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TEW Graphic Requests

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On 04/04/2021 at 06:16, BarrettBarage said:

Dynamite-Winter.jpg (800×450) (prowrestlingnewshub.com)


would someone be able to put this logo on kyky background please?




On 08/04/2021 at 17:56, JohnnyNitro said:

Would someone be able to create a custom logo for Impact Wrestling in the below style.

So for example the iMPACT! bit exactly the same but the gold writing set below it instead of above and just saying WRESTLING instead of Total non stop action wrestling. 

TNA iMPACT! Wrestling" TNA iMPACT! #32 (TV Episode 2005) - IMDb


On 16/04/2021 at 12:59, Warhawk8492 said:

I need a stable logo on a black OR white background to match up with iDOL's stable logos. Its for my TNA mod and the stable is called The Campaign I would like it to feature a money greenish and gold theme all metallic too to show wealth (ECIII is the leader of it) I would be most thankful.


I need the logo for Viceland and Vice on the grey background





Okay! First up, I have the AEW Dynamite request! I did two different backgrounds because I always get confused which backgrounds are which :D I personally like them on the grey background but do with these as you please 😄




Next I have the IMPACT Request! Do let me know if I did this wrong! Your request was a bit confusing to read for me! So if I did it wrong, let me know! I'll fix it! Especially if you wanted to keep the black background :3




Last but not least, I have your Viceland & Campaign request! Again, I was a bit confused with how you had wanted your Campaign logo but I gave it a shot! If I did anything wrong, let me know! I'll have another go at it 😄


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I need a TNA Plus logo based on this logo


With this TNA logo


On this background


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17 hours ago, Warhawk8492 said:

I need a TNA Plus logo based on this logo


With this TNA logo


On this background


Here you go :D


And of course, here are different colors of the logo :D


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I need some NWA logos using this NWA logo


on the grey back ground



NWA Flight Of Champions

NWA Ring Warriors

NWA Wrestle War

NWA Grand American Clash

NWA Bunkhouse Stampede

NWA When Worlds Collide

NWA Global Supershow

NWA Revenge

NWA No Escape

NWA Jim Crockett Sr. Memorial Cup

NWA Anniversary Show

NWA Fury

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