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Darlene Crawford

Guest BacknBlackHoez

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Guest BacknBlackHoez


Are you single?

yes,But I 'am dating.

What is your favorite type of man?

A man that has confidence is himself,a great personality,funny,outgoing,and love life.

Have you ever dated a celebrity?


Being from New Orleans, it was only right that you worked with Master P, how did that come about?

Well I have a lot of love for artist that's from New Orleans when I got a phone call to do my first video and it was a artist from home I was honored.I don't do videos that's why I only have done one in my career unless the character calls for me to be the only girl and I can express that character in the video I have no interest in doing them.And of course the pay is right.

I know you're really into acting, what kind of role would you like to play?

I am a very humorous person and I like to have fun,so I would say a comedy role,love or dramatic action type role well really push me.

Who is your Favorite actress?

Angela Basett

You've appeared several times in the Source for the Dime Piece Model spot, has it opened more doors for you?

Well the Source Magazine showed me a lot of love that was my 1st national spread in a magazine.I was featured with a artist in a ad for them and they receievd a huge response on who's that girl,so I developed a large fan base from there.They felt we will give our customers want they want and it all happen from there.It has created a lot of other projects for me and a large fan base.Thanks Source

What give you the most exposure?

It' not only one thing it's hard work in a nut shell. I think the print ads,the promotions for different companies,calendars,and of course my website has helped greatly.

What's coming up for you in the near future?

A lot of things from more magazines ads,dvds,posters,calendars, commercials film, and charity events in several major cities.And whatever else I'am blessed to do.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

I see myself as a national spokesmodel for a major company.

I see myself with my own business in marketing and promotions.

I see myself behind are on the scenes of major film work.

I see myself happy in whatever sucesss life has planned for me.

Any last words for the HipHopGame vistors?

Thanks HipHopGame 1st for featuring me on there site much love.

Hip-Hop fans I hope you follow me throughout my career and keep in touch thank you all for visting my site. If you have not visited the site go now!!!!!!!

Thanks, Darlene

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daaaamn.....shes fucking hot....i quickly read the interview, cause i figured that she really didnt have anything important to say anyways.....but damn shes is hot.

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