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Most Hated Song At The Moment

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Natasha Beddingfield - These Words.

Lyrically it sounds like a three year old write it. Lets face it a chorus that says "These words are my own" then repeats "I Love you" multiple times isn't something to brag about writing. Another one played all the fecking time :angry:

Us UK'ers should be used to crap by now baring in mind there's a monopoly on whats played now and it's nothing particularly new and/or original. It's just crap. Thats why hardly anyone has heard of anything that is number one everywhere else in Europe. *coughnightwishoncecough*

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Guest MuRd0K

Seether Ft. Amy Lee- "Broken"

Franz Ferdinand- "Take me out"

:'( You suck

"Yacuza".... it's a mexican song.... I swear it gets annoying with one minute hearing it, it says something like

"And the doctors, ZA ZA, the accountants, ZA ZA, the students, ZA ZA, Chihuaha, ZA ZA, Jalisco, Za Za"

ugh.... and it's the number #1 record on mexican sales.... goddamit.

Honorable mention goes to a hip-hop song that says something 'I Stiill respect you if you respect yourself".... I'm fucking annoyed with that music

*Hears "Patience" by Guns N' Roses"

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Drunken Butterfly by Sonic Youth

My god, Squancho likes this shit?!


Listen to 100%.


And tell me it's shit.

Go on!

I rather not. I know you sent me Time Is Running Out by Muse, and I trust you when you send me music and shit, but Sonic Youth is terrible. Just that one song makes me want to listen to Gorgoroth more.

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