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Americas Most Wanted

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I got it yesterday, was bored, looking for something new. It's actually quite fun. Don't whinge to me about the politics of it all, I really don't care. It's a game. And as a game, I find it enjoyable. It's not just Osama and Saddam, tehre's Casey Webber, Jamal Something or other, a bunch of them. It's not terribly complex, goes back to old school first eprson shooters, collect ammo, shoot bad guys, get health, shoot more bad guys, get weapon, shoot bad guys etc. Fairly linear. And at the end of the level you have to go into a fistfight with the guy you're trying to bring in. Again, quite basic, but it's fun nonetheless.

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Seen wutie a few screens of it graphics dont look amazing

I think its a trick by Americans to get Bin laden to try and sue em for using him without his permission that way when he goes to sue they can capture him!! HA HA

I aint seen it for sale in England but if in ireland it should be out here

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