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Credit - imdb.com

Hilton in New Internet Wrangle

Paris Hilton appears to be winning the battle with Hilary Duff's older sister Haylie Duff over the single "Screwed," after the hotel heiress' version was leaked onto the internet. Both have recorded the same song, and while they were figuring out how to proceed, Hilton's version has now been put online after it was aired on the radio. Last month, Duff announced she was attempting to block Hilton from releasing the track, explaining, "Paris has talked to the people who wrote the song, and I think it's all under control now." Duff also said she planned to release her own version by early August, but now Hilton has inadvertently beaten to her to it. Hilton's spokesperson Gina Hoffman says, "It's not something we put out. It's a leak. And that's really disturbing." Hoffman adds that Hilton doesn't have a release date for her debut album Paris Is Burning yet, or even a distribution deal in place, so the release is too early to promote the record. The version making the rounds on the internet was recorded from a radio station's airing. Duff's spokespeople have yet to comment on whether her plans will change in light of the leak. Hilton recently suffered more embarrassing problems on the internet, when a sex tape featuring her and ex-boyfriend Rick Salomon surfaced and became an instant international hit.

I'm guessing Hilton is holding on to that slut rep....again.

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Explain something to me?

How the hell did both of them write the same song? Whats the story behind it?

Like most spoiled Hollywood people, they just probably got the same song from songwriters accidentally.

No, this guy's doing the world a favor. Perhaps Hillary and Paris can bitchslap each other around and finally knock the hell out of each other out the spotlight.

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