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Godfatha does WCW 1996


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When I was a kid there was no WWF, there was no WCW, no ECW, only territories. And even then, up here in Canada, they were few and far between aside from Stampede Wrestling and later on the AWA up here in Winnipeg. But from my first sight of seeing Mad Dog Vachon had me hooked on wrestling. It was never enough to dedicate my life to as we were so isolated but whenever I had the chance, I would catch a show. I grew up and wrestling took a side step for school. As a kid, I would make no bones about being a wrestling fan; the kids at that point hadn’t really known about it so I was more of an educator than a person who was mocked. I didn’t know how it worked and for all intents and purposes, to me it was a work. I could never really answer the question of how they were able to withstand punches to the face and slams on what appeared to be a hard mat. But to me it didn’t matter, as I was able to see entertainment in what was its purest form for me.

As the years grew by, I knew that it was fake but my interest never waned. Whenever someone would overhear me talking about the next episode of Stampede Wrestling they would quite cynically quip, “You know it’s fake right? I mean, they don’t hit each other and it’s all scripted.” I would just ignore the ignorance seeping from that person as I knew there was no way I would be able to educate this man, so I would just calmly say “So are movies, yet you still enjoy them.” That’s the line. Man, that was the line that I would use and it would shut all the doubters up. They would never be able to come up with a rebuttal as they knew movies were fake and scripted. For the most part, wrestling itself told a story, not just in the interviews, but in the matches. As I grew up, I could understand the stories told, I cheered who I liked and booed who I hated, I was captivated. I had wanted to be a pro wrestler but I had to think realistically as my dad always told me it was a lonely and often painful existence. So that little fantasy dream had to take a slide for something more realistic that would enable me to put food on the table.

As I made my way through University, I played a lot of football. I guess it allowed me to take out some aggressions as any kid that age would tell you. I wasn’t spectacular but it’s something I liked. I was always the person who would always give medical advice for any sort of minor injuries and the coaches appreciated that. I had always wanted to be a doctor and I thought that I wouldn’t mind being a sports doctor as I would be doing what I loved: helping people and enjoying sports. When it came time to write the MCAT I felt pretty good about it, I had a feeling I would get into the interview stage and I would be set.

Then it happened, it was my third year of medicine and I was doing my rotations, proctology is something I don’t want to do and I could tell my third day in this awful 3 week rotation. But that night I had heard about something big being promoted on Closed Circuit television: Wrestlemania. It was the first time I had heard of it as I had been a hermit from wrestling due to med school being harder than I thought. My friend John Stashburger and I decided to check it out; this was before Pay Per View so we had to go to a local bar that was hosting it. After listening to a patron recap the storyline between Hogan and Piper I was hooked. I was so fascinated by this concept of showcasing a wrestling event to all of North America, my interest in wrestling, specifically the WWF, instantly peaked again. At the end of this year, I knew what I wanted to declare my specialty in: sports medicine. At first it was because of football, but this spectacle known as Wrestlemania had me hooked in so many ways.

Four years later, I graduated, I was now a sports doctor. I could have applied with the Blue Bombers or started my own practice, but I figured, if I failed in my dream, I could always fall back on that. For me, if I couldn’t be a wrestler, I had to be involved in the business. I had to be a part of this WWF phenomenon. On May 12, 1988, the WWF came to Winnipeg. Headlined by Randy Savage vs. Ted DiBiase for the WWF Championship, I made sure that I would be there. I used my connection with John who works in the arena as security to try and get me backstage. I figure this would be my best chance to get my name out. Prior to the event starting he allowed me backstage. What I saw absolutely blew my mind. I saw the good guys and bad guys hanging out with each other. In my awe and amazement at what happened I heard it:

"Get that fucking mark out of here NOW!"

I look over and see George “the Animal” Steele, who would be facing Jim “The Anvil” Neidhart later on, popping Clorets in his mouth for the green tongue effect. This of course shocked me even more, but I mustered enough strength to state:

"I’m…here to apply for a position. As a sports doctor. I just graduated from medical school here in Canada and I’m willing to get a work Visa and move and relocate and…"

Steele cut me off and he could sense my zeal and anxiousness as he laughed and put his big hairy arm around me. We started walking and I saw other wrestler’s getting ready. I could see Savage lacing up his boots, Rick Rude spraying his hair and Koko B. Ware and Heenan working out their match for later on tonight.

"Vince has been looking for more doctors, he’s not here now, but tomorrow we’re going to Omaha, then Hartford, after that you can go see Vince McMahon".

I couldn’t believe why Steele was doing this, why was he so friendly to me when he heard I was a sports doctor?

"But he’s just an announcer…"

Steele laughed a hearty laugh and said:

"Kid, you got a lot to learn about this business."

So began my tenure with the WWF, it’s a date I’ll never forget, May 12, 1988.

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I'll be brief since I knew the basics of the story and came up with the catchy subtitle, but it sets up for what should be an interesting ride. I was still markish in this phase in real life, so it'll be a challenge to see if you can make me remember that time or not, at least through the eyes of someone unfamiliar to the business anyway. Good luck with this, and if your booking is the way you say it is, I willl return and feast on your entrails or something <_<

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Good work GF, the backstory was fuckin' awesome and I love retro diaries. I'm looking forward to the rest of this! :thumbsup:

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Don't forget a Koko B. Ware sighting ;)

The backstory isn't done yet. I'm going out of town today but I'll be back on Friday. I hope to have it done sometime then.

Thanks for all the positive feedback. I hope I can live up to the potential you all are giving it.

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Guest Ringmaster

I like the whole feel to the backstory. It's not the average "random rich guy buys WWF/E and runs it". And after what you told me I'm intrigued to see what its all about as well.

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May 14, 1988.

Today would be the day that I would meet Vince McMahon. The home of the WWF was in Stamford. We arrived in Hartford that day and everyone wished me good luck with my meeting with Vince. I still didn’t understand why everyone was so nice to me, a mark, when kayfabe was all the rage. I went to the Hertz terminal in the Bradley International Airport of Hartford. I picked up a modest Ford Taurus and proceeded to drive down to Stamford Connecticut myself. After checking into the Stamford Marriott I unpacked my things, sat down and called the number that I was given by Steele.

" Vince McMahon’s office, how may I direct your call?"

"Uh, hi. I was given this number by George Steele and he told me to ask for Mr. McMahon. It’s about a job as a sports physician."

"Oh…yes. Well, Mr. McMahon prefers to meet his clients in person, so how about we set up a meeting then?"

"That’d be great. When is Vince free?"

"Well, if you’re out of town we can arrange for you to fly over and stay at a hotel at our cost"

Shit…why did I have to be so fucking hasty?!

"Umm, actually I’m already in town and I can meet Mr. McMahon anytime."

"Oh perfect, how does tomorrow morning at 9am sound?"

"It sounds great!"

"What hotel are you staying at so we can send a pickup for you?"

"The Stamford Marriott."

"OK, perfect, it will be there at 8:30am. Please make certain you’re on time."

"I will, thanks."

Why the hell was he seeing me first thing in the morning? There’s no way I could have been this special or important, I just graduated from medical school. I was wet behind the ears. Still, it was quite the ego booster that I was important enough for Mr. McMahon to see me first thing in the morning.

I tried to sleep that night but I couldn’t. I just lied there overanalyzing everything in my bed. Why did I have to be so good in my psychiatry rotation?! Damn them, it’s because of that I’ve been so analytical. I knew I wouldn’t be able to sleep for awhile, so I turned on the television. Paul Hogan was on the Tonight Show with Johnny Carson talking about his upcoming sequel, Crocodile Dundee 2. This of course led me to think of the Immortal Hulk Hogan. In the 2 days I was on the house show circuit, I have not had the pleasure of meeting him yet. I had had enough of Hogan’s annoying accent so I turned off the television.

I woke up at 4:47 that morning. I couldn’t sleep any longer. So I took an extra long shower and got myself ready. I made sure I had everything, my medical license, my CV, and anything else of importance. I headed on down for an early breakfast in the hotel’s restaurant while I waited for the limousine.

When I finally arrived at the outskirts of Vince’s office I was scared. I had no reason to be since all the wrestlers told me I was lock as a doctor, but I guess since I’m meeting the man who created this entire empire of the WWF, I would be a little nervous.

"Sir…excuse me…sir…Mr. McMahon will see you now."

I walked through the doors to see an enormous office of Vince McMahon Jr. Vince had a large oak desk which, despite its massive size, was barely containing all the papers that Vince was shuffling through. On each side of the office there were all sorts of exotic plants on each side of the giant room. There was a water cooler right beside Vince and his trash can was overflowing with paper and paper cups.

Jeez, the recycling company would make a fortune here.

I couldn’t help but notice on one wall was a giant portrait of Vince himself on the wall. I stared at it for a second but not for too long lest Vince catch me staring at him.

"Ah, so you’re the doctor who the wrestler’s have been praising about! Come in, sit down. Can I get Gladys to get you anything?"

"Uh..no sir. I feel like I’ve said this a million times, but here goes, I really would like a position in this company as a physician. I just graduated and even though I live in Canada, I’m willing to get a work visa, move here in Stamford, become a citizen, whatever it takes. "

"Whoa, whoa, slow down now. I’m a very busy man, as you can understand. But lemme cut to the chase: We need physicians. Young ones, fresh young ones like you."

"Why, one would think you want experienced ones."

"Well, the truth is that older doctors are more settled with lives, families and whatnot. The fact is our doctors have to travel with us in every single house show and event. That’s a lot of traveling for an experienced doctor to handle and it would take quite a toll so not many are willing to do that. But the fact that you showed such enthusiasm for the job that you’re willing to make so many concessions proves my point entirely. Bottom line is, our old doctors are now getting to the point where the stress is catching up with them. We need new doctors now."

"Well, Mr. McMahon, I’d be willing to travel all over. I’ve loved wrestling since I was young so I wouldn’t even think of it as trouble, I’d think of it as a privilege."

"Privilege huh? Yeah….that it is."

A sort of sneer entered his face and his voice was a sort of growl when he said that. Of course at the time I didn’t care as I was just too happy to have a job in my dream company.

"Oh, before you go, I want to give you this man’s contact information. His name is George Zahorian. Talk to Gladys, then talk to him. It’s imperative you do that otherwise you can’t have this position. Do you understand that?"


"Good. Please shut the door on the way out."

Vince was chuckling as he said good and he had this dark look on his face. I didn’t know what to make of that. He picked up the phone as I closed his office. Regardless of what just transpired, as of now, I was an employee of the World Wrestling Federation.

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November 2, 1993

I had been working with the company now for five years. Because of my eagerness to learn the business inside out, I was now the number one physician in the company. Because of this, I was no longer seen as a doctor, but now as a friend to wrestlers and creative alike. I had never really pitched ideas at first but when Hulk Hogan really liked my ideas that I would pitch to him during our weekly chats when he would visit my office for his checkup, I decided to go to Vince and tell my ideas. It wasn’t good at first but it was just for Hogan to win the title at Wrestlemania 9. It didn’t really pan out. Now Hogan was gone from the company off to film some beach television show. I guess the reason for that thought was due to me still being in awe of Hogan. There was no reason to be though because I had been seeing him for 4 years before he left. Every week I would deliver him the medication from Dr. Zahorian and Hogan would thank me. But it wouldn’t just be about business, the last time we talked, it was his daughter Brooke and how despite her age, she may have the lead singing role in her Sunday School choir.No one else knew what Hogan and I did each week, but no one asked. It was strange though that no other wrestler ever received a package from Dr. Zahorian through me. But I figure with Hogan being the top guy in the WWF and because of the grueling schedule, it was just pain medication.

That night I got in my 1992 Porsche 968 and drove home. It was a long day but the house show schedule was all done for the week. This whole concept of Monday Night RAW was starting to take off, although that awful Manhattan Center was a tank. As a doctor I felt like I would catch 9 different venereal diseases just walking to the urinal. But it was good to be home in Stamford. I had become a US citizen a few years ago and am now a dual citizen so I won’t be hassled whenever I go back home to visit friends and family. As I got out of my car and put the keys in the door an overwhelming sense of relief hit me. I was home, safe and sound.

I picked up my mail from the past week and set it on the desk. There was nothing of note, some JC Penney catalogue, a few flyers and a couple of useless coupons that allowed me to save ten cents on a can of spinach. I poured myself a rye and coke and sat down to watch some TV. I saw a commercial for the movie Super Mario Brothers and I promptly changed the channel. Robin Williams had just finished talking to Jay Leno about his upcoming movie Mrs. Doubtfire while Jay told us to wait for Tim Burton as he talks about the success of The Nightmare Before Christmas. Well, one out of three good movies isn’t bad I guess.

The next morning I was disturbed from my peaceful sleep by a phone call at 8:34 am.


”We have to talk to you now immediatly. It’s very important, we will be arriving at your location at 9:30am. Goodbye.”

I lay there in bed, still half-asleep and hung over, silence gripped me until I heard that click and the dialtone.


I managed to drag myself out of bed and into the shower, sure enough at 9:30 my doorbell rang. Had any of my fellow physicians seen me they would have laughed at my dress despite the fact I had a brand new sports car and a 3 story house. I answered the door and three men in jet black suits were standing at my door.

”My name is Agent Steve Wickstrom and these are my partners Agent Colin Mendes, and Agent Aaron Taylor. May we step in to talk to you for a moment?

They all flashed me their badges and even though I had never seen a real FBI badge I could tell they were real in the same way you can tell if a passport is real despite the fact you have no idea what to look for.

I gathered them all in the living room.

”What’s this all about?”

”Do you work for the World Wrestling Federation as their sports physician?”

”Yeah, I do. Why?”

“Have you been in contact with Dr. Zahorian? Have you received anything from him?”

”Yes, Mr. McMahon told me to see him as he had intimate knowledge of the wrestlers’ medical conditions.”

“Did you receive any packages from Dr. Zahorian?”

”Yeah…pain medication for one of my wrestlers.”


Of course now it hit me that I should have been a bit more discrete in my answers. I didn’t have to tell them a damn thing but I was still confused, tired and hung over; it’s too late to take back what I said, but I’ll be damned if I give out any more information before I know what’s going on.

“I can’t tell you that I’m sorry. It’s the doctor-patient confidentiality agreement.”

”Alright, since you’re the head physician, is it safe for us to assume that you have seen all the wrestlers at one point?”

”I’m not saying anything. I want my lawyer.”

The agents then talked amongst themselves for a few seconds, then Agent Wickstrom leaned over to me.

“Let me be blunt, we know about Dr. Zahorian. We’ve tapped his phone lines and your name was mentioned several times in his conversations with Vince McMahon. You say you were delivering pain medication, have you ever even opened one of those packages up?”

”No, like I said, there’s no reason to.”

“You’ve been delivering steroids to a Terry Bollea for 4 years, we could charge you right now if we want to. Your medical career would be over and in turn your life…over. We have all the evidence as the phone taps tell us everything about you. We can fucking destroy your life right here, right now if we wanted to if you don’t play ball.”

”What? No, that….that can’t be. Oh my God…oh…fuck. Don’t, don’t arrest me please. I didn’t know; I was just delivering them to him. I was a normal doctor, I didn’t traffic anything.”

“Lucky for you, we don’t care about small time people like you. We’re going after the bigger fish, your boss, Vince McMahon.”

”What? Vince? Why?!”

“We have reason to believe that Vince McMahon was allowing wrestlers to take steroids and even providing them with sources to get these drugs. Now unfortunately for us, Dr. Zahorian has never talked to Vince McMahon specifically about steroids but we do know that Dr. Zahorian deals out steroids. As you can see, there isn’t enough to go beyond reasonable doubt. This is where you come in. We want you to testify against Vince McMahon in exchange for full immunity on your part.”

”What…oh…Jesus. I…I can’t. I don’t know if I can. My job…I’ll be blackballed from the medical community.”

“Don’t worry about that, we’ll take care of you, we’ll provide you with a new name, new identity and even a new medical licence so you can relocate and still practice. You won’t be touched by us ever again so long as you keep your nose clean. Now, do we have a deal, or should we indict you as well?”

I didn’t know what to say, I lowered my head and in a resigned voice I accepted. I would be turning my back on the man who allowed me to accomplish my dream.

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On Friday, November 19, 1993, Vince McMahon was indicted for the charges I was told about by the three FBI agents. Part of the deal that I signed was that I wasn’t allowed to tip off anyone about what had transpired. Let me tell you, those two weeks were the hardest two weeks of my life.

On May 30, 1994, I testified against my boss, Vince McMahon. My name wasn’t on the list as I would be a surprise witness called in case things were going sour for the prosecution. They were as their evidence was shrouded in contradictions, as I appeared I could see the look in Vince’s eyes and suddenly it all became clear:

Vince wanted young doctors because they’d be easily corrupt by the easy money they’d be getting. He knew that after medical school they’d be near broke with student loans and if flashed a lot of money they’ll damned near break the Hippocratic Oath if they had to. He also knew that more experienced doctors are more likely to be suspicious and thus might turn in Vince. He knew that younger doctors would be more likely to follow the very rules they were indirectly breaking by not asking too many questions (as they wanted to keep the cash coming in) and by not looking in any of the packages. Yet here I was testifying against him. The knowledge that I had would be dangerous, but luckily, despite the fact that I was testifying against my boss, I didn’t want to destroy his life and family. To say that I lied would be a wrong as I didn’t, I just stated only the bare minimum when it came to questions and I pleaded the Fifth Amendment a few times. God Bless America.

Finally, on July 16, 1994, after 16 hours of deliberation, the jury found Vince McMahon innocent of the charges brought against him. Dr. Zahorian would later be found guilty of twelve counts related to illegal steroid distribution. I was happy that Vince survived that aftermath but I was worried about the aftermath, what if the Government wouldn’t live through their promises? In my deep thought, Vince approached me with anger and hurt in his eyes. The look of relief and satisfaction went away the minute he saw me. He looked at me and said:

“You’re fired. You’ll never work for our company again. You’ve betrayed me, you’ve betrayed everyone. And for what? Nothing. You’ve destroyed your only chance at achieving your dream. Goodbye and good luck with the rest of your life.”

Vince walked away saying nothing else. The federal attorneys approached me and we had things to discuss.

June 7, 1996

It had been two years since I even watched a wrestling program. The feds lived up to their deal and I am now living in Virginia enjoying my life. I’m married and kids will be in production soon. I’ve set up a practice as a family doctor and I’m doing things I couldn’t do during my tenure in the WWF, like playing the game of golf. Let me tell you, Virginia has some beautiful courses down here.

While riding my mower my wife stepped out with the phone in her hand.

”Honey, it’s for you.”

”Thanks, who is it?”

”I’m not sure, he didn’t say.”


“Ah, there he is. How are you?”

”I’m fine, who are you and what do you want?”

”How would you like to be in the wrestling business again?”

Shit, what the hell?

”How did you find out about that?!”

”Relax don’t worry. Trust me, there will be no illegal misdoings here, and whatever you were making in the WWF we can triple it.”

”How can I be certain of this?

”Well why don’t you come on down then, and we can put it in your contract so everything will be nice and 100% legal.

I’m not going to make the same mistake I did nearly 8 years ago.

”Fine, I’ll come on down to meet you, but only if you fly me down and pay for my accommodations.”

“I understand that and it’s done. Fly down to Atlanta, and we’ll reimburse you for the money spent.”

”Great, now, who are you and why do you want me?”

”My name is Eric Bischoff, and I work for WCW. I want to hire you for the position of head physician and personal assistant to me.”


“Ah…yes, that was worded improperly. Let’s just say, you and I will be spending a lot of time together, I’m the head booker of WCW and I’m interested in you being my partner in booking WCW.”

Holy shit, booking WCW. I knew of them but I wasn’t really impressed of what they were doing. The Dungeon of Doom? Yikes. But still, I can’t really turn down this job as they’re going to pay me triple of what I made at the WWF, I’ll be able to practice and help to run WCW.

”I’ll agree to meet you, I’ll be there tomorrow, but my wife will be with us as well.”

”Of course, I understand.

”Just one more question, why do you want me?”

”It’s simple, I already hired two of Vince’s biggest stars, so I’ve already said “fuck you” on a talent wise standpoint, but with the hiring of you, what better way is there to say “fuck you” to Vince than to hire a man who knows all of his secrets?”

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Hol-y Shit. That there was my 2nd Favourite backstory (2nd to LAW) and now I'm interested to see what you can do with the shows. But just from the subtitle I'm assuming you'll be hiring Randy Orton. Oh hell Yes. for the first time in a long time let me just say.

COME ON WCW :thumbsup:

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The next day I’m at the parking lot of WCW Headquarters. My wife is sitting beside me looking anxious and a bit upset that I would even consider Eric’s offer. She knew of my past and certainly did not want me jeopardizing my future again. For this time it’s not just my future, it’s hers and any future children’s. The chauffeur opened our doors and welcomed us to WCW Headquarters. It certainly looks a lot more extravagant than the Titan Towers I became familiar with, but with Ted Turner financing your company, what do you expect.

As we walked in the building, something caught my eye, Diesel and Razor Ramon, or their incarnations as Kevin Nash and Scott Hall. Underneath there was something about the Invasion from up north. I knew that Nash and Hall were hired by WCW but this was a brilliant strategy by Bischoff; making it as if Hall and Nash came from the WWF to invade WCW.

I started to walk towards the elevator when I pulled out the poorly scribbled note in my pocket. It told of what floor Eric was on…

”Top floor, figures…” I mumbled to myself.

When I got to the top of the building, everything looked a lot different than Vince’s head office. OK, well there’s still a secretary but everything seemed a lot more relaxed. I saw Ted Turner’s gap-toothed smile looking right at me instead of the stern gaze of Vince McMahon and I knew that it would be a better environment working for WCW.

”Southern comfort.” I muttered to myself.

Eric opened the door to greet us. He was grinning a wide grin wearing a WCW t-shirt, a leather jacket and really, really tight blue denim jeans.

”Come in doctor! Come in! And…oh wow. This must be your wife, wow, she truly is a lot more gorgeous in person. Please, come in and sit down. Make yourselves at home, anything you want, ANYTHING, just name it and it’s yours.”

As soon as I walked into Eric’s office I could notice a difference in between his and Vince’s. Instead of what seemed like millions of disorganized papers on his desk, a giant takeout coffee cup stood on Eric’s desk. The latest copy of USA was on it and that was it. There was a lot more plant life surrounding the desk than Vince’s. And it wasn’t just the basic simple plants, they were exotic with differing colors and some with giant leaves. It seemed strange that Vince was busy working on who knows what and Eric is just…sitting with his coffee and his paper.

”So…I told you the offer, what’s it going to be?

”OK, Eric,….”

”Don’t you dare get my husband involved in any funny business. So help me God if you do!!!!”

”Relax, the main reason why I want him is not for his medical skills, but for him to aid me in booking WCW. As you know, we’re about to turn a corner here, people are starting to be attracted by what we’re doing. I saw this invasion angle in Japan and I’m convinced it can work here.” He chuckled here…We’re gonna use Vince’s own guys against him and bury him! And I want you to help me do it. Make him regret firing you!”

”Why do you think I’ll even be a good booker?”

”Well, Terry was telling me about the ideas that you had when you and him were together in the WWF and he thought they were pretty good.”

”Wait…Terry…Bollea? Is he here?”

Eric chuckled again and said ”Oh, no he’s not. But should you accept you’ll be working very closely with him.” He pointed to my wife “and not with drugs I assure you. Like I said, you’ll be booking with me and if things turn out in the positive end for WCW, you might even be head booker.”

”What makes you think I’m qualified? Why can’t you do this, or one of your staff members?”

”Well the reason why I can’t do it is because I know business is starting to pick up and I won’t be able to handle booking and dealing with the execs. It’ll be too much for me and I’ll burn out too quickly. I mean look at me already, I dye my hair because of all the stress.” Eric chuckled at that, I don’t know why. It’s not that funny, maybe he just likes chuckling. ”As for my staff members, the answer is simple, we have a lot of Vince’s former stars, stars who worked with you. You know them better than anyone on my creative team, you’ll know how to work with them. You’ll have writers and everything, you won’t be doing everything alone! You’ll also have your own assistant named Sophie. Sophie can you come in here?”

In walked this stunning woman with legs as long as a palm tree. My wife, God bless her, was right beside me, and while she was attractive, this Sophie character was just….fucking hot. I looked over at my wife with this goofy grin on my face; I wish I could say she had that expression as well, but she didn’t. To say she gave me the scowling of a lifetime would be an understatement. As soon as I saw my wife my grin went away.

”Uh, Eric, I appreciate the offer, I really do. But I’m not so certain I want to get back in the business. I mean, you’re offering me my dream and with tremendous dream, but…I’ve got to think about my family.”

”Well here’s the thing, you just have to be in the city for Nitro, and the PPV. That’s it. Sophie can handle the house show booking. You can move your family here, I mean, Virginia isn’t too far from Atlanta. And if you want, you can still have your practice here.”

”Eric, I have to know, how did you find me?”

”Come on, I knew of you for awhile now. And with Turner’s money and his connections in the government, you’d have to be naïve to think I wouldn’t find you!” Once again, he chuckled at that.

”And you said he’ll be paid…how much?”

I looked at my wife with a shocked look. Well, I guess money does talk.

Eric had a sly grin on his face ”$3.6 million a year."

With that both me and my wife just stopped moving. We were stunned at that announcement. Damn, Bischoff loves spending Turner’s money.

”So for only…5 days a week, he gets $3.6 million a year?!”

”That’s right. Eric leaned back and kicked his feet up on the desk smiling. ”So what’ll it be?

”When would I start?

”Well if you could, right now, there’s some things I want to talk about our next event, Bash at the Beach. But that’s only if you agree, we can work out a contract at a latter date with our lawyers.”

I looked over at my wife, and I knew she wanted me to take it. So I nodded my head. My wife then shook Eric’s hand and told me she’d meet me back at the hotel.

”Well, what’ve you got in mind Eric?

”It’s Bash at the Beach, as you know I’ve got Hall and Nash invading WCW and Sting, Luger and Savage will defend WCW at the Bash. But I need a third person, once I get that we can work on the rest of the card.”

”Did you have anyone in mind?”

”Yeah, I had Bret Hart in mind as his contract was up with the WWF, but he just signed with Vince. So now I don’t know what to do.”

”I’ve got an idea Eric….”

And with that we set work on the Bash at the Beach card for next month. It would be my first show that I booked.

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Nah I ain't gonna hire Orton, he was 16 at this point in time ;)

WCW Nitro: Greensboro Coliseum, 5.68 Rating, 5014 tickets sold, $200560 in ticket sales.

Well, the Bash at the Beach was done, The Horsemen turned face and Hogan turned heel. The n.W.o was born and I couldn’t be prouder. It was my idea that allowed all of this to start. Of course when people saw it people proclaimed Eric as the genius but I knew it was all me. The next night would be the toughest, Greensboro, South Carolina. My first booked show in Nitro. I was still relatively new at this as Bischoff figured that people will tune into Nitro regardless so it didn’t matter if it was a bad show so long as the announcers hyped what happened the night before. He figured it would be a safe night for me to book my first show. As 6:57 drew closer and closer I got more and more scared, I didn’t want to disappoint Eric otherwise I’ll never be allowed to book again and I’ll be stuck as a doctor, still, the $3.6 million a year was quite nice.

The pyro hit and the Nitro theme music played all across the arena, I sat in the gorilla position with my headphones on so I could hear the announcers. Rey Mysterio Jr. flashed me a good luck sign as Ultimo Dragon headed out to the ring.

Tony: ”Welcome everyone to a new era in WCW! This promises to be one of the most historic Nitro’s…..in WCW history. Hulk Hogan is here tonight to further explain his actions by aligning himself with the n.W.o and most importantly, address his intentions. Also tonight is Arn Anderson taking on Scott Hall, and the mega event we have for you with Sting and Luger taking on Hogan and Nash! With me as always, is the Brain himself, Bobby Heenan.”

Heenan:”You got that right Schiavone, did I call it last night or what? I said it as soon as Hogan came out, ‘who’s side is he on?!’ I knew it from my years with Hogan that he was no good and this proves me right…..as always.”

The camera then stopped focusing on the announcers and panned above the ring to see Ultimo Dragon standing in the ring already. Rey Mysterio Jr.’s music hit the speakers and fans rose to their feet.

Tony:”Hooo boy, what a way to kick off Nitro then to see our cruiser division showcase their talent. We’ve got two of the best in Rey Mysterio and Ultimo Dragon. And here…we…go.”

Rey Mysterio Jr. vs. Ultimo Dragon

The crowd silenced themselves as they began to watch two of the most interesting cruisers to ever grace the WCW ring. That’s something I noticed about that ring, it’s definitely too small. I never liked it but I was in no shape to complain since I was just hired. Rey and Ultimo locked up in a traditional collar-and-elbow lockup. After a series of arm drags by both wrestlers, reversals, and flips, it was clear both men were at a stalemate. The crowd started to warm up to the match.

Tony:”Folks we are told that this match is for a shot at the Cruiserweight title which was successfully defended by Dean Malenko last night. The winner of this match and Malenko will hook it up at Road Wild. And Mysterio with a beautiful hurricurana! He covers Dragon, hooks the leg!!!!! No, he only gets two.”

Heenan: “You know that Mysterio, he’s a great athlete. Wrestling is in his blood. He never married anyone because he doesn’t know how to put the ring on her finger.”

That Heenan, even still, he loved to crack wise cracks. After some more back and forth action, Mysterio managed to steal the victory with a flying hurricurana.

Tony:”And hoo boy, look who’s coming out now. It’s the Cruiserweight Champion Dean Malenko and he does not look happy.”

Heenan:”Does he ever look happy Schiavone? Does he ever look sad?!”

Malenko stood in the ring with Mysterio, the title draped across his shoulder as he stared at Mysterio’s eyes. He extended his hand for a handshake but decked Mysterio with a clothesline during the shake. Then just as he walked in, he walked out of the ring looking as cool as ice. The feud was set for Road Wild.

****1/4, 83%, 67%, 99%

Tony:Folks stay tuned, we’re getting word that the n.W.o will be joining us, next. Don’t forget, Anderson and Hall and Luger and Sting take on Nash and Hogan!”

I stood at the gorilla position as the folks were counting down from commercial. All of a sudden the porno music of the n.W.o. hit and out walked the three men. Hall did that stupid airplane walk while Nash stood really tall lifting up his fingers. Hogan played the guitar but he still looked like a wrinkly, old, mess. Regardless, I still admired Hogan.

Interview with the n.W.o

Tony:”Well folks, here they are, the New World Order standing in the ring, our ring, WCW’s ring.”

Hogan” Ya know somethin’ boys? Ever since last night, all you fans have been booing the Hulkster. You all told me that I’ve turned my backs on all of you. I’ve turned my backs on you?! Well lemme tell you somethin’ brother, when I was done my time up North, I wanted to be done with wrestling. But I came back, I came to WCW, and what did I get? A pathetic ticker tape parade. No one cheered when I came to WCW and ripped off my shirts brother. So the way I see it is, you fans didn’t care. So if you didn’t care about me, why should I care about you? Or you guys in the booth. Why should I care about WCW as a whole? As far as I’m concerned, you people can just STICK IT~! The n.W.o doesn’t care about you guys and that’s why we’re here, to destroy what is WCW.”

Hall:”…Heeyyy yooo.” The crowd cheers. ”It goes like this meng….we here at the n.W.o are taking over. We wanna see who can step up, and who will be crushed. As far as we’re concerned, we’re gonna see a lot more people joining us, but lemme tell you, we will only accept the best of what this company has to offer. So Flexy Lexy, The Sting Man, Flair….we’re waiting.”

Nash:”Well, this is WCW huh?! This is where the Big Boys play? Well lemme tell you, we’ve got the biggest one of them all right here in Kevin Nash. Any of you WCW boys wanna take on a real challenger who came from up North, we’re waiting, because we’re here, and we’re here to take over.”

Nash drops the mic as they walk off.


The commercials come on again as the three men headed backstage. The Steiners and Public Enemy were standing beside me getting ready to head to the ring. I could hear the countdown and I heard Tony’s voice in my ears.

Tony:”Welcome back, powerful words from the New World Order Brain. Just powerful.”

Brain:”You got that right Schiavone. Like I said, I never liked Hogan and I told you all I was right. What did I get in return, a weasel suit.” A powerful silence stood between the announcers. Was he supposed to say that?!

Tony:”Uhh folks, remember to stay tuned tonight for Hogan and Nash taking on Sting and Luger.”

Out came Public Enemy for their match with the Steiners.

Steiners vs. Public Enemy

The fans didn’t seem to care about this one too much but then again the workrate of these guys never really gave them reason to care. This is something that must be looked at, the Steiners are fine, but man, Public Enemy.

It was your typical brawlfest between the Steiners and PE, but the Steiners would always have the fans cheering with the Steinerlines and the hot tag to the Dog faced Rick. After a few suplexes from Rick Steiner, Scott was tagged in.

Tony:”Rocco Rock here, on the top turnbuckle. He’s in danger here, and wait, watch out! Frankensteiner! Steiner with the cover, the count, the victory! Steiner Brothers win!”

**1\2, 70%, 68%, 72%

Tony:” Scott is grabbing the mic here, it looks like he wants to say a few words.”

Steiners do an interview.

Scott:”Harlem Heat, you all know what we want. You have those belts, we want a shot at ‘em. At Road Wild, it’s going to be you, and us. We’ve beaten team after team and guess what guys, you’re next!”

Rick:”That’s right Scott!” He begins to bark a bit and the crowd catches on. ”Booker T, Stevie Ray, hold on to those belts REEEEAL tight, they’re ours at Road Wild. So if you’re willing, come get some!”


Tony: “Well folks, we’re heading for a commercial break, stay tuned as WCW Nitro returns!”

Nitro was progressing well so far, people seemed to be enjoying themselves. I just hoped they would continue to do so as the night progresses.

Tony:”Welcome back folks, what a night we’ve had so far and we’re only halfway through. Stay tuned for Anderson vs. Hall and….wait a minute. I’m getting word in the back. The n.W.o are there, let’s see if we can get a camera backstage.”

The n.W.o strike

A camera in the back is shown running “Cops” style when we hear a bunch of screams. What we see is horrific. An absolutely bloody McMichael is lying motionless. Nash, Hall and Hogan are stomping his near lifeless body.

Nash: “How do you like that huh Horseman?! You’re pathetic!”

Hall picked up McMichael and put him in the Outsiders Edge. He threw him onto the hood of a car. His head smashed into the front windshield. The crowd let out a huge “OOOHHHH” and a tiny “Holy shit” chant could be heard if you’re trying to hear for it. Nash then picks up McMichael and proceeds to Jackknife McMichael on the hood but it wasn’t close enough. Nash held on as he slammed McMichael onto the car, well his head hit the car. The rest hit the pavement.

Tony: “Good God! Where are the Horsemen?!? Why aren’t they stopping this massacre?


The Giant to the rescue

Tony:” Wait just a minute. Look who’s there, it’s the Giant! The Giant is here to save McMichael!”

At the sight of the Giant, Hall and Nash backed off but Hogan stared at The Giant right in his face.

Giant:”Back off….NOW!!!!” Hogan glares at the Giant.

Hogan:”Alright, that’s enough. I gotta get ready, we all do.”

The scene fades off with medics finally able to tend to McMichael as the Giant cracks a bit of a smile.


The Horsemen talk…

We come back to air and we see Ric Flair, Arn Anderson and Chris Benoit backstage in their lockerroom.

Ric:”They did WHAT?! Well where is he now?! Why did he get to the arena now?! Where was he all day?!?!”

Ric was livid, he was saying all those questions so fast it was as if it was one giant question. You can bet he threw off his jacket and was jumping around while talking.

Arn:”Mongo said he wanted to go out and explore Greensboro on his own. I hadn’t seen him since. He must have gotten here before us.”

Ric:”Well why the hell weren’t we informed of all of this?! Why didn’t anyone knock on our door when it happened?! Why did they knock on our door now!?”

Arn:”I dunno Ric, you were the one who came in and told us the news. Why didn’t you come in sooner?

Ric:”What, you think I wanted that to happen?! I’m Ric Flair, this is the Horsemen, I’m the LEADER of the Horsemen. And right now we’re crippled because of the n.W.o. Get out of here!” Flair pushes out the camera man as Arn leaves the room.


Tony:”Folks stay with us, Arn Anderson will be taking on Scott Hall. Next!”

As we come back we see Scott Hall take his time to get to the ring. The porno music is playing as he swaggers to the ring. Before he could even take the mic Anderson comes walking down to the ring with a purpose.

Arn Anderson vs. Scott Hall

Arn begins with a vicious series of fists to Hall. You can tell the anger in his eyes because of Hall taking out one of the Horsemen. Arn was wrestling as if he wanted to take out Hall for good.

Tony:”Huge Spinebuster!”

Bobby:”That’ll quiver your liver.”

Tony:”He’s got him pinned….no! 2 count. Oh wait a minute, wait just a minute. Ric Flair now is coming to the ring!”

Flair entered the ring. He placed the knucks on the floor outside the ring where referee Nick Patrick wouldn’t see it. He then got on the apron and started shouting “I’M RIC FLAIR DAMMIT! WHOOOOOOOOOO~!” This of course got a nice response from the crowd. When the ref’s back was turned, Arn took the knucks and plastered Hall with it.

Tony:” There it is, the cover! 1, 2, 3!!! Anderson wins!”

***1\4, 81%, 81% 81%

Bobby:”Uh oh, he’s got the mic, you know there’s trouble when he’s got the mic!”

Flair speaks…

Flair:”Hall, you think by taking out Mongo, you can take out the Horsemen?! You think you can take out WCW?! Well lemme tell ya, I made WCW baby! WOOO! I built it with my sweat and my tears and I’ll be damned if I let you take it away from me without a fight!”


The camera fades off on Flair’s face. When we come back we hear Lord Steven Regal’s music. Eddie Guerrero comes out after him in what should be a classic bout.

Eddie vs. Regal

This was a technical masterpiece for what it was. Their contrasting styles gelled perfectly as Eddie showed off his quick luchadore style but Regal easily reversed it into his slow methodical holds. The crowd started to get behind Eddie. I’m really liking these two, I could see big things in the future for both of them. When I stopped daydreaming, Eddie was climbing the top rope for the Frog Splash. 1, 2, 3. It’s over. The fans popped harder for Eddie after the match than before, hint, hint.

***1/4, 77, 65, 89

Tony:”Folks, we’ll be taking our final commercial break, when we return, Sting and Luger will take on Hollywood Hogan and Kevin Nash. Stay tuned!!!

The final commercial break was upon us, Nitro was almost done and I’d be hearing about it from Eric and the rest of the brass. I hope I did a good job.

Tony:”We’re back and uh oh, what the hell?!”

The screen cut off for the n.W.o., it was the first time it was done and the crowd really seemed to come alive. Out walked Hogan and Nash. Nash still looks like Diesel, I don’t care what anyone says. Hogan, well, he suddenly got “bigger” then when he first appeared on WCW. But at least this time, my hands were clean.

Sting and Luger came out separately. Finally, when all the dust was settled, Sting and Hogan squared off in the ring. Before any actual wrestling occurred, Hogan flexed his biceps at Sting and the crowd booed. Sting did his high pitched “wooo” with his hands cupped around his mouth. Naturally, in a Pavlovian response, it got huge cheers. Poor Lex Luger was left behind also flexing his muscles, too bad that’s the only thing he has going for him.

Sting and Hogan traded some, what would have been for other wrestlers, boring offense, but since it was Hogan and Sting the crowd ate it up. Nash tagged in, and for some reason Sting tagged in Luger. I watched in horror as these two tried to come up with a match. Although to be fair, Nash did have some decent moves in his repertoire. Luger lived up to his role in the match and was simply fodder for Nash to serve as the hot tag for Sting.

Nash:”I want that title Flexy Lexy, and I’m going to take it at Road Wild!!!”

There was supposed to be a reaction from the crowd, but there was nothing. Oh great, on my first fucking day they give me nothing to work with. Yargh…

After the hot tag Sting got decked by Hogan’s belt whipping and Luger had to carry the team. Even with all his muscles there is no way he can do that. In the end, Nash Jackknifed powerbombed Luger into the mat. There it is: 1, 2, 3.

Tony:”What a night for the n.W.o! Could this be foreshadowing of what’s to come. We’ll find out next week on WCW Nitro! Goodnight everyone!”

That’s it…it’s done. My first night as booker, was…complete.

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The show seemed rushed. The backstory was drawn out, written with detail, I could tell you were putting effort into it, but I didn't get the same impression with the show.

I don't mind summarized matches at all, but these barely even painted a picture of what was going on.

Eddie vs. Regal's pretty high up the card considering both of their positions at the time.

You could have done a lot more with the crowd responses, especially during the NWO interview. Considering Hulk Hogan had just turned his back on the World of Wrestling, showing the fans reaction to that would have been helpful.

The backstory really got my hopes up and really, that was just disappointing.

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Yeah, I felt it being a bit rushed. It's the first time writing a show so I didn't know what format felt best for me in terms of writing down matches and promos. I'm still in the feeling out period.

When I re-read it just now I feel disappointed as well. 8 pages in Word seems like a lot but then you realize that it's not enough.

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Guest Ringmaster

Well, I think the show could definitely be a little longer and more elaborated. The interviews are also a tad too short. Just remember to take your time. The readers can wait forever for a great show. It's your first time, I'm sure you'll improve.

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Done with the show and I like the style of it. You watching from backstage is a neat way to write it and I hope you keep doing that. I like your announce team. I do think you need alot more detail. Plus to be honest I hate the idea of an nWo guy losing the night after they formed. The original appeal was that they kicked so much ass and you wondered who could ever stop them. Well apparently that is Arn Anderson and some knucks :P Didn't care for that. Besides that take everyone elses advice and you are cool :)

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I think the write-ups being short made perfect sense. If you think about it, he's sitting in the gorilla position and just watching things happen, in keeping with the first person perspective. He calls all the important moves and spots of the matches, and sums up the interviews rather nicely. It seems less like a journal, and more like something that's been committed to memory, which I think is cool.

Awesome backstory, a great way to kick off the diary. I like the angle of being an uninteional drug runner and testifying against Vince. The incorporation of real-life events made it a lot better than "Eric Bischoff called me and made me booker". Thumbs up to that. The booking of the first show was a bit spotty, and a few matches seemed like throwaways for all intents and purposes. But it was good nonetheless. I'll be interested to see how some of your storylines and feuds pan out. I'll definitely check this out again.

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Thanks for the feedback. I've been doing a lot of reading and I came to the conclusion that writing a long matchup would be for naught as people tend to skim it anyways. With that said, for PPV's it will have full match descriptions.

The interviews I agree with as they should have been longer.

As for the match lengths now, cauc hit it on the head, from a storyline perspective it's all about the main points.

And for the booking, it's building to something, don't worry. ;)

WCW turning over a new leaf, but more work needs to be done.

With the biggest angle in recent wrestling history coming into fruition, most of the impact that the New World Order has made has already begun to fizzle. While Nitro wasn't a bad show, it wasn't a spectacular show that it should have been. Again, coming off a huge Pay Per View, viewers should have been kicking themselves for not ordering the Bash by watching this Nitro. Instead what happened was another ho-hum show which didn't really get over the effectiveness of the New World Order as much as it should have. Ironically, for someone like Hogan, he didn't spend enough time on the mic as he should have. As to who's decision that is, that was the wrong one.

I did however, like the angle with Mongo and the nWo along with Flair having to justify himself for his actions. It seems like something interesting is brewing there and I'm hoping that WCW takes their time with this angle and doesn't seem to fizzle out like the nWo has. Luckily, there is a way to salvage the damage done by the nWo and that's just to continue to make them out to be the destructive force they were when they first entered WCW. One little blip will mean nothing in the grand scheme of things as it's just the exception rather than the rule.

The Anderson vs. Hall match was a solid bout. I have mixed feelings about the ending though. Part of me is upset that Hall, a popular mysterious man of the nWo was jobbed out, but I'm not too upset considering AA had to do it with Knux and with Flair distracting the referee. It's a bit of a mixed bag considering that it was needed to set up Flair and Hall but it made Hall, and in turn the nWo, to look weak. But it can be fixed with a week or few of the nWo really dominating WCW.

Some people were criticizing the match of Eddie vs. Regal. I for one didn't have a problem with it as the crowd seemed to be pretty pumped up with Arn squaring off against Scott Hall. There needed to be something in there to take place in between that match and the main event. With that said, I don't feel it should have been at the expense of Eddie and Regal. Those two could be big some day and putting them may have worked against WCW by making the fans think that they shouldn't care about the masterpiece that those two put on.

The main event itself was another mixed bag for me. While it certainly gave fans incentive to watch the match (and God knows we had to hear Schiavone pimp it out so many times) it rips off the fans who pay out good money to see this match on Pay Per View. It just bothers me when these sort of things happen. While I see the need to hype Luger vs. Nash, I don't see the need to even have the match in the first place. It's not as if people will be ordering Road Wild just to see that match. Who made that decision anyways?! While it was a decent television match, there are other ways to start a feud between Luger and Flair.

And finally on a more professional note, it was extensively reported here on the Torch that Bret Hart would be the third man, we in this business can make mistakes. Sometimes my sources can be incorrect as sometimes we're working on third hand knowledge. We can confirm though that Bret Hart has just resigned a huge contract with Vince so it's unlikely we'll be seeing Bret Hart in WCW.


It appears that Steve "Mongo" McMichael may not return to WCW after his big injury angle with the nWo. We shall see if WCW acknowledges this to get over the brutal nature of the nWo or if they will just ignore it.

The WWF has recently released two of its most promising prospects in Christian Cage and Adam Copeland. My sources tell me that WCW might be interested in one or both performers.

Ric Flair has been heeling the crowds during house show tours. It's uncertain if there is a reason behind this or Flair was just riled up.

My sources tell me that Kevin Nash was complaining about his leg after his match.

Hollywood Hogan was also heard to be bragging about being the man to turn around WCW.

In an ironic note, Luger was also heard complaining that he may have torn a pectoral muscle while flexing while trying to will Sting for the hot tag. More on this as it develops.

Finally, in an odd note, there was word that a doctor was seen hanging around the gorilla position during Nitro. My sources tell me that he was not wearing the traditional white medical coat.

© Copyright 1996 by TDH Communications Inc.

Edited by Godfatha
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WCW Nitro: B.T. Hardy Stadium, Atlanta Georgia. 5036 tickets sold, $201440 in ticket sales.

Well, after one week of booking WCW Nitro I wasn’t really making any impact. I mean, I don’t think anyone even knew what I was doing besides sitting in the gorilla position waiting to see if there were any injuries. I hadn’t really heard about any complaints from anyone really although I should have asked about WCW Saturday Night. I noticed Eric didn’t tell me about that. What he didn’t tell me and what Tony didn’t mention on air is that on TBS on Saturday Nights was a miniseries called Survivor’s of the Holocaust. It would be airing every Saturday night but it promised to have extra features as well.

But all that didn’t matter as I had been at home now for some time and now Nitro was coming home to Atlanta. This is great as I had been spending a lot of time with the wife in fulfilling her goal of having a child. Damn Sophie, damn her being attractive. Still, I can confidently say I was 100% focused on my wife….99%. I don’t have to defend myself to any of you.

The entrance music for Nitro began and the crowd began to cheer wildly. About 12 seconds into it, it was cut off. The screen went black. ”What the hell?” was the statement being heard from some people in the back. All of a sudden it started to flicker and you saw Hogan’s, Nash’s, and Hall’s face on the screen.

Hall:”Hey yo, we all know, no one tuned in to see WCW. They all tuned in to see us take out WCW. No one cares about the old geezers. So stay tuned, and watch as we step up our presence and take….WCW….out.”

The pyro hit in the arena and the lights showed an entirely different set. The WCW ring was still in place, but the somewhat miniature WCW statues that stood on either side of the entrance isle had been knocked over in a haphazard manner. The WCW sign on top of the ramp had been torn off and thrown on the ground. While the two signs advertising Nitro behind the statues had a giant “X” spray painted on it in black paint.

At the top of the arena ceiling if the fans were to look above in giant spray painted letters it stated ”n.W.o. is taking over, 1 by 1.”

As the camera began to pan the crowd the colour flickered from black and white to colour as it flickered. It certainly made for an impressive visual for the fan who is tuning in to Nitro 3 minutes before RAW started. And that’s what we wanted, the hook to grab the fan. He or she might not have stayed for the entire show but if we can consistently hook them like this then maybe they’ll be converted.

Tony: “Welcome everyone to WCW Monday Night Nitro! As you can see here, we’ve…had some changes here. Certainly this has to stop now before it gets out of hand. We’ve already seen one WCW superstar destroyed last Monday Night, who knows what the n.W.o might do tonight to step up their presence?!”

Heenan:”Well who knows Schiavone, this is certainly something that everyone in the back should take notice. I mean, look at this place! Quite frankly, I’m a bit nervous just sitting here. Everyone knows how delicate I am.

Tony:”Oh yeah, we all know. Well tonight folks we’ve got ourselves quite the match, despite the n.W.o’s little sabotage, we are still carrying on with WCW Nitro! Tonight, DDP will be facing Eddie Guerrero, Chris Benoit takes on Scott Hall, and in tonight’s MEGA event, Sting and the Giant take on Nash and Hogan! What a show, folks stay tuned, we’ll be right back!”

Nitro is on their first commercial break as Psichosis and Dean Malenko stand beside me waiting for their cue. I wished them good luck as Malenko nodded his head to me as he wiped his belt.

Malenko vs. Psichosis

Tony:”Welcome back folks, and wait a minute, here comes the WCW Cruiserweight champion Dean Malenko. Psichosis stands in the ring waiting for the opportunity to try and defeat the cruiserweight champion. Just as a note, the title is not being defended here, it will be defended against Rey Mysterio Jr. at Road Wild.”

The crowd was a bit quiet here, I’m not certain if it’s because they wanted to sit back and watch the action or because the cruiserweight champion is facing off a near jobber in WCW. In either case, it would be a tough sell to try and get the crowd interested here.

This match was pure Malenko as he showed the crowd why he is the “Man of 1000 holds.” The match started off with Malenko immediately going into a headlock. As Psichosis tried to whip Malenko in the ropes to counter it, Malenko dropped to his knees forcing Psichosis down with him. As Malenko spread his legs and put his feet on the ring canvas to give himself a wider base, Psichosis hit the mat rhythmically; not to tap out but to try and get the crowd behind him, it didn’t work.

After it was clear the fans weren’t going to get behind Psichosis from a mere headlock, Malenko released the headlock and went to work on the right leg of Psichosis.

Tony:”And look at Malenko go, he’s just vicious in the ring tonight. He’s wrestling with a purpose tonight Brain.”

Heenan:”Exactly, it’s rare I see a fire in his eyes, but tonight I see it. Maybe the threat of the n.W.o has made him realize he has to defend WCW as he is a champion. Maybe he wants to be a part of the Horsemen. Who knows?!”

Malenko released the single leg Boston crab on Psichosis’ right knee. After a few intense stomps on the knee, the crowd started to sympathize with the screaming Psichosis. Malenko lifted up the knee and slammed it into the mat as Psichosis screamed in agony. Malenko repeated it again, and again.

Tony:”You see how methodical the Iceman is? He is just working on that right knee.”

Heenan:”That’s right Tony, Psichosis’ kneecap could be shattered, but Malenko doesn’t care. All he cares about is winning. He’s a machine in the ring.”

Finally, Malenko decided he had enough of Psichosis and started to latch on the Texas Cloverleaf when the crowd really started to pop. Sensing that the crowd doesn’t love him that much, Malenko stopped what he was doing and looked up.

Tony:”It’s Mysterio! Rey Mysterio Jr. is standing outside the ring with the Cruiserweight title!”

Malenko stood at the ropes screaming for Mysterio to drop the belt as it was his. Psichosis crawled as best he could to reach Malenko. Mysterio wrapped the belt around his waist. You can hear Malenko scream “”Put that down, it’s mine!” Malenko was so focused on his belt that he didn’t notice Psichosis’ head was underneath Malenko’s legs looking up. In one quick motion Psichosis grabbed Malenko’s knees and proceeded to sit up thus forcing Malenko backwards. Psichosis could barely hold Malenko down for 3 seconds but he did.

Heenan:”Oh my, he just made the biggest mistake of his life. Malenko is gotta be beside himself!”

Mysterio dropped the title and motioned to his waist that he will be the new cruiserweight champion. Malenko was seething and kicked the bottom rope.

Tony:”Folks, we’ll be right back but stay tuned, Nash and Hogan take on WCW’s Sting and The Giant!”

**1/2, 63%, 45%, 81%

As Malenko, Mysterio and Psichosis walked back I wondered why no one was standing beside me getting ready to go out. I looked at my booking sheet and I saw why.

Horsemen with Rey

The camera cuts back to the three remaining Horsemen standing in their room discussing when a knock is heard on their door. All three members stared at each other wondering who would be knocking at this hour. In sync all three turned to look at the door with suspicion in their eyes. It was quite easy to tell that after what had happened with McMichael a week ago, the n.W.o. might want to finish the job.


Flair took off his jacket and unbuttoned his cufflinks as he searched for a weapon. He settled on his plastic water bottle as he held it up with his right hand and cautiously opened the door with his left hand.

Flair:”Alright you n.W.o. pieces of scum. You guys wanna deal with the Naitcha Boy, come on and do it!!” He was shaking his water bottle about which still had some water in it so water landed on Flair’s face as he was shouting as his arms were flailing about.

Flair stopped speaking, the camera was zoomed in close on Flair’s face but there was no one at the door. Flair looked down and as such the camera went down. A diminutive Rey Mysterio Jr. stood at the doorway.

Flair:…….”What do you want?! No autographs!” He closes the door on Rey when banging is heard again. Arn Anderson opens the door again.

Anderson:”Rey Mysterio, what do you want?”

Mysterio:”Well, Mr. Anderson, as you know I’m facing Dean Malenko at Road Wild for the Cruiserweight Championship and I’ve been big fans of all of you when…”

Anderson:”Get to the point.”

Mysterio:”Uh yes. Sorry. Anyways, I saw what the n.W.o. did and I know you guys are down 1 person for the Horsemen and with the n.W.o. seemingly becoming stronger, I want to be a part of you guys and stand up to the n.W.o.”

Flair laughs a loud hearty laugh before patting him on the back.

Flair:”You fans always crack me up, thinking you’re wrestlers. Listen kid, this is the Four Horsemen. You think we care about the n.W.o? We’re the most dominant force in wrestling history! You’ve got the WOOOOO Naitcha Boy Ric Flair, the Enforcer ‘Double A’ Arn Anderson and Chris Benoit, the greatest technical wrestler. What do you think you offer us other than to decrease our average height?!”

Anderson:”What Ric is saying is, I don’t think you can cut it being a Horseman. We work hard son. Nobody gets rich working 40 hours a week and you’ll have to work your butt off with us. Bottom line is, you haven’t proven yourself. Maybe after you win the title we’ll consider it but not now.”

With that, Arn shoved Mysterio out the door as Flair put down the now empty water bottle.


Randy Savage’s Encounter…

The camera cuts to a different dressing room as Randy Savage is adjusting the tassels on his boots. The crowd lets out a loud cheer as he’s in his room, of course Randy can’t hear this but the crowd still cheers as Randy gets ready.

A loud bang is heard nearby. Randy looks up and around his locker room but sees nothing. He goes through his duffle bag and pulls out his traditional sunglasses. ”Yeeeeah, that’s what I’m talkin’ about” he says to himself as he puts on the sunglasses. He stands up and puts on his hat and as soon as he turns around Kevin Nash’s boot goes right into the face of Savage. The glasses shatter instantly as Savage crumples to the ground. Nash is beating on Savage with savage stomps to the stomach and to Savage’s right knee.

Nash:”How do you like that huh big boy?! This is where the big boys play right?! Come on Savage! You’re WCW’s hope and you’re looking mighty pathetic right about now!”

Nash stops his attack and looks around. Savage is crumpled over to try and prevent some of the pain from his ribs as he also clutches his right knee. The camera pans up to Savage’s face; his trademark glasses have been shattered and left cuts on his face. Savage’s expression turns from pain to fear as the camera pans up to reveal Nash standing above him with an aluminum baseball bats in his hand.

Tony:”Stop him! Stop this madness now, he can’t do this to Savage. There’s no way he can do this!”

Heenan:”He can do whatever he wants to Schiavone! Nash is standing, Savage isn’t. Savage is hurt, Nash isn’t. And Nash has a baseball bat, he can do whatever he wants to Schiavone and I’m not liking where it’s going.”

Nash laughs to himself as he swings the bat in his right hand. ”It’s time for this old horse to make his trip to the glue factory. Your time is over Macho Man, the n.W.o. is taking over and there is nothing you or the rest of your WCW losers can do about it. This is our show and it’s time to make an example out of you.”

Nash lifts up the bat and swings it down right on Savage’s knee. A loud scream exudes from Savage’s mouth after the first swing but Savage doesn’t beg for mercy. This of course infuriates Nash the point where Nash’s expression went from a mere sadist to that of psychotic as he began to smash Savage’s knee with the bad again, and again while not even heeding Savage’s cries of pain.

Tony:”My God, what has Nash done? What has the n.W.o done dammit?!”

Heenan:”I’ll tell you what they’ve done, they’ve taken out a key player in WCW! They know they’re outnumbered but if you take out key players there won’t be organization in WCW to fight the n.W.o. They’re not only telling us that we should take them seriously, but they’re telling us we should watch our backs as they could come out of nowhere! You can get your own ride home tonight Schiavone, I’m taking a cab!”


Luger to the rescue…in whatever way he can…

Lex:”Nash! Drop…the bat!” Luger walks right up to Nash and stares him down. The crowd cheers as there’s a rescuer for Savage, but it may be too little, too late.

Tony:”Oh thank goodness, someone can finally end this madness.”

Heenan:”I never thought I’d say this, but I’m thankful for seeing Lex Luger on my screen.”

Nash is still grinning as he and Luger stare down. Luger has his television title wrapped around his shoulder but he drops it on the bench and keeps staring down Nash.

Nash:”Well, if it isn’t Flexy Lexy. What’s new there pal? Nash slaps his hand right on the deltoid of Luger, but Luger quickly shrugs it off.

Nash:”Whoa, Whoa, easy there Flex. You might tear a muscle.”

Luger:”You want me at Road Wild, you’ve got it.” Luger said this in his most serious tone possible and it actually came across as somewhat believable. ”It’s one thing to challenge the ‘Total Package,’ but it’s another thing to attack my friends. You’ll pay for that mistake Nash, make no mistake about it.”

Nash laughs as he doesn’t even seem to be concerned about the threat that Luger just uttered. Suddenly he stopped laughing and there was a dead silence between the two.

Heenan:”You could cut the tension with a knife Schiavone.”

Suddenly Luger rammed his shoulder right into Nash’s stomach and slammed him against the walls. The hooks for coats and miscellaneous equipment went right into Nash’s back which caused him to scream a bit. Luger began nailing him with forearms to Nash’s head and screaming with every single blow. Nash, still holding the bat, uses like a lever it to get in between him and Luger. With a single thrust Nash pushes Luger away long enough for Nash to climb over the fallen Savage and get out through the door way. He pointed at Luger with the bat.

Nash:”You’re dead Luger! At Road Wild, you’re DEAD! Do you hear me, DEAD!!!!”

The camera faded out as Luger began to tend to a fallen Randy Savage. Luger looked up and anger began to wipe all over Luger as the camera faded to black.


There was a bit of a break in all of this so I went to the bathroom as there was nothing for me to watch over during those vignettes. As I walked by I saw Hollywood Hogan looking at a sheet of paper and making moves in the mirror. He waved when he saw me and I waved and I kept walking. I didn’t see any other wrestlers nearby. I kept walking and I came upon another area where the rest of the wrestlers were. I said hi to the group as a whole and I wondered why Hogan was by himself. Did they shun him? Were they taking the whole n.W.o. thing too seriously? I walked back to the position and still saw Hogan only this time he was fixing his “beard.” I always thought it made him look goofy in that his handlebar was still blonde but the beard was black. I guess he thought it made him look badass.

As the camera faded back on Schiavone, his faced looked quite somber. He was very quiet when he spoke as footage was replayed of what had transpired prior to the break. Heenan was also quiet and serious which added a nice touch to the effect.

Tony:”Well folks…there’s nothing more I can really say. That says it all. Randy Savage has been taken out to Atlanta General Hospital and, if there are any updates available on his condition we’ll be sure to inform all of you. Bobby, you were saying earlier that the n.W.o. was using this….this guerrilla warfare tactic to try and divide and conquer us. We just saw them take out Randy Savage now and I’m wondering why the hell didn’t anyone save him earlier!? Dammit, they’re taking us out. There’s only 3 of them but they’re slowly taking us out and there’s nothing we can do to stop them!”

Heenan:”Now calm down Schiavone. To all the WCW boys watching in the back, stand up. Take charge, this is our company, and there is no way we should let it fall to three men who think that by vandalizing our sets, we’ll back down. This is WCW and there is no way we’re going to lose this war before it even begins. They want a war, well boys, go give it to ‘em!.”

Tony:”Inspiring words by Bobby ‘The Brain’ Heenan. Well folks right now we’ve got Diamond Dallas Page getting set to take on Eddie Guerrero.”

DDP vs. Eddie Guerrero

DDP came out to a few boos but for the most part, apathy ruled the audience during his entrance. When Eddie came out, it really wasn’t any different. These two men would have to work hard in order to win over the crowd. Eddie climbed on the top turnbuckle and slapped his chest to try and rally the fans behind him.

The bell rang and both men circled the ring feeling each other out.

Tony:”Well Brain, who do you see winning in this contest?”

Heenan:”Well it’s no contest, DDP is the man with the clear advantage. He’s got height, weight, size and power.”

Both men engaged in a collar-and-elbow tie up but DDP immediately kicked Eddie in the stomach. Eddie sold it well as DDP bounced off the ropes and delivered a knee to the face of the perched Guerrero. Eddie fell over and hit the mat. DDP pounced on Eddie as he picked up Eddie and delivered several elbows to the back of the neck of Eddie.

Tony:”You have to respect DDP here Brain. He’s already beginning to soften up Eddie for the Diamond Cutter. And you know how quickly DDP can hit that move.”

Heenan:”You know it, when he hits you, BAM! It’s over. 1, 2, 3.”

DDP delivered a scoop slam to Eddie as DDP ran to the ropes and dropped the elbow on Eddie’s collarbone. Page stomps on Eddie some more in the right shoulder/neck area while Eddie’s cries of pain can be heard. Page stopped only to taunt the crowd and deliver his “Bang” taunt. The crowd started to get into it and booed DDP. With Page’s back turned Eddie slowly gets up, turns Page around, and whips Page to the ropes.

Tony:”Reversal by Page! Eddie is sent into the ropes, Page goes under while Eddie goes over!”

After the leap frog, Eddie stops running, when Page turns around, Eddie hits Page with a drop kick which sends Page on the mat. Eddie begins stomping Page and hits a running elbow drop.

Tony:”Eddie, on the apron now, Eddie’s up and HITS DDP WITH THE SNAP SENTON SPLASH! He’s going for the cover…1, 2…Oh he just had it.”

Eddie slaps his chest and more fans are cheering with him now. Eddie begins to pick up DDP when DDP kicks Eddie in the chest, he’s about to lock on the Diamond Cutter when Eddie pushes him away. DDP turns around to face Eddie and levels him with a stiff lariat. DDP does another round at taunting when he picks Eddie up and whips him to the ropes. On the rebound Page picks up Eddie and is about to go for a spinebuster when Eddie reverses it into a spinning leg scissors. Eddie begins to quicken his offense as he delivers a running leg drop. Eddie climbs on the top turnbuckle as DDP starts to slowly get up and attempts to deliver a huge missile drop kick on DDP but DDP moved at just the right time and pulled Eddie down. DDP picks up Eddie and goes for a suplex.

Tony:”DDP now, going for the suplex, and wait a minute, swinging reversal and Guerrero hits him with a DDT!”

Heenan:”There’s something you don’t see everyday, a DDT on DDP!”

Eddie is fighting pain as he begins his climb up the turnbuckle. Page begins to rise as well so forgoing his original plan of the frogsplash Eddie leaps off, latches his legs around DDP’s neck and whips off a hurricanrana on Page. Eddie once again goes to the top rope and flies off. He flexes his entire abdominal cavity before stretching it out and he lands right on DDP’s chest.

Tony:”He nailed it! The frogsplash, 1, 2, 3!!! Eddie did it! Eddie Guerrer….what the hell is this? Oh no…”

Heenan:”I told you Schiavone, didn’t I tell you!? No one is safe!”

Scott Hall appeared from the crowd and entered the ring. As Eddie was celebrating on the turnbuckle Hall hit him in his back. Eddie’s music stopped as Hall began to stomp on Eddie. Hall picked up DDP and put his head in between his legs and outstretched his arms. It was clear Hall was going for the Outsider’s Edge. Some fans cheered this and I wasn’t quite sure what to make of it. Hall managed to lift up DDP and he dropped DDP right on his shoulders, DDP sort of crumpled after receiving the bump.

Tony:”He’s folded up like an accordion!”

I stood up from my seat as DDP may have been injured, but this was no time to show my face in front of the camera. I would just hope he’s OK. Eddie began to fight Hall when Hall shoved him to the ground. Ric Flair came running to the ring as the crowd chanted “WOOOO.” Flair was livid as he took off his sports jacket and screaming at Hall. Hall laughed and backed off and walked away slowly through the crowd. The crowd began to pat Hall on the back just so the next day they can tell their friends they touched a sweaty wrestler. As Hall backed off, Flair tried to help Eddie up but he refused it. Eddie and Flair looked at each other before walking away in their respective directions.

During this time DDP was helped to the back. I asked DDP if he was feeling any pain as I put my stethoscope to his ribcage to see if there was a broken rib. Luckily there was none. He told me he felt stiff in his shoulder area and from my examination there weren’t any broken bones. I checked his neck for any irregularities but there was none.

”We should get him to the hospital just in case. If his neck and shoulders are hurting, we need an X-ray to see if there’s any damage, I can’t really do anything without further information.”

DDP was helped outside as some of the road agents told me they would take care of it.

***, 74%, 68%, 80%

Hogan comes out to the ring…

Tony:”Folks, we apologize for the actions of these rebels. Please note that we don’t condone action of this in any form. Stay tuned tonight for Sting and The Giant taking on Nash and Hollywood Ho….”

The screen began to flicker and the audio cut out. The lights in the arena went out and the crowd cheered. I didn’t know why, maybe they love the dark or just spontaneity. The screen flickered a bit more but was shown in grainy black and white. The n.W.o. porn theme played and out walked out the entire stable of the n.W.o. Hall did his traditional airplane walk while Nash held up one hand and walked with a smirk. Hogan tried to act as cool as a balding, middle aged man could.

As they got into the ring Hall took both of his arms, leaned his body over and pointed to Hollywood Hogan. Hogan did his best imitation of an air guitar while Hall grabbed the microphone.

Hall:”…..Heeeeeyyy yo…” The crowd cheered a bit as Hall adjusted his bandana. ”You people like the redecorations done to Nitro?” The crowd once again cheered for Hall. ”That’s just the beginning courtesy of the n.W.o. To all of you WCW wrestlers, you’ve got two options, you can join us, or one by one” Hall took his tooth pick out of his mouth and held it in his left hand, “we’ll cut….you….up.” Hall threw his toothpick right at the camera. ”This is just the beginning for WCW, you see what we did last week? You saw how we upped the ante this week? You saw what we did to the Nacho Man?! It’s just the beginning meng…it’s just the beginning.”

Hogan grabbed the microphone from Hall, it was clear that this was his interview and not Hall’s.

Hogan:”Thank you, thank you. Thank you for applauding your savior in the world of professional wrestling, the leader of the New World Order of wrestling, Hollywood Hogan.” The crowd was rabidly booing Hogan here. It’s quite a nice stable they’ve got. ”You know ever since Bash at the Beach brother, people came up to the Hulkster and asked me one question, ‘Why Hogan, why?!’ Well the answer to that is simple brother. WCW is dying, it’s weak and is just waiting to be captured. The fact that we can do what we please shows that there is no organization here. We came in last week and destroyed one of the Horsemen. A group that was the most dominant stable in the history of professional wrestling just had one of its members destroyed. What does this say about the industry? A bunch of rebels from up North can just come on down, walk through the crowd on a Nitro and interrupt everything.

You know when I first started in this business, I was the ultimate good guy. I told all of you to eat your vitamins and say your prayers. I went all across the country to help Vince make his company. I made that company, I AM that company brother. And for years you all worshipped me, I was a God to all of you. I couldn’t go anywhere without seeing red and yellow everywhere. Yellow…that’s the perfect description for Hulk Hogan. He was weak. All he cared about was pleasing everyone. Well Hollywood Hogan has realized something, you can’t please everyone all the time, so I’ve given up. In 1993 you people gave up on me. None of you cared when I left my former company. None of you cared when I came to WCW. It didn’t matter when I took on Ric Flair in what should have been the greatest dream match of all time. It didn’t matter when I did anything right for you people. But suddenly, I turn my back on all of you and I matter? What kind of BS is that?! If the fans are any indication of the company, it shows how backwards this company really is.

WCW is weak, it always has been. Ric Flair hasn’t done a damn thing in this business compared to me brother. No one cared about Sting or Dusty Rhodes, it was all about Hulk Hogan. I am bigger than this business, I’m bigger than all of you people.” The crowd resented that shot and let Hogan know it as a small “asshole” chant could faintly be heard. Hogan put down the mic and glared at the crowd. A new chant started, a “You Sold Out” chant. The entire arena was chanting it and directing it to Hogan. ”That’s right, Hollywood Hogan DID sell out brother. Was that the response you wanted? You people are so predictable in every way. It’s pathetic. I have a simple message for WCW and that’s this,” Hogan grabbed the camera and looked right at it. ”WCW is weak, there is no organization, and now it’s time for the three biggest draws from upstairs to take over this company and make it ours. While we were up North making boatloads of money, you people down here were insulting everyone with the Shockmaster and Robocop. It’s pathetic, and now look at you. WCW is already dead brother, and the only question is how long you want to prolong its death. So you have two choices, you can either step up to us and get knocked down, or join us. It’s just that simple. And the way we’re going to do kill WCW? We’re coming for all the champions. Lex Luger, you’ve tried your best to be me up north but you failed, now Big Sexy over here is going to take you on at Road Wild. And you better stay real close to the Television title, because after Road Wild, it’ll be the n.W.o Television title. Ric Flair, enjoy your moment in the sun you washed up has been. I’m not even going to waste my time wrestling you but Scott Hall wants your US title and at Road Wild, it’s ours. And finally, The Giant, you think you can intimidate Hollywood Hogan?! I beat your dad in front of 93,000 people and I will beat you at Road Wild brother. You can count on it. And to show how popular the n.W.o has been, at Road Wild, there will be some new blood in the n.W.o. coming directly from WCW itself. And after Road Wild? Heh, after Road Wild the first step of domination, will be complete….BROTHER.”

Hogan dropped the mic as they walked off.

The audio feed of the colour announcers came back on with Tony and Heenan both quietly muttering about what’s going to happen and who has already defected to the n.W.o.

Tony:”Folks, powerful words from the n.W.o. Road Wild is shaping up to be the most important show in WCW history.”

Heenan:”You got that right Schiavone, Road Wild will determine whether WCW survives, or whether it dies. This is a war Schiavone, and we’re losing it.”

Tony:”Well coming up is one man who represents a group who will continue to fight for WCW, and that’s Horsemen member Chris Benoit who takes on Scott Hall right after this break. Stay tuned tonight for Sting and The Giant taking on the other two members of the n.W.o, coming up…on WCW Nitro!”


During the commercial break Page was sent to the hospital for tests on whether or not he was OK. Chris Benoit stood beside me waiting for his cue. He knew I was Canadian and I knew I had a bit of his respect as I was basically another local boy who had made good. I may not have paid my dues like he has, but I could tell there was some mutual respect for each.

Eric came over and called me over to the side as he wanted to speak with me. We would be coming back from commercial in less than 2 minutes so I had hoped he’d make it quick.

We walked over to a corner where no one was around. Eric leaned in real close to make sure no one heard what we were talking about and talked with a volume which was barely audible.

Eric:”So you got everything ready for Road Wild? I mean, for the new inductions to the n.W.o? You got everything sorted out?”

”Yeah, everything’s set, it’s on your desk Eric. You can read it over and tell me what you think.”

Sophie:”Hey doctor! Uh, Mr. Bischoff, I need to speak with you for a second.”

”Hey…Sophie. Did you need me too?”

Sophie:”No that’s OK, plus we’ll be back on in 30 seconds.” She smiled at me in that wonderful smile.

”Uh….ye….yeah, I should probably get back. You know to….uh…watch over…the….show.” Sophie giggled at that when I turned over to see my wife chatting with Hogan. I thought to myself ”Oh Jesus, did she see that?! Wait a minute, what am I ashamed of….she’s…my assistant. She assists me. Of course, that’s what she does. That’s her job. I’m…The Doctor.

I walked over back to my position just as Chris Benoit was walking to the ring.

Chris Benoit fights for WCW against the n.W.o.’s Scott Hall

Tony:”And here he is, the Canadian Crippler. Hailing from Edmonton this man has had one heck of a career, and he can go with the best of them.”

Heenan:”That’s right Schiavone, this man is one superb wrestler and I do not want to be in the ring with him if I were Scott Hall.”

Even before Benoit hit the ring his music began to ripple as it filled with more and more static. It became slower and slower until it finally came to a halt. Benoit’s face showed an expression of anger and confusion.

A high pitched, yet male laughter reverberated throughout the arena until it eerily stated “Showtime.” The cameras which were filming this then filled with static as it shifted to a grainy image in black and white of the crowd in anticipation. The theme music of the n.W.o hit and out walked Scott Hall. Hall walked to the ring while Benoit calmly used the ropes to warm up for what was sure to be an excellent contest.

Tony:”And look how focused Benoit is, he knows what happened last week and he knows that with the attack on Savage, anyone, The Giant, Sting, even Flair could be next. You mentioned that this being a war Brain, this man, is here to fight.”

As Hall got in the ring Benoit rushed Hall but the referee got in the middle of the two just in time. Hall took off his vest and taunted Benoit as if he was scared by shrugging his shoulders, lifting up both of his arms and wiggling his fingers. Benoit pointed at Hall and shouted something to Hall which couldn’t be heard.

The referee signaled for the match to begin and the opening bell rang three times. In contrast to just 30 seconds ago, Benoit approached Hall with caution. Even though Hall was cocky, Benoit knew Hall was still a good wrestler. Benoit lifted up his right arm as if to feel out Hall. Hall looked at the crowd, gave a cocky shrug and decided to play along. Hall lifted up his arm as well and both were engaged in a Greco-Roman test of strength.

Heenan:”This is dangerous for Benoit, Hall’s taller and heavier, he’s got leverage over Benoit.”

Tony:”Don’t count out Benoit, he’s one of the best technical wrestlers on the planet and they don’t call him the Crippler for nothing.”

Hall used his leverage and overpowered Benoit. Hall kept pushing until Benoit was perched backwards with his back in an arch. His head was touching the ring when Benoit screamed and slowly lifted himself. His stance widened as he tried to push Hall down. The crowd cheered as he lifted himself up. Hall began to bend over backwards when Hall broke the hold with a kick to Benoit’s midsection. Both men backed off as Benoit did a quick shrug and bobbed his head side to side.

Tony:”Look how focused Benoit is. Look at the intensity in his eyes Brain.”

Both men approached each other when Hall released a knife-edge chop on Benoit. Benoit did not even appear fazed as he grinned and began a rapid fire of chops right on Hall’s chest. He kept chopping Hall to the turnbuckle when he immediately started kicking on Hall’s midsection. The referee broke it up and both men locked it up in the middle of the ring. Hall went for a right hand but Benoit dodged it and began elbowing Hall’s shoulder. After an arm ringer and an arm drag Benoit kept right on Hall on the ground. He did an elbow drop on the shoulder but Hall managed to dodge it.

Heenan:”He’s hurt Schiavone! Did you see how hard he hit the mat? Let me tell you, an elbow on the mat hurts.”

Tony:”You may be right Brain, Benoit is so intense that whatever he does will either hurt you or hurt him. This may have backfired.”

Benoit was rolling on the mat while Hall shook his right arm to gain some feeling back in it. Hall picked up Benoit and delivered a standing suplex on the mat. A few more stomps on Benoit’s back and Hall taunted the crowd with his old Razor Ramon taunt. He picked Benoit up and Benoit fought back with some hard chops, he tried to do an Irish whip to Hall but reversed.

Tony:”Benoit off the ropes now, and Benoit’s going for a crossbody!”

Hall managed to get his wits about him quick enough to catch Benoit. Their bodies formed an almost perfect “plus sign” when Hall walked around with Benoit for a bit. He looked to the crowd, flashed a cocky grin and did his trademark fall away slam. Benoit’s body writhed violently on the mat as Hall sat up and dusted his hands. He rolled Benoit onto his stomach as Hall began to slap Benoit’s head. Hall was shouting something to Benoit but it couldn’t be heard by the cameras. Hall picked up Benoit and delivered a body slam. The impact was hard enough for Benoit to be clutching his back.

Tony:”Hall now, has slowed down the pace as he slowly picks up Benoit and, oooh…backbreaker right on Benoit.”

Benoit let out a gasp of pain as his back hit Hall’s knee and the aftermath was Benoit clutching the small of his back. Hall signaled for his finisher, the Outsider’s Edge. He picked up Benoit and put him in position. Just as Hall was about to lift up Benoit, he grabbed both of Hall’s knees and took him down with a double leg take down. Like a pit-bull Benoit immediately went right to Hall’s shoulder and applied an arm bar. While holding it in, Benoit hammered Hall’s shoulder with huge forearms. He quickly released the hold and hooked up with Hall and delivered a quick snap suplex that saw Hall land on his right side. Benoit clutched his back as he took his thumb and slowly went across his neck with the thumb. Benoit climbed the top rope and did a swan dive right onto Hall’s shoulder. Hall bounced clutching his shoulder. He covered Hall.

Tony:”He’s got it! WCW has won the first battle folks! 1….2……”

Right before the hand hit the mat for the third mat Hall just kicked out. Some of the fans still chanted three then quickly booed as the referee explained to Benoit it was just a two count.

Tony:”And look who’s coming out now, surprise, surprise, it’s Kevin Nash.”

Heenan:”What do you think he wants?!”

Nash slowly lumbered down to the ringside area when Benoit saw him and went right to the ropes. He was gesturing for Nash to leave the area. Hall crept up behind Benoit and did a weak rollup.


Hall couldn’t hold it; his shoulder was in such bad shape. Benoit kicked out and ran to the ropes when Nash pulled him down. He innocently walked away with his hands raised as if to say “I didn’t do anything!” The referee on the other hand did see what Nash did and told Nash to leave.

Nash got on the apron with a smile on his face.

Nash:”You want me to get out of here?” Nash stepped over the top rope as the referee pointed a finger at him when Nash put his hand on the ref’s head and pushed him aside. Benoit got in Nash’s face when Nash pushed Benoit through the ropes. Nash started slowly walking towards the referee.

Tony:”Folks, I don’t know what we’re going to see, but I don’t like it. Can we please send some help out here.”

The referee called for the bell right before Nash booted him in the stomach. He lifted the referee up for the Jackknife Powerbomb with ease and slammed to the mat as hard as he could. The ropes were violently shaking from the impact as the referee didn’t move one bit. Hall was now on his feet and they both went to the outside to confront Benoit. Even though the odds were against him, Benoit immediately went for Hall’s right shoulder to at least make it 1 ½ on 1 as opposed to 2 on 1. But the numbers game was too much for Benoit as Nash beat on Benoit’s back. They rolled him in the ring when both were stomping on Benoit’s body when Nash motioned for the Jackknife. He bent Benoit over and raised his right hand high in the air. The crowd cheered suddenly as Luger appeared from the crowd with a steel chair. Hall tapped on Nash’s shoulder as he jumped through the ropes. Nash threw Benoit’s body as he looked right at Luger and smiled. He laughed as he walked over the ropes and stood on the isle laughing and point at Hall. He mouthed the words “Road Wild” and gestured that he would have the belt.

Tony:”Where are the rest of the Horsemen?!”

***1/4, 79, 74, 84.

A Flair for talent…

The camera immediately went to the n.W.o’s locker room door. The camera focused on the door handle as it slowly turned. A figure walked out of the locker room. The camera panned up to the face….

Tony:”It’s Ric Flair! What the hell is he doing there?!”

Flair looked around suspiciously and began to slowly run to the ring when he was stopped by Arn. I made a mental note to myself to never have Flair run without a shirt.

Arn:”Where the hell were you?! Nash was beating on Benoit! I was lookin’ all over for you.”

Flair:”Me?! I was looking for you. We gotta stick together Arn, so don’t go accusing me of anything. I’m Ric Flair dammit!” There was some silence as they both looked at each other. ”Well, is Chris OK?”

Arn looked upset at Flair and licked his lips. He sternly said to Flair: ”Yeah, he’s fine now.”

The camera faded to black on Arn’s concerned face.


During the commercial break I checked on Benoit. He was fine, he was doing one hell of a sell job during the match and I commended him for that. He smiled at me and thanked me. After I made sure he was OK, he walked off. I looked at my papers when I heard Booker T and Scott Steiner arguing in the back.

Booker”What you just say to me sucka?! You and yo’ dog faced bitch can get the hell out of my face!”

Steiner attacked Booker T after that comment and they were fighting in the back. Eric came running in and ordered that they go to the ring right now.

Booker T vs. Scott Steiner

Tony:”Folks welcome back. This match wasn’t even scheduled but here’s how it started.”

In a split screen, it showed the current action and what had happened during the commercial break. It showed Commissioner Eric Bischoff ordering them to go the ring right now.

Tony:”Folks we have a slight preview of Road Wild coming up later tonight as The Giant and Sting take on Hollywood Hogan and Nash, you’ll want to stay tuned for that. But right now we’ve got ourselves a little preview of the tag team title match at Road Wild as Booker T takes on Scott Steiner.”

Booker held Steiner to the corner as he began to chop Steiner and slap Steiner across his chest. Booker then pulled Steiner away from the corner and kicked Steiner repeatedly in the stomach. He dropped a jumping double axe handle right on the back of Steiner. Steiner screamed as Booker bounced off the ropes.

Tony:”Folks this could be over right now, Booker T with the scissors kick!!”

Steiner managed to get out of the way just in time as Booker landed right on his tailbone. Steiner stomped on Booker a few times as he tried to rally some fan support behind him. He slapped Booker across the face, ”Those titles are ours at Road Wild!”

He picked Booker T up and delivered a standing suplex right on Booker T. Steiner again went for more stomps but this time it was directed towards the shoulders of Booker T. Steiner picked up Booker and hit him with stiff forearms on the shoulders as he picked Booker up and delivered a back suplex. Steiner again went to try and get the crowd behind him and it was slowly working.

Steiner again picked up Booker up and tried to deliver a belly-to-belly suplex but Booker elbowed Steiner in the head three times to break it up. A kick to the midsection from Steiner sent Booker reeling as he whipped Booker to the turnbuckle. Steiner came running but Booker dodged the huge bullet coming towards him as Steiner bounced right off the turnbuckle and landed right on the mat. Pain was all over his face as he clutched his chest.

Tony:”Steiner was a bit slow during that exchange.”

Heenan:”And lethargic.”

Silence gripped the announcing team as I sort of chuckled to myself.

Booker picked up Steiner and went for a scoop slam. He ran to the ropes and dropped the running fist onto Steiner’s chest. Booker stood up: ”Who’s da man?!” The crowd booed at that question while not really answering it. Booker picked up Steiner and clubbed him on the back a few times before whipping him to the ropes. Booker then delivered a running leg lariat before again taunting the crowd.

Booker went to the top ropes and stood on it while Steiner began to slowly get up. He jumped off the top rope for a double axe handle but Steiner countered with a punch to the stomach. Booker reeled right over the fist of Steiner.

Heenan:”Fist! FIST!! Steiner used his fist! Disqualify him now ref!”

Steiner picked up Booker and successfully delivered a double underhook suplex. He stomped on Booker’s back again before once again picking up Booker T. Booker delievered a quick thumb to the eye to stun Steiner.

Tony:”Well now there’s an illegal move Heenan!”

Heenan:”No it wasn’t.”

Tony:”Yes it was!”

Heenan:”No it wasn’t, it was a Greco-Roman thumb to the eye!”

During this time Booker worked on Steiner some more before kicking Steiner four times in the stomach. Booker bounced off the ropes and successfully delivered a scissors kick on Steiner.


Booker T raised his hand in victory before leaning over and trash talking Steiner.

***1/4, 78%, 73%, 84%.

Booker walked through the curtains before flashing me a quick grin and he was on his way. I wondered why everyone was being so nice to me. I don’t think they found out about my other role in WCW. Even still, Booker knew the outcome of Road Wild so there was no point in smiling unless he wanted me to keep pushing him. Steiner walked through the curtains next and the first words were that he was OK. I nodded my head as Sophie came over to me.

Sophie:”Hey you. So how are things looking so far?”

”Uh…well you tell me. I mean… I leaned in close to Sophie’s ear ”I did write this show.” I flashed her a quick wink when I saw Sophie look away with a concerned look on her face. I looked over and saw my wife looking right at us. Oh shit, this can only be bad news. From her vantage point it looked like I was flirting with Sophie when I was really trying to protect myself and my job. Good luck trying to convince that to my wife. ”Uh honey, look, it’s not what you think. I’ll explain after the show, I promise.”

When I put my headset on, Hall was already in the ring addressing the crowd and Ric Flair in particular, I had no idea how long the interview went on for. Time seemed to slow down when my wife “caught” me with my assistant. My…personal assistant.

Hall talks smack to Flair

Hall:”So at Road Wild, it’ll be you, and the bad guy, Scott Hall for the US title meng. You’re a 6 time US Champion?! It also means you lost it 5 times meng, and at Road Wild…heh…it’ll be no different. You think we’re scared by you Flair?” He went to the crowd with his mic in hand ”You people here in Atlanta think I’m scared of the Naitcha Boooy?!” He said that in a derisive tone to try and get some heat but people cheered, it could be because he mentioned their home town.

”You see, even your own fans have turned against you Flair. WCW fans are leaving and flocking towards us. Hey, look at the fans meng…I said look at ‘em.” He slapped the camera man and it shook before it scanned the crowd. The crowd cheered as some of them held up their n.W.o. signs. ”You see, these people know it that when you’re n.W.o, you’re n.Wo……4 life.” The crowd cheered as a new catch phrase and marketing idea was born.

”So Ric Flair, you think we’re scared of you meng? You think we’re scared of the Horsemen? We took out one last week, we just took out the Nacho Man, we took out Benoit for the night. And at Road Wild chico, you’re joinin’ them and with that, WCW will be at our mercy. At Road Wild, I will take….you…..out!” He threw his toothpick right at the camera at that last word. Hall spread his arms and walked out of the ring.

Tony:”Folks stay tuned, up next after our final commercial break, The Giant and Sting take on Kevin Nash and Hollywood Hogan, here on WCW Nitro!!”

Heenan:”Hoo boy! I can’t wait.”


The screen went black as Hall walked back to the locker room. Hall walked right by me and he slapped his hand on my shoulder. ”Hey doc, what’s up?” He said it as mere formality as he kept walking by. It had been a busy day for him and I was worried about over exposure. But it didn’t really matter. The Giant came up and he talked to me for a bit. He’s really nice and he told me he’s working hard in the ring to justify this huge push he’s been given. I wished him luck. Sting came up to me and we talked for a bit, he had some ideas about his character. He stopped and shook his head:

Sting:”I’m sorry doc, you don’t need to hear this, it’s just that sometimes even for us big players, the people upstairs don’t listen and I get frustrated.”

”No Steve, it’s ok I understand, it can get frustrating. Don’t worry; I’m a doctor so I’m trained to listen. I did some work in psychiatry so anything you want to tell me about your character or whatever, it’s all good. Good luck out there alright?”

Sting:”Thanks doc.”

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