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The Best Street Fighter Ending Ever


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So, are they cheering because he managed to do an individual block for each of Chun-Li's kicks and then did a finisher of his own?

He's not just blocking. He is parrying each and every hit of Chun Li's super art. If you still don't understand why they go nuts, to parry an attack in Third Strike you have to press either forward or down at the exact moment the opponents attack would hit your character. Say if Third Strike runs at 60 frames per second, you would have 1 frame or 1/60th of a second to press the correct direction to parry the attack.

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Guest Future Shock

Yes Godfatha, that's what they're cheering about. That was the final of a big fighting game tournament, and he had to parry every single one because if he blocked, he would've lost. Then he had to go up in the air to start his combo.

Kale explained uberly well why parrying is so bleeding hard, and to do it that many times in succession is ridiculous.

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