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Favourite Music Videos


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I was just sitting here watching some music videos I have found littered around the internet (yes, they're legal) and I was just thinking about a topic I'm not completely aware has been done, okay it probably has, but not in recent recollection. So I'd like to ask, what are your favourite music videos?

My favourite is definately "Minority" by Green Day. Minority just because of the way the guys interact with the camera, I love it how they don't just look at it but physically acknowledge it by Billy almost putting his mouth around it. The video is simple and the last few moments are especially great when Billie runs around like Superman ^_^ It doesn't seem very special considering it's my favourite, but for some reason it just is.

My other favourite is "First Date" by Blink 182, anyone who has seen it will know why :thumbsup:

So what is everyone elses?

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It's not talking about Warez, I said I'd seen them legally, and it's about the favourite videos anyway.

I just thought of another, "Dammit" by Blink 182, the only video as far as I know with Scott still as the drummer. Tom's facial expressions are priceless in this video, especially when he thanks Scott for telling him his trousers have fallen down.

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Sledgehammer by Peter Gabriel simply because it was so ahead of it's time and it's still better than most videos today.

Also, She Blinded Me With Science (Thomas Dolby), Thriller (Michael Jackson) & Respiration (Blackstar) rank up there as some of my favourite videos of all time.

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I would have to say....:

Windowlicker - Aphex Twin

November Rain - Guns N Roses

Devil In Jersey City - Coheed & Cambria

Any Cure Video

Freak On A Leash - KoRn...just because it's cool to watch

Rose of Sharyn - Killswitch Engage...good effects

Infact, there's way too many to list.

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Numahs was right with Thriller, greatest music video ever, simple as. That broke everything for music videos to be honest, it literally made music videos to what they are today. Then again who's surprised? After all MJ is the greatest :P

Michael Jackson/Janet Jackson - Scream

Michael Jackson - Billie Jean(My fave actually)

Michael Jackson - Earth Song

Michael Jackson - Beat It

Michael Jackson - Bad

Michael Jackson - Smooth Criminal

P.Diddy - Bad Boy For Life

P.Diddy - D.I.D.D.Y

Also any Snoop Dogg or Dr Dre Music Video. They all seem to make me feel chilled out and have some damn fine women in them ;) As you can see I like MJ :shifty:

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Guest FillerUgliest04

Kottonmouth Kings "Peace Not Greed"

Kottonmouth Kings "Bring It On"

Lloyd Banks "I'm On Fire"

Eminem "Sing For The Moment"

G-Unit "Stunt-101"

Powerman 5000 "When Worlds Collide"

Static X "I'm With Stupid"

P.O.D "Rock The Party"

Rancid "Red Hot Moon"

Crazy Town "Butterfly"

Much Much More.

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