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Lou Reed and Metallica recorded an album together

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On 09/04/2021 at 11:41, metalman said:

I think people tend to find things a bit better when they hear it first time. I dug up this thread because I was looking for something about Metallica and I was amused to see the amount of people in the Death Magnetic thread giving it 10/10 or saying it was their favourite album ever. Wonder if they still feel the same way...

I was probably one of them, and no. I'd only rank it better than Kill Em All and St Anger.

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Putting it out there, and it is a wacky, some might say KERAAZYY idea, but because people like their music? Just....throwing it out there.

Jesus Christ. People like music for all different reasons. Metallica would probably be pretty awesome if you wanted to go to a concert and head bang and rock the shit out. The Chemical Brothers would

I always wondered why Linekles never posted in the music forum and I guess it must be because he heard Lou Reed and Metallica and now assumes that’s what all music is like. Silly Linkles, not all

I honestly didn't completely hate it. 

I know it's ten years ago...

But I mean, it was kinda just some heavy rock with Lou Reed, didn't bother me too much. 

I love the Velvet Underground, and I love Lou Reed's solo album Transformer but maybe wouldn't count myself a huge Lou Reed fanboy (give me Iggy Pop or Bowie any day). I really don't Metallica, just not my cup of tea when it comes to metal. As far as big four of thrash goes I'll fuckin take Anthrax and Slayer (acknowledging the weird right wing shit associated with Slayer) any day. 

I do get the appeal of Metallica though. For people that grew up in the 80s and 90s I can see where they thought they were such a cool heavy take no shit metal band. They seemed fresh and exciting, and obviously did something right because they're fucking huge. I guess you can't expect people to record insane thrash forever but my god Metallica went from this cool sorta "my friends older brother gets high and listens to this in his shitty van" to "this is just watered down ass". 


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I remember really digging Death Magnetic for a while, not been back to it for a good few years though. For me, Metallica are now just a 'oh cool, they are headlining this festival' type band. You know you'll get the majority of the classics, and their last couple of releases were perfectly fine and have some tracks that work well live.


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Death Magnetic's fine but I think I prefer Hardwired to it. I struggle to remember the singles off Death Magnetic but Hardwired had Atlas, Rise! and Moth Into Flame, which I thought were both pretty good tracks.

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