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So I was perusing Launch's latest video additions when I came across a certain someone. She's on kind of an Ashlee Simpson-like push, but hopefully her family won't hold her down as she strives for stardom. Oh, and you may have heard of her.

I must warn you before you venture forth, however. Repeated viewings may lead to uncontrollable vomiting, general sickness, and the overwhelming desire to make everyone under the age of 55 job to you.

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So, doesn't that make her real name Brooke Bollea? That just sounds...wrong.

It's like Terry & Mama Hogan were going for that "Brooke Burke" kind of sound, but instead wound up with a name that sounds like your doctor should be saying it as a reason he has his finger up your ass.

"Yeah, we're looking for any potential health concerns...now, don't worry, it's a routine procedure. Many men have undergone scans for the brooke bollea. Now if you'll kindly bend over and refer to me as 'Mr. Halford' for the remainder of the visit..."

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