki’s ear, and then Hiroki begins to speak once more with the crowd booing.

Hiroki: He also say that he wants the opponent to actually be worth fighting.

“One Of A Kind” hits the arena and then Mr. Saturday Night, Rob Van Dam makes his way out onto the stage with the crowd going absolutely wild. RVD runs down the ramp and then taunts before sliding into the ring and grabbing a second mike and beginning to speak.

RVD: So, Kenzo, you want a challenge do you? How about you face Mr. Pay Per View, Rob Van Dam at SummerSlam?

Kenzo looks shocked but then he whispers something in Hiroki’s ear and she gets ready to translate.

Hiroki: Mr.-

RVD: Wait a minute dude, I don’t want to be speaking to her, I want to be speaking to Kenzo. So, if you don’t mind, I just want to ask Kenzo one question. Me and you in a match, yes or no?

Kenzo nods and then he turns to leave the ring but RVD calls him back.

RVD: Wait, I just wanted to get you ready to face you, teach you some techniques, you know-

RVD drops the microphone and then he floors Kenzo with a HUGE kick to the face. RVD lifts Kenzo back to his feet and then flies off the ropes with a clothesline before nailing Kenzo with an impressive standing moonsault. RVD then goes up to the top rope and he signals for the Five Star Frog Splash as the crowd are going wild. However, Kenzo Suzuki moves out of the way and RVD hits the mat. Kenzo then lifts RVD and grabs him by his face and hits that incredible finisher of his as the crowd boo.

Kenzo then grabs Hiroki and drags her up the ramp as referee’s see to RVD in the ring. (80)

We then see a recap of what went down on Smackdown concerning The Dudley’s.

Spike set himself up on the top rope, and was going to do a repeat of last week when down came Tajiri, making his return to Smackdown along with former Tag Team Champion, Scotty 2 Hotty. They cleared the ring of the three Dudley brothers, saving Rey from a further beating. The Dudley’s were making there way to the back but then Theodore Long’s music hit the arena and then the crowd gave a mixed reaction as the Smackdown General Manager made his way out onto the stage with a microphone in hand.

Long: Holla, holla, holla. Hey playa, you betta stop right there if you know what’s good for ya. Because this is Theodore R. Long’s Smackdown and I shall not tolerate this constant bullying of our younger and smaller athletes. You feel me? So, what I am gonna do is make a match. It will be Scotty 2 Hotty and Tajiri teaming with Rey Mysterio to take on all three of the Dudley Brothers. And that match will happen at the WWE Summer Games, SummerSlam! You feel me?

Long is about to walk off, but Bubba has a microphone and he begins to speak.

Bubba: I don’t think that’s fair, we were the ones who were just assaulted Teddy-

Long: The name is Theodore R. Long to you playa!

Bubba: I’ll call you whatever I want, Long!

Bubba put a hand on Theodore’s jacket and Long went nuts.

Long: Do you know how much this suit cost playa? More than all your houses combined, and so take your hand off of the man, playa.

Bubba doesn’t move.

Long: Do it now playa, or your suspended.

Bubba thinks about it, but he removes his hand from Theodore’s jacket. Theodore then gets a little black book out and a pen and starts jotting something down. He hands rips the page out and then hands it to Bubba who looks at it confused.

Bubba: What the hell is this?

Long: A $1,000 fine.

Bubba: What for?

Long: For creasing a black man’s suit, you NEVER touch a black man’s suit. Now, you best believe that playa, and get the hell out of my arena. Holla, holla, holla!

Theodore Long’s music hits the arena and he makes his way to the back with the crowd going wild and Bubba Ray Dudley having a fit on the stage. (77)

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Final SummerSlam Card Announced!

user posted image

WWE World Tag Team Titles

Rosey and The Hurricane vs. La Resistance

user posted image

WWE Tag Team Titles

Mark Jindrak and Rene Dupree vs. Paul Londan and Billy Kidman

user posted image

'Till Death Do Us Part

Kane vs. Matt Hardy

user posted image

Grudge Match

Kurt Angle vs. Eddie Guerrero

user posted image

Your Not Worthy Match

Spike, Bubba, and D-Von Dudley vs. Rey Mysterio, Scotty 2 Hotty, and Tajiri

user posted image

Ultimate Revenge

Triple H vs. Eugene

user posted image

Best of 5 for the United States Title

Booker T vs. John Cena

user posted image

Triple Threat Intercontenental Title Match

Batista vs. Edge vs. Chris Jericho

user posted image

WWE Championship Match

The Undertaker vs. John 'Bradshaw' Layfield

user posted image

WWE World Championship Match

Chris Benoit vs. Randy Orton

~Also Announced~

Rob Van Dam vs. Kenzo Suzuki

Check out SummerSlam! Live this Sunday on Pay Per View!

As always Predictions are requested.

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Smackdown was solid, though the sudden push of Billy Gunn seems completely odd.

RAW wasn't nearly as good. The Bashams got squashed pointlessly in their debut, and why in the blue hell would Raven have been let out of his TNA contract?

And the name is Chris Benoit. B-e-n-O-I-t. That more than anything else distracted me from enjoyment of the RAW diary.

Velocity: Juventud debuted way too fast; should have been some hype as he was a popular former WCW star. Otherwise, just fine.

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Juvi's debut was a pre-debut, he won't debut properly for a good few weeks, as he is down in OVW just toning (perfecting) he's ring skills.

As for Billy Gunn's major push- I MARK OUT FOR BILLY GUNN, lol- also he was the only superstar beginning with B who I could think of being the Billion Dollar Man. Well look at the real Smackdown, just pushing Orlando Jordan who is a lot less over than Billy Gunn. Thanks for your comments though, mrhelm.

Edited by Lucas Jackson
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