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WSW: Phoenix


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Well I started to post this, then realised it was worthless with out hgc, so i posted HGC and now I'm posting this again, Foresight is not one of my better qualitys. Oh well, Any way here it is AGAIN

WSW: Phoenix

2 years ago


“Mommy, Mommy”

Private John Eric screamed as he looked down at what was left of his stomach. It stopped abruptly just above the waist, what had used to be there was now flung all over the beach by a shell. All around him men were dying, some torn to pieces by Machine Gun Fire, Others picked off by snipers

The beach was full of death. Indonesian landing craft littered the tide line. The rattle of guns and the sound of explosions filled the air.

Corporal James Hewlett stood in a bunker a few hundred meters away from the beach. He held a mounted machine gun and was spraying bursts of gunfire at the troops running off the boats. Men died where they fell as their ranks were ripped apart by the gunfire. The Australians were getting the worst of it though. The more they killed, the more where they’re to replace the dead.

Like an ocean the Indonesians hopped off their ships, guns in hand, charging up the beaches towards Hewlett's bunker. One lobbed a grenade it bounced at his feet before exploding and sending him kicking and screaming into oblivion

The beach was red with blood, It stank of death. Death that could all have been avoided.

1 year before that


Hayden Munro opened to door and tumbled out of his car. His hand on his shoulder where the bullet was stuck. Blood seeped out from between his hands. He didn’t mine the pain. It was worth it. Vermont was dead. Killed by the bullet Munro had lodged between his eyes. Vermont’s bullet had got Hayden in the shoulder. It hurt like a b**** but Hayden didn’t care. He had kept the disk out of Vermont’s hand. The disk he had learned was the activation Disk for the Genesis Program. A program Vermont had planned to start a war with. A program that had already got 3 people killed.

Munro laughed at how easy it had been. When Vermont rang him and told him to bring the disk to a prearranged place, Munro had called the one person who could trust, the one person he knew was on his side. Tommy Cornell. It had taken almost half an hour to bring Cornell up to speed. To tell him how Vermont had murdered Larry Larone. To tell him how Munro had been set up to go down for the murder. To tell him that above all else Tommy had to keep the disk safe at his house. Munro had taken a disk with a virus on it to the meeting. When Vermont popped it in the drive, Munro had snatched the gun and a shoot out had ensured. Now Vermont was dead, and the disk was safe. The disk could Clear Munro's name and stop the plans of Vermont’s accomplices

Munro trudged up the drive way to Tommy Cornell’s house. He went to knock on the door, only to find the front door battered off its hinges

Hayden: Tommy? Tommy where are you

Munro looked in the door to see Tommy Cornell laid out cold in the hallway. A puddle of blood collected from a wound in his head. Munro’s eyes darted across to the wall safe behind Cornell

The safe was open and the disk was gone…

Munro swore, Some how they had found out Cornell had the disk, Some how they had followed him home and attacked him, somehow they had made off with the only thing that could clear Hayden’s name.

And then as he heard the sound of approaching sirens Hayden knew that they had somehow guessed he would come here and called the police. He had no choice. He had to get out of here. He had to run away.

As Hayden sprinted to his car he made a vow to himself. A vow that he wasn’t beaten yet. That he would find somewhere to hide. Somewhere to regroup and formulate a plan. A plan that would finish this once and for all. No matter what it took. These people where going to pay


He sat in his car alone. Toying with the disk he had forced from Tommy Cornell’s hands. Next to him lay the crowbar he has used to attack Cornell. He smiled and laughed to himself. He was going to be paid big time for this. His job as a mole in HGC had been so easy. It had been so easy to fool Munro into thinking that he was the timid idiot. So easy to make people pay no attention to him. So easy to make people think he was just the nice door mat for them to walk all over. He had worn stupid clothes, acted foolish, he had played the part perfectly and now it was paying off

Wellborn turned the disk over and put the car in drive. Soon Kaufmanns would be president of the USA and the war would begin. Indonesia would become public enemy number one and the world would fall into a war he could truly profit from

It had all been so easy

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With that all cleared up its time to meet the real star of this Diary…………………………………………..

My name Is Alex Larone. And yes before you ask that is Larone as in son of Larry Larone. Larry F'ning Larone. Yes the same Larry Larone who was murdered three years ago. The same Larry Larone who has been made into some kind of hero by the media. The same Larry Larone who’s killer they never found.

That’s what Larry Larone will be remembered for: His death. Now one cares about his life.

No one cares about the fact that he ran out on mom and me when I was six. No one cares that despite the fact that He’s a billionaire my mom never received a penny in child support. No one cared about him as a person.

Larry Larone was my farther and damn it I hated him.

I wasn’t at my Fathers Funeral. I didn’t want to see his new wife and kids, didn’t want to be seen as the reject kid. Cause I know that’s how everyone would have seen me.

There was only one thing my Father and I ever had in common: Wrestling

I’ve loved it for as long as I can remember. I’m 17 now but when I watched SWF Or HGC its like I’m 5 again. Sitting on my Fathers knee in our den watching Sam Strong take on Christian Faith. Watching Pistol Pete Hall put Mark Mcintrye through a table in their classic feud.

I’ve grown up on pro wrestling. I love it because even though the people might change. Even though the venues might change. It still reminds me of a time when I was happy.

Happiness is the one thing that’s been in short supplying the last couple of years. 2 and a half years ago a Satellite malfunctioned and crashed into Jarkata. The Indonesian government blamed the USA and attacked us. Australia got involved and got squashed. Ever since then the whole countries been on edge. Were at war. A real war. A war we are loosing at the moment.

The economy’s low, It’s hard to find work anywhere other than in the army. There is talk of bringing back conscription because we are loosing so many soldiers.

Even the Wrestling industries been hit hard. Attendance is down, Interest is down. Allot of wrestlers joined the army once the war started. Hell even I’m planning on enlisting when I turn 18.

But The wars not what’s really killing the Industry

That Honour goes to Eric Stevenson. The Owner of HGC. The man who took over from the men who killed my father.

HGC had faced a publicity nightmare after its two Co-Owner were found guilty of Murder. JK Stallings was currently serving a life sentence while Hayden Munro was on the run, presumed somewhere in Mexico.

Having a wanted fugitive as Co-Owner is generally not a good PR device for a company so the board of directors had moved all stock in HGC into the hands of Eric Stevenson. As soon as he took over he had made one of the most risky moves in Wrestling History.

He fired half the roster

Anyone and Everyone who was Loyal to Hayden Munro was fired, regardless of position. The HGC Lost stars like Tommy Cornell, Bruce the Giant, Nemesis everyone brought on board in the “renaissance” Period of Hayden Munro time as head booker. Munro had turned the company around and Stevenson had managed to undo all that work in a mere three days.

Then he had refused to hire anyone knew. The roster and story lines of HGC had been gutted.

With one of the big two a crippled mess, wrestling in the USA took a sharp turn for the worst.

SWF was now easily the most popular but they were hit hard by the wars effect on the economy. The industry was a mess, F*** the whole world was a mess.

I had been a pretty normal kid living in San Diego California with my mom and her partner David. They were both working one Saturday afternoon I was at home getting ready for a night out with my friends and a certain Marie Chamberlain who I was working up the courage to ask out. I was in the middle of saving for a second hand car.

It was all perfectly normal

Then it all changed

I was in the bathroom applying the amazing amount of Gel I needed to get this one tuft of hair to stay down when there was a knock at the door. I yawned and went over it, ready to turn away the Salesman who was probably waiting for me. I opened the door and swore Violently

Standing in front of me was Tommy Cornell. Tommy Cor F’ing Nell

There goes being Normal

I stood with my mouth gaping open. This was huge, this was beyond huge, this was…….. This was……

When you really think about it this is kind of weird. Weird in an oh crap I’m about to wake up way

Tommy just stood there looking at me. Fighting the rising urge to scream “Oh my god its Tommy Cornell” I quickly thought of something to say

Me: Um…..Hi?

Tommy: Hi I’m looking for Alex Larone

Let’s just take a moment here shall we? Right now I have TOMMY CORNELL standing on my doorstep asking for me. Tommy Cornell, the best wrestler of our generation. Former HGC World champion. The guy who put on the 2004 match of the year against Bryan Vessey in what many consider the last great match HGC ever had. Practically a god and he was looking for me.

Me: Yeah I’m Alex

Tommy: Can I come in for a second?


Me: Um…Yeah…. Sure if you want

We went into the living room and sat down

Me: Um so yeah what did you want to talk about

Tommy: Well first of all I know you and your dad didn’t exactly get on well.

Me: That would be a slight understatement. He ran out on us then got him self killed. He never gave mom any support after he dumped her for that sl………..

I cut my self off, realising I was about to launch into a tirade of all my problems to one of the worlds most famous wrestlers

Me: Um yeah so we weren’t close

Tommy:…..Okay. Listen this is going to sound strange so I guess Ill just come right out and say it. I knew your father quite well. I knew he loved you and it killed him he never saw you. I also know that he knew you loved wrestling at lets face it your moms not exactly providing well for you on the salary she gets. I also know that your father had a separate will that he wrote before he died. One that concerned you

Me: What do you mean?

Tommy: This is gonna sound strange but he left you close to 10 million dollars

I couldn’t breathe, I nearly fainted. 10 Million Dollars. From the cheapskate who hadn’t seen me since I was six? Still some thing seemed weird

Me: But why didn’t I get this when he died? And why send you? Why wait three years?

Tommy: Well there are certain conditions that go along with this. The money had to be given to you when you were old enough to use it right

Me: What do you mean?

Tommy: You will be 18 in three months in the first month of next year right?

Me: Yeah why?

Tommy: According to your father’s will you are to use this Money to do the one thing he had always wanted for you. You are to open your own wrestling federation

Me: I get my own Fed?

Tommy: Well yeah but you can only legally own it once your 18. Also, you have to hire me as a worker and as a consultant. The good thing is ill work free of charge

Me: Free of charge? Why?

Tommy: A favour to your old man

Me: So let me get this straight. I get to start my own company and get the worlds best wrestler straight off the bat?

Tommy: Well I’m not sure I’m the worlds best but…yeah pretty much


Looking back on it now I could have handled it better. On the other hand I WAS RICH BEYOND MY WILDEST DREAMS AND HAD MY OWN WRESTLING COMPANY.


Later that night Tommy Cornell sat alone in his Motel room talking on a cell phone

Tommy: Yeah he believed every word of it. The cover story worked perfectly. Your were right, He was so happy he didn’t notice the obvious flaws in the story.

Tommy pauses as the person on the other line speaks

Tommy: Yep I've already planned out the federation and who we’re gonna hire. But Hayden are you sure it’s right of us to drag this poor kid into this?

He pauses again while the person on the other end responds

Tommy: Sigh I guess you’re right, no one will wonder when Larone's son shows up with Money. They will buy the story too and well just tell Larone’s other Family that Larone used two Lawyers. I hope this works Hayden, The wars gone on for two long. I just hope we don’t get this kid

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3 months later

I had turned 18 two weeks ago. Legally allowed to drink, drive, foster children and run a wrestling promotion. A wrestling promotion that had received a lot of public interest when I announced through my PR guys that I was opening it. Tommy Cornell was my “Advisor” and he did his job well. He came to me each day with lists of workers and staff to sign, story line ideas, Venues. Tommy was getting it all set up and I just had to sign the papers.

It was great

At the end of the first month after we had opened our doors for business I had already been swamped with media appearances. Everyone loved the story; the son of a murdered wrestling promoter follows in his fathers footsteps. Living out the dream his dad never go too. I was the ultimate Human Interest Story.

After one month Tommy had gathered Wrestlers that he thought we could get buy on. I didn’t have any real illusions. We weren’t HGC; hell we weren’t even Dave. We would be lucky to sign any big Names what so ever. How ever Tommy had gone for talent over name recognition. He sure knows what he’s doing he’s already brought on board two of my favourite wrestlers. After one month and with 2 weeks to go before how first show here's the roster Tommy and I have managed to pull Together

Tommy Cornell-Heel

Well Obviously He’s going to wrestle as well he’s easily the best worker on my roster and the head of the booking committee. Tommy is a natural heel and as such will be playing the ego manic heel who thinks he’s better than everyone else

Alexander Robinson and Lee Bennett-Faces

Two former HGC Workers that Stevenson fired. These guys are a brilliant Comedy routine that’s definitely going to get over with the crowd. These two have a brilliant gimmick. Robinson is the random idiot who has a pet brick while Bennett plays the idiot who thinks he’s a genius they are one of the most entertaining acts on the independent scene

Donny Damage- Heel

Donny is a rather uninspiring technical wrestler with a bucket load of charisma. I came up with a fast talking bookie/ loan shark gimmick for Donny, which he plays very well

Dark Eagle- Heel

Talk about living the gimmick. Dark eagle is one of the most intense people I’ve ever met. His gimmick is that of a silent killing machine who dissects his opponents in the ring. In real life he’s just as scary and intimidating and NO ONE backstage likes him. He will be the perfect opposite to Bennett and Robinson

Air Attack Weasel- Face

WEASEL AWAY!!!!!!!!!! Air Attack Weasel is a good high flyer who has got very over because he seeks to channel the mighty power of the Weasel. Yes that’s right the might Weasel Power. He plays a comic book Hero and should keep the fans entertained both with his great in ring work and interesting personality

Bruce the Giant- Heel

Another HGC Reject. Bruce had a small run in HGC under the Munro regime then went back to Japan. Tommy managed to talk him into signing with us promising a light workload for big money. Bruce provides the physical dominance to play a brilliant Heel and as such was fitted with the “Monster”


Canadian Dragon

An unimportant Masked Worker who I sent off to PDW, A training camp that Tommy scored us an affiliation with. Dragon will be repackaged upon his return

“Mr X”

Mr X is an unnamed brilliant Technical wrestler who is currently in PDW and will make a big impact on returning. Look out for him

Rick Law: Face

The fourth HGC Reject on my roster. Law is very charismatic and plays the unstoppable Law Enforcer. Jeez with him and a superhero with Weasel powers running around committing a crime in my fed is going to be impossible.

Brent Hill-Face

My Companies top face. Brent is a great Technical Wrestler who has spent far too long on the Indy circuit. I repackaged him with a better gimmick: Suave. Hill plays the over the top charismatic ladies man. He’s going to be going up against Tommy Cornell in what should be some very good bouts.

With a solid roster up my sleeve I was really looking forward to our first card. I even had a name for my Federation. World Supreme Wrestling. WSW.

In two weeks we meet the world. Its gonna be one hell of a show

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WSW Genesis

The show opens with head shots of the WSDW workers on the titan tron then all of them fade away and the WSW World title appears on it. Then we cut to our only announcer Rock Downpour. Rock is 40 years old, fat and bald. Theres a reason he’s still single. Any way Rock has a good voice and as such is our Announcer.

Downpour: Welcome Ladies and Gentlemen to the first ever WSW event. No matches have been announced before hand so all our fans can really be surprised. Tonight will see the crowning of a new WSW World Champion. The two most successful members of the roster will face off tonight its going to be Tommy Cornell Vs Brent Hill for the World Title

The crowd pops considerably for the announcement of that as Tommy is still one of the worlds most popular heels

Downpour: Also in action tonight. Lee Bennett former HGC Tag team champion will try to go Solo against the most intense man in the Business: Dark Eagle. Also Donny Damage Vs Air Attack Weasel and Bruce the Giant Vs Rick Law that match in particular should be interesting as the two former friends who split up after Bruce got them fired from HGC face off to “Air out their differences” Stay tuned folks this is gonna be one hell of a show

With that under way……………….

Segment one

The camera opens backstage where Alexander Robinson and Lee Bennett are standing. To long time fans of them, their appearance is quite a change, while they used to wear flippers, snorkels, yellow rain coats and any other number of crazy costumes, to day they are dressed in black trench coats and black shades. They look the epitome of cool as Lee Bennett starts to talk

Bennett: What an honour it is to start of the first ever show of WSW. Now a few of you may be wondering why we are dressed like this? You may be saying to yourself “Weren’t Bennett and Robinson those two idiots in the flippers?” Well not anymore. We’ve decided its time to get tough, its time to get angry, and its time to become true champions. We are the new and Improved Alexander Robinson and Lee Bennett

Robinson: GARYS COOL TOO!!!!!

The fans breathe a collective sigh of relief as Robinson holds up crowd favourite: Gary his pet brick. Bennett sighs

Bennett: Damn it, all right turn the camera off

He walks over and fiddles with the button thinking he has turned the camera off, however it is still rolling as he berates Robinson

Bennett: Gary? Gary? You brought Gary to our new job? I thought we were going to impress the boss with our cool clothes.

Robinson: I miss my flippers…But don’t Worry I can go get them now

Bennett: NO, NO, NO Flippers. No snorkels, No giant rubber poodles, no nothing. We have to impress the boss

Robinson walks off Camera and comes back with their trademark costumes

Robinson: Go on, put them on

Bennett grabs the Snorkel and puts it on

Bennett: Hey…I forgot how good these feel. Fine we can keep the flippers and the old costumes…. But hen we meet the new boss we have to show him we are still cool

Robinson: Can I show him my nose hair????????

Bennett: What the hell are you talking about

Robinson: Ive got Nigeria in my pants

Bennett: Are you completely insane listen stop acting like an idiot. I don’t want people to know we haven’t actually become cool

Robinson: Hey look at the camera, were on TV

Bennett: No we’re not, If we were the red light would be on…

Robinson: The red light is on

Bennett looks at the camera

Bennett: Oh crap I left the camera running. Oh no the boss is gonna see us. Were screwed. Unless my plan works

Robinson: Your going to win tonight. Gary’s going to help you

Bennett: Yes and when the boss sees me beat Dark Eagle he’ll have to make us champions. Were gonna be stars Alex

Robinson: Then can I have a poodle?

Bennett: Um….okay

Robinson: Yay I’m gonna love him, and cuddle him and call him Lucy

Bennett: Okay that thing you just did now, with the talking? Don’t do that again

A good segment to reintroduce these two guys after a long absence from Wrestling it got a 54.6

Match 1

Donny Damage vs Air Attack Weasel

Donny Damages music hits and he comes out wearing black trunks and a poker hat. Damages gimmick of a gambler is accented by the fact he comes to the ring holding a deck of cards that he throws up into the air on the way to ramp. Other federations may have big pyros to get you excited, but not us, we have a Midcard wrestler with cards wooooo

Self mocking aside Damage gets some good heel heat in debut by insulting the fans then waits for his opponent.

“Weasel Away” plays over the PA then some nice heroic sounding music as WSW Resident Superhero his the arena. He is wearing a green cape over brown and green trunks and his gloves are made to look like weasel paws and he is wearing a weasel mask complete with snout, whiskers and ears. He plays to the fans, striking some super hero poses then hoping over the ropes and into the ring

To get the crowd interested they start this match at a high pace, breaking out a bunch of high flying moves. Weasel is a good half a foot smaller than Damage and gets over powered quickly and Damage resorts to some rather less than honourable tactics as he uses low blows and eye gouges a lot to keep the quicker Weasel off his feet.

Damage keeps the heat on, overpowering Weasel with some impact moves off the ropes and generally out pacing Weasel. Weasel regains control of the match by Reversing a running neck breaker into a DDT. Weasel goes up top stands on the ropes yelling “Weasel Power” and comes off with a sky twister press dubbed the “Weasel Wave” But Damage avoids it gets back up and grabs AAW for his finisher a sit down tiger driver 91 he calls the “Collateral Damage”. Then with Weasel down he lifts him up for a jumping Diamond Cutter he calls the “Cut the Deck”

Damage pins and becomes the first winner in WSW history

A good opener that gave both guys a chance to shine it got a 56.8

Segment two

The scene opens backstage in Bruce the Giants Locker Room. Bruce has his feet up and is watching TV when the door opens and Donny Damage walks in. damage is sweating lightly from his match but has a big smile on his face. Bruce looks up startled

Bruce: What the hell are you doing here

Donny: I wanted to make you an offer my man, Next match on the card is that loser Lee Bennett vs Dark Eagle. I’m gonna make a deal with you. See I’m a little low on funds right now….. A horse race kind of went bad for me but Brucey here’s you big chance to make some serious cash. You put 1000 dollars on Dark Eagle beating Bennett. Come on Bennetts a loser and Eagles like the caraziest guy ive ever seen. Cause this is my tip ill get a 25% fee of course but Brucey Baby your gonna be rich my man

Bruce: I dunno….What if Bennett wins?

Donny: Oh come on Bennett never won a singles match in his life.

Bruce: Fine Ill go call in the bet but Donny

Donny: Yeah?

Bruce gets off the couch and towers above Damage.

Bruce: If Eagle looses…..You gonna pay…Big time

Bruce shoves Donny out of the way abd walks out as Damage calls after him

Donny: Your gonna be rich Bruce, rich….I hope

A good segment setting up Damage as the crazy gambler and Bruce as the Angry Monster it got a 54.5

Match 2

Lee Bennett’s music hits and he comes out in his flippers, snorkel and raincoat. He looks the picture of idiocy as he shadow boxes in the ring before waiting for Dark Eagle

“the New Sh**” By Marylin Manson hits and black spot lights go over the entrance way as Dark Eagle walks out to the ring. He has long black hair and a black beard. He is wearing only Black Jeans and his eyes are burning intensity. He glares a hole in Bennett as he walks quickly into the ring and gets nose to nose with Bennett before decking him with a right hand to start the match

Hmmm so who do you think is going to control this match? The guy in flippers or the trained martial artist? Eagle beats the snot out of Bennett with kicks to the head and hard chops before tacking him to the mat in a UFC Stlye hold. Eagle puts him in a variety of holds before they get back to their feet. The beating continues though as a series of power bombs, DDTs and clotheslines leaves Bennett lying in a heap

Eagle backs off a little and gets ready for his finisher a running side kick to the jaw However all of a sudden a strange music begisnt he play and bubbles appear on the titan tron and the words

“Might Manray” Appear on the screen then fireworks go off as a man in a sting ray runs down from the back. While Rock Downpour asks repeatedly who could be under the mask the trained eye will notice that the Might Manray is holding a brick named Gary in his hand. Eagle looks confused and Stares at Manray expecting to be attacked

He is

But not by Manray, Bennett has got up and rolls up Eagle from behind for a three count

Bennett celebrates by diving over the ropes and to the outside before him and Manray go sprinting up the rap as an enraged Eagle stares after them with hatred in his eyes

Segment 3

The camera opens in the parking lot in time to see Donny Damage sprinting to his car yelling

Damage: Oh crap , He’s gonna kill me

Behind him is Bruce the Giant who is yelling

Bruce: I lost $1000 dollars you little punk, Your Dead

At the last second Damage manages to get in his car and Drive off leaving Bruce the Giant glareing after him

Bruce: Next Week Donny, Next week I’m gonna get you for this

More Angle advancement as Bruce is now Angry it got a 55.9

Match 3

Rick Laws music hits and he comes out wearing a police uniform. While I do like Rick as a worker his gimmick and costume kind of make me think He’s at a Hens night party and he’s about to strip for some girl on her last night of freedom.

Anyway Law gets a nice pop as he waits for Bruce the Giant

Bruces music hits to some Huge Heel heat and he walks methodically out from the back looking very Angry. He’s clearly wanting to take out his anger at Damage on Law

This match is short, really short as Bruce is working through an injury. This match basically Consits of the following. Bruce beats Rick Down, Rick trys come back, Bruce beats him down again, rinse and repeat. The good thing is that Bruce looks great, Hes so Huge that all his moves automatically look devastating. His chops are silencing because his hands are so damn big. He even came off the second rope with an Elbow to finish of Law which got a huge pop from the crowd

A match pureley to show what could Happen to Donny Damage if Bruce catches up with him it got a 65.7

Segment 4

The crowd gets to its feet in boos as

“Exit light, Enter Night, Take my Hand, Were off to never never land”

Enter sandman hits and Tommy Cornell struts out to the ring. I havn’t seen Tommy give an Interview in a while and had forgotten how damn good at it he is. He gets a rise from the crowd with out even talking as he takes the mic. A “You suck” Chant starts giving Tommy the opportunity to get personal with the fans

Tommy: Will you people shut the hell up? Geez. Its quite clear I’m the only one with anything important to say so please….shut up will you?

The crowd is silent and Tommy Chuckles

Tommy: Thank you. Now first of all Its good to be back. Well actually its good for you that I am back. See when Alex Larone contacted me and said he anted me to wrestle in his federation I acceted. But Once I had signed the contract I decided to look over the roster. I was expecting to see some big names there. Maybe an Easiki Kunomasu or a Nemesis, Hell A pistol Pete hall would have been better than what I saw. Lee Bennett? Alexander Robinson? Brent Hill? What the hell kind of two bit piss show did I sign up for?

The crowd boos Cornell for insulting some of the more beloved faces

Tommy: Then I here my opponent tonight Is one of those Loser I mentioned: Brent hill. Who the hell is Brent Hill. Brent Hill is nobody. Brent Hill is nothing. So right now Brent, come out here, get beat up, let them hand me the title and lets show these people that not all the peoples on this Roster are bumbling Idiots like you

Tommy brings his usual natural heel style to this interview and it gets a 87.9

Match 4

Hill responds to the taunts be charging down from the back. He seems to be rilled up by the Insults. Hill just goes straight for Cornell and the match starts

Cornell takes an early advantage with a series of Arm drags. The real problem with WSW is that there isn’t really anyone as good as Tommy or even close to his level. It kind of shows in this match as Hill stuffs up a drop kick. Cornell trys to carry Hill to a better match but Hill still seems weaker than Cornell. Cornell just gives up and takes Control of the match, he uses arm drags, take downs and submission holds to wear down Hill. Then he kicks Hill in the stomach and gives him the “Tough Love DDT” for the win

A match entirely dominated by Cornell as Hill makes a fool of himself. It got a 75.6

Segment 5

Cornell celebrates with his newly won World Title. He gets up on the Turnbuckle and celebrates but then suddenly the lights go out and on the Titan tron appears the words

“The Key Player is coming”

In big red letters. The show ends with Cornell looking Terrified as he stares at the screen

A great segment building the Cornell/ Key Player Angle it asd the high poitn fo the show and got a 89.0

The next day

I sat in my office going over the reports from last night. Then all of a sudden my secretary leaned I nthe door

Elle” Um Mr Larone there’s a Mister Wellborn here to see you

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The door opened and Wellborn walked in. He was short and going a little bit bald. He was wearing a painful lime green suit which all most hurt to look at. I offered him a seat and he sat down

Me: Hello Mr…. Wellborn was it. How can I help you?

Wellborn: Ill be Brief Mister Munro. I represent a Mrs Mary Frost. Mrs Frost is about to open a Wrestling Federation of her own in this region and she isn’t a big fan of competition. So iv been told to offer you three million dollars for your federation

Me: You’ve got to be joking right, Your trying to buy us out before you even open and we’ve only had one show. I’m not interested in selling Mr Wellborn

Wellborn annoying happy face changed for just a split second. It was replaced with an angry snarl as he spat out his next words

Wellborn: Mr Larone. I highly advise you to sell. You have no Idea what you’re messing with

Me: Oh believe me Mr Wellborn I know exactly what I’m doing. I know you used to work for the man who killed my farther. I know you are no longer welcome in this office. I know I’m throwing you out if you don’t leave

Wellborn snarled at me again as he got up to leave but as he got to the door he turned round and said

Wellborn: This isn’t over Mr Larone, Id hate to see you wind up sharing the same fate as you’re farther


Wellborn bustled across the parking lot. In his head cursing the arrogance of Alex Larone. He tried to open the door to his car, fumbled the key. Then


Before Wellborn knew what had happened someone had grabbed his head and rammed it through the window of his car. His attacker pulled him up right and struck him with a punch that sent him sprawling over the front of his car. Wellborn was dazed as once more his attacker lifted him to his feet and hoisted him off the ground by his collar, stared into his face and roared at him


With that Cornell dropped Wellborn to the ground and stormed off leaving Wellborn in a blooded heap yelling after Cornell

Wellborn: You’ll die for this you’re here me, you’ll Die for this

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The next day

A little unnerved by the possibility of a rival company opening up soon I decided to look for some new talent. So I sent scouts out to the following people

Haruki Kudo



Pistol Pete Hall

Easy Emma

Black Widow



hopefully we will see some huge things from these people in the coming weeks and months


As Alex Larone sat at his computer reading over Emails he was unaware of the small camera and tape recorder Wellborn had placed under his desk during their short meeting. Now, Miles away at the head quarters of the soon to be opened CLF, Mary Frost watched on a TV screen as Alex typed away. She allmost pityed him considering the plans she had for him

All most


WSW Superstar

The second show kicks off with some slightly more elaborate fireworks as we all know how much people like fireworks. Then Rock Downpour welcomes us to the second ever WSW show and hypes it all up. Then the camera opens backstage for

Segment 1

The camera is back stage as we see Dark Eagle storming backstage, he is absolutley livid about his loss last week and is yelling at people, asking them where the hell Alexander Robinson and Lee Bennett are. Some poor stage hand gets scared and points out their dressing room. Eagle thanks him by shoving him into a wall before storming off

The camera follows him as he kicks down the door to their locker room

Eagle: All right you two, what the hell was that last week

Bennett and Robinson looks understandably frightened and its Bennett who replies

Bennett: What do you mean

Eagle: You know exactly what I mean, having this guy dress up as “The Mighty Manray” and getting me distracted so you can beat me.

Bennett: Look Im sorry I rolled you up when you wern’t looking but come on man its all good

Eagle: NO its not “All Good” It was my first night in this company and I lost to a loser like you

Robinson: Does that make you a loser?

Bennett sighs

Bennett: Robinson can you please try to NOT PISS OFF THE ANGRY PHSYCO PLEASE????????

Eagle: What did you call me

Bennett: Um…………..Nothing

Eagle: Listen I want to know why you pulled that stunt.

Bennett: In all honesty it wasn’t us

Eagle: Bull S***. That Manray idiot had a pet brick. Remind you of any one?

Robinson smiles

Robinson: Everyone should have a pet brick. Their fun aren’t they Gary


Robinson is silent for a moment and when he does talk he talks in a slow drawn out angry manner

Robinson: What did you call Gary????????

Eagle: You heard me hes a stupid Brick for crying out loud.

Robinson: Gary doesn’t like being called stupid……….

Eagle: then let Gary do something about it. Let him get the Mighty Manray to fight me Tonight, one on one in the ring, And when its done Ill unmask him and prove to the world that I was set up by you guys last week.

Robinson: Fine, your going to be sorry you insulted Gary

Eagle Storms out leaving Robinson steaming after him

A good segment setting up the match for tonight. It got a 57.7

Segment two

The camera opens back in the ring just in time for

“Exit Light, Enter Night, Take my hand, Were off to never never land”

Tommy Cornell storms out to the ring looking Angry as Hell. He rips the mic off our ring announcer and practacilly yell’s into it

Tommy: I bet you think its funny huh. Some guys trying to freak out Tommy Cornell. I’m supposed to be scared huh? I’m supposed to be terrified of the “Key Player” I’m supposed to give a S***? Well Guess what, I’m not. Why should I be huh? Why should I , the greatest Wrestler of our Generation be scared of some loser who is too scared to show his face. Why should I be scared of someone who hides behind little messages, Why should I be scared of them when its obvious they are scared of ME.

Tommy laughs to himself

Tommy: I mean its obvious isn’t it. Who ever it is, they terrified of me. They siting some where, whimpering in fear of having to face me one on one, man to man. They know that when this little game is over, that I’m going to hand them the beating of a life time. They know it and their terrified of me

A Good interview from Tommy it gets a 90.7

Segment 3

Tommy is cut of as Marylin Manson’s “This is the New SH*T” Hits on the PA and the Camera on the Titantron opens in the car park. The Camera is looking at A Mercedes car. It has been smashed up and attacked. The windshield has been smashed and the roof has been ripped off. Spray painted on the front of the car is

“Soon Tommy”

Back in the ring Cornell stares open mouth at the destruction of his car.


A man steps in front of the Camera. He is wearing fully black and his face is covered in a black belaclava. He is wearing a black trench coat and black shades so no part of him is visible. The man is holding a Microphone

Key Player: This is just the beginning Tommy, The Game is just getting started

Back in the ring Cornell screams into the Mic

Cornell: I’m not afraid of you, I’m not afraid of you. If you think your so tough then prove it

But the man has gone and the screen fades to black leaving Cornell livid in the ring

Another good segment that continues to build up the mysterious “Key Player” it got an 85.6

Segment 4

The Camera opens backstage to find Donny Damage is in his Dressing room sipping on a diet Pepsi with his feet up on the couch. Suddenly the door opens and Damage curses Violently as Bruce the Giant stands in the door way looking mad as hell

Bruce: You cost me $1000 you little rat. Now I’m taking it out of your ass.

Donny: Come on Bruce man. It was just a little rut. I can make the money back for you I promise. Listen I’ve got another plan. This way you can make all your money back and then some Okay?

Bruce: I dunno, Whats the Plan

Donny: What If I could get that idiot Air Attack Weasel to agree to a match against you?

Bruce: why would I want to do that?

Donny: Because the odds of him winning would be like 100 to one. If I can get him to agree to face you then we can bet on you and make our Money Back

Bruce: But he’d never agree to face me. I’m like twice his height

Donny: Don’t Worry man. This time next week well be rich as hell. I can get him to agree.

Bruce: Fine but If I loose anymore Money I’m seriously Going to kill you

Donny: Don’t worry it’s a sure bet

A good segment between the two it got a 57.8

Match 1

Dark Eagles music hits and he sprints out to the ring looking angry as hell. He glares round and waits for the “Might Man-ray” To come out . When Man-rays music hits there is a nice pop from the crowd who see through Robinsons disguise instantly and applaud him. Man-ray gets into the ring and they lock up

Eagle basically controls this match from the outset just like he beat down Bennett last week. He keeps Man-ray trapped in the corner and wails away with kicks, elbows and chops. Man-ray gets control for about a minute by breaking out some nice high flying moves including a running front drop kick but eventually Eagle side steps a running shoulder block and catches Man-ray with a huge Back breaker theat leaves him lying flat on his back. Eagle backs off a fair way and as Manray gets up and Eagle charges him with his Finisher the running Karate Kick which nearly takes off Man-rays head.

However Instead of pining Man-ray Eagle stands over him and try’s to pull off the mask

The mask comes off to reveal

LEE BENNETT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Eagle looks pissed as hell as Bennett gets up and manages to bail to the outside. The referee turns his back on Eagle to try to convince Bennett not to run away

Both men are looking the other way and don’t see Alexander Robinson come sprinting down the ramp and into the ring holding Gary. He brands Eagle on the back of the head with the brick and then dives out of the ring.

Bennett pulls his Man ray mask back on and climbs up the top rope and comes off with his finisher the Swanton Bomb on the prone Eagle for a Three count

For the second week in a row Bennett beats Eagle.

A good match that only continues their feud it got a 45.6

Match 2

Donny Damages music hits and he comes out to some good heat for his nefarious schemes. Brent Hills music hits and he comes out with a woman on each arm. Just to High light his rich suave face Gimmick. Brent Hill has been shunted down the card as punishment for his pathetic showing against Cornell last week.

This match is entireley to show how much of a cheat Damage is and so Hill starts off in charge, Attacking Damage and beating him from post to post with arm drags and DDTs . then Damage makes his little Heel comeback by low blowing Hill and taking over with a series of Eye gougges and kicks to the groin and other such cowardley moves. He finished the match off buy giving Hill a flap jack intot he corner post that is followed up by Damages Finisher Combo , Cut the deck followed by Collateral Damage for the three count

Not a good match with the crowd not liking Hill gimmick and him not trying hard at all this only got a 39.8 but Damage did get over as a heel from this match which is the only real important thing I guess

Match 3

Rick Laws Music hits and he comes out to a good pop ready for his world Title shot. He shadow boxes for a while before waiting for Cornell

“Exit Light, Enter Night, Take my Hand, Were off to never, never land”

Tommy Cornells music hits and he comes out to good Heel Heat ready for Action

The match starts with Law in control, beating down Tommy with some strong offence but then Tommy takes the match tot he floor and simply out wrestles Law. A series of Figure Fours and surfboards work over Law and Cornell senses weakness in the right knee and exploits it with some elbows and knee drops then locks on a Texas Clover Leaf. Rick Law fights the old and just makes the ropes. He manages a come back after reversing a body slam and catches Cornell with an Inverted DDT then goes for a Northern Lights Suplex only to have Cornell reverse it into the Tough Love DDT for the three count

Cornell celebrates with his world Title and retreats up the ramp as the crowd chants “A**Hole” Then

“This is the New SH*T” Hits and They Key Player appears behind Cornell with a chair. Cornell spins round and gets decked with a chair shot. Cornell is busted open and the Camera Zooms in on him as the Key Player stands over him as we go off the air

A good match with Law managing to keep up with Cornell it got an 87.9


After the show Brent Hill approached me complaining about hsi two straight losses.

So I fired Him

Man I can be cruel some times. I just hope that dosn't come back to bite me in the Ass

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I hope that doesn’t come back to bite me in the ass”

I had to say it didn’t I. I had to say it.

CLF Officially opened today and of course I got to have a look over their Roster and there he was

Brent Hill

The guy I fired yesterday. Well that’s just wonder full. How did they know he was a free agent so bloody quickly?

Well I hope they are happy with the lazy prick.

In response to this I sent out scouts to even more people. Hope fully we will have an upper mid card replacement for him soon enough. Were going to need once with our first Mega event scheduled for three weeks from now and Rick Law in serious need of someone to feud against.


Tommy Cornell stood in the parking lot talking in a hushed voice into the cell phone.

Cornell: I’m telling you it was Wellborn, He’s Working for some new fed that just opened up. Said he worked for "“Mary Frost” Can you check her out for me, see what you can come up with?

The voice on the other end promised Cornell he would then hung up

Cornell sighed and took a deep breath. Who ever Wellborn was working for seemed to be taking too much of an Interest in Alex. Tommy couldn’t help wondering what if it had been his presence on the roster that had tipped them off. Tommy was all ready in Kaufmanns sights for helping Munro three years ago. Cornell knew what these people did to those who got in their way. He just hoped the same fate didn’t await Alex


Brent hill sat in the dark office. He must admit he was a little freaked out by it all. After being fired last night he had gone home to drown his sorrows in vodka. When he had got home he had found the door open and a woman siting on his couch. She had offered him a job in her new wrestling Federation

She had known he was a free agent just under an hour after he had been fired.

But how?

The door opened and a woman walked in. She had short brown hair and was very well dressed. She sat down in the chair in front of him and started to talk

Woman: Miss frost sends her best wishes Mr Hill. She has other pressing buisness to attend to. I’m her secratery. Ive been asked to finalise your contract agreement.

Hill: Please call me Brent, and your name is

A small smirk played on the woman’s lips

Woman: Sophie Munro


WSW Fast Lane

The third show opens up to a much bigger crowd than the last two as word of the quality of our shows has spread. Oh yeah baby a full 500 people cram into our arena to watch our third show as Rock Downpour welcomes us and promises a good bout with Tommy Cornell apparently in the arena and mad as hell about being attacked last week. With that we cut backstage again for segment 1

Segment 1

The camera opens backstage out side a locker room that has “Air Attack Weasel” Written on it. How ever someone has taken a black marker and crossed it out and scribbled “The Fortress of Weaseltude”

Donny Damage stands at the door looking uncomfortable he knocks and enters

Air Attack Weasel: Who enters the realm of Weasely Goodness?

Donny: Um…..It’s me Donny

Air Attack Weasel who had been sitting on a chair now stands up

AAW: Donny Hi. How can I help you

Donny: Well I’ve got a little proposition for you man. See I know you have…Ummmm Super powers and everything so I was wondering if you could help me. Its Bruce the Giant he’s been bullying me and I was wondering if you could maybe wrestle him for me

AAW: Why can’t you fight him your self.

Damage looks sheepish looking for an excuse

Damage: Well it’s just I don’t have super powers and apparently you do

AAW: Yes I do. That bully will feel the amazing powers of the Weasel. Tonight I will beat him for you. Weasel AWAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

With that AAW runs out of the door and off down the hall as Damage bursts out laughing

Damage: Weasel Away? What an idiot

With that Bruce the Giant walks in

Bruce: well did he agree

Donny: Yeah he did, would you believe it? I told him you had been bullying me. What an Idiot. He thinks I’m his friend

Bruce: Well this had better work. I've already bet 100 dollars on him if he wins tonight against me we can get all our money back.

Donny: Don’t worry he’ll win as long as you make it look realistic.

Bruce: Oh with your help everyone will believe he beat me. Don’t worry

Donny: Great this is going perfectly

A bit of evil scheming from Damage and Bruce get a good segment it got a 67.8

Segment 2

“Tommy Sucks, Tommy Sucks”

The crowd gets to there feet as


Tommy Cornell storms out to the ring. His head is bandaged, still selling the chair shot from the Key Player last week. Tommy grabs the Mic and starts to talk

Tommy: I guess you think this whole thing is funny don’t you? You think its funny that this freak is after me. You think its funny that he appears each week? That he hit me with that chair? That he busted me open? You think its funny?

Tommy looks tot he ground for a moment

Tommy: WELL I’M NOT LAUGHING. You people are sick. How can you cheer when I lie there in pain? How can you encourage that lunatic? How dare you?

Tommy chuckles to himself for a moment.

Tommy: But you know what? In the end it doesn’t really matter. It doesn’t matter that he trashed my car. It doesn’t matter that you people like him so damn much. Because I still have something that he doesn’t. I still have the WSW World Championship I am still officially the best wrestler in this federation. I am still the greatest wrestler of our generation. I am still the best. And you just hate it don’t you. That’s what eats at you. See you can chant as much as you like. You can send me hate mail. Hell you could even do what this guys done and start wearing a mask and calling your self-some ridiculous name. You can break my car, you can break my skull, but you can’t beat me. EVER. See I always win. No matter what you try.

The crowd Try’s another chant but Cornell cuts them off

Tommy: And you see as WSW World Champion I receive certain privileges. Certain perks if you will. Like the ability to give out title shots to whom ever I choose. And you know whom I choose

Cornell smiles evilly

Tommy: I choose the Key Player!!!!!!!!!!

The crowd pops huge at this.

Tommy: On one condition. That is that Tonight he comes out in front of all of you. He comes out here and takes off that damn mask. He sums up the courage to look me in the yes, man to man. He looks me in the eye and says “Tommy, This is me and I want a title shot”

Tommy: So Tonight ill see him in the main event Okay? See the WSW board has insisted I give someone else a match tonight. So I choose: Lee Bennett

The crowd pops huge again

Tommy: You know why? Do you know why I chose him? BECAUSE I F***ING SAID SO

Tommy try’s a new catch phrase out and sets up the main event. Cornell also gets heat for picking on Lee Bennett who is pretty much a fan Favourite at the moment. This interview got a 90.7

Segment 3

The Camera opens backstage to Lee Bennett and Alexander Robinson. Bennett is jumping up and down on the spot in joy

Bennett: YES YES YES. Alex this is my big chance. If I beat Cornell I’m sure to get a title shot.

Robinson: But what about Dark Eagle

Bennett: don’t worry about him. I’ve asked an old friend of mine to keep him busy

Robinson: Is it Gary? Did you ask Gary?

Bennett: Um…. No Unlike you I choose to NOT talk to bricks

Robinson: Gary’s not here tonight

Bennett: Oh thank god, you finally stopped taking him every where

Robinson: no, He’s on a date

Bennett: A date? A DATE? He’s a BRICK for gods Sake

Robinson: Even Bricks need loving

Bennett: Um…. I’m not even going to bother. Look tonight Dark Eagle is going to be busy facing Rick Law. If law beats him he won’t dare attack me in the main event and I can concentrate on Cornell. So I wont you to make sure Eagle looses okay?

Robinson: All right, Ill get him for you

Bennett: Excellent this is going to be great

Another good segment for these two. Hyping both matches tonight it got a 60.7

Match 1

The crowd pops considerably as Rick Law walks out to the ring dressed in his police uniform. He twirls his night stick a little before he waits for Dark Eagle

Eagles music hits to great Heat. His feud with Robinson and Bennett is really helping him. He runs out, intense as ever and locks up with Law

Law controls the early goings of this match but its pretty even as they trade chops in the corner then trade holds in the centre of the ring. Eagle manages to take over for a while with some DDT’s and A stiff looking scoop driver. He covers for two. The next segment of this match is basically a heel beat down as eagle breaks out the karate and judo moves to work over Law. Law finally manages a come back by reversing an Enziguri into a scoop choke slam TKO. (try saying that ten times fast). DDT from Law leaves Eagle spread out in the middle of the ring as Lee goes up tope for a Swanton bomb. How ever Eagle avoids it and backs off, hyping up the crowd for the running sidekick. Law lies flat on his back but then the familiar Bubbles appear on the screen and

MIGHTY MAN-RAY appears on the ramp

Eagle turns round just as Law gets up. Law goes into a three-point stance and charges ready to hit the long arm of the law on Eagle


Law goes down hard and Eagle covers




Man ray looks scared as Eagle dives out of the ring and charges up the Ramp after him. Eagle manages to catch him and spear tackles him to the ground. He try’s to pull off the mask only to have Man ray push him off and sprint off again. Eagle shrugs and celebrates his victory

A good match that showed how good Dark Eagle is, he continues to get over as a heel. Eagles still pretty unknown though so this gets a 45.6

Match 2:

WEASEL AWAY!!!!!!!!!!! Air Attack Weasels music plays and he sprints out to the ring in his usual Weasel Mask and paws. He spins on the spot for a while building a nice pop for his antics then he vaults over the top rope and strikes a super pose In the ring. Then the Black Fireworks go off and Bruce the Giant storms out to the ring and gets in Weasels face. Well actually his stomach gets in Weasels face as that’s where weasel come sup to but any way

The key to Damages plan is for this to look real. Well the beating Bruce lays on AAW sure does as he grabs him round the throat by one hand and hurls him OVER the top rope. AAW lands with a crash on the outside where Bruce follows him. The rest of the match is a lot like this as Bruce beats the living hell out of AAW. The match ends when Bruce lifts up AAW for a gorrilla press slam then drops him on himself. It looks a lot like AAW reversed it into a body press but how could he have doen that because he seems unconcious. Oh well it doesn’t matter because the ref counts




and the rigged upset of the century goes through. Bruce leaves the ring and AAW slowly gets back to his feet. And asks for the Mic

a decent match for what it was it got a 56.7

Segment 4

AAW has the Mic

AAW: Well I did it. I summoned all the powers of the mighty Weasel and beat Bruce the Giant. Let that be a lesson to evil doers every where. WSW is under the protection of Air Attack Weasel. But that’s not enough. Its not enough just for me to beat the Evil Doers. I will make them pay. Donny Damage will you come out here please?

Donny comes out with a huge grin on his face. He is out of debt now and all is looking good for him

AAW: Listen Donny I want you to be the first to hear this since it was you Bruce was bullying.Next week I challenge Bruce the Giant to a STELL CAGE MATCH

The crowd gasps and Damage looks stunned

Damage: no listen don’t, tonight it wasn’t a fair fight

AAW: I know, I have the Power Of the Weasel on my side, I know it wasn’t technically fair to use it to beat Bruce but he deserved it. Just like he deserves the beating he will get next week

Damage: but…..but…oh Crap

Well well well hasn’t this little angle got interesting. Now Damage must save Weasel from getting a beat down in the Cage next week. This got a 58.9

Match 3


Tommy Cornell’s music hits and he comes out with his WSW World Title wrapped firmly around his waist. He struts down the isle and into the ring where he waits for Bennett.

Bennetts music hits and Bennett walks out ready for his big match. He gets into the ring and they lock up

Things don’t exactly go Bennett’s way as Cornell easily out wrestles him and it turns into a total white wash as every move Bennett try’s, Cornell counters. Cornell eventually locks Bennett in a sharp shooter and pulls back on the hold. Bennett try’s to fight it but eventually looks like he’s going to tap out when Alexander Robinson runs down from the back. How ever before he makes it down tot he ring he gets tackled by Dark Eagle who has finally caught up with him. Bennett taps out and Cornell looks kind of bewildered as Eagle continues to beat the hell out of Robinson on the outside.

Cornell picks up his title and goes to leave when…………….

A good match that continues Bennett and Robinsons Feud with Dark Eagle it got a 59.8. Bennett really dragged down Cornell here. No more main events for you, Bad Bennett no Biscuit, ha Alliteration is always amusing. Oh I’m so funny…ill stop now

Segment 5

Cornell stands in the middle of the ring when suddenly the lights go out. The whole Arena is in total darkness and when the lights do flash on again, Eagle Bennett and Robinson are gone and Cornell is lying on his back in the centre of the ring with a trail of blood coming from his head.

Above him stands the Key Player.

He reaches up to his mask and Slowly peels it back and removes it to reveal

Buddy Garner

The MMA Superstar Cornell brutally injured in HGC 3 years ago.

Rock hypes how this means Garner gets a title shot in two weeks as we go off the air leaving Garner standing tall for the 3rd week in a row

A great segment it got an 89.7

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Well our show last night did well. We made more money off it than any other. The other shows that were on that night in our area did absolutly horrible crowd numbers. Still CLF Ran its first show last night in LA and sadly they drew quite a good crowd….Bastards. In response to them “Stealing” Brent Hill I sent my scouts to EVERYONE on their roster offering them all a job here in WSW. Nothing like stealing your competitions ENTIRE roster to put them out of buisness. In the “Alex Larone’s Personal Life” Section of these little reports I used some of my inheritance to by Mom and I a new house. Im living by myself at the moment in a rented apartment. But Moms been living in a small one room flat for two long so I figured it was time for her to upgrade. Well I’m off home now. Might as well get a decent nights sleep. I have to promote one of the workers to the booking team tommorow. Tommy recommended Alex Robinson but I’ve recently been impressed with Dark Eagles backstage ideas…..Its good to be in charge


Half an hour later Alex Larone yawned as his jiggled the key in the latch of his apartment. The door swung open and he walked in and turned on the lights.


The glass bottle broke over his head and he slumped to the ground holding his head. The blood seeping through his fingers. He rolled over and looked up at the man standing above him. He was holding the remains of the bottle in one hand and a large Bowie knife in the other. As Alex’s eyes focused he noticed it was some one he knew.

Alex: Wellborn?

Wellborn smiled

Wellborn: you’ve been a real pain Mr Larone. You should have sold us your company when you had the chance. Now its over, You die

Wellborn stabbed the knife down


Alex tried to roll but the knife bit into his shoulder, tearing flesh and hitting bone. He kicked up and pushed Wellborn off. Alex tried to roll backwards to get out of the range of the knife but Wellborn pushed down again. The knife skimmed past Alex’s face, leaving a trail of blood down it. Alex got back to his feet and took a couple of steps back. Him and Wellborn stood across from each other. The blood seeping down Alex’s arm

Alex: What the hell are you doing you Psyhco?

Wellborn: Shut up and die

He swung again and Alex just managed to avoid the knife. Wellborn charged forward and caught Alex in the side of the head with an Elbow. Alex went sprawling to the ground and Wellborn kick him in the knee and then jabbed the knife down again

Alex screamed as the Knife drove into his leg. He crawled towards the door. Hand out stretched trying to pull him self along the carpet. Well born laughed as he kicked Alex while he lay on the ground

Wellborn walked over and shut the door trapping Alex. Then he walked over and raised the knife one last time

Wellborn: No there no one to stop you. Your dead


The door flew off its hinges and Wellborn spun round. Behind him was a man holding a Golf club. The man swung and there was a sickening crack as the club cracked Wellborn’s skull open. Wellborn fell to the ground dead and Alex looked up at the man standing above him holding the dripping red golf club.

He had long black straggly hair and he was unshaven.

Hayden Munro: Think again you treacherous little S***

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“You Okay?”

Munro leaned down extending his hand and pulled Alex to his feet. Alex looked at him for a while


Alexs fist exploded into Munros face. Unfourtunatley Munro did a Bruce the Giant like job of no-selling it

Munro: Just what exactly are you doing? I may have missed something but I think I just saved your life

Alex: I know who you are, Your Hayden Munro. You killed my father

Voice: No he didn’t

Alex spun round to see Tommy Cornell standing in the doorway

Tommy: Alex this is kind of going to take a while to explain. You better sit down. And Hayden we’re trying to not scare the poor boy so could you please put the blood stained golf club down and move the dead body out of his living room?

Hayden: Oh….Right……..Sorry


I sat there for what seemed like hours as Tommy systematically picked apart everything I knew about my Farther, about the war, about Hayden, about himself.

Tommy told me how President Kaufmanns had rigged the election, just to start the war. He told me how Munro was innocent and how someone called Vermont had actually killed my father.

Of course I had questions but Cornell answered them all and it took a long time but eventually I believed him. The hardest thing was finding out that my father hadn’t left me the money. That it was actually Munros. That I was just being used as a way of Munro getting revenge on Kaufmanns.

I don’t know why it hurt me so much but I guess I had been pleasantly surprised to find out that my father cared enough to leave me some money. To find out that was a lie was…Difficult

All the while Hayden had drove off with the body after cleaning my apartment. Just after Tommy finished his explanation he went out t his car and got a first aid kit.

Me: What’s that for?

Tommy: Oh ?I dunno, how bout the knife wound in your arm?

In all the excitement I hadn’t really noticed it, but now I did and it hurt like a bitch, like someone had jammed red hot wires into my skin.

Me: I better go to the hospital

Tommy: NO. Alex I don’t think you get how huge this is. You cant go to the authorites or Kaufmanns will kill you

I stood in shock as Tommy bandaged the wound in my arm and did his best at stitching it up. When I asked him how he knew to do that he said something mysterious about Wellborn not being the only person that’s tried to kill one of them over the years. All in all it didn’t make me comfortable about what I was getting my self into

The next day.

I sat in my office. My wound concealed under along sleeve top. Tommy had said I couldn’t have the day off work or it would look bad considering our Enemy knew they had sent someone to kill me who wouldn’t be coming back. I had asked Tommy how we were going to cover up Wellborns death and again he said mentioned this sort of thing happening before. He said by now Him and Hayden where getting used to it

It was then that it hit me. I was placing my life in the hands of these men. These men who had lied and manipulated me for some personal Vendetta. I would have to adjust to having Tommy Cornell who had been my best friend in recent month turning out to be a killer

A Murderer

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WSW Mayhem

Our New Weekly show (basically it has the same name each week) kicks from Texas to a huge ovation and even more Fireworks because pretty lights make people give me more money. The crowd is hyped for our last show before next weeks big Mega event. Plus there has been a lot of good publicity for the Key Player Angle. So what better way to start our show than with

Segment one


A huge amount of fireworks signals the arrival of the new WSW top face to a huge pop from the crowd. Buddy Garner walks out to the ring. His Key Player trench coat gone, replaced by his black and silver wrestling trunks. He has grown his long blonde hair out more since his days in HGC. He walks into the ring and poses on each of the turnbuckles before grabbing the Mic and starting to talk

Buddy Garner: Well its nice to finally be out from under that hood. Its nice to stand here in front of the fans of WSW and let them see the guy who’s going to be taking the title off Tommy Cornell

This gets a nice pop from the crowd and Garner smiles cockily

Buddy Garner: And lets be very clear on that shall we? I am going to take that title off Cornell. See in the past week I’ve had a lot of people come up to me and ask me, why? Why did you do it Buddy? Why did you mess with Cornell like that? Well let me take you back a couple of years.

Buddy chuckles to himself as he remembers

Buddy: Mme and Bryan Vessey Vs Tommy Cornell and Kudo. Half way through Cornell springs a trap on us and hits me over the head with a chair and tries to break Bryan’s Back. That was the one night I ever Wrestled Tommy Cornell. That was also the night I figured out how you beat the “Greatest Worker of our Generation". See Tommy Cornell is an excellent technician. Tommy Cornell is an excellent high flyer. Tommy Cornell is the absolute Master of Mind Games. But that’s your weakness Tommy. If someone turns the tables on you. If some one messes with your head, then your whole Games gonna fall apart. I watched your interviews for the last couple of weeks. Ive heard what no one else has picked up on. Theres a difference to your voice Tommy. At first I couldn’t figure out what it was. Then last week I finally clicked. Its fear Tommy. You were Afraid. And fear can be an interesting thing. It makes you do stupid things. Stupid, foolish things. Like Giving me a Title shot. That mistake is going to cost you Tommy. Its going to cost you your championship. See Tommy you’ve been on top of the mountain for too long. You’ve been the man for too long. You’ve had the torch for too long. Well its time to pass it on Tommy. If I have to take it from your cold dead fingers. So next week Tommy Just Bring it on. Ill be Ready

A pretty decent Interview it got 67.8 and Buddy is pretty over now and is our company third most over worker

Segment 2

The camera opens backstage on Lee Bennett and Alexander Robinson. Robinson looks angry after being attacked by Eagle last week. Lee Bennett has the Mic first

Bennett: Well Dark Eagle, you cost me my big shot. It’s been clear for a long time that I am the most talented worker in this Federation. I mean how can any one stand up to strong snorkel head butts? It was clear to everyone in hat arena that I had Tommy Cornell right where I wanted him

Robinson: Wasn’t he nearly breaking your back

Bennett: Robinson you just don’t under stand the brilliant plan that I employ in my matches.

Robinson: So you where going to scream like a girl till you burst his eardrums?

Bennett sighs

Bennett: Robinson will you shut up and let me do my interview? Any way tonight Dark Eagle I’m going to have my revenge. Me and you one more time in this very ring

Robinson: Um we're not in a ring. Where Gary’s locker room

Bennett: it’s a term of speech and…wait Gary’s Locker room? Gary’s locker room? This is MY locker room

Robinson: Actually I lost it to Gary in a game of poker

Bennett: You played a BRICK at poker? And you lost????????? Oh my god that’s sad. Any way moving along

Bennett readopts his angry face

Bennett: Tonight. Dark Eagle, me Vs you one on one and you’ll pay for ruining my big chance. Oh and Robinson. Do not help me. Im going to prove once and for all that I have what it takes to be a star

Robinson: can Gary help?

Bennett: NO!!!!!!!!

A pretty good interview building for tonight’s match it got a 66.7

Segment 3

AAW is backstage getting ready for his cage match against Bruce the Giant tonight he s shadow boxing and powering up the “Power of The Weasel”. There is a knock on his door and Dommy Damage walks in

AAW: Greatings citizen, how may I help you?

Donny: Um hi, Listen Weasel, You cant fight Bruce tonight

AAW: Don’t worry my friend, I’ll be fine. I beat him once using the power of the weasel ill do it again

Donny: Um yeah about you beating him……..Listen just don’t dight hi mokay

AAW: Nonsense that Bully will get whats coming to him……….WEASEL AWAY

With that AAW sprints out of the door Donny looks after him

Donny: Oh man….I guess ill have to help him out a little bit then

An okay segment that built up Donnys possible Face turn and AAWs total belief in the Power of the Weasel. It got a 55.4

Match 1

Dark Eagles Music hits and he comes out to some very nice heel heat he looks as intense as ever and ready to fight. Lee Bennetts new music “Weird Al’s Horoscope” Plays and he come sout fired up and ready to go. He charges in the ring and they lock up

Straight away this turns into another good old fashioned Dark Eagle beat down as Eagle goes to work on Bennett with his usual chops and DDTs. The crowd waits for Bennetts come back or one of the usual crazy tactics from Bennett. The crowd knows that their going to be entertained by crazy tactics. They wait with baited breath for Bennett to be saved…..But it doesn’t happen. Instead Eagle just dissects Bennett in the ring. Putting him in a number of pain full holds. Then Eagle decides to take ti a step too far. He goes out of the ring and gets a chair and procede to beat the living hell out of bennett with it. 5 shots to the head later and Bennett is lying on the ground in a pool of blood as the referee rings the bell

Robinson comes running out from the back and dives in the ring to check on Bennett. Eagle stands over him laughing then grabs the Mic

Dark Eagle: I told you Robinson, I told you that you shouldn’t have tried to F*** with me. No one beats me and gets away with it and now your little friend knows it

Robinson gets up from beside the limp body of Bennett and walks over and snatches the Mic from him

Robinson: You did this just cause he beat you?

Eagle nods with an evil smile on his face



Robinson decks Eagle and is on him, punching, biting and kicking away. He backs off for a second only to pick up the chair that is still stained with Bennetts blood. He backs off a bit then brands Dark Eagle with it once he gets up. Robinson stands over Eagle looking mad as hell before grabing the mic

Robinson: There, now I’ve beat you as well. So make me pay. Net week one on one me Vs you, Hardcore rules, make me pay

An okay match that Really got the crowd going for next weeks Mega events second announced match this got a 50.7

Match 2

The cage begins to lower as “WEASEL AWAY” Plays over the PA as AAW charges out to the ring in his normal mask and crazy claws of doom. He gets in the ring and waits for Bruce

The black fireworks go off and the whole arena seems to shake as Bruce the giant walks down the ramp and into the ring. He smiles cockily as the cage comes down and they lock up

I was a little worried about giving away a cage match at a regular event but It works perfectly as Bruce grabs AAW by the throat and hurls him into the steel with a sick thud. Bruce basically throws AAW around like a rag doll for most of this match. Interupting the beating only to sand on his throat for a while. Bruce lifts up AAW for the choke bomb only to see Donny charging down the ramp with a chair in hand. Bruce looks livid as Donny climbs the cage and drops in. Bruce asks Donny what the hells he doing here as Donny stands in front of AAW and blocks his path. AAW gets up with a dazed look in his eyes when



Weasel gets lifted up again and the crowd goes insane with boos as Donny’[s teased face turn turns out to be a serve. Bruce holds AAW as Donny beats the living hell out of him with a chair. AAW is left bruised and beaten in the middle of the ring as Bruce climbs the cage and wins the match

A total beat down building to Donny VS AAW at the Mega event

Segment 3

Because I don’t want to have either Tommy or Garner wrestle till the PPV and because interest is already high enough the main event tonight is actually just a hype video for their match. Clips are shown of the first show here Cornell is shown the logo of the key player, then of garner in full black gear attacking Cornell, then of Cornells “I’m not afraid of you” interview. Then finally the words WSW road to Redemption flash on to the screen and Garners voice saying “If I have to take it from your cold dead fingers.” As fireworks go off to end the show

A good video but I get the feeling the crowd wanted to see one of them wrestle but I couldn’t have had anything other than the cage match be main event could I? This got an 85.6


WSW road to Redemption

Its WSWs first Mega Event next week live from Toronto, Canada And the following matches will delight the crowd

Air Attack Weasel Vs Donny Damage

Last night Donny turned on Weasel and gave him a brutal beating. Now can the Power of the Weasel make come back? Or will Donny come out o top.

Alexander Robinson Vs Dark Eagle-no holds bared

This all started with a little mind game from Alexander Robinson. But it quickly went out of control and it all came to a boiling point when Robinson’s best friend was attacked and brutalized by Dark Eagle. Now Robinson has vowed revenge but with out his partner to help him can the more comic Robinson overcome the intense fighting machine that is Dark Eagle

Tommy Cornell Vs Buddy Garner WSW World Title Match

Tommy Cornell is possibly the best worker of our generation. He’s been unbeatable for the last month in WSW but Buddy Garner thinks He’s got Cornell rattled and its time for Garner to step up and claim the World title. There’s going to be hell to pay when these two technical masters face off with the biggest prize of them all on the line

Anyone who can get all three mach predictions correct will win a feee backstage pas to any WSW show of there choice (That means you will be included in the Diary, or you could make me a banner...hint hint...wow deja vu)

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WSW Road to Redemption

“When the lights out, its less Dangerous, here we are now, entertain us”

Smells like Teen Spirit by Nirvana plays over the Arena as Road to Redemption kicks off to a huge ovation from the crowd. Rock Downpour hypes the matches tonight and then we are ready for

Segment 1

“Hush little baby, don’t say a word, never mind that voice you heard, it’s just the beasts under your bed, in your closet, In your head. Exit light, Enter Night, Take my hand, We’re off to never, never land ”

Enter Sandman hits and Tommy Cornell walks out to the ring. He isn’t in his wrestling gear yet and his hair, which is usually wet when he comes out to wrestle, is gelled and overall he looks very respectable. Of course this only serves to make him look even more arrogant as he grabs the Mic

Tommy: well you may have noticed I wasn’t at that last show. I’ve been home recovering from the stitches I needed from Garner’s chair shot. Buddy Garner, Buddy Freaking Garner. That’s whom you people choose to root for. Some washed up MMA star that has to hide behind a mask? Some loser who hasn’t wrestled since HGC? That’s whom you people choose to cheer for?

For some reason Tommy seems a little angrier than normal today. He seems a little on edge as if Garners mind games really are getting to him

Tommy: See I guess that’s what’s all ways bothered me about you people. That you all ways side against me. See let me take you back a few years. I grew up watching professional wrestling. I grew up watching Christian Faith take on Sam strong in SwF. I grew up and I wanted to be just like them, wanted to be the hero, wanted to be the guy everyone cheered for. Then I got the chance. I was seventeen when I was accepted into the HGC Training camp. I worked my ass of and got into HGC. I worked day and Night to be good at what I did. To make a living out of wrestling. To live my Dream. And you know what I was good at it. Good enough to win the HGC World Title. But apparently not good enough to cheer for. Apparently not good enough to respect. Apparently not good enough for you people TO GIVE TWO S***S ABOUT. Then me and a bunch of others were fired from HGC. I sat at home and decided I would rethink my approach to my Dream. I decided Id make you people care.

Tommy’s really getting into this interview now and I feel a classic coming on

Tommy: For the next 3 years I wrestled every where. Showing what I could do, perfecting my craft. And hey I knew I was the bad guy, the guy you loved to hate but in a small corner of my mind I still held out hope. Hope that maybe I’d find that respect. I left strips of my skin hanging on barbed wire in Japan. I got a concussion in Africa because some Idiot forgot to tighten the ring ropes. I bled, I sacrificed and I got booed. Like I said I could deal with you people not liking me. But still I had hope

Tommy runs his hands through his hair

Tommy: WELL NOT ANYMORE. Two weeks ago all hope I had died. You, Buddy Garner. It was you, These fans watched you do all you could to rip me apart and they cheered you. Then they chanted your name as I lay bleeding. You bastards. You utter bastards. In that one moment you crushed that last shred of hope. You walked up to 11 year old Tommy Cornell and slapped him in the face. You put a big stamp of approval on Garners little mind games. And when you do that, Well then I stop playing nice. Buddy you say my time is over; well you haven’t seen any thing yet. There isn’t any one in this fed who can beat me. Not Rick Law, Not Alexander Robinson not lee Bennett and certainly not you. I’m just getting started Buddy. I accept now that you people wont like me, that you won’t cheer for me, that you won’t care no matter how hard I try. That you would rather chant “You suck” as I bleed than give me the satisfaction of knowing that my sacrifices have got me some where. You will never respect me but I swear to god you will fear me

The crowd is really heaping on the Heat for Tommy Now as he leaves. It never ceases to amaze me how well thought out Tommy’s character is. He can manage to make the fans feel guilty one minute then hate his guts the next. Brilliant interview it got a 91.0

Match 1

“Weasel Away” hits and Air Attack Weasel comes out in his usual wacky ring gear. He gets a nice pop from the crowd because He’s been getting quite over for being willing to take on Bruce recently. He strikes a couple of Super Hero poses then gets in the ring and waits for Damage

Donny comes out to some real heel heat. He’s over as a heel after tricking AAW and the fans so this match should be quite good

They lock up and Damage takes AAW down with an arm drag to start off with. He goes for an arm bar on the ground but AAW fights out of it and rolls up to his feet where he hits a running spinning wheel kick that takes Damage to the ground. AAW goes up top and looks for the spinning wheel kick off the tope rope but Damage rolls to the left and avoids it. AAW goes after him with some punches though but Damage muscles him into the corner and wails away on AAWS chest with some over hand chops then rolls him into a stiff looking DDT out of the corner. He covers and gets a two count. Downpour points out that he’s working over the neck now in preparation for the Collateral Damage cut the deck combo. He lifts AAW to his feet and shoots him off into the ropes for a running neck breaker. AAW is cradling his neck as Damage lifts him up to his feet and muscles him back into the corner. He puts him on the top rope and goes for a Frankensteiner but AAW reverses it into a power bomb off the top rope and holds on for a two count

AAW backs off a little as the dazed Damage gets to his feet, then AAW charges forward and catches Damage in the face with A running knee strike that sends Damage staggering backwards into the ropes. AAW kicks up and goes into a charging clothesline that sends both men crashing over the ropes and to the outside. Both men get to their feet on the outside and AAW grabs Damage and rams him face first into the steel post. Damages hands go to his face as AAW rolls him back into the ring. Damage tries to get up but AAW kicks him in the gut and then whips him into the ropes where he catches him with a head scissors take over. Damage is really getting the bad side of this match as AAW lays into him with some rather nasty looking elbow strikes. He staggers off again and AAW blasts him with a standing sidekick to the head that has Damage on the ground. AAW gets the crowd going by yelling, “Weasel AWAY” Before a standing moon sault hits Damage. AAW covers and only gets a two count.

AAW backs off a bit and as Damage gets to his feet he charges him with a running drop kick that takes out Damages knee. Damage is slow to get to his feet and AAW waits for him before grabbing him for a Northern lights suplex, but Damage is too quick for him and plants him with a DDT out of the suplex. Damage show boats before dropping a couple of sharp elbows over the chest of AAW. He lifts him up to his feet and charges him off into the ropes for a power slam. He hooks the leg and gets two. Damage lifts up AAW and snap mares him tot he ground where he puts AAW in a sleeper hold but he renches the neck back continuing to work over the neck for his finisher. AAW try’s to fight it but since he’s siting down he cant get as much power or twist out of the hold as much. His only option is to elbow Damage in the groin…Hard, which he does. Damage goes down and AAW regains control. He picks up one of Damages legs and puts him in a leg lock, trying to twist the leg round to a nasty angle. Damage manages to get the rope though and the hold is broken. AAW backs off and goes for his charging clothesline again but Damage side steps it and catches AAW with a spinning DDT for the two count

Damage lifts AAW and looks as if he is going for a power slam only to have AAW slip out behind him and spin him round catching him with a Michinoku driver he calls the “Weaseled adjustment”. Damage is laid out in the center of the ring as AAW climbs the ropes as the crowd gets to its feet. When suddenly on the titan tron flashes of lightning are shown. AAW looks stunned and hops off the top rope. On the titantron appears a rather sinister looking figure. He is completely bald and has a monocle over one eye and a scar on his cheek; he is wearing a silver space type jump suit.

Man: Yes Air Attack Weasel, it is I Doctor Von Dastardly your most hated foe. I’m afraid I can’t let you win this match as it would interfere with my plans for world domination, MWAHAHAHH”

As AAW looks stunned Damage gets up and spins him round “Cut the Deck” Follows and Damage pins 1 2 3 and Doctor Von Dastardly laughs away on the titan tron

A very good match to open the show that ended Damage and Aaws feud and introduced “Super Villain” Doctor Von Dastardly formerly the Silver Shark. Shark lacks Charisma so putting him as AAWS natural enemy was the only place I could find in the federation. Hey its an easy to buy into feud any way. Super Hero Vs Super Villain this match got a 65.8

Match two

Dark Eagles music hits and he comes out for his No holds barred match against Alexander Robinson. He’s looking intense as ever and his holding a Kendo stick ready to beat down Robinson. He hops in the ring and waits for Robinson. To come out

When Robinson does appear he is in his usual trademark gear. Gary is being held in his right hand but there seems to be something different about Robinson today. Despite the pink flippers and Yellow raincoat he actually looks threatening. He seems to have taken the attack on Bennettto heart and looks mad as hell as he gets in Dark Eagles face


Eagle starts things off by smacking Robinson hard in the face with the Kendo stick. How ever to a huge pop from the crowd Robinson no sells it and decks Eagle. He follows it up with some hard right mounted punches. He just rains them down on the prone dark eagle. Eagle shoves him off and both men get to their feet. Eagle whips Robinson into the ropes and goes for a standing side kick only to have Robinson duck it, bounce off the other ropes and hit Eagle with a diving clothesline. Robinson continues his assault on Eagles face by dropping some nasty elbows and knees onto the back of Eagles head. Robinson lifts him up and hits a staling brain buster. Eagle looks hurt at this time and I think the crowd is kind of amazed how good Robinson actually is

He lifts up Eagle and shoots him into the ropes then charges after him, jumps up and hits a shining Wizard. Eagle at this point is bleeding a little as Robinson picks him up and shoots him into the ropes again. Robinson charges after him and goes for a charging neck breaker only to have Dark Eagle side step it and hip toss him over the top rope. Robinson’s advantage disappears as he lands hard on the out side. Dark eagle climbs up the top rope and as Robinson gets up, Eagle dives off with the “eagles wings” where he moon saults off the top rope lands behind Robinson and catches him with a reverse DDT which leaves Robinson layed out. Then dark Eagle picks him up and places him on the announce Table. Dark Eagle climbs the ropes again and comes off with an elbow drop that sends them both crashing through the table. Robinson is really hurt now as Dark Eagle throws him back in the ring and then goes under the ring. He comes up with a chair and slides it into the ring. He stands above with the chair in his hands.

As Robinson slowly gets to his feet, Dark Eagle swings the chair which collides with Robinson’s skull with a sick thud. Robinson falls to the ground again face first, busted wide open by the chair shot. Eagle gets a sick idea and places the chair over the back of Robinson’s head. Then he climbs the ropes and comes off with a leg drop to the chair on the back of Robinson’s head.

Robinson is beaten now as Eagle lifts him up and finishes him off with a spike pile driver. He covers



No ROBINSON KICKS OUT. The crowd goes insane as Robinson fights back up to one knee but Dark Eagle picks up the chair and


Brands him with it again

Robinson falls to the ground again, the blood literally pouring down his face. Dark Eagle laughs and waits for him to get up again. Robinson gets up to one knee as Eagle swings again. But to a huge roar from the crowd Robinson blocks it and rips the chair from Eagles hands. He stands up face to face with Eagle, Raises the chair over his head

And Eagle kicks him in the gut and DDTS him on the chair

Eagle covers



No Robinson kicks out at the very last second. Eagle is pissed as hell now. Yelling at the referee that the count was slow. He picks up Robinson and shoots him into the ropes and goes for a Spear tackle only to have Robinson side step it and spin him round for a snap suplex. Robinson bails to the out side trying to catch his breath. Dark Eagle gets up and charges at him, diving over the top with a suicide Dive. Both men wind up in a heap on the outside. Dark Eagle is the first one to get up and he fishes under the ring for a Weapon and comes out with….. A ladder, to a huge pop from the crowd . Eagle goes back into the ring and sets up the ladder he throws Robinson in and gives him a DDT leaving Robinson layed out in the middle of the ring. Dark Eagle scales the ladder and comes off it with a moonsault. But Robinson gets the knees up and Dark Eagle just smashes himself on Robinson’s knees . Robinson is able to get to his feet, with blood pouring down his face he walks towards the ladder and starts to climb it. However Dark Eagle cuts him off and both men are on either side of the ladder. Robinson scores with a strong right hand that rocks Eagle. How ever Eagle fires back with some left hands. Then Robinson reaches into his Pocket and pulls out


To an ungodly pop from the crowd. Robinson smacks Dark Eagle in the face with that damn brick and Eagle plummets off the ladder intot he ring. Robinson follows it up by mounting the ladder and coming off the top with a Swanton bomb, his injured partners finisher. The crowd chants “Robinson” as he drapes his arm over Dark Eagles chest.



NO DARK EAGLE KICKS OUT. The crowd is going insane at this point as both men are lying in blooded heaps at the bottom of the ladder. Robinson gets to his feet and grabs Dark Eagle by the hair pulling him to his feet. He kicks him in the guts and Robinson’s finisher the Fisher mans DDT follows. Robinson covers



No again Dark Eagle kicks out. Robinson looks to lift him up again but Dark Eagle scores with a low blow. Both men on their feet now with Dark Eagle in control. He shoots Robinson off into the ladder causing it to fall over. He picks up Robinson and throws him onto the ladder

Dark Eagle slowly picks up Robinson and hooks his leg looking to give him a Spike Piledriver onto the Ladder. But at the last second Robinson pulls his legs out and trips him up. Keeping hold of the legs he twists him over and puts him in an Elevated Boston Crab. He rears back on the hold and……..Dark Eagle taps

Robinson falls over in victory as the blood pours down his face. There a huge “Robinson” chants through the arena as he slowly lifts him self to his feet and holds up a blood stained Gary.

What a match. This was far better than I had expected and both men sold the beating like champions. This got an 80.6

Match 3

Well you know it’s a great day when I’m having Doubts if Tommy Cornell can put on the match of the night. But I guess we will see. Any way Buddy Garners music hits and he comes out to a huge ovation from the crowd. He’s wearing his black and silver wrestling trunks tonight. He plays tot he crowd for a little bit then waits for Tommy

“Hush little baby don’t say a word, and never mind that voice you heard, its just the beasts beneath your bed, in your closet, in your head. Exit light, enter night, Take my hand, we’re off to never, never land”

To huge boos from the crowd, Tommy Cornell steps out into the arena. His hair is dripping wet and he is wearing black tights with a red stylized T on them. The 15 pound gold belt that is the WSW World Title belt hangs around his waist. He taunts the crowd for a few moments before getting into the ring. It should be noted that Canadian fans especially hate Cornell, because they blame him for getting Brent Hill fired, as such chants of “you screwed Brent” haunt WSW when ever we are in Canada.

Tommy and Garner stare down in the center of the ring for a moment then lock up. Tommy starts with a japanese arm drag, taking Garner to the floor but garner lands on his feet and fires back with an Arm drag of his own, Tommy lands it and uses the arm to pull Garner forward for a DDT. He follows that up with a head lock but Garner powers out of it and gets Cornell into a hammer lock. Cornell ducks under the hold and raps Garner up in a sleeper hold. Garner ducks out of that and takes Cornell to the mat with a head lock taker over. He goes for an STF on the ground but Cornell reverses it and locks in an arm bar on the ground. Garner gets the ropes.

The preliminary stages of this match are over as both men lock up again. Cornell scores a DDT and starts to work over the neck of Garner with a modified Surfboard. Garner screams in pain as Cornell renches back on his neck. Garner eventually manages to roll to the left, causing Cornell to break the hold. Garner and Cornell both get to their feet and lock up again, Cornell shoots him into the ropes and ducks a clothesline and ducks behind garner and scores A German Suplex, he holds on and gets another one and then another one leads to a pin with Bridge. The count gets two before Garner kicks out

Both men to their feet again and Garner favouring the neck somewhat as Cornell’s onslaught continues. Cornell uses a sharp looking snap suplex to take Garner off his feet then rolls it into a chicken wing cross face Garner just manages to get the ropes as Cornell continues to attack his neck. Cornell now shoots off Garner and hits him with a running neck breaker. He lifts him up and hits a Dragon Suplex which hhe then rolls into a German Suplex Cornell shows some high flying ability bu going up top and waiting for garner. Then he comes off with a Hurricanrana that sends Garner flipping head over heels. Garner gets up quickly though and hits a dropkick taking out the leg of Tommy Cornell. Rock Downpour reminds us that Buddy Garner uses a Figure Four Leg lock as his finisher so that is why he likes to go after his opponents legs. He does just that putting Cornell in a Single leg crab but twisting the Leg Sideways. Cornell fights to get to the rope but he just can’t quite make it

With one final surge he does and Garner lets go but doesn’t ease up on the offence. He stomps away at Cornell’s leg and then drops some elbows after picking up the leg and extending it. Both me are hurt by each other tactical offence. Garner drags Cornell into the middle of the ring and stomps on the leg abit then shoots him into the ropes and spear tackles him tot he ground. Trying to keep Cornell winded so he can’t fight back. Garner lifts up Cornell and grabs his leg for a sick looking Japanese Leg whip. Cornell goes down holding his leg as Garner goes up top and comes off with an elbow drop right onto the knee. Cornell sells it well as Garner lift sup the leg and drops an elbow right onto the exposed knee. Garner gets an evil idea as he pulls Cornell and puts his leg on the second rope so its on a bad Angle, then he climbs the ropes and comes off with a leg drop, coming crashing down on the extended leg.

Garner lifts up Tommy and shoots him into the ropes he catches him with a spine buster and then lifts up the leg, flashes his highs sign to the crowd and locks on a figure four leg lock. Cornell screams in pain as Garner pulls the hold back. The camera zooms in to show Cornell’s leg being nearly snapped by Garners Hold. Cornell reaches back, desperately trying to get to the ropes but Garner pulls them back into the ring. Cornell try’s using every trick in he book to get out of the hold, he twists, he turns, he tries to flip the hold over but Garner blocks him and clamps down on the hold, threatening to snap Cornell’s leg if he doesn’t give up. At last Cornell has to resort to punching garner. It’s not exactly technical but it works as Garner recoils, breaking the hold. Cornell seizes his opportunity and bails to the outside

Garner follows hi though, just a step behind him as he whips Cornell hard into the guard rail. Cornell is thrown so hard that he flips clear over the guard rail and lands In the fans. A huge cheer goes up as Garner follows him and they wind up brawling through the fans. The referee reminds us that this is still a match by starting the ten count and Garner cracks Cornell over the head and hops the guard rail back into the ring. Cornell just makes it back in time only to have Garner cut him off with a baseball slide as Cornell gets back into the ring. Garner lifts him up for a stalling Suplex and drops Cornell hard on the back of his neck, he covers but only gets a two count

Garner lifts Cornell up and shoots him into the ropes again, this time kickign hi min the guts and getting a big Tornado DDT out of it. Garner looks to cover but Cornell is playing possum and kicks garner in the knee then uses him to pull himself to his feet. They slug it out in the middle of the ring for a while before Cornell ducks a punch and goes behind Garner for a couple of rolling German Suplexs.

The third one has a bridge on the end but Garner kicks out and gets to his feet only to have Cornell kick him in the guts and plant him with the tough love DDT out of no where. The crowd is stunned as



NO Garner kicks out as the crowd goes wild. Cornell gets angry and lifts him to his feet, shoots him off into the ropes and catches him with a spear tackle. He shoots him into the ropes again and follows him closley, hitting him with a drop kick that sends Garner flipping over the top rope and out to the floor. Garner goes for a suicide Dive but the ref stops him Garner nods and backs off as the referee checks on Garner only to have Cornell charge forward, vault over the ref and suicide dive all the way over the top rope and onto Garner on the outside

Cornell lifts Garner up and goes for a Suplex only to have Garner kick him in the guts and DDT him. It’s a good one two, turning Cornell Veritcal in the air and causing him to come crashing down right on his head. Garner shakes loose the cob webs and gets up on the apron ready to get back in the ring but instead Cornell grabs him from behind, ignoring the pain and delivers a TIGER SUPLEX OFF THE APRON ONTO THE CONCRETE. The crowd erupts with boos as Cornell rolls garner into the ring. He flashes his high sign, picks him up and BAM Tough Love DDT




Tommy Cornell wins a hard fought battle over Buddy Garner and proves me wrong beating Robinson and Eagles match.

This was great it got an 86.9


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The Russian Winter

It had stopped Hitler. It had stopped Napoleon. It wouldn’t stop him

It was brutally cold, like a wolf gnawing at your insides. Tearing through your flesh. The long coat he wore rapped round him provided all most no protection from the cold. It ripped into him. Still he kept his eyes on the road. Trudging through the snow into a little village called Uinisk. It was night and the street lamps tinged the snow an erie shade. The light dancing in patterns in its surface. He walked tot he door of a large wooden building and opened it. Stepping in from the cold. Letting his coat fall to the ground. He looked round to find himself in a small bar. Men sat at the counter, sipping at their drinks, trying to starve off the cold that came in from out side. 4 men and a woman sat round a table, playing cards. An argument broke out as both men played an ace of spades at the same time. He walked over to the counter and sat down. He motioned the bar tender over to him and asked in a badly disguised American Accent

Him: Hello, I’m looking for Hayden Munro. Ive been told hes living in this Village

Bartender: Sorry, I can’t help you. He left 4 months ago he went back to America.

Him: oh thank you good bye

Damn it. He hadn’t wondered through the F***ing snow and ice to come up with nothing had he? Snorting he puled his coat back on and walked out the door. His black sunglasses looking very out of place in the winter. He had long black hair with small streaks of Grey in it. His black goatee had similar streaks in it.

He walked out of the door and set off down the street. Looking behind him he saw three men come out of the door and follow him down the street. He turned around as they walked up to him

Man number 1: So your looking for Hayden Munro huh

Him: Yes? Why

Man number 1: We have explicit instructions to give the following message to anyone looking for Mr Munro.

The man swung his fist in a high arc expecting to punch him in the face only to have a hand spring up and grab it. He smiled at the look of terror on the mans face as he held hhis fist, crushing it in his hand, then faster than the eye could see he pulled a gun from inside his pocket.

It was a text book shooting, if there ever was a text book for that sort of thing. Shooting high and low, cutting them off at the knees then putting a bullet through their head. Soon all the men lay at his feet. The pristine snow splattered with blood. He finally let go of his attackers broken hand and let his body fall to the ground. He pushed his long black hair out of his eyes.

Munro was back in America but it didn’t matter. He would find him. Then Munro would die. Thats was what Kaufmanns was paying him for

WSW Fury

The first show after Road to Redemption kicks off from New Jersey Tonight. Rock recaps the PPV and basically puts it over as the best thing to ever happen to wrestling. Insane hyperbole….what would we do with out it?

Any way

Segment 1

The camera opens backstage on Lee Bennett, his head bandaged after the attack by Dark Eagle. Robinson is absent from the shot as Bennett takes the Mic.

Bennett: Well last night it Finally happened. Dark Eagle finally got what was coming to him. Believe it or not Alex beat Dark Eagle. Well that just proves how deadly flippers and snorkels really can be. But the big news is of course what happened in the main event last night. Tommy Cornell beat Buddy Garner. Now wile id rather have Garner as champion this means that WSW doesn’t have a number 1 contender so the powers that be have announced a little Battle Royal tonight. A battle Royal I plan on winning.

At that moment Alexander Robinson walks through the door, draging by the arm a rather scared looking WSW fan. The fan has a Tommy Cornell shirt on and is looking rather freaked out

Robinson: and this is Garys locker room, he won it at poker

Fan: A brick played Poker, and beat you?

Robinson: he has a very good Poker face, it wasn’t really fair

With that Robinson holds up Gary showing off the “Poker Face”, A smiley face drawn on the brick.

Bennett: What are you doing and who’s this?

Robinson: This is Cameron, He won tickets on the net.

Cameron: um……..can I go back to my seat now

Robinson: But don’t you wont to play poker with Gary?

At that moment WSW Security pokes their head in the door

Security Guard: Hey has anyone seen Cameron, apparantly some guy kidnapped him out of his seat….

Robinson: No I’ve never seen Cameron in my life………

Security Guard: Um….isn’t that him right next to you?

Robinson: Him, no that’s Bameron, obviously

Cameron: I’m going back to my seat now….Bye

Cameron looks very uncomfortable as Robinson gives him a big goofy hug good bye as security escorts him to his seat, leaving Bennett and Robinson alone

Bennett: Now that that’s over can we get back to talking about the battle royal. I want my title shot god damn it

Alex: I’m going to win it, I’m undeafeted

Bennett: What?

Alex: I’m on a hot win streak in WSW. 1 and 0

Bennett: You’ve won ONE match, that’s not a win streak, that’s a fluke.

Alex hits Bennett over the head and runs out the door yelling

Alex: “The Streak Continues”

Bennett sighs and clicks off the cameras

Bennett: Why all ways me

A pretty good segment basically just to get these guys over a bit more before the battle royal

Speaking of which………….

Battle Royal 1

Well to kick off this little shindig (I still love that word) Rick Law’s Music hits and he comes out to the ring looking pumped for the battle royal. He takes off his police hat and throws it into the crowd getting some nice cheap pops. Then he waits for entrant number two.

Entrant Number two turns out to be Donny Damage. He gets some nice heat because of his recently finished feud with AAW. He gets in the ring and taunts the crowd before locking up with law to start off the Battle Royal

They lock up and go to the mat for some technical holds and such, Law proving how versatile a worker he can be. They through each other round for a while, trading sleeper holds and head locks. Donny goes for some high flying moves, taking Rick Law down with a head scissors take over and following it up by going to the top rope and coming off with a summersault leg drop. Donny looks to eliminate Law but cant quite get him over the top rope. Law reverses it and drops Donny on his head with a DDT as


Entrant number 3: Air Attack Weasel runs out to the ring. There Is still a bit of left over hatred for Damage as AAW goes straight after him, laying into him with punches and kicks. He lifts him up and shoots him off but Law intervenes but attacking AAW and dropping him with a scoop slam. He then grabs Donny and throws him over the top rope

Elimination 1: Donny Damage

AAW and Law lock up for the first time, each man battering away right hands. AAW scores a take down and puts Law in an ankle lock, submissions moves aren’t a lot of help though and Law fights out of it easily and gets back to his feet. Attacking AAW and throwing him into the ropes, he charges behind him and goes for a clothesline, however AAW ducks it and kicks law in the gut then DDTs him

BONG Entrant 4: DR Von Dastardly runs down next. AAW gets distracted by the man who cost him the win last week allowing Law to get up and nearly push him over the top rope. AAW fights out of it again and turns his back to the ropes, attacking Law. Dastardly takes this oppurunity to sneak up behind AAW and whip him into the ropes , hurling him over the top rope

Elimination 2: AAW

Dastardly laughs evily then spins round…….Into a Rick Law clothesline. Law calmly picks him up and throws him over the top rope

Elimination 3: Dr Von Dastardly

Law chuckles to himself until he sees the next entrant. Bruce the Giant. As it is an unwritten rule of wrestling that giants are always gods in these types of matches. Bruce gets into the ring and grabs Law by the throat and throws him over the top rope.

Elimination 4: Rick Law

Downpour puts over how this match might as well be over as


The next entrant enters. And its BUDDY GARNER. To a huge pop from the crowd, Garner charges out and slides into the ring. Him and Bruce slug away and to a HUGE pop Garner whips Bruce off into the ropes and hits him with a charging drop kick with such force that Bruce finally topples over the ropes.

Elimination 5: Bruce the giant

Garner stands tall alone in the ring looking intense as ever. The crowd is marking out huge as the top face dominates the battle royal. Lee Bennett is the next entrant and he charges into the ring and locks up with garner. The two trade holds for a while and even though Bennett is quite popular the crowd cheers heavily for Garner. Bennett and Garner both try eliminating each other a few times but neither can get each other out. Then the bong goes off again and……Dark Eagle runs out. Eagle is still hurting from the beating given to him by Robinson and looks to take it out on Bennett. He breaks Benett and Garners little Stalemate by sidekicking Garner but instead of throwing him out he just goes after Bennett.

Bennett gets power bombed and Eagle lifts him up and throws him over the top rope

Elimination 6: Lee Bennett

Dark Eagle stands over a fallen Garner and lifts him up ready to through him over the top rope when


The final entrant, Alexander Robinson charges out to the ring, he dives under the ropes, and spear tackles Dark Eagle. Robinson punches away on the face of Dark Eagle and and lifts him to his feet and whips hi minto the ropes and catches him with Dark Eagles Teademark side kick, sending him over the top rope

Elimination 7: Dark Eagle

Robinson turns round as Garner gets to his feet. They lock up and Garner sends Robinson into the ropes. He try’s to eliminate him with his drop kick but Robinson ducks it and goes behind Garner and catches him with a tiger suplex. Garner is groggy on the ground and Robinson goes into a three point stance for a spear tackle. Garner gets up slowly and Robinson charges him, at the last second garner sidesteps and Robinson dives through the ropes eliminating himself

Elimination 8: Alexander Robinson

Winner: Buddy Garner

Garner celebrate sin the ring as Downpour announces he is he new number one contender

Segment 2

As Garner celebrates……

“Exit light, Enter Night, take my hand, we’re off to never ,never land”

Tommy Cornell appears on the ramp, the WSW world title around his waist. He has a microphone in hand.

Tommy: No way. No F***ing way. Your NOT eting another shot Garner. I gave you one once out of pity and I beat you. Your not getting a shot. I’m champion and I’ll defend against who I want, When I want

The show ends with Garner glaring a hole in Cornell and Rock Downpour speculating if Cornell can actually avoid giving Garner a title shot

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  • 3 weeks later...

WSW Fury

The show this week opens live from the big apple. The New York crowd is restless and chanting “Garner” as Fireworks kick off our show.

Rock Downpour Welcomes us to the Show. Then he recaps the events of the last show. Buddy Garner wins the battle Royale but our very own egomaniac champion denies him his title shot. Apparantly the WSW Board have came up with away to keep this situation from turning into world war 3. Downpour speculates on what it could be as…………………..

Segment 1

“Hush little baby, don’t say a word, and never mind the voice you heard, its just the beast under your bed, in your closet, in your head, Exit light, Enter Night, Take my hand, We’re off to never, never land”

Tommy Cornell comes out to some great heat from the crowd. He’s in his wrestling trunks and still manages to look likes he’s running the place. A big cocky grin on his face. He walks out slowly to the ring and grabs the mic. The grin never falling from his face

Tommy: Well due to that battle Royal taking FOREVER last week, I didn’t get a chance to come out here and let you all congratulate me on my win at road To Redemption. So now I’m going to give you all the opportunity.

Tommy puts the Mic down ready for the crowd to chant his name instead they reply with “Tommy Sucks”. Cornell scowls

Cornell: Well that’s not quite what I was hoping for. But that little chant of yours reminds me. See I was backstage getting ready and you know what I heard? “Garner, Garner”. I don’t know why you people cheer for him. Sure he won that Battle Royal. But lets be honest here shall we, he eliminated Alexander Robinson to do it, Alexander Robinson, the guy wh otalks to bricks. That’s why garners not getting a Title shot. He’s never done anything to earn one. I gave him one last month just to shut him up. And you know what happened? I beat him. I didn’t just beat him, I destroyed him

The crowd boo’s loudly at this

Cornell: All Buddy Garner is, is a joke, He’s the guy that ran away from MMA. He’s the guy that had to hide behind a silly costume to get noticed. He’s the guy I beat from post to post. And this is the guy that the Board of Directors wants me to face huh? Well that’s not going to happen. As long as I am WSW World Champion Buddy Garner will NEVER Get a Title shot. Because I F***ing Said so

All of a sudden……………………………..

“Why can’t you see things from my perspective, scold me now cause your hearings selective, You brain washing is not effective, on me yeah”

“Perspective” by Double Intent hits and Cornell looks stunned as A man stands on the ramp. He is wearing a well cut suit and has neatly trimmed hair

Man: Tommy, Tommy, Tommy Unfortunately the decision is not yours to make

Tommy: Who the hell are you? What are you doing interrupting me?

The man chuckles

Man: Mister Cornell I strongly suggest you change your tone of voice when speaking to……..Your New Boss

The crowd pops quite big as the man smiles

Man: Incase you don’t know me. My name is Micheal Garret. The WSW Board of Directors has brought me in to “Maintain Order”. In essence I am the new Commissioner of WSW. Enforcing the boards rulings and making ones of my own. For instance Tommy If I say you have to wrestle someone, then you have no choice but to wrestle him or her.

Cornell is fuming in the ring right now, angry as hell at having to obey Garret.

Garret: For Instance Tommy If I where to tell you that at the next Mega event, WSW Immortality, That you would be defending your title in a last man standing match against Buddy Garner, then you would have to………

The crowd goes crazy at this as Garret Smiles and Cornell throws a small tantrum in the ring. Cornell is brilliant and really sells his anger and rage at having to give Garner a Title Shot

A very good segment debuting Micheal Garret the new Commisioner of WSW. It got a 87.9. Garrett dragged Cornell down abit but it sets up Garner vs Cornell part two at Immortality

Segment 2

The camera opens in a smokey office. Smoke from a cigarette drifts in sprials, twisting into strange shapes. The Camera pans round to see Donny Damage standing in front of a large mahogany desk. Behind it sits a man in a suit. He has long black hair and the smoke is coming from a cigarette between his fingers. When he speaks it is in a thick East London accent

Man: Now listen my son, You owe me a large some of money. A very large some. Now unless you want me to introduce a sledge ‘ammer to your knee caps I suggest you pay up

Damage: I told you Mr Fox. I don’t have the money. I got a bit of a pay out through the Mega Event but not enough

Mr. Fox: Donny, listen to me, and listen well. There are three things I hate in my life, liars, cheaters and the French. Now so far you’re filling two of those spots and as you’re not French I think you know what ones I mean. But Listen Donny, I’m going to give you another chance. See I’m looking to smuggle certain goods through WSW. Certain goods that certain people might claim to be illegal. So Donny you F***ing Muppet, heres what I want you to do. Rick Law is the type of person that would have particular objections to my merchandise. Now I understand you are wrestling him tonight

Donny: Um yes….

Fox: Well let’s just say that wrestling is a very dangerous business, and accidents do happen doesn’t they Donny

Donny: Um I’m not sure that they……


Donny: Um yes sir…….

Fox: All right then, Now unless Rick Law suffers some unfortunate accident during his match tonight, You are in a lot of trouble. Do you know what I mean by trouble Donny?

Donny: Um….I……..Er

Fox: It means your dead Donny, it means Rick Law goes or you go. Allright?

Donny agrees and walks out of the office.

A good segment that debuted Steve Fox, the East London Gangster. It got a 65.0

Dark Eagle and Bruce the Giant Vs Lee Bennett and Alexander Robinson


Robinson and Bennetts music hit and they come out to very respectable ovations from the crowd. They are in their usual yellow rain coats, snorkels, flippers and Robinson is sporting his every present pet brick Gary. Robinson plays to the crowd while Bennett shadow boxes in the middle of the ring, yes that’s going to scare your opponents, shadow boxing….right. Anyway

The black fire works go off and Bruce the Giant walks out to good heat from the crowd. Hes just so F***ing massive. He towers over EVERYONE on the way to the ring. Bruce the Giant steps over the top rope and glares at Bennett and Robinson, who suddenly seem to realise challenging a 7 foot 6 guy to a match may not have been the best Idea. Then as if to add to their problems………..

Dark Eagles music hits and he comes out looking pissed as hell. He’s intense usually but tonight he seems different. Perhaps its losing to Robinson or being eliminated last week but he seems very eager to get a win on the board.

Robinson and Eagle lock up to start the match and Eagle takes control with a DDT. From then on its your generic heel Vs face tag match as Dark Eagle basically beats on Robinson. He tags in Bruce and they beat Robinson down in the corner. It’s the midnight express formula to the rescue as Robinson nearly tags in Bennett but Bruce grabs him and smashes his face into the turn buckle. Robinson manages to take Bruce off his feet with a drop toe hold and tag in Bennett to a nice Ovation. Bennett clears house, punching Dark Eagle over the top rope, but then turns round and walks into a choke bomb from Bruce the Giant. Bruce beats the crap out of Bennett but Bennett is able to tag Robinson back in. Robinson charges at Bruce and goes for a spear tackle to no avail. Bruce promptly kicks him in the guts and lifts him up for a Power bomb. But Robinson rolls it and reverses it into a Sun set flip. Bennett tackles Dark Eagle preventing him from breaking it up and Robinson gets the three count on a stunned Bruce the Giant.

Post match Bruce avenges his loss by calmly picking Bennett and Robinson up by the throat and choke bombing each of them. Dark Eagle looks mortified at the loss and berates Bruce for it. Bruce shoots him a dirty look and leaves.

A good match considering Eagle and Bruce don’t really get on that well backstage. This got a 43.9

Rick Law vs Donny Damage

Rick Law comes out to a nice pop. The fans really like his Police Gimmick. He twiels his night stick around and the fans go wild.

Then Damage comes out. Looking slightly more subdued than normal. He is in bright green tights today and looks rather uncomfortable considering he has been given orders to Injure his opponent.

They lock up to start the match and Damage takes control after a headlock take over. From the outset its clear to see Damages game plan. He goes for as many high risk moves as possible. I mean high risk to the opponent. Law is attacked with every thing from Pile Drivers to choke hold. If it has “Driver” On the end of it, Damage tried it in the match. Eventually Law was able to fight back by Reversing a DDT attempt. From then on it turned into a squash match that the crowd really loved. Law broke out the power slams and Power Bombs and basically all the power moves. Law goes into a three point stance and finished off Damage with the “Long Arm of the Law” for the three count

A nice match that could have ended in disaster if Damage had botched a single piledriver. Instead it got a 65.8

Tommy Cornell VS Air Attack Weasel

“Hush little baby Don’t say a word, never mind that voice you heard, its just the beast under your bed, in your closet, in your head, exit light, enter night, Take my hand were off to never, never land”

Tommy Cornell comes out to great Heel Heat. He’s still fuming about being upstaged by Garret at the start of the show. He plays tot he crowd for awhile, really getting the heat going. Then he waits for AAW

“WEASEL AWAY” AAW charges out from the back, dressed in his usual Weasel mask and Cape. He gets in the ring and offers a hand shake to Cornell, Ever the Gentlemen, Cornell accepts then Decks AAW to start the match

AAW gets up straight away though and they lock up. This is basically a squash match as Cornell is much bigger than AAW and I can’t have my Champion selling fdor a cruiser weight. Aaw egts a couple of kicks and punches in and then a DDt then Cornell is allowed to take control of the match. He does so with pleasure, breaking out the suplexs. A snap suplex is followed by a German suplex which is followed by a tiger suplex which is followed by a Nourthern lights suplex. AAW is dazed and Cornell kicks him in the guts and plants him with the tough love DDT for the 3 count

A good match that showed just how good Cornell really is. AAW got squashed but its okay cause hes in a story line anyway. It got an 86.7

Segment 3

AAW is lying face down in the ring when Dr Von Dastardly Appears on the Titantron

Dastardly: My, my. Did Little Weasel get beat up. Well this is just the beginning. For instance……….

The Camera then cuts to AAW’s Locker Room, it has been trashed, stuff is thrown every where.

Dastardly: This is just the start Weasel. You’ll pay for what you did to me

Rock Downpour: What could AAW have Done to Dastardly to receive such treatment. I don’t know whats going on but I’m sure we will find out.

Segment 4

As Von Dastardly disappears on the Titantron, Cornell is still celebrating in the ring. The WSW wrld title raised above his head in celebration. Cornell smiles as the fans boo the hell out of him. The smile fades from his face when

“Are you MotherF***Ers ready for the new SH*T. Stand up and Admit”

Buddy Garner appears on the ramp, Microphone in hand

Garner: Well Tommy. It seems they aren’t going to let you chicken out. They aren’t going to let you run away

Cornell picks up a Mic and glares at Garner

Cornell: I don’t run away from anyone. All I want is A Challenger worthy of me. Someone who can actually give me a challenge. I mean no offence Buddy but you were Easy.

Garner and Cornell are advancing on each other now, Microphones in hand. The air between them thick with tension

Garner: Tommy, its true you pinned me, you beat me once but I’m back. I don’t give up Tommy. I don’t run away and no matter where you go, no matter what you do. I’m going to beat you eventually. You can beat me 1000 times and I’ll keep coming

Cornell: Then I’ll just have to keep beating you

With that both men drop their mics and charge at each other. Garner spear tackles Tommy on the steel ramp and rains down right hands on him. Cornell shoves him off and punches him in the face. The two exchange blow on the ramp as we go off the air

A great segment that built up the feud between these two. Cornell is the better wrestler but Garners looking to win it on guts and heart alone. This got a 86.9

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Life can be so funny sometimes

He had tracked Munro half way round the world. Spent more hours on a plane than he cared to count. Hell he’d killed more people than he cared to count. Munro had been a very rich man. After Kaufmanns had framed him he had taken a hell of a lot of money from HGC to fund his escape. Munro was a rich man and rich men have a lot of power. Munro had found people he could trust. He had told them about the war. Damn it he had even made a couple of attempts to have Kaufmanns assasinated. Munro had used his money to set up a group called Deepwater. They had operatives all over the world. Keeping Hayden in hiding and harassing the war effort. Up until now they had just been a minor annoyance. Now however apparently Hayden was planning something big. Something that could well bring down Kaufmanns.

The killer pushed his long black hair out of his eyes as the plane touched down on American Soil. He had been given a name. The name of someone involved. The killer smiled. The dead men in Russia had been killed for nothing. He knew who his target was

Alex Larone


President Kaufmanns sat in his office, the lights were off and he was deep in thought. Paul Orman was the best contract killer he knew. He had never missed a target yet. But it had been nearly three years and Munro was still alive. Still No one got away from Orman, No one.


Life can be so funny some times

I had the best angle planned out with Von Dastardly and AAW. Then Von Dastardly had caled me this afternoon with some rather unpleasent news: he had signed with CLF. My Angle ha dbeen cut out from under me. Damn it. Hopefully that would be the worst that would happen

Wouldn’t it

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Paul Orman sat in his car. His glock pistol in his hands, loaded and waiting for blood. He wore a long grey goat, strapped beneath it was a near artsenal of weapons. Knifes, semi automatic rifles, uzis, A high powered hunting rifle, even a scatter shot shot gun. Perhaps it was overkill, hell he was only going after an 18 year old wrestling promoter but appartantly the last person,Kaufmanns had assigned to kill Larone had turned up hacked in little pieces floating in the harbor some where.

So Orman was carefull.

He looked out of the window of his car. He was parked across the street from Larones House. Larone had recently brought it and someone had been living in there for about three weeks. After Kaufmanns had assigned Orman to kill Larone he had given him this address. The name on the deed said Alex Larone. Orman allmost felt sorry for the kid. He was just an innocent, brought into this by Murnos need for revenge.

Still Orman was being payed way to much to be feeling guilty.

He opened the car door. Loking round the darkened street. The lamps provided just enough light to make shadows for him to hide in. Any one walking past would simply have thought he was the neighbour hood weirdo walking home. Of course anyone walking past wouldn’t have been able to see the grenade he puuled from his pocket. It was on a remote trigger so as it crashed through the window of the house, Orman sprinted back to his car

As he stepped on the gas and the engine roared to life he heard it, the sound of the explosion. It thundered through the street. The dark night was lit up by the fireball that tore the house apart. It shattered the windows in his car as he sped off into the night.

Orman smiled as he lit a cigarette and congratulated himself on a job well done


No one ever really tells you how much work goes into running a wrestling federation do they? It was 11 oclock at night and there I was. Going over a contract deal with a worker I was planning on bringing up from development. He was at home in bed while I was trying to find some way to come up with enough monney to pay him. Since Von Dastardly had been stolen by CLF I really needed him.

I had finally come up with a plan when the door to my office opened and Tommy Cornell walked in. There was something different about him though. A look of sadness in his eyes. A look of regret

Me: Hey Tommy, You okay?

Tommy: I’m fine. Listen Alex Smething terrible had happened, its your Mother

Me: Oh my god is she okay?

Tommy: Someone threw a grenade through her window. She didn’t make it. Im so Sorry


Paul Orman was stretched out on his motel bed. A crumpled fast food wrapped in his hands. A mouth full of Hamburger in his mouth. Suddenly there was a knock on the door. Orman yawned and got up. Probably the motel manager wanting him to turn down the TV. He opened the door and gasped as the pistol barrel exploded in his face. The back of his head blown away in seconds as his body slumped to the floor.

Hayden Munro stepped over his body and into the Motel. The pistol still smoking in his hands. His deepwater agents had warned him Orman was back in the country. They had managed to track his exact location. No as Munro sorted through Ormans suit case he was sure he could find something usefull. A clueperhaps or a phone number, anything to link him to Kaufmanns. Munro looked behidn him at Ormans body. So this was the man who had been tracking him for three years, the man who had killed so many of his Deepwater agents. So many of his friends. Looking at him now he didn’t seem to threatening. The small weedy frame, food stained singlet top, the dumb bleach blond hair, the………

Bleach Blond hair??????

Munro swore to himself as he remembered the physical description of Orman he had been given, Orman was supposed to have long black hair.

Munro: oh no

He heard foot steps behind him then the sound of a shot gun being cocked.

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4 days later

“When the night, has come, and land is dark, and the moon is the only light we’ll see, no I wont be afraid, oh I won’t be afraid, just as long, as you stand by me”

Every part of me was numb. I couldn’t feel anything, couldn’t feel the rain as it fell in torrents from the heavens. Couldn’t feel my Uncle Jared’s hand on my shoulder, Couldn’t feel the tears as they sprawled down my cheeks. All of it was lost in the swirl of pain and loss that engulfed my thoughts as I sat at my mother funeral. She was dead, and It was their fault. Tommy and Hayden. The men who had dragged me into a war I didn’t want, A war that had now claimed the life of both my parents.

A war I was only brought into to provide a good cover story for Munro’s Vengeance. I war I didn’t want to be a part of any more.

I was done with WSW, Done with the lies, the deceit, the death, the war

I was done with it all.

Later that night from home I called Tommy and informed him of my decision to seel WSW. He didn’t even try to stop me. There was something in his voice that told me he knew why I was doing it. He knew what he had done to me and my family. I didn’t really care. No matter what happened now when ever I looked at Tommy, All I would see is the reason my parents are dead.

When ever I see the WSW Logo, I picture my mothers face in that split second before the fireball reached her

I phoned CLF the next day and told them I was willing to sell WSW to them.


The documents were ready and all I had to do is sign them and WSW would become part of CLF. First of all I had to go break the news To Pete Hall. Hall was the owner and operator of PDW, the training camp WSW had been affiliated with. He was a legend in wrestling but now spent most of his time training youngsters.

I arrived at the PDW training camp the day after my mothers Funeral. My mind a mess of thoughts and anger. I had decided that all the money I made from the sale of WSW was going to charity. I didn’t want to profit from Cornell and Munro at all. I just wanted to live a normal life again. Go to college, Finally get round to asking Marie Chamberlain out. Normal things like that.

I opened the door to Pete’s office and walked in. His assistant was at the desk

Me: Hey is Pete in?

Assistant: No I’m Sorry Mister Larone, He’s out in the ring training, and shall I tell him you’re on your way

Me: no it’s okay, I’ll surprise him

I walked the block or so to PDWs Gym. This was where the actual training took place. I opened the door and walked inside. The room was set out basically like a boxing gym. Equipment scattered all over the place and a large wrestling ring in the middle. Two guys where putting on a match in the ring. Two people who where training to be announcers where siting at a table next to the ring. I recognized one of the wrestlers in the ring; I had been negotiating his promotion to our full roster when I had found out about my Mothers Murder

I stood and watched the match. Listening to the announcers

Announcer one: Valentine shoots UK Dragon off into the ropes, he’s going or a spine buster, and he got him, man UK Dragon looks hurt

Announcer two: It knocked the life right out of him mike

Mike: It sure did John. Valentine seems to have this match in the bag Lady’s and Gentlemen. Hs going up top. Could this be Cupids Arrow?

John: He’s definitely going for it. This should be all folks, this ones over. I can’t see UK dragon surviving this. And here Valentine goes

And then suddenly I wasn’t watching the match anymore, sure I was still standing there but I was lost in thought. It wasn’t Valentine and UK Dragon in wrestling in front of me any more. It was Sam Strong and Christian Faith. It wasn’t Mike and John announcing it was Peter Michael’s and Jason Azaria. And it wasn’t a two-bit gym; it was an enormous Arena. It was the sight of the 1996 SWEF Pay Per view Dark Side. The First time my dad had let me stay up late with him to watch wrestling. I had felt so grown up. Sam Strong had been playing the unstoppable face while Christian Faith was the cowardly Heel.

I remember me and my dad jumping out of our seats and Strong hit the big leg drop on Faith. Remember screaming “NOOOOOOO” as Faith kicked out. Remember booing loudly as he had Low Blowed my hero and gone for a roll up. And I remember going absolutely nuts as despite it all Sam strong had no sold Faiths Finisher and Hit his “Strong clothesline” to retain the SWF world Title.

I remember my Mother coming out from her bedroom telling us both to be quiet.

My mother and Father. Both dead because of Kaufmanns. Because he wanted to make some money. Because he didn’t care what happened to anyone else as long as he was rich

Then suddenly I couldn’t do it. I couldn’t let him get away with it. I just couldn’t

I turned and left PDW.

In the car on the way to CLF I called Tommy and told him to report to work as normal on Monday. WSW wasn’t going anywhere.

Not till Kaufmanns paid

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WSW Fury

Rock Downpour welcomes us to the show and recaps the events of last week. The Debut of Micheal Garret and the decision that in two weeks at WSW Immortality Tommy Cornell will face Buddy Garner for the WSW World Title. He hypes up how brutal that match will be. With both men having something to prove. He then tells us about Robinsons Challenge to Bruce the Giant. Speaking of which

Segment 1

The camera opens backstage on Alexander Robinson and Lee Bennett. Bennett has a Mic in his hands.

Bennett: Well, Well, Well I guess Dark Eagle finally got the message huh. He finally learned that when you mess with the snorkelator you get beaten down?

Robinson: The Snorkelator?

Bennett: I…Well….I thought I needed a cool name. You know some thing to make me sound tough.

Robinson: How about “Gary” Lee Bennett

Bennett: what?

Robinson: Garys a cool name

Bennett: I’m not naming my self after your brick

Robinson: Oh come on. Bameron would do it

Bennett: Damn it Alex, The judge said your not allowed with in 600 feet of him.

Robinson: Stupid Judge…………

Bennett: we would have won that case too if you hadn’t told him he was a wizard

Robinson: if he wasn’t a Wizard why was he wearing a robe?

Bennett: He’s a Judge, that’s what they do. And did you HAVE to bite him?

Robinson: He was tasty………

Bennett: ANYWAY We beat Dark Eagle and Bruce the Giant last week

Robinson: THE STREAK CONTINUES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Bennett: (Sarcastically) Yes alex, you’ve won two matches, would you like a cookie?

Robinson: Oh yes please

Bennett: I was being…oh never mind…The important thing is that Tonight you are going to wrestle Some fancy pants new wrestler. Now Robinson I want you to concentrate

Robinson: wheress my cookie?

Bennett: I want you to rip him apart

Robinson: Does Gary get a cookie?

Bennett: I want you to show him whos boss

Robinson: Can I have my Cookie now

Bennett: THERE IS NO COOKE!!!!!!!!!!

Robinson: There is no spoon either.

Bennett: I should never have let you watch that movie

Robinson: I wish I had a spoon AND A Cookie

Bennett: Fine, If you beat this new guy Ill give you a spoon and a cookie

Robinson: YAY and a poodle?

Bennett: Um….maybe not a poodle

Robinson: Oh….I wanna poodle

Bennett: Fine ill get you a poodle if you beat Bruce and get a title shot

Robinson: HA I win, THE STREAK CONTNUES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Robinson raises a fist in Victory and runs out of the locker room as “The Snorkelator” Lee Bennett Sighs

A VERY Good segment from these two. Really building up Robinsons challenge to Bruce. And debuting “The Snorkelator” Name for Bennett. This got a 73.6.

Segment 2

“Exit light, Enter Night, Take My Hand, We’re off to never, never land”

Tommy Cornell’s music hits and he comes out to huge heat from the crowd. He just keeps getting more and more over as a heel. Tommy waits for the “Tommy Sucks” chant to die down before he slowly raises the Mic and begins to speak

Tommy: Who the hell does he think he is huh? What right does Michael Garret have to come out here and tell me whom I have to face? I’m the WSW world Champion for god’s sake. I’m the best worker of our generation. I’m the guy who’s already Beaten Buddy Garner. So why in the hell should I have to answer to some guy who walks in off the street? Why? You know what’s even worse than that. Not only does he think he can book me in title matches I don’t want. He seems to think he can just put Tommy Cornell into any match he wants. So Tonight I have to team with Donny Damage. Donny Damage AKA Mister Midcard. Against Buddy Garner and Rick Law. Rick Law. Rick law the guy who was opening shows when I was winning World Titles. Rick Law the guy I already beat easily. Just like Buddy Garner.

The crowd starts a Garner chant, which seems to really piss off Cornell

Tommy: See last week Buddy got some big ideas about battling it out with me. He came out here after my match and told me I’d have to bat him 1000 times. Well Buddy, That’s fine with me. I’ll beat you every day for the rest of your life if I have too. See these people may cheer for you know Buddy. But do you think it matters that they like you now Garner? Do you think it will last forever? Eventually Buddy, Eventually you are going to take one beating to many. These fans are going to see me pin you one time to many. They are going to watch you lie in the middle of the ring beaten, and they are going to say to them selves “Hang on, why are we cheering this loser” and when these people turn on you Buddy, when you hear them chanting “Buddy Sucks”. You’ll think back to that night in HGC when you heard me say to Bryan Vessey “Its not Worth it”. You’ll look down at your legs, which don’t work from years of being put in submission holds, you’ll try to stand up and feel that old back injury flare up and admit to yourself, that I was right. That it wasn’t worth it. That it didn’t matter whom the people cheered for. See in 50 years time Buddy, no one will remember you. No one will remember the guy who was all most champion. You look back on the great names of wrestling history. Sam Strong, Rip Chord, Pistol Pete Hall, Richard Eisen, Duane Stone, Sean Mcfly, Marc Macintrye. None of them are remembered for being liked. They are remembered for winning matches, for winning titles. For being champions. Just like I will be. 50 years from now people will look back and remember Tommy Cornell. And I assure you Garner; No one will give a damn about a poor little MMA has been like you. See I’m the future of history, and you, your nothing. So tonight in our little main event. I’ll beat you and it may just be the day the people realize that they don’t like you anymore, it may just be the time everything slips away from you. It may not be today Buddy, That day may not be today, but I assure you its coming, its coming for you buddy and you will look back and say “Tommy Cornell was right”

A very good heel promo from Tommy. He really likes to lay the guilt trip on the fans doesn’t he? This got a 92.6

Segment 3

The scene opens in Steve Fox’s office. A very timid Donny damage is siting in a chair while Steve Fox stands over him, berating him.

Fox: so Donny, let me get this straight all right? I tell you to injure Rick Law last week and is he injured?

Donny: Um….No sir

Fox: no Donny, he isn’t. not only that but you lost. YOU LOST DONNY. You let him beat you. You let him disgrace you right in the middle of the ring.

Donny: Well sir it was just that…………

Fox: No Donny, Shut up, I don’t want to hear it

Danny: Well you see…

Fox: Donny? What did I just say

Donny: Oh yes shut up right, sorry….it was just that he was a lot bigger than………………..

Fox: Donny? I don’t want to hear it. You F***ed up Didn’t yah Donny?

Donny: If you’ll just let me explai…………..

Fox: DONNY SHUT THE HELL UP. Shut the hell up or I will shoot you in your fat ugly face all right, my son?

Donny just nods meekly

Fox: Good, Now, Tonight you have a chance to fix your mistake don’t you? You have another match with Rick Law. This time all I need you to do is to beat him. Beat him and prove to me that your not a complete failure. All right

Donny: Um…yes sir

Fox: Good, Now get the hell out of my office

Donny seems all to happy to flee the office as Fox shakes his head

Fox: what a Nunce

Match 1


Robinson’s music hits and he walks out to the ring, pumped and ready to go. He flashes Gary to the crowd and waits for his opponent. The so called “Fancy Pants New Wrestler”

Who turns out to be the Incredible Masked Nobody. No seriously. No…. Really that’s his name… Shut up I couldn’t think of anything Better. The Incredible Masked Nobody is a random Worker I hire whenever I need to put someone over. The mask consists mainly of a Swimming Cap and Balaclava combination. It’s a rather unattractive look. TIMN gets in the ring and locks up with Robinson

Can you spell Squash Match? Robinson is still not really over as an actual wrestler and as such isn’t a credible threat to Bruce the Giant. So The Incredible Masked Nobody gets the job of making him look good. And he does an admirable job doing it, getting beaten from post to post by Robinson. TIMN actually gets a clothesline in at one point only to have Robinson no sell it and catch him with a spear tackle. Then he grabs him for the Elevated Boston Crab. TIMN taps out and Robinson wins. THE STREAK CONTINUES

Pretty shoddy match really. TIMN really didn’t do a lot and Robinson was just trying to make himself look good. Still it got a 47.6

Segment 4

“Why can’t you see things from my perspective, hold me now cause your hearings selective, your brainwashing is not effective, on me yeah”

To a nice pop WSW Commissioner Michael Garret walks out on to the ramp. He waves to the fans then holds up the Mic

Garret: Well Tommy didn’t seem too happy with me did he. Oh well let him do something about it huh? The reason I’ve come out here tonight is tat in two weeks WSW will be putting on its second Mega Event: WSW immortality. And its been brought to my attention that we only have one Confirmed match. That being Cornell Vs Garner for the WSW World title. So heres my little announcement. At WSW immortality we will see Alexander Robinson Vs Bruce the Giant in a number one contender match

The crowd pops huge at this as Garret smiles and nods

Garret: Secondly Last Week Tommy Cornell absolutely destroyed AAW. It seemed to me that it was a little unfair as Cornell easily outweighed AAW. So I’ve decided that the WSW needs a Junior Heavyweight Title. So at Immortality we will see AAW Vs Dark Eagle Vs A mystery Opponent for the WSW Junior Heavy Weight Title. Thank you and I hope to see you at Immortality

Quick segment just to build up the PPV. The fans seem to have noticed that Von Dastardly isn’t here tonight. I’ve officially adopted the “lets never speak of him again” Policy on him and his Feud with AAW. It never happened…Ever. Got it? This got a 76.8

Match 2

Only two matches tonight thanks to there being a lot of Interviews but hey Mic Time = Ratings so its all good. Any way let’s get to the tag team match shall we?

“Exit Light, Enter Night, Take my hand, we’re off to never, never land”

Tommy comes back out in his wrestling gear. He has his usual arrogant swagger and is obviously not happy about being in this match. He gets in the ring and flashes his high sign to the crowd, getting a lot of heat, which he almost laughs at. Then he waits for his tag partner

Donny Damage comes out to some good heat. He looks very nervous tonight considering the pressure Steve fox has placed on him. He also seems nervous to be wrestling with Cornell, he offers a timid hand shake and Cornell just shoots him a kind of “What the hell are you doing” look and Donny looks at the ground and walks to the corner as Cornell shakes his head in disgust.

“Are you motherf***ers ready for the new SH*T, Stand up and Admit”

Buddy Garner comes out to a great face reaction as he walks down to the ring. He basically just stares at Cornell, trying to goad him into a fight; Cornell just smirks at Garner.

Rick Laws music hits and he charges down into the ring. Looking quite happy to be in the main event. Law seems to be rather angry at Damage for wrestling very stiff last week and flips him off before the match starts

Law and Damage lock up and Law takes control of the match. He uses a couple of power slams to wear down the smaller Damage. Then he tags in Garner who basically dissects him with some very nice technical wrestling. Damage winds up on the receiving end of armlocks, chops, Leg Whips, Single leg grabs, Stomps to inner knees, basically just working him over for the figure four. Damage low blows Garner and Tags in Cornell and then it’s ON. Cornell and Garner exchange punches before Cornell takes him to the mat, they fight over a headlock and then go down for some more mat work. Garner eventually scores with an implant DDT and locks on a sharp shooter. Cornell struggles for the ropes. However Damage breaks up the hold with a running drop kick tot he face of Garner. He stumbles out and turns around in Time for Cornell to catch him with the Tough Love DDT. The ref counts as Rick Law try’s to break up the pin only for Damage to hit him with the “Cut the Deck” Law is left laid out as the Ref counts to three. Cornell smiles arrogantly as he leaves Garner face down in the ring

A good match with some nice technicality and some good heel antics by Damage and Cornell it got a 84.5

Overall a good show with just two weeks till Immortality and we now have three matches announced.

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He was right behind him

Toddy Graham was running as fast as he could. His legs were burning as he willed them to go faster. There was blood in his mouth. Blood flowed freely from the wound in his back. Gushing in torrents down the back of his legs and onto the ground. He knew the man behind him could follow the trail.

Toddy was scared, dead scared

He risked a quick look over his shoulder as he turned and ducked into a side alley. His attacker had a gun in both hands. Two glocks, one of them had buried a bullet in his back. It burned away at Tommy but he knew he couldn’t give up. If he stopped running he was dead.

Toddyy went to turn and look around again but then


The bullet tore away his skull. Toddy fell to the ground dead

Paul Orman stepped over Grahams dead body and lit a cigarette. He looked down at the body and admired his work. The CLF Security shirt he wore was stained with blood. It leaked off him into puddles on the ground. Orman reached down, picked up Grahams CLF Security identification card and smiled again.

This was going to be fun


“Security clearance please sir?”

The guard looked up at Orman with a big smile on his face. Orman showed him the ID Badge he had taken from Graham’s dead body. Thanks to a little cut and paste, his face now rested where Grahams once had. The guard nodded and motioned for Orman to go on through. As he walked past he noticed he hadn’t even been asked to go through a metal detector. Why would he though?

All this was on the surface was a small time Wrestling Federation. No one had any Idea what was really going on. And he if had his way, It was going to stay like that.

As Orman walked into the Board-Room, He smiled to himself as he pulled his glock from his coat and cocked it.

They never even saw it coming


When something huge happens in a community, the entire community is affected.

It was like that for the Wrestling Community now. I had been at home when Tommy had called me with the news.

Someone had murdered the entire CLF Board of Directors. What was worse was that they had gotten away. Someone had just walked into the corporate head quarters of a company and killed 12 people then got away clean. The police were stumped as someone had disabled all the security cameras. There was almost no evidence except for the bullets used. They were just standard glock bullets

Now admittedly I was a little less cut up about this than most owing to the fact CLF had sent wellborn and apparently Orman to kill me. Still it was unnerving. CLF was part of this big conspiracy and someone had just taken them out of the game.

You know what’s worse?

We haven’t heard from Hayden in just over two weeks.

Hayden disappears and then CLF gets attacked? Coincidence?

Once I started thinking about it I couldn’t help remembering how easily he had killed Wellborn.

Was Hayden capable of killing on this scale?

Either way USPW had brought out what was left of CLF.

The competition was thinning and with a major competitor gone just before our mega event, things were looking up for WSW


Paul Orman sat in his car. Looking at the suitcase of money in his hands. He remembered back to that night in the motel room where Munro had burst in and shot his assistant. Orman had managed to sneak up behind him with a shotgun. He had intended to kill Munro, then Munro had offered him a job.

He would double what Kaufmanns was paying him.

Double it

To get rid of CLF. Apparently CLF had tried to kill a friend of Munro's and Munro wanted revenge.

So Orman had accepted the job. He had stolen a security card and got inside. Munro’s Deepwater operatives had shut off the power and arranged for his flight to Cuba where he would be safe from Kaufmanns.

Then he had wiped out the board of Directors.

As Orman drove off along the Cuban streets he thought to himself that he was glad he was on Munro’s side now

After seeing what Munro was prepared to do, He didn’t want to piss him off

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WSW Fury

The last show before Immortality kicks off with WSW’s now patented over use of fire works. Rock Downpour welcomes us with his usual manic screaming. He hypes up our main event for tonight and then we cut to the ring for

Segment 1

“Hush little baby, don’t say a word, and never mind that voice you hard, its just the beats under your bed, in your closet, in your head, Exit light, Enter Night, take my hand, Were off to never, never land”

Tommy Cornell walks down to the ring. His WSW World title Belt over his shoulder. His arrogant grin as wide as ever. Cornell walks into the ring as the crowd chants “Tommy Sucks”. Cornell looks round for a moment then begins to talk.

Tommy: All right all right settle down class. Mr. Cornell has a few words for you all. A few pearls of wisdom if you will. First of all. Buddy Garner. The man who made his Debut in this federation Under a Ski mask because he was afraid to face me man to man. The man who some how weaseled his way into a title shot by lucking out in a battle royal. And the man I will be facing this Sunday at Immortality. And why? Because the New Boss had to throw his weight around to make himself feel important

The crowd boos as Tommy insults the boss

Tommy: Yes, yes I know you like him. I know you like to cheer for him just like you love to cheer for Garner. But that doesn’t change the fact that I beat Buddy Garner. At Road to Redemption I DDT’ed him and then I pinned him. And yet he gets a Title shot? Now that worry’s me because I think to myself, What’s going to happen when I beat him this time? Will Garrett just give him another title shot? So I’ve decided to request, no DEMAND a little stipulation to our match on Sunday.

Tommy pauses, as the crowd is silent for once, waiting to hear what it will be

Cornell: If I win, Buddy Garner doesn’t get a title shot at me while I’m Champion, until I loose the Title, Buddy Garner can not have another shot. Its just a little insurance policy to make sure that these fans get entertained because who really wants to see me beat Garner over and over again huh? See a few weeks ago Buddy Garner promised me that I would have to beat him over and over, that I would never truly win. Well Buddy: This Sunday I’m going to beat you one last time. You not going to get a Title shot ever again. I always win, Always

With a cocky laugh Cornell finishes his interview

A pretty good interview from Cornell. Basically just to raise the stakes for the Main Event at Immortality it got a 91.7

Segment 2

The camera opens backstage in Donny Damages locker room. Once again he is getting a lecture from Steve Fox

Fox: So Donny That’s twice now I’ve sent you after Rick Law. And Twice now you’ve failed to beat him

Damage: but I won last week………

Fox: No, Tommy Cornell won last week. You just stood in the back ground like the little sissy you are. So this week Donny, I’m telling you, Beat Rick Law. Pin him one two three or your dead alright Donny. And just because I’m such a generous soul, I’m going to give you a little help. Now Donny do I need to remind you what will happen if you **** this up?

Donny shakes his head meekly

Fox: No I didn’t think so. Now bugger off, the Euro cups on and I wanna watch it

Donny: The what cup

Fox: The shut up and get the hell out of here or else cup, bloody yanks

Donny scurries off looking scared as Fox sits down and turns on the TV. , And yes Damage did just get kicked out of his own locker room.

Match 1

Bruce the Giants music hits and he comes out along with the huge Black fireworks as intimidating as ever. With his amazing height he is absolutely perfect for the angry monster role, he’s still feuding with Robinson at this point and this match is designed to show just how brutal he really is. And the perfect opponent for that

The Incredible Masked Nobody

The trained eye may notice that The Incredible Masked Nobody is a little shorter this week. Its actually someone different but more importantly cheaper under the hood this week. TIMN gets in the ring and gets nose to stomach with Bruce.

Bruce promptly starts the match by grabbing TIMN and throwing him half way across the ring. From then on it’s a cheap squash match as Bruce batters him from post to post. TIMN actually gets his trademark running elbow strike n on Bruce before Bruce picks him up and destroys him with the choke bomb for an easy three count

The Incredible Masked Nobody looks somewhat dazed as he is helped from the ring as Bruce celebrates. How ever his celebration is cut off as


Robinson’s music hits and Robinson charges down to the ring chair in hand. He gets in the ring and the crowd is going berserk as he and Bruce stare each other down.

Then Robinson swings, and its blocked by Bruce who comes back with a huge Choke Slam that leaves the Unfortunate Robinson laid out. Robinson is a guy that looks good taking a beating and as such Bruce looks like a Monster in this match and Robinson gets good sympathetic overness from the fans. Very nice

This got a 67.8

Match 2

Rick Laws music hits again and he gets a very good pop from the crowd. He’s actually getting more and more over for being the unwitting target of Steve Fox. Oh well, Once again Donny Damage is his opponent tonight. Donny has taken well to his timid gimmick recently and looks legitimately frightened of Law as the match begins and they lock up

Law controls once again from the outset. Law uses his usual power slams but does decide to vary it a bit this week. Throwing Damage over the top rope and following it up with a running suicide dive through the ropes that gets a nice pop. Damage makes quick come back by way of a mule kick and whips Law into the steel steps. His use of all the good old-fashioned heel tactics continue as he smacks Laws face into the turnbuckle then rolls him back into the ring. Damage goes up top and hits Law with a nice looking cross body block that sends Law to the mat. Damage looks for a couple of submission holds but Law blocks a few but can’t block the final one, a sharpshooter. Damage looks to have the match one but Law over powers him and gets to the ropes.

Both men get to their feet once more and Damage charges in but Law ducks a clothesline and catches Damage by the arm for a Northern Lights Suplex. He doesn’t bride it though and Backs off going into a three point stance for the Long Arm of the Law

As Damage slowly gets to his feet Law flicks his Fingers together, signaling for it, his eyes fixed firmly on Damage, not bothering to look behind him

To see Steve Fox hop the guardrail and run to the ring. As Rick Law tries to charge forwards, Fox grabs his foot, stopping him. Law spins round and glares at Steve Fox, as Damage pops up in the back ground and spins Law round and Cuts the Deck




Donny Damage finally beats Rick Law after weeks of trying. Fox smiles evilly and walks off up the ramp. He clicks his fingers and Damage sighs and follows after him. They are just about to walk through the curtain when Law gets to his feet and grabs the Mic

Law: oh no you don’t, You don’t get to cheat me out of a win and then just saunter off. I want payback

Fox: Oh look the little coppers angry, what are you gonna do arrest me?

Law: Well I think I can come up with some thin better than that, Say a Match at Immortality. See I've heard people talking. Apparently you’ve got it n for me. Now I don’t know what I did to you but I’ll be glad to take it up with you in the ring like real men

Fox smiles evilly before replying

Fox: All right your on.

With that and only that Fox turns his back and leaves. Damage looks stunned at Fox’s abrupt answer before following after him as Law glares at them both

Match 3


The Snorkelator Lee Bennett comes out to a good pop. Bennett hasn’t seen much in ring action recently as he is working through an injury. So tonight he’s eager to get back into it.

“Exit Light, Enter Night, Take my hand, were off to never, never land”.

Tommy comes out with his WSW Title shined and polished as ever. He gets in the ring and Bennett starts us off with an arm drag

Bennett actually manages to keep pace with Cornell for a good section of this match as they trade submissions holds, they even manage to go through a nice chain hold sequence that ends with Bennett getting planted with a spine buster. Cornell follows that up with a single leg crab, working over the back of Bennett. Cornell continues this with some Nice Back breakers and then another single leg crab.

He finishes the match with his ever-present Tough Love DDT for the three count. Cornell slides out of the ring and walks over and grabs a Mic and a chair.

The crowd is puzzled as Cornell walks back into the ring holding the chair in one hand and the Mic in the other. Cornell holds the chair up in the air and talks into the Mic

Cornell: now Lee here, just like Buddy Garner, has already lost to Tommy Cornell. Just like Buddy Garner, Michael Garrett put Lee Bennett in my cross hairs. Well Mr. Garrett. I guess that makes this your fault


With a great force Cornell brings the hard edge of the chair down on Bennetts back. He rams away at it three more times before lifting him up and roping him on the chair in a modified back breaker. As we go off the air Cornell grabs the Mic again and says

Cornell: Now that’s just a little message so you don’t forget who really holds the power in WSW

A great match with a good section that explains Bennett’s absence from TV as he heals himself up. Built Cornell as a badass too. It got an 87.9

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Hayden Hated the rain, he didn’t know why, he just did. Perhaps it was because it had been raining the night he had confronted Vermont. Perhaps it was because it had been raining the night Sophie had been killed. Hell it may even be because it just made things wet, he didn’t know, but he still hated it

And he hated this place more than anywhere in the world.

It was the cemetery where she was buried

She lay six feet under a large angel shaped tombstone. Hayden had donated the money to her sister to have it made and was now sending weekly amounts of money to Sophie’s sister to support Sophie’s 7 year old daughter. Sophies sister Jenny had got custody of her after Sophie was murdered.

Hayden stood in front of Sophie’s grave. As much as he hated this place, He came here a lot to think. Like today for example. He had just received a phone call from one of his deep water operatives. USPW had finalized their take over of CLF. He had hated what he had made Orman do. The deaths of twelve people were constantly on his mind.

Why had he done it?

He knew why, sort of. To protect Alex and WSW. CLF had sent Wellborn to kill the poor kid. The kid who Hayden had dragged into a war Alex didn’t even know about. That single fact was in some ways worse than what he had done to CLF.

They had deserved it, they had all worked for Kaufmanns. Alex, well he was just a dumb kid who happened to have a famous father. And now Kaufmanns wanted him dead.

Well there was no way in Hell Hayden was going to let that happen. He’d kill everyone who worked for Kaufmanns before he let anyone hurt Alex.

Suddenly someone spun Hayden around and


A fist exploded into his face, he fell backwards onto the wet ground, looking up into the eyes of his attacker.

Only to see Tommy Cornell standing over him.

Hayden: Tommy what the **** are you doing?

Tommy reached down and picked Hayden up. Grabbing him by the collar and lifting him up in the air

Tommy: you disappear for a few weeks and Twelve People wind up dead. What the hell did you do?

Hayden: Tommy calm down

Tommy: You took out CLF and didn’t tell me about it, were supposed to be friends

Hayden: They tried to kill Alex. They sent Orman after him

Tommy: I know, he threw a grenade n his mothers Window. She’s dead. And I called Michael, I know you worked with Orman.

Hayden: Yeah but only to get rid of…

Tommy: For ****s sake Hayden you killed twelve people. I know this is personal, but you cut a deal with Orman, You murdered twelve ****ing people.

Hayden: Tommy…I just

Tommy: NO, I don’t want to hear it. You’re too involved in this. I signed up to stop ma war. Not to murder people. Now listen to me Hayden. I’m done with this, and so is Alex. We should never have brought him into this. We got his Mother Killed. We nearly got him killed. I’m not going to let you do anymore damage to the poor kid. You stay away from him, from me and from WSW. I don’t want any part of what ever you’re doing

With that Cornell flung Hayden against Sophies Grave and stormed off

Hayden lay there for a while. His head throbbing from Cornell blow, was Tommy right, had he gone to far, had he let this war consume him

Had he became Vermont?

He lay there on the grave of the woman he loved, staring up into the sky

He hated the Rain

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WSW Immortality

“I’m not a slave to a god, that doesn’t exist”

Pyro shoots off and Marylin Mansons “Fight Song” Plays as the screen shows clips of the lead up to this show

“And I’m not afraid of a World that doesn’t give a ****”

Alexander Robinson super kicks TIMN, Bruce the Giant Choke bombs him

“The death of one is a tragedy”

A picture of the New WSW Junior Heavyweight Title

“The death of millions is just obscene”

Fox grabbing Laws Ankle and Damage pinning Law

“When we were good, just close your eyes”

Tommy Cornell brutally bringing the chair down on Lee Bonnet’s back.

“So when we were bad, It’s just scares your mind”

Tommy Cornell and Buddy Garner facing off

Then the screen cuts to black and the words

WSW: Immortality

Shows up and we are under way.

The Camera opens on Rock Downpour. Rock is wearing a horrible looking suit and an even worse looking grin as he welcomes us to the show

Rock: Hello WSW fans and Welcome to Immortality. It’s been along time coming and personally I couldn’t be more excited that it’s here. First of all tonight is a three way ladder match for the New WSW Junior Heavy Weight Title. Let’s get to that match. But before we do I understand Alexander Robinson has something he needs to say

Segment one

The camera open backstage on Alexander Robinson, sans Lee Bennett. Also missing this week is his rain coat and flippers. His hair is un kept and hangs over his face and he is unshaven. He looks angry as hell. Stareing at the floor, breathing heavily, seething with rage. Gary is in his hand. Robinson is silent for a moment before talking in a harsh whisper

Robinson: June 14th 2004, I pined BLZ Bubb to win the HGC Tag Team Championship titles. Lee Bennett was in my corner. June 20th I got fired from HGC, Lee Bennett came with me. For the next three years I slaved away on the Independent circuit. Wrestling anywhere I could make some money, Lee Bennett came with me. Together we wrestled and beat anyone who wanted to fight us.

Robinson chuckles to himself

Robinson: And we had fun doing it. We would spend 6-hour car trips going over our matches. Thinking of what we could do better. We would think up things to keep the fans entertained. Things like wearing flippers and Raincoats. Things like Gary here. Sure the Money was lousy and the hours were horrible but we were living Our Dream and we were happy. We went through it all with a smile on our face. Lee Bennett always had my back. We were like brothers.

Robinson shoots his head up and stares at the Camera, his eyes burning with rage

Robinson: WELL NOT ANYMORE!!!!!!! Tonight Lee Bennett sits at home, he sits there wondering if he will ever wrestle again. He sits there wondering if he will ever walk again. He sits there wondering if ever again he will hear these fans cheer for him. And do you know why? Because of Tommy Cornell.

Because Tommy Cornell felt that need to make himself look good, to boost his ego. See Tommy anyone that knows me knows I’m usually quite a nice guy, Hell I’m a right ball of ****ing Sun Shine when I want to be. But Tommy there are certain things in my life that you don’t **** with, not if you want to walk away with your spine intact, and Lee Bennett, He’s one of them

Robinson smiles a rather malicious smile

Robinson: See Tommy, you might remember last month, Dark Eagle attacked Lee. I think you’ll remember what happened to him? He got beat up, badly. He paid, just like you will. Now Gary here,

Robinson holds up Gary, However some changes have been made, the happy face has been removed and a very angry face has been drawn on him

Robinson: Gary doesn’t like you Tommy, He doesn’t like you at all, and Gary knows you Tommy, and so do I. I’ve watched you wrestle. I’ve seen exactly who and what you are. I’ve seen how you rip your opponents apart. I’ve watched as you achieve Superstardom. I know that every one in the Wrestling World knows your name, even if they couldn’t give two ****s that Lee Bennett might be crippled. I know that right now Tommy, Right now you’re on top of the world. But remember this Tom. You stepped on a lot of people to get where you are, you broke a lot of spirits, stomped out a lot of dreams, ended some careers, maybe even ruined my best Friends Life. Remember Tommy Cornell, you often see the same people on the way down as you do on the way up. I’m the guy in the background Tommy. The guy you stepped on, the guy that’s going to laugh as you fall from the top.

Robinson pushes his hair out of his face and fixes his eyes on the camera

Robinson: I’m the Dark Horse, The underdog, and I’m telling you now Tommy, and believe me I wont be telling you again. I am not going to let you get away with it. This isn’t Alexander Robinson the Entertainer, This isn’t Alexander Robinson the Wrestler, and this isn’t even Alexander Robinson the best friend of the man you tried to retire. This is Alexander Robinson, the man that’s going to twist your neck until it snaps. This Is Alexander Robinson, the one man you wont step on, This is Alexander ****ing Robinson. DO NOT**** WITH ME

Robinson hurls Gary and the Mic down and storms off. The Crowd is going absolutely ****ing nuts for the new and improved Alexander Robinson. Robinson just pulled out a Tommy Cornell level Interview. The type of Interview that makes Careers. This got an INSANE 95.8

Match 1

“Weasel AWAY” To a nice face pop Air Attack Weasel appears on the ramp. His cape over his shoulder. He parades around the ring for a while. Playing to the crowd, getting a nice pop for taking off his cape and throwing it in to the crowd, mmmm cheap heat. After that he waits for Dark Eagle.

Dark Eagles music plays and he comes out to some nice heat. He is still remembered by the fans for beating up Bennett and having Robinson kick his ass. He steps in the ring and shoots AAW a rather dirty look. Then he looks over to the outside of the ring where a ladder has been set up. Eagle smiles evilly as he sees the ladder

Rock Downpour: I don’t like the way Eagle seems to be looking forward to this. What’s he planing?

Dark Eagle and AAW stare each other down in the ring but suddenly they are interrupted by some loud music.

Then the mystery opponent appears. Fans of the Indy’s will recognize him as Silver Shark. Shark is an annoying heel character. He wears a shark mask and talks at like million miles an hour often drifting off on random tangents. He is also well versed in luchadore tradition and his annoying rants on how only he can hold up tradition are a central part of his character. He is a pretty over heel and gets a nice “hey we know” heel pop on his way to the ring

The three men circle each other for a while; each paranoid that he will be double-teamed by the other two. Dark Eagle eventually starts the match as he charges at AAW and spear tackles him to the ground. He rains down the right hands before Shark pulls him off and hits a snapmare on him

Eagle gets to his feet and the two men lock up and Eagle takes Shark to the ground with an arm drag. AAW breaks it up and whips Eagle into the ropes and follows him with a spinning heel kick. He lifts him to his feet and hooks him for a single arm DDT. AAW kips up only to walk into a silver Shark diving clothesline. AAW is lifted to his feet and muscled forward into the corner. He puts him on the top rope and Shark hits him with a diving top rope Ace Crusher. This gets a nice high spot pop from the crowd before dark eagle breaks it up by catching the celebrating shark with a running sidekick.

With AAW lying in the middle of the ring and Silver Shark down as well, Dark Eagles goes to the outside and picks up the ladder to a huge pop from the crowd. He slides into the ring and sets it up. He gets about half way up the ladder before AAW gets up and runs over, he grabs Dark Eagle and dives forward, bringing him off the ladder into a sit down power bomb. Eagle does a great job of selling it as AAW gets up and goes to climb the ladder but is cut off by Silver Shark. Shark rocks AAW with some good kicks and then whips him into the ladder, knocking it over. AAW sells it well as he gets to his feet, cradling his arm; Shark grabs him and shoots him into the corner where he hits a running knee strike. AAW stumbles out and gets caught with a tornado DDT.

Shark picks up the ladder and sets it up in the corner. He turns round and picks up the fallen Dark Eagle and whips him into the ladder. Dark eagle slumps against it and Shark backs off and then charges forward into a running drop kick, smashing Eagles head into the ladder. Eagles stumbles forward only to have shark hit him with a jumping Enziguri.

With both of his opponent down, Shark sets up the ladder and climbs up it. He reaches out for the belt, but AAW grabs his Ankle and pulls him off it. Shark lands hard but AAW manages to keep hold of the ankle and he shows a bit of physiology buy dropping a knee into the inner thigh of Shark. Unfortunately Dark Eagle breaks the hold with a running drop kick to AAW. AAW goes down and dark eagles comes off the ropes with a handstand leg drop.

Dark Eagle lifts AAW to his feet and hooks his leg for a spinning Fisherman’s DDT. As Dark Eagle gets up, Silver Shark spins him round and shoots him into the ropes. He waits for Dark Eagle and then hits him with a running head scissors take over than sends Dark Eagle OVER THE TOP ROPE. The fans start the first “Holt ****” Chant of the night as Dark Eagle cradles his back on the out side. Shark bounces off the ropes and vaults on to the top for a sky twister press OVER THE TOP ROPE. (Note to self OVER THE TOP ROPE is not to ever be used again). Shark lands hard on Eagle as the crowd goes insane.

Unfortunately for Shark, AAW is getting up back inside the ring with both his opponents out cold on the outside. He holds his head, selling Dark Eagles DDT as he slowly climbs the ladder. He reaches out for the WSW junior Heavy weight Title, just as Silver Shark slide tackles the ladder, causing it to tip and AAW falls and crashes hard. Shark sets up the ladder and goes to climb it when he sees Dark Eagle behind him, they lock up and Dark Eagle shots him into the ropes, Shark tries to leap frog over Dark Eagle but Dark Eagle nearly takes his head off with a standing side kick. With AAW down and Shark finished, Dark Eagle turns and begins to scale the ladder

Before he can get there though, AAW scales up the other side. In a brilliant visual, both men are on either side of the ladder now, They exchange punches for a while before AAW has the presence of mind to grab Dark Eagle by the head and ram him face first into the top rung of the ladder. AAW reaches round and hooks Dark Eagles leg and then comes off in a SPINNING FISHERMAN’S DDT OFF THE LADDER. Dark Eagle lands sickly on his neck and just lies still, WAY to still in fact. The crowd is going absolutely nuts as AAW climbs the ladder and uses his Weasel Powers to reach out and become the first ever WSW junior Heavy Weight Champion

A brilliant high flying spot fest Dark Eagle is being taken off TV for a while to go get some training and that sick bump explains why, this got a 76.8

Match 2

“Fit but you Know it” by the streets kicks in and Steve Fox comes out in wrestling gear to some nice heat. It should be noted that Fox is wearing British Flag tights which for some reason leads to “Usa, Usa” chants from the crowd. Fox laughs it off and leans against the ropes arrogantly as he waits for Rick Law.

Laws music hits to a good pop from the people who really want to see him wipe that smirk off Fox’s face. He walks down the ramp and gets in the ring, glaring angrily at fox. Fox justs laughs in his face as he walks across and offers a handshake. Law looks confused be

Fox kicks him in the groin to start the match

Fox grabs Law and decks him with a DDT and holds on, flipping it into a head lock. Law powers out and they lock up again with Law taking Fox to the mat with a side walk slam. He puts fox in a sharpshooter and this match looks to be over early as Fox struggles to get to the ropes. He just reaches it though and Law lets go. Fox is holding his back though as he gets up. Only to have Law grab him and drop him with another side walk slam. Law laughs it up as he picks up Fox and carys him into the corner where he beats on him with over head punches before placing him on the top rope and giving him a superplex

Fox gets slammed down hard as Law gloats over him. He goes into his trademark three point stance and waits for Fox to get up, Law charges forward and hits The Long Arm of the Law. He goes to cover Fox only to have Donny Damage charge down from the back and into the ring. He trys to punch Law only to have Law spear tackle him.

The referee grabs Donny by the collar and orders him out of the ring. Donny eventually leaves and the ref gets out of the ring to make sure he goes backstage

Law looks angrily at Donny, and doesn’t realize a strange man has hopped the guardrails. This new guy is huge, 6 foot 8 and is built like a tank. He doesn’t have much hair and what there is gelled up into a mow hawk. He spins law around and lifts him onto his shoulders and absolutely crushes him with a spinning DVD. He slides out of the ring and back into the crowd as fox drapes an arm over Rick Law




Fox pulls out a win. Damage and the Mystery Man walk back into the ring and celebrate with Steve Fox. Fox adds a few kicks to the fallen law for good measure

A basic squash match with a sports entertainment finish. It was pretty good though and gets a 56.7

Match 3

The good old black Fireworks go off and Bruce the Giant comes out, He’s wearing his usual wrestling tunic and basically looks mad as hell, well he always does but anyway. Bruce calmly steps OVER THE TOP ROPE….he he sorry, and into the ring. He flashes his high sign to the crowd as more fireworks go off.

Then his opponent arrives to a huge pop

The old “Flippers Music” is gone replaced by Linkin Parks “One Step Closer”

The fans pop huge for the “New and Improved” Alexander Robinson. Again he is with out his trade mark yellow rain coat and flippers, in stead opting to wear dark denim jeans and a black T shirt with a picture of Gary on it. Said Brick is in his right hand and he lifts it up in the air to a great pop. Robinson steps into the ring and glares at Bruce. Bruce makes the first move and we are under way

Bruce charges forward for a clothesline but Robinson ducks it and rocks him with three strong looking right hands, he bounces off the ropes and goes for a clothesline but Bruce just grabs him and slams him down hard with a sidewalk slam. Bruce parades around the ring then comes off the ropes with a massive leg drop. Rock Downpour puts over the 600 ponders crushing ability while Bruce makes an early cover. Robinson kicks out at two though. Bruce pulls him to his feet and puts him on his shoulder and charges him into the turnbuckle in a oklahoma slam. Robinson sl7umps to the ground in the corner and Bruce stands on his throat choking him.

Robinson pushes him off though and manages to get to his fee. He try’s a couple of kicks and punches and even grabs Bruce for DDT, only to have Bruce turn it into a northern lights suplex. Robinson is left completely wasted from that, he lies spread out in the middle of the ring while Bruce parades to the crowd again.

Then he lifts Robinson onto his feet and picks him up for a strong scoop slam. He drops another big elbow on Robinson, again the pin only gets two.

Bruce lifts Robinson to his feet again and shoots him into the ropes. He goes for a Sidewalk slam but Robinson surprises him by hitting a jumping Ace Crusher out of no where. The crowd pops huge as both men lie on the mat, each trying to be the first to their feet. Robinson is the one who gets up first. He climbs the turn buckle and comes off with a nice Missile Drop kick that sends Bruce back to the mat

Robinson presses the advantage by putting Bruce in a chin lock. It’s a hell of a struggle for him trying to keep the much bigger and stronger Bruce down. Eventually Bruce gets to the ropes. Robinson is having real trouble keeping an advantage over the Giant and it shows as he resorts to just stomping on his head. Bruce shoves him off and both men get to there feet. Robinson charges at Bruce only to walk into a Big Boot that gives Bruce back control. Bruce lifts him up and Gorilla presses him OVER THE TOP ROPE ( Sorry, its addictive)

Robinson lands hard on the out side and Bruce follows him. He lifts him up and whips him into the guard rail then hits him with a side walk slam on the concrete. Bruce mocks Robinson as he lifts him to his feet an drops him throat first on the guard rail. Robinson sells it like Death, rolling round choking as Bruce stomps on him. Bruce lifts him up and punches him in the face a couple of times

Robinson staggers back and then FIRES BACK WITH A RIGHT HAND. Downpour puts over the fighting spirit of Robinson like crazy as Robinson rains down the right hands on the much bigger Bruce. Robinson kicks Bruce in the guts, bending him over then hits a DDT on the concrete. Robinson keeps the pressure on by picking up Bruce and ramming his face into the turnbuckle three times then whipping him into the Guard rail with such force that he flips over it and lands In the crowd. Bruce is slow to get to his feet as Robinson charges forward and vaults over the guard rail to hit Bruce with a diving spear tackle for the second “Holy ****” chant of the night. Robinson picks Bruce up and throws him back over the guard rail. Bruce is holding his ribs on the outside as Robinson picks him up and rolls him back into the ring. Robinson plants Bruce with a impact DDT that leaves him spread out In the middle of the ring. Then Robinson backs off into the Corner. He stomps his foot on the ground a couple of times. As Bruce The Giant gets to his feet groggy, he spins round and Robinson Charges t him and nails him in the face with the jumping spinning Enziguri he calls the “Whip Lash”. Bruce does a full cartwheel from the impact of it as Robinson covers for the three count to a HUGE POP

We have a New Number One Contender for the WSW World Title

A great match that put Bruce over as a Monster and Made Robinson look like a total bad ass for beating him

Main Event

“Are you Mother ****ers Ready, For the New ****, Stand up and Admit”

To a great pop Buddy Garner appears on the ramp in his wrestling gear. He knows this is his one shot and boy does he look pumped. He just stares straight at the ring as he comes out, intense as ever. , He stands in the ring and waits for

“Exit Light, Enter Night, Take my Hand, We’re Off to never never land”

To the greatest Heel heat imaginable Tommy Cornell appears on the ramp, the WSW title at home on his shoulder., Every part of him exuding arrogance. He struts down the ramp, ignoring some fans as they try to give him high fives. He gets in the ring and delicately takes his Title off and gives it to the ref. He shots a look at Garner

Who decks him and we are under way

Cornell jumps back to his feet and things get moving quickly, Cornell goes for an arm drag but Garner lands on his feet and spins Cornell round for a spine buster, he rolls out of it and spins round as Cornell kips up, going for an arm drag, Garner looks to flip out of this one too but Cornell was faking it and spins his arm round into a hammer lock sleeper hold, he try’s to rench it back for a slepperplex only to have Garner flip over his head and plant him with a reverse DDT. And that’s only the first 10 seconds of the match, god I love chain wrestling. Garner clamps on a surf boar don Cornell who manages to roll out of the hold and back to his feet, he grabs garner and hits a snap suplex and rolls it into mounted punches. He works the neck with a wrenching front face lock but Garner tries to roll it over so Cornells shoulders are touching the mat, it gets a two count before Cornell realises the hold. Both men get back to here feet but Cornell is the quickest as he whips Garner into the corner. He charges after him with a running knee to the sternum then chops away on the chest a bit before putting Garner on the top rope. He flips him off with jumping DDT that plants Garner down hard on his neck. Cornell presses the advantage by putting Garner in a rear chin lock, really pulling back on Garner’s neck, which is already hurting, from the DDT.

Garner eventually gets the ropes and Cornell lets him go. However as Garner his getting up, Cornell kicks him in the knee and DDTs him again. Cornell turns his attention to Garners Back as he locks on a bow and Arrow lock on Garner. Garner struggles in it and eventually gets the ropes. Cornell lets him get back to his feet this time only to kick him in the guts and hit a stump pile driver on him. Garner holds his neck again as Cornell drops a knee into the back of garners neck.

Cornell goes up top and comes off with a flipping leg drop on Garner. The cover on it gets two. Cornell calmly lifts Garner up to his feet and throws him into the ropes. He goes for a backdrop but Garner kicks him in the face and hits a diving Neck Breaker to a nice pop from the crowd for his comeback. Both men are out in the middle as Garner slowly gets up to one knee. He grabs Cornell and puts him in a twisting leg lock that he spins into a nice STF. Cornell screams in pan and tries to fight the hold, only to have Garner twist it on even tighter. Cornell desperately fights for the ropes but as Garner has one of his arms wrenched behind his back he doesn’t really have a hope. His only chance is to turn the hold over. He fights it desperately and manages to get up to one knee he jumps kind of and flops back down on Garner, breaking the hold. Cornell limps away from Garner who gets to his feet and spins Cornell around and drops him with a stalling brain buster. Then to a huge pop from the crowd, Garner grabs Cornell’s already twisted leg and spins it round into the figure four-leg lock.

Cornell screams in agony as Garner locks on the hold, he fights for all he is worth to get tot he ropes but Garner is just to good, he put the hold on right in the middle of the ring. Cornell then decides to try and turn the hold over, but to no avail as Garner locks it down even tighter. With one last great ounce of strength, Cornell manages to flip the hold over forcing Garner to break it. Both men get to there feet with Cornell limping slightly, Garner whips Cornell into the ropes and goes for a Suplex but at the last second turns it into a Fisher mans Pile driver 99. Cornell is left laid out in the middle of the ring Garner looks to have finally won the match. He goes to cover when

“Everything you say to me, takes me one step closer to the edge, and I’M ABOUT TO BREAK”

To the biggest pop in WSW history Alexander Robinson charges down the ramp in his street clothes, steel chair in his hands. Garner looks happy as Robinson moves to beat Cornell with it, taking revenge just like said he would. Suddenly Robinson turns and



Garner crumples to the floor and Robinson picks up Cornell and places him over Garner. A confused ref has no choice but to count




Cornell wins thanks to Robinson. The crowd is stunned into silence as Robinson throws Garner out of the ring. He picks up Cornell and they shake hands as the crowd boos like Crazy. Robinson smiles Evilly then



Okay I was wrong, THAT was the biggest pop in WSW History. The crowd is on their feet chanting “Robinson” as he brings the chair over his head and slams it down onto the fallen Cornells back Over and Over. In a remarkably similar way to Cornell attacking Bennett. He opens the chair and places it set up in the middle of the ring. Then he lifts up Cornell and gives him a Tough Love DDT on to the Chair, crumpling both it and Cornell.

Robinson takes the WSW title belt and drapes it over Cornell and then grabs the Mic

Robinson: Well Tommy, Congratulations your still the WSW World Champion, and I’m the Number One Contender, One month from now WSW Hand Of Fate, its going to be me Vs you, and what I just did to you, its just the beginning, I told you once Tommy. DO NOT **** WITH ME

Robinson throws down the Mic and leaves to a huge pop. The show goes off the air with Tommy Cornell lying in a pool of his own blood the WSW title draped over his chest, it too blood red

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The next day

I was siting in my office going over the plans for the next month or so when Tommy walked in. For the last couple of days Tommy had been rather Silent. He wouldn’t tell me why but he seemed very depressed. Today however he was beaming like a schoolgirl as he walked in and, with a big smile on his face handed me a piece of paper

Me: What’s this?

Tommy: The overall rating from last nights Mega Event

I took the paper from him and gasped with delight, in a um, very manly way of course

Me: 73.0, We got a 73.0

That was roughly 15 points higher than our average show and so far was the card of the year. Robinson's interview was the highlight of the show and he had gained huge 3 points of overness from it. Fox’s Mystery Man was also the talk of the Indy’s. Overall it was a brilliant show and we had made $300,000 off it. I love success

Then things picked up even more

The telephone rang and I answered it

Me: Alex Larone speaking

Voice: Hey Alex its Pete Hall here from PDW. Listen I’m good friends with the boss of NYCW and he may have mentioned he was looking to sell his federation. Sounds like something you would be interested in?

Hell yeah it did. NYCW had a huge influence in the greater New York Area and also had a fair bit of money and good workers.

But could I ethically buy a promotion just to steal its good workers and then liquidate it?

Yes, yes I could

I love Success


Well it’s official, NYCW is no more. I signed the papers today. A few of their better Workers would be sent down to PDW t get some training and would then be making their big debuts. Of course it would be too easy to tell you who we “Acquired”.

In other news Alexander Robinson and Lee Bennett have both been scheduled to make appearances on the Canadian show “Canadian Sports New Cast”. This will be great publicity for WSW. Things continue to look up for our little rag tag group.

And best of all? Tommy Cornell is being featured in a high profile Japanese Martial Arts Magazine. Talk about publicity. With the net still clamouring over Robinson’s awesome Promo and their upcoming feud, the more publicity we get the better.

To top it all off I was siting in my office when Tommy came in with something very special for me. WSW’s first two pieces of merchandise. A “Gary” T-shirt and a Tommy Cornell action Figure. Thanks to our somewhat limited Toy making resources, the trained wrestling fan may notice that Tommy’s Toy looks remarkably like Bryan Vessey only with Tommy’s head stuck on. Still it was already selling huge. $38 000 in the last week

I’ve said it once I’ll say it again. Things were looking up


FBI Agent James Shrike looked at the report that lay on his desk and smiled.

It was everything he had been hoping for

His operatives had found Paul Orman in Cuba. They had arrested him and “Interrogated” him, forcing him to reveal the name of the man who had ordered him to take out CLF

Hayden Munro

Things were looking up

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  • 1 month later...

Hayden flopped down on his Motel Bed. The last two weeks had started to take their toll on them. The twelve dead board members rested heavily on his conscience. At first he hadn’t given them a second thought. It wasn’t till Tommy had confronted him about them had he truly realised what he had done

Now….well now he didn’t know what he felt worse about, killing twelve people, or the fact he had cared so little about their deaths

Had he really changed that much?

Had the last 4 years really turned him into a monster? Was Tommy right?

Munro sighed and put his head in his hands, he was tired.

He was used to it now though. 3 years as a wanted man will do that to you. The endless sleepless nights, the constant paranoia. The knowledge that any second someone might recognise him, that they might turn him in.

That Kaufmanns might capture him

He had little doubt in his mind as to what would happen t him if he was captured.

Torture then Death

Last year one of his Deepwater Agents had been captured, They had burned the souls of the mans feet off until he revealed what he knew, then they had shot him.

What was worse in Hayden’s mind was the fact that if he were captured, Kaufmanns would win.

He couldn’t let that happen

He had made a vow three years ago on the grave of Larry Larone that Kaufmanns wouldn’t win. That Vermont wouldn’t win. And now three years later he had absolutely no Idea how to fulfil that vow. In all reality all he done the last three years was too stay alive. That and set up WSW. That had been his one weapon. The secret he had kept from Alex and Tommy, it had been the one thing he thought could make a difference. But now it looked like he wouldn’t be able to use WSW.

With out that he had nothing

No way of proving Kaufmanns had rigged the election and started the War. No way of proving he hadn’t killed Larone. No way of proving that he hadn’t killed Sophie

Any way he looked at it, He was finished

He had no idea how right he was

But how could he have?

How could he have known that at that very moment A swat Van had pulled up in the parking lot of the Motel. Those armed Police Men were swarming out guns at the ready.

And how could he have known that one of those Police Men had been paid by his enemies to make sure that Hayden wasn’t captured Alive. That One of the Policemen planned to kill Hayden

How could he have known?


South Indonesia

It had been a bad year for Maria Henderson. After splitting up with her husband she had gone to work in the free provinces of Australia. The ones not under Indonesian Rule. She had been working as an aid worker, helping the refugees and victims of the war in the north. She was incredibly devoted to her work. So much that when her camp fell to an Indonesian Advance, She had refused to leave her patients.

Her selflessness had been rewarded by having to spend the last 8 months in an Indonesian POW Camp. Now technically she wasn’t a solider but they had classed her as an “Enemy Medic” and so she had been sent to a labour camp. One of the few Female prisoners she had been forced to work as the “Camp Nurse”. She tended to the other prisoners and helped out the camps Doctor. She had it better than most but Life was still hell. The conditions they were kept in were horrible. After a huge section of the Capitol had been wiped out buy Australian Bombers, The Indonesians had given up on the Geneva Convention. The guards were allowed to keep Order in their camps at any cost. She had seen people shot simply because they were too overworked to continue. The labourers were forced to spend incredible hours working. They were allowed only six hours sleep a day

With the guards being such Monsters, It always amazed Maria whenever one prisoner was injured by another. That’s why she was so shocked when a man stumbled into her office, his hands over his stomach. A knife protruding from his gut. He was bleeding horribly, She had sent for the doctor and got the man to lie down on her bed as she tried to stop the bleeding

Maria: Hold on, your going to be fine

The man only grunted in pain

Maria: What’s your name?

He was struggling to talk but eventually he managed to force the words out

Man: Jack Stalling JR

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