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TEW Graphic Requests

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There are more but tinypic.com stopped uploading properly for me, also for the next TEW05 update their will be a new logo pack, its going to be using smaller versions of the logos I've been posting up

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On 29/10/2021 at 16:22, Warhawk8492 said:

I need some event and show logos with this logo


GCW Friday Night Fights

GCW Bloodsport

GCW Off The Rails

GCW Homecoming

GCW The Great American Smash

GCW Roll Of The Dice

GCW Good Riddance

GCW Spring Break

GCW Tournament of Survival

GCW Halloween Fright Fest

GCW Crushed Up


I need them on this background



Along with them I need the classic Takeover logos on the same background along with a custom Takeover Madison Square Garden logo. Sorry for the big request.

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Here is a link with the classic Takeover logos on a different background


On this grey background please


I also apologize for double posting

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Here's a ZIP file with all the logos I was able to do - I wasn't able to remove the backgrounds on all of them unfortunately, but there's 45 files in the pack.





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On 26/12/2021 at 20:25, Warhawk8492 said:

I need these logos on the provided background, thanks in advance


Hopefully these work! I tried to give different color variants and verisons because why not? :D
If there's anything I missed, do let me know! I'll take another go at it


uw2yubm.jpg 5fkpIP4.jpg HW1WnQq.jpg wfCgVuO.jpg X8s3WA5.jpg

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