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Not another one? Gah.

*sticks fingers in ears*

And what's with the rap like music at the beginning?

I guess they weren't content pretending to be punk, so they'd give rap a try, and hopefully attract that audience as well. <_<

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GYS said it perfectly, its crap no matter what way you slice it. The only song ive ever liked from them was the Undergrads Theme, but maybe cause that show was awesome.

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I'm so glad I go to a school where most of the people hate and mock Good Charlotte.

But anyway -- *The song starts.* OH JESUS CHRIST WHAT THE HELL IS THIS? WORST. PAIN. EVER.

... I'm so glad Seattle rock radio has realized that Good Charlotte sucks so I will never stumble upon this wretched song again.

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About time! Man I've been waiting forever for their new album! Their music is so true and dear, it's so revelant, man this is awesome.

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I saw them at the Warped Tour reunion show. They sucked and sounded particularly bad, techinically, aswell.

Whats worse is they were on the second mainstage, located 70 feet from the first mainstage.

They were playing Mainstage 2 at 5:00, and Bad Religion was playing Main Stage 1 at 5:30 So I had to sit there and listen to their set as I waited for Bad Religion, or I'd have been in the back of the crowd.

Here's the response Good Charolette got from the rest of the Bad Religion crowd...


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