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Another Interview With Domination

Guest BacknBlackHoez

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Guest BacknBlackHoez

You used to be down with 50, what went wrong?

first off what's good to all the fans? Guerilla Gang General Domination artist/ceo speaking all hoods stand up.

i knew 50 from the hood, i been down with Smurf since day one, Smurf and 50 had what was supposed to be an untouchable bond like ; alpo and rich, or fat cat and pappy but as you know things change when you're dealing with 2 things; money, and the police (laughs) and 5-0 deals with both, anyway smurf and 50 fell out because 50 let that bread get to his head. my homie was locked up for defending himself as a man and that boy 50 refused to bail my homie out, his bail was $75,000 to the hood that's your life savings but to fifty that's one show! but fuck that it's not about his money Bang 'em had his own money 50 refused to send my homie his own money, and left him in jail on his son's birthday, he's a bird for that!!

Can you talk about what happened at Summer Jam?

Oh yeah at summer jam we stormed in with front row, floor seats, gooned out, black GF Records shirts that said Bang 'em and Domination on the back with 20 official hood niggaz, we went there to make a scene, we knew 50 would add fuel to the fire once we got on his nerves that boy got too much pride. Banks, the little flower girl decided to get brave and throw money at us, he threw $1 bills the bank must've been empty that day! then his boss comes over in his victoria secret tank top and throws water on us, so Smurf jumps over the barracade, security rushed him before he got to slap 50 back to reality, so we just started letting them chairs fly, the first one hit 50 then security blocked a couple while ducking the ones that were still flying! Piggy Banks, Tony Mayo, and Young Duck, ran to the back like they usually do when drama pops off, lame Game wasn't there he was probably somewhere topless tanning with Dr. Dre.

What role does Bang ‘Em Smurf play?

Bang 'em and Domination are 2 names that can never be separated. when you think of Bang 'em think of Domination we are one! Bang 'em is my friend, my business partner and my road dawg, that's my nigga 'till death do us!

A website once reported that 50 put out a contract on Smurf, and that someone shot at Smurf in Queens, are those rumors true?

we don't know about no HITS man, don't believe the hype, niggaz get shot at or shot everyday in the hood, fifty aint in the hood man! them rumors is false!

Is 50 a loyal person?

loyal and 50 do not belong in the same sentence! he's not even true to himself how can he be loyal to someone else? he knows Bang 'em would have died for him, i swear to God! how can you turn your back on someone that put your life before his own

How do you feel about Lloyd Banks?

Piggy Banks man he should wear barretts, i don't wanna talk about him, i'm a boss he's a worker i don't have to address that little nigga, he's a baby boy in jail niggaz 'll blow kisses at him and if he was in the yard they'd make him fix it! And that goes for the rest of the G-Unit puppets as well: i'm a boss, you niggas is workers we on two different levels, you can't step to me when you live off the strength of your man!

How do you feel about 50 singing like Ja Rule after he played Ja for that?

We all knew 50 wanted to take Ja's place man! look who's rolling around in sand with bitches now, making that bubble gum music as he calls it, wearing tank tops that promote his homosexuality he's gay. if i was Ja I'd sue that boy for identity theft that nigga would have to give me royalties for stealing my style!

What’s your situation like with Tha Row?

we are just cool with Tha Row, no paper work involved. We have a distribution deal through Koch Records (shout out to our family over there) Tha Row also has a situation at Koch. we respect real niggaz shout out to Suge.

What was your first meeting with Suge like?

i haven't met with Suge as yet you know he's a busy man, when i was in Cali however i did touch base with the homie Kurupt, he cool as a motherfucker. what up Gotti!

Being that you’re Freaky Tah’s cousin, how did his death affect your life?

Tah dying was one of the worst things that ever happened to me in life i cried for like a week, then i swallowed it and vowed to hold it down for my hood just like Tah did. Tah was never a follower always a leader and he treated his niggaz good, that's me; i'm TAH!

Is it hard trying to step out of the shadows now of being known as the “guy who’s got beef with 50?”

the fans who listen to my mixtapes understand i have a real talent, my career is not based on 50, i can stand alone i make music! my album is about the struggle and coming up outta that struggle to become successful and help your people become successful.

Will you be working with Yukmouth and C-Bo again?

hell yeah C-Bo and Yukmouth is family forever g's up to my west coast mafia family yah'll know what it is, real niggaz do real things and bitch niggaz sit around and scheme!

Will the beef ever be squashed?

we aint signing no peace treatys love is love and war is war

When’s your next project coming out?

the new mixtape Groundwork 5 is in stores now check it out on www.mixtapemob.com , www.silverbackguerillaz.com , www.gfrecords.com and your local bootlegger and tell a friend to tell a friend.

How can fans get in touch and keep up with you?

my true fans know how to get in touch with me i'm in the streets, new fans what's good yah'll can go to our website and logon to our message board, we not like other arstists, or ceos we interact with our fans we check our messages ourselves. go to www.gfrecords.com or www.silverbackguerillaz.com


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